Julian Jeiah | Juliet Jeiah

Together, we are one; separate, we are nothing.

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a character in “Death of the Dream.”, as played by NewKidOnTheBlock


Name: Julian Jeiah | Juliet Jeiah
Age: 21 | 21
Hair: Black | White
Eyes: Blue | Red
Height: 6' 0" | 5' 8"
Weight: 170 | 120
Alignment: N/A for the time being [considered Truthseekers due to powers] {applies to both}
Modifications: N/A | An additional back-up heart to help support her natural weak one
Manifestations: Telepathy, Telekenisis | Telepathy, Pychic abilities/projection
Additional: Julian is deaf while Juliet is blind. The twins have a powerful telepathic connection, and therefore hear and see for the other, as well as often completing each others' thoughts and sentences. The two seemingly work as one, and are never separated unless completely necessary.
History: The twins' mother took NRT-54 whilst pregnant with them, not understanding--until it was too late--why the drugs did not do as promised. It wasn't until she felt the mental presence of the two exploring the depths of their powers whilst in the womb that she understood. The drugs had done little-to-nothing to affect her...but it had enhanced the brains of the young ones she carried. When their father heard of this, he abandoned their mother and the special children, fearing for his mental state with chemically-engineered children around, and never really wanting anything to have to do with them in the first place. It was not long after this that the two were born, Julian a healthy boy, and the babe Juliet a sickling, that their mother died in childbirth, thereby giving no place to the twins to stay but with some other extended family until they were old enough to live on their own.


Due to the frailty of his sister, Julian is extremely protective, and will do everything to ensure that his sister is safe and comfortable. He can, at times, be overbearing and too worrisome, but is happy as long as his sister is fine.

Juliet shares a similar feeling for her brother, though she is rather shy and often feels powerless against the world, and therefore gratefully accepts his protectiveness, though she cannot help but to be annoyed at times. However, she can never stay mad at him--or anyone else, for that matter--as she is very understanding and forgiving.

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Julian Jeiah | Juliet Jeiah's Story