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It wasn't a normal night--well--in a way it was--at least for Delunrick. The hussle of the street was the usual drab and bland mass of population--people to busy to have a second glance, billboards casting iridescent light across the crack asphalt and wandering user. There usually wasn't much hub-bub when things really boiled down to it, this was a casual beat and it made earning a week's pay something a little more leisurely than John really liked. A thumb drummed atop the steering wheel as the flock gathered--a massive of people around the central podium of the town's central park. Apparently they were amassing for something,considering the chatter over the radio.

" Think they're up to something ? "

A blank stare was cut short by the voice of his partner--O'conner--a nice guy really, he couldn't remember his first name..He couldn't remember much of anything about what the guy said--He was older, an experienced Cop who had seen more of the grit in Delunrick than he thought even existed. A green tinted gaze shifted to the corner of his eyelid--staring blankly at the pencil thin band of hair topping a set of lips that had become freshly adorned with a layer of powder--way to fulfill the stereotype O'conner. He couldn't be positive of exactly what was going on, but there was definitely something amiss--considering the sudden silence that came from the various mechanized billboards about the area.

" Looks like it. "

He really couldn't manage more of a response than that--a shift in his seat allowed him to fondle for the handheld of his radio--he may as well call it in,right ? A chubby hand rested atop his own as the small plastic device was lifted--seemed that O'conner couldn't exactly agree to him chirping over the radio because a few hippies had found an acoustic guitar. They would simply have to wait and figure out what was going on. He took the time to flick a glare towards O'conner ( who still managed to down another donut,unphased by the leering green of John's eyes. ) O'conner wasn't really anything abnormal when it came to the law enforcement in the city--a bit portly, balding--and absolutely addicted to sweets. He probably drank to much, smoked to much and rarely ever saw that stranger known as 'exercise' but he was a fine cop--a damn fine cop that knew his job better than John did--he struggled to find respect for that fact as it were.

" Fine. "

He answered to a silent command--He didn't feel like making a mountain out of a molehill and obviously O'conner didn't think it was much to worry about either..John was a younger cop, he had just gotten out of the academy a year prior to that night--his anniversary was coming up--or lack there of. She had been a dream to him, blonde, blue eyes--long legs and a shining smile--The final light in a darkening world that spurred him to actually do something with his life. His gaze faded to the huddling of people while his mind recollected the events of the past. She had encouraged him to make some headway in the force--to do something with his career, but her intentions weren't exactly crystal when it all boiled down. Apparently it wasn't her forte to see him wrapped up in the life of a beat cop, constantly exposed to NRT-54 users, modders and all sorts of random crazies that inhabited this town..She had promptly called off the engagement and requested that he re-evaluate his life while she did the same. He assumed it meant that she was spending her weekends wrapped around some Portuguese stud that he liked to call Javier--he soon came to find out different. She was sick, had been for a while, needed an organ replacement but didn't have the funds or the willpower to give up a part of her humanity. She had gladly crawled into an early grave to avoid the sin that was defiling her body..Perhaps that was why his scowl grew as a figure in white paraded onto the podium.


The night had been perfectly planned--A gathering of the believers to hear the good news--The heathens were to be expelled, faith was to prosper and crisis averted. Alexander had planned it all so perfectly--crawling onto the podium with the aid of a cane, wearing the usual suit of white and adorning that faceless visage of white--the thin slits allowing that oddly beaming glow of blue to permeate between.

" My friends ! "

A charming--delightful--and somewhat 'british' sounding voice flooded through with the aid of microphones hardlinked into the parks sound system--It was normally used to broadcast the dreary blend of advertisements and various product placement that had become modern media. His associates had allowed him the courtesy of sneaking a few words in before the night took the city. The waning sun cast a dying light across the mass of 'friends' before him--the flock of believers he had fostered from the sundered womb of the city.

" There is good news to be heard ! "

A smile hid it's self behind the thin plastic facade--faceless--as always, to avoid the suspicion of his enemies--it was rather apparent that this was the man known as Alexander Roswell, the modern " Messiah " of Delunrick.


" Is that Roswell ? "

O'conner barked--near choking on his donut--a chubby hand immediately snatched away the handset--chirping out to dispatch exactly what they were witnessing. John wasn't exactly tied up in the situation--he wanted to hear what that bastard had to say. The patrol car's door popped open without a thought and a loafer coated foot allowed him to adjust. He wore the normal service uniform--suit jacket,slacks--loafers--it was impractical for his profession, but they liked him to be more a beacon than an actual player in the ongoings of the city. A forearm came to rest atop the vehicle--his eyes fixated on the figure in white he seemed bound and determined for everyone to hear his cry.

He hated the religious fanatic type that Roswell inspired--a man in white proclaiming to be the second coming--He had heard it before, just like anyone else in the city--but he seemed to bring such charisma to the table that the lesser minded would flock without a question. It seemed that his speech was already drawing the eye of curious passer by and enemy alike..A few silent figures in dark outfits--undoubtedly a few unfriendly characters who were just dripping with excitement about Roswell's unexpected arrival. A sigh flooded from his lips as he stuffed a cropping of brunette beneath his service cap--a quick adjustment allowed it to sit partially over his brows. He would hear the man out--though his cynicism seeped from his pores--He had been the reason she let herself go in the end, she was one of these always made him wonder if any of this bullshit rubbed off on him.

" Hey--Ridgeway..."

The voice caused a quick turn of head and yet another blank stare of eyes.

"What ? "

" We've got a seeker. "

" And ? "

" It's bad news--just come on. "

It seemed they wouldn't be sticking around for the speech--his eyes snapped up to catch the darting figure in black hauling down an alley--they would follow on foot it seemed.


After a brief chase they had managed to track this odd little being in black to a nearby passageway--nothing of much interest--a simple pace that funneled sighs from Ridgeway without much of an afterthought--he was never a fan of this whole psycho killer pursuit that they had going on, though he did fear breaking out into a trot would leave O'conner clinging at his arm and calling for an ambulance. They had just managed to round a corner when they realized this little figure had all but disappeared--there wasn't a turn off--just a dead end..The sinking suspicion that they were being toyed with crept up John's neck like the plague--leaving him with a chill in his throat that caused the words to stick and lodge against the rear of his tongue. A fiddling hand snapped his service weapon from his hip--hoisting it upward--the last thing they needed was one of those mixed freaks--psychic monsters with the power of ten men and an arsenal stored under a miniskirt--He had been fooled before--it almost got him killed, the scars were apparent on his forearm from that brief stint with a ' Founder' as he had come to know them.

Shaky fingers avoided protocol and already rested on the trigger--O'conner seemed to share the sentiment of nerves--hoisting his own weapon quietly from the holster, though he wasn't quite capable of handling it as aptly as John--considering the obstacle an oversized pair of 'man breasts' presented. A silent point came to the end of the alley--there wasn't a need for a gesture, but apparently O'conner felt that it made the whole situation seem 'cooler'. His eyes wandered before him to try and make some sense of the inky darkness--it seemed to dark--like something was siphoning the light out of the place. He managed to precariously approach the end of the alley--a few stares and finally his weapon was lowered.

" Probably a modder--jumped clean over. "

He explained--hoping that O'conner would understand the situation better than he did--he wasn't really sure of the limitations of their appendages--he had seen some who could punch a hole through a brick wall--while others remained ultimately human still. His jaw clenched and a hand rose to idly rub at his forehead--this whole situation just seemed off..Like someone led them here--was this figure in black trying to show him something ? He leaned rather casually-his elbow compressing to the brick wall aside him..Though the moment the weight came there was an odd shift--and a hiss--a long, almost electronic hiss--the panel of the wall gave a sharp drop before finally sliding sideward, almost taking John with it.

" Oh shi--"

" What..."

A blank stare came--a long--metallic set of stairs descended in a spiral--jutting off quickly at a stainless steel wall--a lining of small lights flooded a pathway at the base of the stairs..He didn't want to know--he didn't feel like looking--his mind immediately flooded with the thought to take up his handset again--yet once more O'conner's chubby digits collided with his own--haulting his chance to call for help.

" You scared of a little girl, Ridgeway ? "

He was when that little girl had robot arms. The little test of machismo did it's own work--spurring John to take a step into the reservoir made within the brick wall--a quick turn and his weapon was hoisted once more--leading him down the staircase rather quickly--he was stumbling on his nerves. Within a moment O'conner was behind him--a weapon in one hand--donut in the other..A groan caught his lips in a blank stair.

" Professionalism would be great right about now."

" So would a cannoli. "

O'conner's riposte caught him off guard--despite his nervousness and anxiety about the whole situation--he cracked a toothy smile..O'conner was numb to this--he still hadn't quite adjust. He began his pace once more--unable to really make out much of anything beyond those small lights--just enough to illuminate the flooring ( which also shared a metallic decree, he assumed it was steel by the way his loafers clicked against it. ) They had just managed to enter what he assumed was an intersection--left or right..he really couldn't decide but O'conner seemed to make the choice for him.

" Go right, Rook. "

He hated right--only the wicked went left though. He turned on a shaking heel to begin his following of the pathway--more lights--more darkness--an eery setting--the further they descended into the obsidian of this small little place the less he could hear of Roswell's speech.He longed for the comfort of watching the man he hated. As he finally reached the end of his portion of the corridoor he would take a turn--immediately greeted with a rather large room. Contained therein was a mass of removed limbs--the sudden stench of what could be described as an electric burn caused his nostrils to flare--a hand immediately descended to finger up a portion of his uniform shirt to cover over his features..A cough came from his side and his weapon was immediately tilted--only to catch sight of O'conner.

" Ugh ! Fuckin' modders. "

He barked with a flat grumble--finishing off his donut quickly before replicating Ridgeway's shirt action. The pile of limbs seemed remarkably human save for the odd green ooze that dripped from them--and the metallic bundlings of wires and various odd looking, almost pinkish ends. It looked like the end of a fiber optic cable, which in some fashions it was..Various methods of connecting bone to metal, skin to steel and nerves to the nylon like strands. The two paced rather casually around the mass of limbs, severed heads and legs before finding a small door in the rear of the room--it was quickly breached and the two made an effort to clear the was just then a thunderous roar came blaring through the compound--gunfire ? Screaming ?

" What in the Hell is going on ? "

Ridgeway asked--though O'conner was already waddling towards the exit.

" Get out there and find out, Rook ! "

He barked with a flail of arm--immediately causing the young cop in Ridgeway to spurr to life--forcing his legs into motion. The heat of sprinting in loafers was bad enough--but the sudden slide near the doorway had caused his thigh to careen into the doorframe--leaving him aching with each trot.


The speech was in full swing--Talk of being spoke to by God Himself--Broad mention of a new age--an age where technology failed and the world was plunged headlong into chaos. The pills would stop working--the 'machines' that drove modern day life would be disabled--A plan perhaps ? In the heat of the words Alexander had flung his hands about wildly--dropped his cane and proclaimed his new found 'youth' was a miracle given to him by the true Messiah of their age..As the crowd roared there was a sudden--near deafening thump-a careening round sent shattering across his brow--collapsing the smooth surface of mask--dimpling it within brow as a the pointed tip of a ballistic catridge came toppling through his skull. The figure in white flopped lifelessly back near instantaneously, a crowd of his guards came rushing to his side--surrounding the form with some degree of urgency. A cry of horror had already broken out from the crowd as thunderous percussions of gunfire became more present--the men about him falling headlong, leaving the lifeless corpse of Roswell resting atop the stage...A new sound of horror arose--a pointed digit from a faceless witness--the green ooze that slithered from his skull..the mass of metallic parts that once could have been known as his 'face'...Alexander Roswell was a modder, and now--he was dead.

The signs about the area--once home to various adds about lingerei,break cereal and anything else that could be marketted to the common consumer--were suddenly flooded with a brief phrase--seemingly made by some hastily scrolled text.


John had managed to force himself once more into a rushed gait--toppling out of the alleyway already breathless and burning through every inch of his twenty four year old frame. He was by no means out of shape, but he wasn't an avid runner--more of a habitual smoker. A coughing set of lips blinded his eyes with tears--his cheeks aflame with the heat of exertion as he watched the panic civilians at the event--the thud of gunfire left him deafened--the shooter was nearby--had to be. He searched blindly for a possible suspect but found little salvation or any degree of hope amongst the darkness of the descending night. His eyes snapped quickly to the small park--riddled with chaos as the signs began to flicker and finally blacken--white--so stark that it caused his eyes to further squint...

Kill the Shepard and the sheep shall scatter...

O'conner came briefly after--toppling a hand to Ridgeway's shoulder as the rookie helplessly stared into the chaos--A panting breath was immediately halted with a yell.

" YOU STOP ! "

There was a tussle--the portly man had caught a hold of that dark figures hoodie--as the two wressled about there was a sudden screech--the howl of shock as the two hundred and fifty pound frame of O'conner was carelessly flicked off of the small figure--bouncing from the wall and ultimately falling lifeless.

" O'conner ! Shit ! "

He tried his best to snatch his weapon but there was a sudden--crushing grip--a seering pain that filled his forearm. His eyes went wide in shock as his features locked on the odd eyes of a small--dark haired boy with such strange eyes. He had little time to really interpret the situation as a second grip came--at his shoulder--a sudden pop--his mind flooded with a numbness--a pain so great that it left his eyes wide with shock..He watched as the well sculpted arm of a twenty four year old frame was casually yanked out of socket--and eventually torn from his being. His own howl of panic came as he witnessed that limb flung at his chest--bouncing flatly against him--his fingers still clutching--he could see the wedding band he still wore for no reason..His mind fogged and he dropped like a brick--unconscious to the asphalt beneath...


The morning came--a creeping sun that stung his eyes--a quick snap and a gasp--he was made witness to a doctor hovering overhead--a mask upon his features.

" He's up ! He's up ! "

He barked with a waggle of hand--obviously unable to move to much in his work..Ridgeway sank quickly back into the darkness--void of memory for a length of time he didn't know. After some bit of waiting he finally cracked an eye open--a weight upon his chest that he was unfamiliar with caused his eyes to lower--a metal hand rested there--immediately causing yet another bark of terror--a flood of sedatives and finally he sank into some degree of medicated calm.

" What..what's happening ? "

He asked the darkness--the creeping void of consciousness that seemed to elude him so profoundly--a soft voice echoed in his ears--a woman's voice.

" It's okay, John--just...just sleep. "


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Vienna threw her head back and downed yet another shot. That was at least her tenth one that night. But then again, she had lost count, so who knew how many it really was.

"Hit me again, Roderigo," she said to the bartender as he walked by her.

"Don't you think you've had enough? You've had 13 already, and you still have to be able to walk to get home," he scolded her.

"Dammit, gimme *hiccup* another drink!"

He finally gave in and brought her another shot. It was water, but she was too drunk to care. She spent last night on a job eradicating a group of rogue mods from an abandoned school. What she didn't know beforehand was that they were all children. She hesitated at first (and paid for it with a cut on her right shoulder and a blow to the face, resulting in a black eye) but eventually fought back. She needed the money that she was promised.

Now she played the scene over and over again in her mind: the screams as she shot and slashed, the young blood that sprayed on her and everything else, the smell of burning flesh and metal as she set fire to the building... she shuddered and closed her eyes, trying to get the image out of her head. It seemed that her jobs were getting worse and worse, and alcohol was getting weaker and weaker. She wasn't able to numb the pain like she used to.

She hit her head a couple of times on the hard surface of the bar before letting it lay there, her long hair covering her face like a curtain to shield her from glances of the people around her. Then she took out her knife and started playing with it. Open, close, open again. Feel the cold metal blade and the worn metal handle. Then she moved on to her pistols. They were her dad's, and the only thing he left to her when he abandoned her.

"Stupid bastard. I never liked him anyways."

But her mother and brother, she loved them. They were her world as a child. Her mother would read to them as they lay down to sleep and her brother would jump around the room, still hyper from the coffee and cake they had every night. Her mother would scold him and threaten to never let him have the sweets again, but she never followed through. She spoiled them too much. Whenever the two died, one right after the other, Vienna was thrown into depression. She moped around the house and didn't even shed a tear as she watched her father drive away. It wasn't until he was already gone that she cried, but oh she cried. She was lonely and depressed and just wanted to be around someone.

So she took to drinking, and taught herself how to fight. She never really let anyone get to know her and kept her emotions bottled up when she had to be around people. But still, she hoped someone, anyone, would try to break down her defenses and get to know the real her. Maybe it would change her ways. Maybe, just maybe...


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The man and woman followed each other down the streets, the male leading the female. The male had grim determination set in his ocean eyes, while woman held blank fear in her ember ones, her eyelids unblinking. "Are you sure about this, Julian?" The female spoke this, shivering as they passed a NRT-54 addict babbling to himself, hearing the very thoughts of the unstable man. A soft wind blew through her soft white hair.

The man looked back for a moment, pausing their walk. "Yes, Juliet." The man continued to walk, holding the female's hand as he lead her to the desired destination. He swung open the door silently as He glanced upon the bar they entered. Very few were here, with a woman--a hunter for Human Agenda, at least by paycheck, so it seemed--as well as a few other individuals...but certainly, they posed little threat to his mission. He cautiously lead the red-eyed to the bar, sitting her down before sitting himself down, knocking on the wood to gain the barkeeper's attention. "Roderigo..." The man turned around, eyeing the newcomers, a slight discomfort coming to his eyes. " the doctor in?"

The bartender gave a nervous laugh. "The hell you talkin' about?" He set a glass under the tap, filling up a mug of beer for the newcomer, placing on the bar with a folded piece of paper as a coaster. "This is a bar, not a hospital, Julian."

Julian stayed silent for a minute, as if dedicating the words, before lifting the mug to his lips, slipping the piece of paper into his pocket with his other hand. As he set the mug down, a coaster from the far end of the bar swiftly slid underneath, setting itself perfectly under the mug. "Perhaps."

Roderigo gave a nod to the woman with Julian. "For her?"

The white-haired woman continued to look blankly to the world as she quietly said, "Just water, please." Roderigo gave a nod, working on the easy order, as the woman turned to the other who sat next to her, who was figuring with some weapons. Her eyes were blank, yet, at the same time, a swirling of emotions came to them. "I am very sorry for your loss..." She gave a small cough of pain. "Even if it was so long ago, the pain can be so fresh." Several more coughs, Julian not seemingly hearing the woman's fit. "We lost our mother too..." The coughing grew worse, the girl clutching her heart for a moment.

Julian clutched his own chest, giving a 'gah' of surprise and small pain, turning the woman who had followed him. "Are you alright, Juliet?"

Juliet nodded, her pale skin slightly paler. "I will be fine...but we need to hurry."

Roderigo interrupted for a moment. "There's a phone in back, if you need it..."

Julian nodded, quickly leading away Juliet again, leading her tothe back of the bar, where a phone sat upon the wall. Julian dialed in the numbers that had been written on the paper, then handed the phone to Juliet. She waited patiently until the owner of the number picked up. "Doctor Robert Petrice, I hope?" She gave a cough.


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#, as written by A.C.
It was a typical night in Delunrick, except something prowled the night. Yes, it was time for him to set things in motion once more to guide this world, this city to it's crossroads. To make sure there is a choice for this city, will this city chose to be saved or would they rather be damned for all eternity because of their prejudices. He existed in his current state to give that city it's choice. Where he would stand in the final battle all depends on what the other pieces in this little game did until then. Yes, he would give the city a chance, he will give them somebody to fight for the city to be saved. Other then granting them that small favor he owed the city nothing, and as such could just as well stand on the side the damns this city. Where he will stand is unknown, but what is known is that whatever side can gain him as an ally will have a great power with them and might almost be certain to win the fight for the city. He may also go about and ignore both sides, choosing to sit on the sidelines rather then interfere in the final battle. The gears are being set in motion, what will happen to this once great city, will it find it's savior and be saved or will it suffer eternal damnation...

A mysterious being moved through the streets this night not seeming to go anywhere. The being seemed to be trying to escape someone who was tailing them and moving with a haste deemed unnatural. It turned out this being was a he and he had something that he must do and do it with haste. He must not be caught before it is too late to prevent or change the outcome of his actions this night. That is why he moves as though possessed and in a manner that would be hard to tail. He feared not for himself, but for all those pieces in this game that would decide the fate of this city once and for all. Like he appeared he was gone like he never existed...

A man of great height preceded to walk through the streets of Delunrick toward a certain place where events would unfold this night that could very well change the fate of the city torn apart in civil war of sorts. He preceded to walk to the bar where several pieces in the highly orchestrated game were positioned. Tonight there would be a meeting of fate between these people, one that was destined to happen to give this city a chance. He approached the bar and went in, the man could now be seem clearly and stood at a height of 6'8" which was considerable even for this city, "Bartender give me an Incredible Hulk and a Kamikaze!" he told the bartender Roderigo whose only reply was to nod his head and then prepare the drinks. The man walked up to the girl sitting by herself at the bar and seemed to be drinking away her sorrows. He sat down next to her and as he did Roderigo placed the two drinks he ordered in front of him. The man took the green drink he dubbed the Incredible Hulk and finished it in one shot. He then turned his attention to the girl as he placed the glass back down on the bar, "If you were not drinking like you are right now I would probably kill you for what you did last night..." he said so that only her and possibly the bartender would hear him. The man had blood red eyes and black hair, he seemed to relax even more if it was possible after he made his comment to her. He called Roderigo over and told him that he would pay for her drinks and to cut her off as he placed the money for both of their drinks on the bar. Roderigo did what the man asked of him and cut her off because he seemed to know the man and knew not to mess with him. "So young lady you do know that you will drink yourself to an early grave if you don't learn to pace yourself?" he asked the girl laughing a little.


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The voice on the other end of the line made it's self obvious not to be a male's--more so a young woman's, not exactly raspy with smoke nor brittle with youth, but a simple, average tone that spoke only of professionalism and a dedication to the dwindling state of affairs that had comes of the city in recent moments. In all honesty, she wasn't sure where the Doctor had run off too--there were reports that he was attempting to revitalize his career at the local state hospital.

" The doctor isn't in at the moment, is there something you needed ? "
There wasn't much to prove if the doctor was indeed in or not, but his assistant, Amber--seemed to be more than willing to handle the ongoings of a possible client. The old television prompter of the bar gave a few flickers before finally it's current broadcast ( some bland sitcom that seemed to hold little value on anything beyond blatant fart jokes and sexual undetones) was snapped off, a momentary beep of a testing screen and finally a panicked and rather disheveled woman came across, the newscaster it seemed, though she wasn't in her normal suit jacket and hairspray--it looked like the woman was in her damn pajamas. She was still being prodded with paperwork, another being--which seemed to be a male--was fiddling about with pens and papers, mumbling unknown commands to her before she finally began to speak.

" At 6:48 PM today Alexander Roswell was fired upon by an unknown assailant, it has been reported that he is in critical care at the Delunrick state hospital. Further details will be released as they become available..."

She gave a clueless glance to the male for a moment--a gulp was obvious as it tore through her throat.

" All citizens of Delunrick are asked to remain within their homes. "

Most of the city wasn't even winding down, high time in the big city was on approach and the media was telling folks to stay at home ? Fat chance...The monotone howl of sirens came whipping past the bar without much hesitation--the thunk of boots, roar of armed men and the usual habitual firmness that the local police offered. Anyone with a brief knowledge of the local police force would know these men to be the specialized task for, Hunters as most knew them, the majority of them were human but had been outfitted with exo-skeletal limbs and replacement parts to further increase their capabilities in law enforcement. They held rather odd looking weaponry, given exactly what they were on about, a semi-circular disk affixed to the barrel of what could be called a shotgun. Frankly- It was a weapon designed to disperse a rather intense electromagnetic field in a small radius about it's front--It could put anyone with a modification on their knees ( considering all modded materials were either effective as organs or weighed far to much for the normal person to possess. ) An odd sight came with them--small little beings with hoods and the state emblem on their shoulders--Seekers ? The law enforcement was well known to put Petrice's former work to good use, but they had never been spotted with true seekers with them--apparently whatever the ruckus about was a big deal. The ambulance came by--accompanied by six others--a literal freight train of EMTs came howling by the bar, moving at some degree of a slow pace but certainly doing their best to rush whoever was within those vehicles to the safety of Delunrick State Hospital. The flood of armed policeman seemed to be accompanied by an even larger amount of those hooded figures--such a strange thing to see the law enforcement agency that was widely known to be associated with the Agenda to be accompanied by the pacifist that were the Truth seekers...Perhaps these gentleman were not connected to the seekers ? One could hardly make heads are tails of it by a simple glance... The odd pressure that could be felt emanating from the cropping of people was obvious to be from the seekers--probing every mind they came near, an unseen hand fiddling about with the ongoings around the bar scene.

They were in full force, for whatever reason, and the sudden appearance of a thuggy sort of modder certainly didn't seem to go over very well--within his hand he held what could be called a lead pipe, though it was more akin to a gutter that had been rolled up like a newspaper by bionic hands. The closest guard to the bar didn't seem horribly intimidated by the yelling and charging of the modder, rather he chose to simply stare--even going as far as lighting a cigarette as the man approached. Just as the pipe was hoisted in it's first threatening act there was a blue wash over the bionic limbs of the man--and he fell lifeless to the ground...Though,within moments his head could be spotted wriggling around, his entire set of mods disabled at the pull of a trigger ? They weren't bullshitting. As if to emphasize the submission that was forced upon the man his body was lifted rather casually up--though the faint green tinted glow permeating from beneath a single hood could insinuate that it was one of the seekers. The metal hands of the man were retracted behind him and rather laxidazically cuffed--A puff of smoke to his features and he was stored in a local vehicle. The park was being cleared, rather quickly at this rate, of all the people that had been witness to Roswell's passing. A voice chattered across a megaphone atop one of the vehicles--rather casually at that.

" All citizens are asked to return to their homes immediately...Force has been authorized. "

Force--as in--the army of seekers, all boasting heightened mental abilities--the faux-modded police officers--a small army that had closed in on the ongoings of the park without a moment's notice...Frankly, the mix of heavily adjusted officers boasting their limb breaking utensils, and those who accompanied with their dark hoods and obvious endless supply of NRT-54 were not the sort that anyone would be quick to go up against, even the immense strength of a high end modder had been carelessly dropped into the rear of a police car. The worn out door of the bar gave little more than a creak, the cracked bell upon it's top give a sharp chime, which dissipated into a spree of tiny clinks as it was held open--a gray haired man, a comb shaped moustache more than capable of covering his entire mouth wriggled about as he spoke to Roderigo without much afterthought.

" You're going to have to close up---Some crazy shot up Roswell. "

Roderigo gave a scowl at the thought--business was booming for a small bar located near central park, it wasn't like he was against some company, even if that company wasn't exactly being friendly. The older gent, obviously a police officer gave a casual flick of hand as he headed back into the street. Roderigo didn't make an extended effort to close up, but he did essentially cut off those who were in--a rather early close all things considered, he didn't seem to be a fan of the news, the quick switch of television set caused the room to flood with silence, no more than the idle clink of washrag atop one of his cups. The sudden life that flooded the cities was something exactly opposite of what the evening had been planned to entail--to inspire hope amongst the faithful, but rather the darkness that crept into the streets following Roswell's apparent death left nothing but a bittersweet wind that carried nothing but a lost hope for those who had been so sure of change. It was coming, in it's own way, but perhaps not in the way that most had expected. The ' OPEN ' sign upon the front window of the bar soon flickered until it was off and Roderigo busied himself with heading into the backroom to handle the final business for the end of the day.


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The drunken girls at the bar slowly looked up as two figures entered, a man and a woman. They were holding hands and appeared to be a couple, but after closer inspection Vienna decided they were related. The guy seemed to be leading the girl and although they looked exactly like, they seemed different. The girl had a blank look on her face and cloudy red eyes. She must have been blind.

They sat down and the guy ordered a drink and asked for "the doctor." Who could that be? What kind of doctor would you find in a bar? This made Vienna a little wary of who the people were.

After the girl ordered, she turned to Vienna. ""I am very sorry for your loss..." she said. Then she had a nasty coughing fit. "Even if it was so long ago, the pain can be so fresh. We lost our mother too..." This threw her off. She must have read her mind. That's what she was thinking about at the time. But if she could do that, then that must have meant...

"What the hell *hiccup* you talkin' about, stupid mod," she mumbled and pulled her gun up, pointing it in the general direction of the girl. But due to how drunk she was, she swayed and eventually fell of her chair. The two siblings didn't seem to notice. They were too busy talking about something to Roderigo, and then they went towards the back of the bar.

She got up and back into her seat as another figure came into the bar. A gentleman of enormous height strolled in like he needed to be there, and came directly over to where Vienna was sitting. "Bartender give me an Incredible Hulk and a Kamikaze!" he ordered. When Roderigo finished them, he chugged is 'Incredible Hulk' and set the other drink in front of Vienna. She gladly started to reach for it, but stopped short with what he he whispered next. "If you were not drinking like you are right now I would probably kill you for what you did last night..."

He knew. He had information and he knew what she did. She didn't say anything. She didn't need to. She already felt horrible about everything, and if she knew that they were kids before hand, she would never have accepted the job. She had to finish it though, or else she would lose the client and put a dent in her reputation; if she made it out alive. But when this stranger pointed it out, it made everything seem so much worse. Now she wanted to end her suffering once and for all with a bullet to her head. She was seriously considering it, but was interrupted by the man offering to pay for all her drinks. Then he said, "So young lady you do know that you will drink yourself to an early grave if you don't learn to pace yourself?"

"When you live a shitty life like this, *hiccup* ya don' care when you go to your grave," she said. She swayed and felt like she was going to vomit, so instead of the logically going to the bathroom, she slammed her empty glass on the the counter. "Roderigo, gimme more alcohol!" He just shook his head at her and took the glass before she threw it, then got out of her way quickly before she ended up shooting him for it. She already had her gun pointing up towards him.

((OOC: I didn't include the part where the Police and Force come and close it yet. I'm hoping to get in a little more action maybe?))


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#, as written by A.C.
The man once again laughed, this time at her drunken antics, "If you really did not care when you died, then you would not be here right now and you would have accepted your grave last night so those kids could survive..." he said in a simple voice. After seeing how drunk he was he grabbed the Kamikaze and downed in in one go. He then got up and was standing in front of her, "If you still feel that you don't care if you live or die then, I could kill you right here and now!" he asserted as the news broadcast came on, "But if you wish to live and find a reason to do so, to find the answers and the truth behind this city, then follow me..." he finished not seeming one bit surprised hearing of Roswell's attack. The man then began to walk out of the bar before turning around for a moment, "Are you coming or not? Don't you want to know why your family is gone? Do you want to know the truth?" he asked showing that he knew something about what happened to her family, if he truly knew something or not it was unknown and unproven. There was always a chance that he could be lying and had researched her if he knew what happened to her last night what else could he know, could he truly know something she did not was unknown, but there is always the chance he spoke the truth. The man then began to walk out of the bar, this time not stopping until he was outside. He waited as the events of the night began to unfold and wondered to himself if the girl would take his bait and if she truly wanted to live, if she wanted a reason he could give her one, if she truly did not care then all would be for naught, but if he was right, if his gamble paid off, if his instincts were true, and if he was right about her, then things would change in this city and there would be a chance, there would be hope, if only...


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Juliet gave a sigh of mixed frustration and relief. At least the doctor was still alive, but she may not be if they could not find him soon. "Yes, I need to know where he is. I am in need of a replacement heart stabilizer, and soon..." She fell into another fit of coughing, turning away from the phone. "...I need to know where he is, or where we can meet with him."

While his sister was on the phone, Julian watched the window as he saw a modded man surrounded and taken away by the Police and the Force. "Damnit," he quietly swore, turning to his sister. "We have to go..." He went back to the window as the combined Police Force made a sweep of the park across from the bar, suddenly feeling a force probe at his brain. A Seeker. He easily fended off the man, then attacked the psyche himself, gaining entrance easily. While the man may have been a formidable force to a normal human, he had his powers but for five years. Julian had his mental abilities them since the womb. He recovered every memory the man had ever tried to hide...the death of his father, his mother's alcoholism, the things he had done to gain NRT-54, the things he had done to people in his job. The man, overwhelmed with the tidal wave of memories, collapsed onto the ground, curling into a ball, sobbing. Julian then locked out any other probing to happen, thereby covering his trail for a little while longer, before leaving the mental plane. ""

Juliet nodded with a little shiver, speaking with new fear in her voice. "I...I have to go...but he can call my brother...his phone is secure." She hastily gave the number, barely hanging up the phone before her brother lead her to the back door, exiting in silence. The other Seekers would become curious. While they would not be able to find the reason for the man's sudden breakdown, nor who had caused it, they would still seek for others with similar powers. They would escape, but they had to leave now if they were to leave undetected.

They stopped a taxi that had not yet stopped its services. Julian helped his coughing sister in, then got in himself, stating to the driver, "The lake..."

His sister finished his sentence. "...and step on it."


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Vienna stared as the man explained everything to her. He knew things, that she could tell. He knew what she did last night. That was something she preferred to keep to herself, not go blab about it like some of her other kills. Plus, what he said was true. Why didn't she just let the kids kill her? If her life was that miserable, and she didn't really care about when she died, what kept her fighting last night? Was it revenge, or a subconcious thought that she was a part of something?

Another thing he said stood out in her mind. Was there really a reason behind her family members' deaths, and not just a freak accident? How could she be sure unless she followed him. He seemed to know what he was talking about, and he sounded like someone she could trust, but still. He was obviously a mod, and she was definitely hated mods. Plus, she didn't even know the man's name. Why would she go wtih him? Her emotions flared up inside her like fire and fought with each other as she watched the guy leave the bar.

Finally, her curiosity won. She put her pistols at her hip and sheathed her blade in it's case hanging at the small of her back, then stood up slowly. She stumbled her way towards the door--stopping to throw up--and finally makes it outside where the guy is waiting for her.

"Okay, stranger. But you can at least tell me your name."


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#, as written by A.C.
He simply nodded as she came out, "It seems you trust me to an extent, but I fear I can not yet say my name..." the man paused, "If I do they will be able to probe you and get it, then you would be wishing that I had not told you..." the man finished. He turned around and began to move again, "If you want answers then follow me and do so with haste or you will be wishing you had listened to me or had not chosen to follow me at all..." he said sounding even more cryptic. He quickly turned down an alleyway and then moved swiftly to a manhole that led into the sewers before he paused, "Your choice shall we go up or down? Keep in mind the easiest and safest route is down..." He said giving her the choice of going through the sewers where their escape was certain, but her trust of him may only go so far and in the sewers he could easily take her life and nobody would know, or she could choose up and they could travel using the rooftops and go through the streets of the city trying to avoid the seekers, and other law enforcement, chancing being found and caught or possibly killed depending on who the man she was with really was. Speaking from a tactical stand point the answer was obvious, but from an emotional or human stand point it was anything but simple and obvious, for all she knew he could kill her himself, have her enemies waiting for her, and she could always be the one to end his life in the sewers, yes they were the better choice, but were the sewers really wiser and best choice for her survival...?


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He refused to answer her question about his name. His stubbornness annoyed her, although she remained and didn't storm off like she normally would.

"Then can you at least give me something to call you buy? 'That guy' isn't exactly a proper title," she scoffed.

She followed him into an alleyway, and stood by as he opened a sewer pipe. He seemed to be testing her, mentally, by giving her the option of travelling the "safer" route or going where people could see them. He was trying to see if she trusted him. But why? she wondered. What could he possibly want from me, other than to kill me or turn me over to Truthies? She shuddered at both these thoughts. Although she knew she could stand her ground against him. She had plenty of experience fighting all kinds of mods, but he seemed...different somehow. There was a cold feeling behind his handsome face that she couldn't quite describe.

Against her better judgement (considering she was drunk) she decided to play into his hands and go down.

"Look. I don't know who you are, and I don't trust you at all. I'm curious. I want to know what you're thinking in that crazy little head of yours. But don't think I won't be on my guard, because the first wrong move you make, you know what will happen?" She pointed her fingers at him and and made gun noises. "That pretty face will be all bloody. And what a shame that'll be!" She winked and smirked at him then slid down the ladder into the sewer. "Lead me on, 'That Guy!'"


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" The doctor has asked that any patients who wish to contact him wait until tomorrow. "

Tomorrow ? It seemed like this receptionist didn't exactly have a heart of her own with the request, but she was happy to take the number and chirped back a

" Thank you for contacting Petrice Cybernetics have a good evening. "

The phone was hung up and the number and patient request was sent to Petrice--who seemed to be inclined to be currently working on another project at some undisclosed location. Amber wasn't a woman of questions, she had no curiosity why the Doctor had chosen the evening to be something of a mystery, she just wanted her paycheck. Within moments of sending the message she had received a caught her off guard but she was quick to give it a glance and immediately contact the number that had been provided. Unfortunately, the cellphone was out of service given the hubub about the town, but as the cab headed further from the city limits and closer to the high signal area near the lake the device would tell tales of how it had received a new message. The receptionist kept her same cheery tone that was truly drenched with some degree of apathy.

" Hello, Dr.Petrice has informed me that he will send a representative your way, please call the number provided and ask for 'Patricia' she specializes in repair and replacement of malfunctioning cardiovascular pumps. "


The gathering of seekers was indeed quick to notice one of their own being brought down, though it seemed there was a collected action--Not only did a single man fall, the others seemed to clutch at their hooded heads and stumble about groaning for a brief period of time until the singular conscious of the individual subsided. As that being who had once flopped about on the ground came to a still there was a linger silence amongst the others before the corpse went absolutely lifeless. A random,faux modified officer stepped by, hoisting the hooded corpse with a single hand without much effort and flinging it towards the rear of a meat wagon that had come along with them. The door shut without an afterthought. The city streets were a gathering of ushering men, closing businesses down--randomly detaining modders and apparent seekers alike--most anyone who was confirmed as a modder or seeker was immediately taken in, what was it exactly they were doing ?

The cab's driver was a man of middle eastern descent who seemed vaguely interested in the finished sentence but he was certain to understand one very important phrase 'step on it'. The accelerator was compressed near to the floor and the vehicle went sputtering along. One might have noted the odd stare the man had--and considering the twins mental capability--the utter absence of thought processes. It was like an automaton was driving their vehicle. Each casual turn taken with such a degree of precision that one could assume he was indeed of robotic origin. It seemed this man wasn't all there--he never even spoke--simply drove until they arrived at the lake..A hand extended quietly to press a digit into the small digital read out that exhibited their fare. It seemed a normal price for a cab ride across most of the city, but then again one might have been distracted by the looming silence within the cab. As the two exited he remained utterly quiet--having been immune to any advance be it verbal or mental, the cab sputtered away at the same rate it had originally left the barfront.

The sewer system in Delunrick wasn't of the best make or model, but it held one particular feature that most were unaware of if they didn't work for the city. It was remarkably clean--there wasn't even a foul scent--merely an interconnected network of tunnels and pipelines devoid of any life. No rats, no bugs--no water ? It was merely moist. You see, The sewer system of delunrick worked in a reservoir system, meaning that it continually flushed it's self from time to time, further expelling the waste of the city into a nearby treatment facility that recycled the water for commercial uses, mostly watering crops and giving livestock drinking water. There were few inhabitants, but plenty of darkness in those sewers--the need for light was rather apparent even for those with particular gifts. One may have noted the near 20 degree temperature difference amongst the tunnel network, it was like stepping into a freezer on a hot summer day.


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#, as written by A.C.
He merely laughed as she chose the logical choice, if he had instead not given her that choice the outcome would have been different. He went down into the sewers and gave her a chance to follow, if she closed the manhole or not would be up to her as by the time it was discovered for anyone to find them. He laughed some more once they were out of sight from the streets, "If you were to shoot me it would not matter, I will tell you now you made a very poor choice on being alone with me, I can heal from any wound and can not be killed. You though made a poor choice if you were to have second thoughts made a good choice in trusting me this far so I will tell you who I am, as well as give you some good advice. From this point on know that I will provide you will information that may or may not be unbelievable to you, but it is your choice weather you trust what I say, and I don't expect you to trust me solely on my words, I will provide proof for some of what I will tell you, but don't think that I will always be on your side. I am merely giving this city a chance for survival by giving you some of what you will need to expose the truth and save this city, on the other side of this war you have the choice of fighting another part of the chance I am providing. You will face not only Roswell's followers, seekers, truthies as some call them, U.M.O., and The Founders, but the city itself. There has been movement in this city that will lead it either to it's end or a new beginning, Jericho is not the only one involved in this...believe me I know, for I myself am a part of both The Founders and U.M.O. yet when I tell you who I am you will be possessed with finding proof of what I tell you and whether or not I speak the truth, in this will be the proof I offer..." the man paused to see if she understood the gravity of the situation and gave her a minute for it to sink in as he walked down the sewers, "I knew that Roswell would be attacked this night, it was unavoidable and yet it is only the beginning. I am know as Zane Insane, a man with no past, I have escaped from an insane asylum years ago. The city keeps a record of me yet they know nothing about my past, my blood type or anything before I entered the asylum and most about my time there. Nobody know my last name or age not even myself. I am considered untouchable by the city and they won't send people after me, but that does not mean nobody will go after me. I have taken the NRT-54 drug and have had several manifestations as a result. My body was modded to remove my brain, heart and all internal organs, them being replaced. One manifestation of the drug if that I can heal from any injury, so as I said you could never kill me. I am not sure where I will stand in the final battle for this city, or even if there will be one. The choice of whether there will be a final battle for the survival of this city is up to you. I may not even participate in the final battle..." said the man who named himself as Zane as the two came across a ladder and he went up it opening the manhole before exiting it and giving her a chance to. By the time she would exit the manhole he would be gone.


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The twins got out of the cab after paying the man who drove them to their destination. "Thank you," Juliet said before, hoping to add even the slightest glimpse of happiness to the man's dull life. As the car drove away, she sighed. "Poor man..."

Julian took his sister by the hand to lead her again. "Perhaps...but he had made his choice. That is his life now." Julian nodded with another sigh and a cough, then walked along with her brother. They walked in relative silence, their steps in perfect syncronicity, their bodily and facial emotions identical. The only break in the mirrored actions came as Juliet heard her brother's phone beep, signaling that someone had left a message. She gave him a silent jab in the side with her elbow, which he then dug into his pocket, getting the cellular device, opening the Voicemail, then handing the phone to his sister, who brought it to her ear. She listened for a moment, the message reaching Julian via telepathic connection to his sister. He took the phone again, dialing the number, then handed the phone back for his sister to speak.

Juliet accepted the phone, waiting until the person on the other line picked up. "Hello, I am looking for Patricia..."


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Vienna closed the manhole (careful to leave a little bit of space instead of fully locking her in) and silently followed the man. She listened to his crazy talk about her making the right decision, and then his "proof" that he was legit, in other words, he claimed to have known Roswell would be attacked. Then he told her his name...Zane, Insane? and that he was immortal. Due to his NRT-54 modifications, he was unkillable. He was also crazy, having escaped from a psyche ward. Surprisingly, this didn't scare Vienna like it probably should have. She felt almost exhilarated that she could be attacked at any minute and not be able to protect herself. I mean, she could always severely injure him and then run quickly, but that wouldn't be as fun.

On the bright side, she was already starting to feel sober.

"So, Zane Insane, where exactly are you taking me?" she asked him as she followed him up the next ladder and out a manhole. But when she did get out, he was gone. Like he never existed. And now she was left alone, without any idea where she was or what she was supposed to do to "help the city." All that she could do now was wait and hope that she heard from him again.


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[ Sorry about the delay, Had some complications with a recent prescription. ]

The voice on the other end was something of a crackling, static-y mess until finally a clearance was found and a rather chirpy--swift and hastily composed voice came blaring from the other end.

" You're the one that needed the heart ? "

It sounded human.

" The eh--the uh--the one that needed the stability mod..or somethin'...where are you ? "

It sounded feminine--in a way, though the way it was so swiftly blurted out one could have assumed that most of the words were another, it sounded like this woman had a machine gun for a tongue.

" Nevermind--be there. "

Apparently she had already found their location--a quick beep came and the phone was hung up before an answer could come. After a few minutes it seemed like no one was coming, but eventually a small two passenger car came careening down the roadway aside the lakefront. After a moment of driving about the vehicle finally parked and a set of curly blonde hair came popping out of the small red two-seater. Within this pale little things hand was a small briefcase, it seemed thin for it's size. Soon enough she was hobbling along,dressed in the normal scrubs. As she approached one would be quick to note the actual absence of eyes--they had been replaced with two small globes that looked somewhat metallic, though their glass centers were obvious. She came squeaking up, barking apologies and greetings--and something about southern Malaysia--or maybe mayonnaise, she talked far to fast to be comprehensible. She finally came to the pair without much hesitation, her briefcase flopped to the ground, which immediately fell open to reveal a various assortment of small cylindrical devices--which looked similar to handles of instrumentation. Were those her tools ? Apparently she planned on working on a heart in the middle of a lakefront, but she seemed to retract the idea rather quickly with a proper greeting.

" I'm 'Ricia. "

Apparently she had dropped the 'pat' from her name at some point. Her fingers fiddled mindlessly with her cellphone as she spoke.

" The doctor said that you were to be seen, but I wasn't exactly certain what it was you needed ? Eh--Heart, yeah ? Your's ? "

She sent a bony digit spiking at the male of the two--but quickly swapped to the female after a moment of staring. Those odd eyes gave a flicker or two before she answered herself.

" Yup--looks like that Aortic Stabilizer is a bit off..Have you been doing a lot of strenuous activity ? "
Those odd metal eyes snapped over the woman.
" Hmmn--seems not. I'm not sure how you managed to knock it loose--car accident ? Explosion ? Mm...maybe someone punched you really hard ? "

She seemed to be looking for explanations instead of hypothesis for what was wrong, she already had that information. She was soon fiddling about the instruments.

" When was the cardiovascular replacement implanted ? "

An odd way of asking when someone had lost their heart. She was soon peaking up from that crown of curls to gawk at the twins--though she seemed completely oblivious how long she had been leading the conversation without giving them a chance to answer.


Fortunately, the sewers had a relief point into the local water supply--the manhole cover just so happened to reveal that Vienna had stumbled to the lakeside. She would be quickly revealed to the trio that now met over the discussion about repairing a heart. The night was creeping in rather quickly, it was bound to be a rough one considering the most recent events. A police cruiser near took off her legs as it shot by her, lights on but no sirens, it seemed to be in a rush somewhere, but where exactly was uncertain.


" John ? I need you to stay calm..but I--I need to explain something. "

The crack of eyes revealed to him that odd--burning light--it wasn't the sun, it was a surgical lamp, still hovering haplessly aside him, causing his eyes to retract and ache. A tilt of head, a groan from lips and finally a shift of arm caused him to quickly notice the straps that laid over his chest--why was he being bound ?

" You see...We were unable to reattach your...your original arm. We were forced to improvise. "

It was a man's voice--one he didn't recognize. He managed a glare sideward--towards the sound beside him, though as he rolled his head sideward he came upon a view that left him cold...chilled to the bone and certain that he was witnessing something horrible. A metallic shoulder was stuffed into the socket of his arm, the flesh cauterized to it's surface, a series of tubes plunging into flesh and steel alike--pumping that green slime into his being.

" What in the fuck is that. "

John didn't ask--he demanded an answer.

" As I said--we were unable to save the original arm..I'd like to comfort you in knowing this is the most advanced model of a Petrice Appendage Imitation Prosthetic. "

John was left staring at the mass of flesh and metal that somehow resembled an arm--it felt odd--like something was stabbed into his body that wasn't mean to be there.

"...the discomfort will fade with time. "

Discomfort ? It was more than discomfort--it was a numbness that filled him to his bones--that odd cyber-genetic fluid further aiding the un-natural becoming natural for his body. He managed a low groan before he was trying to sit up.

" Wait..Mr.Ridgeway, I'd advise you to remain still...the bonding process hasn't quite completed. "

" I don't want to bond with this fucking thing ! Get it off me ! "

" I can't do that, John. "

The light came tilted sideward--John's eyes took a moment to adjust but he finally came to view the scrawny gentleman before him--old..older than the hills--but a small moustache remained on his lip--his bifocal lenses resting across the center of his nose while he continued to casually work at the metal appendage.

" Aren't they supposed to look human ? " the arm...this one looked like something straight out of mortal combat.

" Usually our cybernetics go out of their way to maintain a 'human' appearance..Unfortunately the militarized versions are a bit more raw. " A soldier didn't need to be pretty. Petrice continued speaking but John was left staring--distracted for a moment as the man casually removed and reattached a finger of his metal hand, revealing the odd cylindrical gear within the center of the forearm.

" Is that a gun ? "
John asked bruntly--it certainly looked like an arrangement of barrels.

" Indeed it is, John...Do you know who Alexander Roswell is ? "

" Yeah--He got shot tonight. "

" Well--That one did. " John didn't quite catch the implication that there were multiple Roswell's.
" Why ?" John prodded.
" Well--It's come to the Human Agenda's attention that they may need to invest in a bodyguard for Mr.Roswell--They believe it would be acceptable to have you fulfill that position. " Petrice passed him a smile--the sort of smile you gave a man after you shot him in the gut.

" What ? No...I'm not even trained for something like that. "

" But you are--in one way or another..I'm sure after a nap you'll feel different. "
A nap ? John glared--trying his best to wrestle free from the binds that held him down--but between the immense weight of his new metal appendage and the double stitched nylons binds, he was left helpless as a needle plunged into the remaining 'human' portion of his arm..After a moment of hopeless wriggling and a spree of cursing John faded once more into the darkness.