Lezune Komochi

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a character in “Death Note: Rising Deaths”, as played by Chulance



Name: Lezune Komochi
Gender: Male
Occupation: Entrepreneur

Personality: Lezune can be viewed as one who views the world as black, and white. Meaning Good, or Evil. He kills those he considers Evil, and spares those who are 'Good'.He does not support evil actions, and believes good people should be rewarded. That being said he is quite generous, and enjoys giving to those who are less fortunate. He tries to do whatever he can to "Save The World" often participating in charity events of sorts. He is a man who seeks power in any form, often going on and on about how he would use said power to help others. He tries to help others, especially his friends and family. He is quite the intellectual, running GD(Global Defense). He shows no remorse when it comes to killing others, especially other murderers.

Abilities[b]:Lezune is multi lingual meaning he can speak English, and Japanese. He is of course better at his native tone Japanese, and he is very talented when it comes to History. That is his best subject, as he wants to know it to prevent humanity from repeating past mistakes.He is a Grade four piano player, and also has an average level of knowledge when it comes to Piano. He is also a skilled mathematician, and is very knowledgeable when it comes to weapons. He is a capable combatant having taken private self defense lessons with his father, and knows Butujutsu meaning he can fight with swords.

:He was born into a high class family, his father running Global Defense, a corporation which designed weapons for the Japanese Government, as well as the United nations. His mother also worked in the business, and he was told he would take over the operation after years of schooling. His mother had him take music lessons, and he learned how to play hte Piano and the Violin. The reason for this was his mother supported the theory, that music made you more intelligent. He started school at five years old, but before that his mother had tutored him in the basics of several subjects. By the time he was nine he had a 12th grade Reading Level, and was learning much about the world, and it's cruel ways. By the time he reached elven his father Kagasaki began training him in Self Defense, and Butujutsu.

As he entered Middle School, he was considered one of the most Intelligent children in Japan. As such he befriended other children with similar intellect's, and goals in the Business Industry. Also he developed sympathy for those who where less fortunate, and also a hatred for criminals. Around this time his father was injured in a shooting, and he later died from his wounds. His funeral was held a week later, and Lezune decided to make it his personal mission to deal with the rising crime. After Graduating High School, he headed to College in America leaving his mother behind. He studied hard, and graduated. He returned to Japan, and took over Global Defense, planning to complete his father's mission to eradicate criminals. Around this time he discovered the death note, and managed to kill a bank robber. With that he began using the supernatural note-book to slaughter criminals.

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Lezune Komochi's Story