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Salome Welsh

"My dad's a cop, my brothers are cops and I have a gun in my hand. Do you really want to hurt me?"

0 · 204 views · located in Crime City

a character in “Death Witness”, as played by Bashie L. Craft


Name: Salome Amelia Welsh
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Height: 5'7
Weight: 120lb
Ethnicity: American with Grecian, French and Italian blood

Skills: Guns, Cooking, Running

Description: Salome knows she's pretty, beautiful even. She has dark brown hair which is usually straight and hung loose unless she is working, then she ties it up into a messy bun or ponytail. Her eyes are a very nice shade of blue and her skin is slightly tanned, just slightly. She is slim and slender due to her constant jogs.

Personality: Slightly jaded and a little frisky, Salome is still a down-to-earth and humorous young lady with a penchant for guns. She loves to have a good joke and make people laugh but you can always tell it's a lie at times. She wishes to be independent which gets harder when her family is full of cops. She has a strict daily routine which she has done since she was thirteen to get her mind off of things. At times, she can be playful and a little bit of a flirt but it's usually because she wants to tease her brothers. Whatever she has done, her intentions were pure even if they were wrong.

She is a hard-working, taking pride in her work. She works too much, sometimes dark circles would appear around her eyes. Admittedly, she can be quite cunning because of her family's skills and could fool someone easily. She cares greatly for her friends and family, she would risk her life for them.

Likes: Food, Pastries, Guns, Beer, Jogs, Cold Days,
Dislikes: Fish, Daisies, Messes, Blood

Fears: Her mother's killer, Her Family Getting Killed,

Aspires to become a: Chef

History: Born to Samuel and Delia Welsh, Salome was the youngest out of four and the only girl in the family. Her father was a cop, teaching the kids how to use a gun. When she was old enough, she got herself a gun with the help of her father. Her mother was a simple stay-at-home mom who was a mystery writer. She lived a normal life up until one unfortunate day. It started out normal enough. Salome was eight and with her siblings, her father sent them off to school while he went to work. Then when they came home together, they saw her mother's bloody body together. They never found the killer which causes Salome nightmares to this very day.

All she wishes now is to have her family safe, this is hard when you consider her father is a cop and her brothers are entering the criminal justice world. When she got accepted to a cooking school, she moved out from her home and moved into her own apartment. She got herself a part-time job at a restaurant as a Pastry Chef and where she worked was quite close to Crime City. Her brothers visit her constantly, making sure she's alright. Wherever she goes, she always brings a gun and a taser.

Reason for witnessing the murder: She was walking home from a long day at work and saw the murder.
Other: Believe it or not, Salome has been arrested twice prior to the murder but it was illegal protesting and under-age drinking. Her brothers bailed her out.


So begins...

Salome Welsh's Story