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Death's Dogma

Death's Dogma


High Fantasy Roleplay set in a mythical world.

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Only in Elven Legends is it stated that long ago, before men came to the land of Amore, a great war was waged between the Ancient Elves and the Lords of The Undead. Wielding an ancient and destructive power, the Lords ruled over Amore, given immortality by the Gods themselves. With the use of cursed weapons, crafted in the flames that gave the Lords life, the Elves challenged the Lords. Aryn, Elven God of Flames, decimated the Undead Armies of the Lords using terrible spells that caused the air to catch fire. Seraphim, Elven Goddess of Lightning, created great storms that brought down Lord Fortresses that had stood over Amore for thousands of years. Elbris, The Elven God of Death, brought an unrelenting plague of death and disease to the Lords and their forces. Ultimately, it was Davek The Betrayer who betrayed his fellow Lords and sealed the fate of the once mighty Immortals forever. No deities remain in Amore. With the landing of men upon its shores, the Gods and their worship returned to the land, but the Elven Gods by that time had long since past. After many early battles and rebellions, Men and Elves now live in a centuries old peace, however darkness has once again returned to the land. The death of Chancellor Armandeus leaves the Council without a Leader and many factions within Amore are vying for power. However, you care little for the politics of the city at this moment. You arrive, or have been staying, at the base camp on the outskirts of Dead Root Forest with the intention of passing through the forest to get to the southern part of the country. Most would just take the long way around, but you have not the time nor the patience... or maybe the cowardice. While guided expeditions are a daily occurrence, that does not change the fact that there are many dark and dangerous creatures within the forest that have spent centuries hunting and killing humans and elves alike. Our story begins here, the entrance to what will change the course of Amore forever.

Before you go any further, understand something about this rp. This is not high school romance, not a bunch of teenagers given powers to protect their respective town, or any of the other cliched rp's that riddle websites nowadays. This is High Fantasy and I expect you to understand that going in. Will there be time for humor? Of course. A time for drama and romance? Yep. But, understand that the priority of this roleplay is to tell a great story. Now, my intro wasn't the most detailing as that was its intent. What is happening within this world and what kind of insane adventures we will be partaking in will be revealed as we go. also, it helps all of you add your own fragment into a whole narrative.

Races (Not limited to these. You can create your own spin to an established race or create your own. The race of my character will serve as an example.)

Men: No real big mystery here, just like Earth humans with the exception of being able to cast spells and the like. Men have taken away power from the Elves bit by bit since the Wars ended. They have a real knack for politics. Most Warriors belong to either the Military or the Faction of Atlus, God of Sunlight.

Elves: With the exception of Lords, Elves were the first race on Amore. Whether they were originally native to Amore or not is lost to time, but few others know the land better. Elves have a lifespan of nearly 500 years and are gifted in magic. Many Elven Warriors belong to the Amore Military or the Aryn Faction.

The Laochra: Most commonly referred to by others as mutants, The Laochra have a long and complicated history. Laochra are born as Men or Elves, but are taken from Orphanages or kidnapped from sacked caravans or towns. Mutated by Witches in twisted and perverse experiments, Laochra are raised in groups as monster hunters and often collect bounties from local governments in pursuit of their quarry. Some have been known to hunt Men and Elves as well, but this is an uncommon practice though not illegal. Less than twenty Laochra exist on Amore. Due to their nature and practices, they often have knowledge about a wide variety of monsters and locations. All Laochra by requirement belong to the Blades Of The Abyss, a faction focused on the protection of the innocent and the extermination of the guilty. The Laochra are often identified by their scarred bodies and pale skin, side-effects from the experiments of Witches.

3 Character Archetypes: (These are three pre-made backgrounds with 2 being available for roleplayers, the other being mine. You don't have to take on and in fact I would prefer you didn't. These are more to show you what I am expecting and what type of world Amore really is.)

The Dark Moon hunter (my character): A Human-born Laochra who has a Legendary reputation across Amore for his skill. His face is hidden by his hood. Rumors state a man gives chase to the Wraiths on their march south. Referred to in legend as the March of Winter, it is said that Wraiths ride across the sky, stealing the lives of people as they go. However, this is just legend, and cannot be backed up by any facts so few if any actually believe it exists. However, a man has been seen heading south, stopping in towns and asking if any had seen the Wraiths.

The Reckless Scholar: A graduate from Dragonstone School for Magic, the Scholar is an eager and gifted traveler trying to find the secrets to the world. The one the Scholar currently chases is the Eye of Atlus, an ancient magic artifact said to be the God of Sunlight's last piece of tangible power in this world. The Scholar believes if they can find it, nothing will be unknown to them. Currently, the Scholar heads south with the intent of finding Nyr, a mythical city said to be built by the Lords.

The Devoted Paladin: On a pilgrimage south to the Temple Of Qurn, the Paladin must complete this trial in order to fully complete their initiation into the Covenant Faction. Having been raised in the Order, this is the only life they have known and would ask for none other. But, because of this they lack knowledge of the outside world and are naive to many things. However, the strength and conviction of this person will often overcome any challenge put in their path.

Glossary (Pretty important that you read this, but it is not required. Will be added to as the story goes on)

Factions Being a part of a faction offers certain benefits.

The Covenant: One of the stronger factions within Amore, The Covenant focuses on the worship of the Gods and protection of Holy Relics. The faction has two primary groups, The Clergy and the Paladins. The Clerics help strengthen the church financially and politically, while the Paladins uphold and enforce their beliefs. Rather than focusing on one God, the Covenant believes all Gods should be worshiped equally. Each Paladin within the Covenant is given a Holy Protection Ring that helps with their endurance and increases their strength. Clerics are given a Restoration Ring that helps with the casting of healing spells.

The Followers of Sunlight: More commonly known as the Atlus Faction. The Followers are the strongest faction amongst humans, and is primarily composed of some of the strongest men and women in Amore. Many are soldiers, while others serve as bodyguards for the factions political figures. Within The Followers is a group called the Elite Knights. Made up of the most talented Knights in Amore, each member is picked through a series of rigorous trials. Except for a few faction members outside of the Elite, no one knows the identity of the Elite Knights, making them a force to be reckoned with.

The Dragonscales: Comprised mostly of Mages, they are more known in the arenas of knowledge and education rather than politics. Mages who graduate from Dragonstone are automatically entered into the Dragonscales, but are free to leave the faction by their own accord. Each member of the faction is given an Amulet of Scales, which gives a boost to the effectiveness of spells.

The Embers of Aryn: Mostly Elves, The Embers are warriors and politicians who feel a sense of kinship to the Elven Deity Aryn. Many outside of the faction mock them for their devotion to a dead deity, however their strength on the field and within court makes most silence their tongues. The Embers carry the Flame of Aryn, a spell that gives them resistance to spells and immunity to fire for a short time.

Blades of The Abyss: A minor faction within Amore, the Blades are made up of bounty hunters and Laochra who are devoted to punishing the guilty. Within each city, the faction has an office with a list of known criminals and those who abandoned their oaths to their factions. Often called mercenaries or death-dealers, the Blades pay little mind to such names as it is merely part of their duty to their faction. Members of the Blades are given the Dusk Star, a small trinket that prevents disease and curses from being cast on the member.

The Disciples Of Elbris: Established toward the end of the Elven-Human Wars, the Disciples were originally a group of elves that sought segregation from humans and the eventual ousting of them out of Amore. As their name suggests, they follow Elbris, Elven Deity of Death. Toward the end of their time, Elbris challenged Aryn from dominance over Amore. Legend says the flame that scorched Elbris could be seen even by the Gods themselves. Nowadays, the Disciples are far more secretive, staging assassinations and revolts here and there throughout history. They now believe that all Elves and Humans who do not accept Elbris as the one true God are dead already, and deserve no mercy. Many members have been found within the halls Jastor's council, often being hung for treason and past crimes of the Disciples. How far their reach stretches is unknown to outsiders, but they continue to live amongst the common folk to this day.

Other Factions will be added as interest in roleplay grows... Roleplayers are free to create their own factions, provided it is approved first.


The Gods
Each God has a temple on Amore, but none exist within the cities, towns or villages. Members of The Covenant must journey to each Temple on a pilgrimage to receive a Holy Blessing in order to fully join the Order.

Atlus: God of Sunlight

Helgith: Goddess of Time

Qurn: God of Order

Gyn: Moon Goddess

Igrin: Goddess of Nature

Jaqen: God of Absolution

Elven Deities
Ancient Elves who fought the Lords and freed the land of Amore from their grasp. In Elven Legend, the Axis of Aryn, Seraphim and Elbris achieved divinity after the defeat of the Lords.

Aryn: God of Flames

Seraphim: Goddess of Lightning

Elbris: God of Death

Magic primarily consists of two types of spells; Those that require an incantation and those that don't. Ones that do are often far superior to those that don't, however, with an artifact like the Amulet of Scales, many incantation spells can be performed without the incantation but still produce the same effect. Alchemy, Enchanting, and Conjuration exist as well, with conjuration holding the same principles as spellcasting.

More will be added to the glossary as the story evolves.

Character Sheet
Race: (If you created your own or made a spin on one of the established 2, please detail the specifics of the race so I can enter it into the glossary)
Faction: (If you create a faction, please give specific details so I can enter them into the glossary)
Appearance: (Drawn, Digital, or written descriptions are acceptable, however real people or anime characters (i.e. big eyes and disproportionate bodies) are not
History: (Can be brief, but mostly serves as your opportunity to show us all what a badass your character is or isn't)

As I hope we will all be making interesting, dynamic characters, a personality isn't necessary as it will change with the story. Though, you can write one if you so desire.

- No god modding
- No auto-hits on other players
- Post every few days or message me detailing why you were unable to. If not I will kill off your character. Sorry, but one person doesn't get to ruin the story for everyone.
- Long posts are not a necessity. A lot of roleplayers confuse long posts with being good posts and it can make things dreadfully boring. For example, if you're in a battle and in order to make it long you talk about the wind for half a paragraph... go ahead and trim it down a bit.

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Character Portrait: Alexander Jaeger


Character Portrait: Alexander Jaeger
Alexander Jaeger

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Character Portrait: Alexander Jaeger
Alexander Jaeger

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Character Portrait: Alexander Jaeger
Alexander Jaeger

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