Hiromi (Hiro) Better known By Hiro though

A child prodigy who graduated college at the age of 13

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Hiro while still a child has a very serious attitude when it comes to helping people if she was ever asked to be on a police task force she would join without hesitation weather her life were in danger or not
She has a tendency to be reckless which is why People often go to her to solve certain cases.

She has a soft side as well though and loves cosplaying random characters from Manga and Anime she has watched so she is pretty good when it comes to disguising herself and she also loves Games.


She keep two daggers in the waist line of her skirt.


Hiromi grew up in wammy's house with other kids just like her but when a couple came to adopt her from there they got quite the surprise when they found out she had already graduated College and had a degree in forensics,law enforcement, and she was licensed to carry weapons around in public at such a young age.

Hiromi though she is not proud of the fact has killed a total of six people and regrets each of the deaths two of them being her birth parents for attempted murder.

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Hiromi (Hiro) Better known By Hiro though's Story