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Alexander Jaeger

The Dark Moon Hunter

0 · 724 views · located in Amore

a character in “Death's Dogma”, as played by PaperCoversRockB*tch


The Dark Moon Hunter, Alexander Jaeger
Age: 37
Race: Laochra
Faction: Blades of The Abyss
Standing at 6'3" tall with an athletic, muscular build, Jaeger has a natural presence that would intimidate most people. He wears a constant hood over his face, but one can still see the numerous scars that have torn apart his features from years of near death experiences. If he was handsome once, he'd hardly be considered as such now. Under the hood he has jawline length brown hair and blue eyes. His Dusk Star isn't visible, so where he carries it is unknown to all but him.
The details of Jaeger's life prior to his transformation into a Laochra are scarce. To to his nature, it is often speculated that he was born just as any other would be, to loving mother and father who met their ends tragically. Early in his career, Jaeger developed a reputation for taking the jobs no one else would, including the extermination of a long-running Assassins Guild and the capture of a well-known Pirate. Here's where his story gets really interesting though. Fifteen years ago, a riot took place in the small village of Jonna, just a half days ride from Herrion. The local government official had greedily increased tax rates and the villagers had had enough. Jaeger was chasing his quarry into the mountains nearby, a Manticore with quite a hefty price on its head. On his way back to Herrion, it is said Jaeger saw the riots of the villagers, and the local officials "attempt" to quell the uprising. Taking troops from the local militia and soldiers provided by Heath, the official ordered the soldiers to "Burn Them All". Alexander, silently drew his sword and slaughtered the soldiers, leaving only the official and his bodyguard alive. When he returned to Herrion, the archers of the military awaited him. Under direct orders, they fired upon Jaeger, with approximately five arrows hitting their mark. The Dark Moon Knight fell to his knees and was left there by the soldiers. When they came to collect him later, the body was nowhere to be found. When word of this reached the ears of the Blades of The Abyss, the local government was ousted and a new, uncorrupted one was put in its place.

So begins...

Alexander Jaeger's Story