L's Successor

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a character in “Death Note: Rising Deaths”, as played by LoveMeHateMe



Name: Penelope Areys, or "Pain"
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: L/Near's Successor
Appearance: Pain has long blue hair and brown eyes. She wears strange costumes, and covers her face with a mask.
Personality: She's usually cold, calculative, and emotionless. Pain rarely speaks unless she is working on a case.
Abilities: Has great agility. Able to balance and not get knocked over on her head. She can also throw her voice pretty well.
History: Pain was raised at Whammy's House to be the new L's successor. No one talked to her there, since she was constantly organizing something. She left Whammy's at age 13 to head a new organization tasked with keeping the secrets of the Death Note safe. Many were the last remaining SPK members and Task-force members. These few were soon gone when she decided to choose her allies for herself, becoming more and more untrusting of others.
Like her predecessors, Pain also has many quirky habits. She has OCD, loves soda, and is always listening to an iPod. Unlike L, she sits with her knees in front of her. One thing that everyone noticed was that Pain felt no pain. She would walk out into the cold in nothing but silk pajamas, unfazed.

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Pain's Story