International super detective

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a character in “Death Note: Rising Deaths”, as played by elloit


Name: Z (full name unknown)
Age: 18
Gender: male
Species: Human
Occupation: International Super Detective
Appearance: Tall and spindly, with very long limbs. Fairly long black hair (in what some would describe as emo style), it is just long enough to be able to cover one of his eyes. This is important in disguising his identity, as his eyes are two different colours. The left one (usually uncovered) is a piercing blue, whilst the right is a dark green. He has also been known to wear coloured contacts in either eye. No-one actually knows what his face looks like, as he always keeps it hidden beneath a blank, white mask when making public appearances. His most defining feature is the dark brown wide-brimmed hat he always wears (even when he is not working on a case, or making an appearance.)- his trademark, you could say. Other than that he commonly wears a dark colored t-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of Nike trainers beneath a leather trench-coat.   


Personality: If you think you know weird, you are sorely mistaken. Z has so many little quirks and strange habits that there isn't enough room to list them all here. Probably one of the main ones is that, unless questioning someone, he rarely makes eye contact when speaking. Another is his habit of arguing with himself, which he frequently does when making a decision over a case. He also feels the need to listen to his Ipod in order to concentrate effectively. Most people would say that death metal breaks the concentration, but his results in past cases prove it works for him.


Near limitless funds and the most high-tech computer systems available. This, coupled with his Ipod and power of deduction, are pretty much all he has.


History: Raised in the same facility as L, he received the very best in education, and quickly learned all the skills necessary to make him an international detective. This work it seems, he was born for, as he has been actively cracking seemingly impossible cases from age 12. A recent spate of deaths have caught his attention though, and all of the victims suffered heart attacks. Intrigued, Z decides to investigate further...

So begins...

Z's Story