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Action-oriented roleplay set in a fantasy world. Battle monsters, explore the land, and maybe come face to face with a fallen god.

869 readers have visited DeathBrand since PaperCoversRockB*tch created it.


Across the world, there are many lands with many legends, all focusing on the trials and victories of long dead heroes who rose up it defeat the villain and save the people. In the northern oceans, the continent of Arathorne sits isolated from the rest of the world. The most popular legend within Arathornian folklore is that of The Judgement God. Four thousand years ago, in a time when Old Magic ruled the land, Arathorne was plagued by greed and avarice, earning the ire of the Gods. Kalandril, the God of Chaos, saw it a different way from his fellow deities. While the Gods did not interact with the mortals, Kalandril saw it as a necessity to bring order to the land. Forsaking his place in Verlathan, Kalandril invaded the land of Arathorne, seeking to bring order to the troubled land. Leading his Valkyrie Knights, Kalandril quickly brought Arathorne under his Judgement. And thus, an age of obedience under a Fallen God began.

For two hundred years, Kalandril ruled over the lands of Arathorne, acting as more of a tyrannical ruler than the savior he claimed himself to be. His Valkyrie Knights, once draped in pure white armor and almost angelic in appearance, had now morphed into something far more more twisted, barely resembling what they once were. However, all hope was not lost. A warrior, clad in golden armor revealing not age, race, nor gender, rose up to challenge the Fallen God. It is said their sword fell countless Valkyrie with each swing, and their spells brought down the skies to crush their enemy. The lone warrior approached Kalandril as he sat on his thrown. Believing the new enemy not worth his time, Kalandril stated he would defeat the hero without standing up. The Judgement God had long forgotten his purpose, his righteous will replaced with arrogance and pride. Within a few minutes, Kalandril was standing, having to fight with all his might to ensure this lone warrior did not best him. For days they battled back and forth, exchanging blows. When it was all said and done, it appeared as if Kalandril had defeated his opponent, who laid on the ground unable to move. Kalandril began to laugh maniacally, believing his power absolute. At that moment, h felt the tip of a sword piercing his chest. In his boosting, he failed to notice his opponents last stand, as the warrior plunged the sword deeper into the chest of the tainted god. Kalandril fell back onto his throne, gripping the hilt of the sword but finding himself unable to remove it. As he died cursing the warrior and the other Gods, Kalandril's body disappeared, taking the sword with him as he did so. The ceiling above Kalandril's throne broke apart, revealing a shining light into its dark halls. the warrior, who had fallen to the ground once again, was lifted up through the ceiling and into the sky above. Their form appeared in the stars above, and the tale of them defeating Kalandril was etched into the Direth Mountains, as only a few before them had earned. The warrior was now a God, the new God of Judgement. And so ends the tale of The Judgement God, both of them. though no one knew their name as a mortal, the warrior's deification earned them the new name of Arelia.

It is the the 62nd year of the Sixth Reign. The land is currently under the control of the Malim, an ancient race who has been the most populated on the continent. Establishing a Monarchy hundreds of years ago, the Malim removed the Republic that once decided the direction of Arathorne. Though the other races are allowed to have high ranking positions in both the military and government, the word of the Malim King is law, and any who oppose it will face his judgment, and maybe even his Dragon Guard. However, unlike the previous King, the current King, Arallax Mundis, appears to be a fair and just ruler, preferring to settle things through negotiations and treaties, whether it be other nations or even a pack of roaming marauders. Some don't agree with this policy, but the King's word is absolute, just like that of all who came before him. However, the peace will not last it seems...


The Seryan as they have come to be called by the common folk have invaded the southern most city of Sturike and razed the town of Enri that sits just a few miles east. After several scout reports, King Mundis reached out to surrounding nations, but none seem to no who the Seryan are or were they come from. Whether this is true, or a ruse to plan a full invasion, the King has only one true option; Save what's left of Sturike and squash the Seryan before they start heading further north. Sending his best, General Eryk Grehain, and his Mage Advisor, Jasper Lawrence, the King hopes to either negotiate a peace or end this invasion before it truly begins.

With a contingent of 2,000 troops, General Grehain marched south, arriving just north of the Petrified Forest. Even this far from the city, the fires from Sturike are visible, causing unrest amongst the men. Setting up camp outside the forest, scout reports say the Seryan are preparing within the cities walls, but have started marching toward the forest. It seems this battle for the south will take place within the stone trees between them. Dawn has broke on the horizon and the Arathorne army has begun to prepare for the battle that is only hours away. This is where our roleplay begins. For whatever reason, you find yourself at this camp. As a Soldier, Knight, Mage, Merchant, or just someone who needs to get the Sturike. You might not even know how you arrived here, but you feel as if something has brought you to this battlefield.


Government- Arathorne is ruled by a monarchy, with the current King serving as the Sixth Ruler in the line. Each time the previous King dies, the year count starts over, with the current reign serving as the current era. Arathorne is divided into Holdings, four in total with the southern region being ruled by Counts or Countesses who serve the crown. The Holdings are ruled by a Duke or Duchess. There are Wolestland, Thilros, Oseshi, and Aronim. The King rules from the capital city of Theridrarg.

Dragon Guard- Made up of Malim who successfully formed bond with a Dragon. One could count on one hand the number of members as forming connection with a dragon is incredibly rare.

Magic: Magic in Arathorne consists of two types; Magic and Old Magic.

Magic- there are four major schools within the current era of magic; Conjuration, Elemental, Healing, and Illusion. Though Alchemy is considered to have magical properties, its actual practice is far different from traditional schools, and thus it is not considered a major school. There are also two forbidden schools of magic. While not illegal, they are frowned upon by the Monarchy and are not taught at the The University. They are Necromancy and Blood Magic. While the two often go hand in hand, their practices differ in several areas and are considered two different types due to this.

The University- Located in the coast city of Mereno, The University welcomes all students for the study of magic and its history. If a student is found to be practicing forbidden magic, they are immediately expelled.

Old Magic- Old Magic is dead magic that was used even before Kalandril seized the land. Under his rule, magic was more restrained so much of what was practiced was lost. It is believed that Kalandril was worried someone would discover something that could challenge him, thus he destroyed any evidences that such magic was practiced. Though, the knowledge of spells continued through word of mouth until they were just another legend. It is believed Old Magic held the key to spatial and time manipulation, as well as the possible manipulation of gravity.


Humans- You should know what this is.

Malim- Elvish in appearance, Malim tend to be between 5'11" and 6'4" for both men and women. They are believed to be the most naturally talented in magic, which would explain their rise to prominence in Arathorne. Most have fair skin pigmentation, but their most prominent feature would be their slanted eyes and their hair, which can be almost any color. They are also known for having long lifespans, many living to be almost four hundred years old. Their greatest distinction from other races is their ability to connect with a particular animal, and often take on the traits of said creature. Often times their magical affinity decided how powerful of a creature they can form a bond with. The Dragon Guard is made up of those who were so incredible they formed a connection with a dragon.

Myrians- Appearing very similar to humans, Myrians are often times much larger and stronger than humans. It is believed they came form the Northern most continent, which is nothing else besides a frozen tundra with never-ending storms. It is believed this is what gave them their size and skill. They tend to be between 6'5" and 7'2" with incredibly defined builds. They are born with an innate resistance to elemental magic. When they originally landed on the shores of Arathorne 400 years ago, they tried to usurp the throne as they believed was their right. they were defeated and now only a few remain on the whole continent. Those that still exist live in seclusion, hunting and fighting within the mountains.

Kemplewei- A race that prefers the forests to the comforts of the cities. Making their own communities within the woods, the Kemplewei are a nomadic people, never staying in one area for longer than a few years. Most often seen with dark skin and white or blonde hair, the Kemplewei are known for their archers, which rank as some of the best in the world. They tend to be a but shorter than the other races with most being under 5'8" in height. They tend to live about 120 years.

Ashrian- Appearing very similar to Malim in size, lifespan, and magical ability, the Ashrian lack their unique connection ability. It is said that long ago, when the Malim were still tribal, a southern group of Malim began a war against the others for dominance. A Great Malim Chief cursed the tribe, burning the ash from those they had killed onto their skin forever. Whether or not this is true, no one knows for sure. But, the Ashrian tend to have dark features, as well as gray skin, so there might be some validity to the claims. The Ashrian and Malim have always been tense with each other, often choosing to disagree on even the most inconsequential issues.

Gorgs- Often called stone people, Gorg live in vast underground cities that are connected by tunnels. Often green or brown in skin tone, the Gorgs are often animal like in appearance, but far more intelligent and far more skilled. It is believed that long ago, Deris, Goddess of Nature, blessed a forest. This blessing allowed the Gorgs to begin walking upright. Though unable to use magic, Gorg's have spent countless centuries constructing cities beneath the surface, revealing their ingenuity and skill to the rest of the world. Despite living independently from the Monarchies rule, any Gorg's who venture onto the surface are subject to the laws of the world above and must abide by them until they return home. Despite different variations of Gorg's, boars, tigers, reptiles, etc. they are able to mate with other types of Gorg's regardless of "appearance". However, the child born will reflect one of the parents in appearance, with only small differences to reflect the other. For example, a tiger-like Gorg growing horns due to having a bull-like parent.

Gods: There are eight primary Gods in Arathorne, but numerous Lesser Gods. The Valkyrie Knights are an example of Lesser Gods.

Zaratosh- Goddess of Time and "Leader" of the Gods.

Deris- Goddess of Nature and Harvest.

Stenryr- God of Commerce and Trade.

Arelia- Mortal turned Deity. God of Judgement.

Heras- Goddess of Light

Meras- God of Darkness

Midas- God of War

Kerina- Goddess of The Stars

Creatures: Basically, anything you can think from fantasy myth will be in this roleplay; Dragons, Griffons, Hydra, etc.

Any questions, just shoot me a pm or ask in the ooc.

Character Sheet

Appearance: Pictures are okay, but no real life people and no "cartoon-y" ones. I want a sense of realism, but not to have to picture some CW actor when reading.
History: Optional.

My character will be up soon, but I want to take a break for a bit and recharge.

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