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Defective superhuman.

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a character in “Deathmakers & Gunslingers”, as played by Ceoltior


Name: Unknown
Alias(es): Argus, Icarus, #322, Wraith
Age: Unknown
Appearance: ... lazuur.jpg
Unique physical features: Eyes on mask almost have a bioluminescient property and glow a dim green in darkness.
Weight: 197
Height: 6'8"
Eye color: Black sclera, white irises. Obscured by mask lenses.
Race: Unknown. Likely Caucasian.


Personality: Cold, calculating, remorseless. Argus is the kind that will tend to kill or remove whatever inconveniences or upsets him, whether it be a bird singing a nasty tune or someone who won't do what he wants. Despite his simple coldness and brash arithmetic reasoning, he is merciful, but only so long as he gets some form of benefit from such mercy. Still, he is likely to shoot the person in the face once they give him what he needs or wants.
Habits: None immediate.
Addiction(s): Clorhine, required for proper respiration.
Strengths: Hyperanalysis abilities. Super-human* strength, speed, dexterity, and reflexes. Low sustenance requirements, Argus can live off 1 gallon of water and 1 apple and 2 hours of sleep per week. Specializes in stealth tactics. Capable of firing rays of concentrated radiation towards things via a series of nerve activations. Ingenuity, Argus is very good at macgyver-ing things together, he has managed to create a functioning .9mm pistol out of plumbing parts.
Weaknesses: No immune system. Requires a controlled chlorine atmosphere for proper respiration, Argus can not breathe normal air. Radiation rays cause excruciating pain and reduce his lifespan by days at a time. Chronic cough, Argus often enters bouts of coughing where he is prone to spew blood and cough for minutes at a time. Cuts or tears in his bio-hazard suit can expose him to diseases and illnesses that will kill him. Constantly in pain. Chronic phobia of dogs and the color orange.
Interesting traits: The mere fact Argus exists at all is an interesting trait. Argus stays silent whenever possible as it pains him to speak and when he can speak, it is difficult to comprehend what he is saying. So he generally gets his point across with hisses, guttural rasps, and guns. He can use sign-language, but doesn't use that often since there aren't many survivors now who understand the motions.
Likes: Violence, watching things explode, things that can ease his constant pain, Metal music, the hue of scarlet.
Dislikes: Country music, dogs, the color orange, scientists.

*The term 'super human' is very generous, Argus can lift a chair and swing it like a weapon with one hand, but he can't lift a train. He can't move like the flash but he can react faster than most people.


Head: Custom gas mask. Argus requires this to breathe, as it contains conversion chambers with which the air is purified and the proper atmosphere for his respiration is created. A black metal cap rests on his head, manufactured by Heavy Metal co.
Body: Custom biohazard suit to prevent exposure to possible infections and sickness. Large black leather trenchcoat, Rugged Camel Clothes.
Hands: Black gloves. Manufactured by Heavy Metal co.
Waist: hand-me-down kevlar vest, Heavy Metal co.
Legs: Black slacks, Rugged Camel Clothes.
Feet: Black Steel-toed boots. Heavy Metal co.
Accessories: A full roll of duct tape.
Weapon(s): two 2.5' rebar poles.
One combat knife, Hefty Shamblers Armory.
One revolver, Hell firearms co.


Bio: Argus knows very little about his past life, and could care less. All he knows is that he was an experiment in the war that broke out amongst the populous of the world. He knows that he was created to be the ultimate weapon, and that the people who headed the project deemed him defective. The only part of his experiment life that he really cares about was his escape directly before his termination. He killed everyone at the facility he could and now wanders about, seeking a way to cure his pain and maybe find a way to discover more about his experimentation and unlock his old memories. For the moment now though, he just tries to survive. He is a hitman and bounty hunter because he sees the best way to survive is to remove the competition.
Occupation: Hitman, bounty hunter.
Family: Unknown.

Alternative profile here:

So begins...

Argus's Story