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Death's Favorites

Death's Favorites


Five teens are claimed by Death. Some are thrilled by such news, and some have some very colorful opinions on it.

592 readers have visited Death's Favorites since bandgeek created it.


It's unexpected, unwanted, unneeded. Yet completely unavoidable.

There are five teens, all from different parts of the world, all in different situations. One day, as if by fate, they die. If by accident or suicide, murder or natural, it doesn't matter. Death collects these souls, but instead of taking them to their specific destination, he keeps them with him. Some immediately take to him, which are likely the ones that committed suicide. The ones whom were murdered often rebel, trying to find a way back to Earth. And some just want to get where they're supposed to, whether it's heaven or hell.

Death's world is similar to an apartment building. He can change it at his will, add or remove things. He does happen to change it a lot, making it resemble some of his favorite places. Except for the building, it will almost always stay the same. Though sometimes you can walk outside and it can be a busy New York street with a nice little cafe across the street, and then suddenly a prairie with nothing but land stretching on for miles and miles.

Death - Reserved
This spot is preferred to be male, but if you ask I may allow Death to be played as a female.

Jev Ratch
Death's favorite, they have a certain relationship that is both intimate and friendly. His was the first soul collected. Male One often looks down upon the rest, because he likes being there and often uses Death's favoritism of him to his favor.

Katherine Goldsworthy
Another of Death's favorite, but not to the extent of Male One. They share a friend-based relationship, until recently. Female One has recently begun to desire to return to Earth, though this may be because of the persuasion of some of the rebels.


Jack et Violaine
A big troublemaker, he hates Death. Though he isn't quite sure if he wants to try and get back to Earth, or just go on to Hell or Heaven. Either way, he likes trying to persuade Female One away from Death, and he likes causing trouble for whoever he can.

Male Three - Reserved
Male Three wants to move on to where he belongs. He believes his death was justified and that if it was meant to be, it was meant to be. This makes him a sort of, silent rebel, since he doesn't like being there but may be too afraid to act on his own.

Amelia Rhymes
Female Two is just as much a troublemaker as Male Two, which is probably why they get along so well. She is loud and opinionated, and likes to pick on and tease whoever she can- especially Female One, because she doesn't like the girls goody-two-shoes attitude. Though this also leads to her picking on Male One a lot.

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    [b][size=125]↠[/size] Cause of Death[/b]╎ [size=85]Suicide, murder, accident, natural? Explain a little please.[/size]

    [b][size=125]↠[/size] Opinions on Death[/b]╎ [size=85]How does your character feel about being claimed by Death and being stuck in between Earth and Heaven/Hell?[/size]


Toggle Rules

1.) Character reservations are made in OOC and last forty eight hours. Do not PM me to reserve a spot, I will ignore it.

1½.) You may reserve up to two characters, one boy and one girl. Why? Because males are the less popular gender to write as. This is not required though, if you would rather just play one character, that's fine.

1¾.) If you don't have the password, I will ignore your reservation.

2.) To participate in this roleplay, you must be somewhat literate. No "txt" speech, because it annoys the fuck out of me. Even when someone is texting. You must be able to write at least two hundred words per character, though I'd prefer at least three hundred.

3.) Write neatly, don't have a separate paragraph every two sentences. It looks messy and isn't needed. The first part of the p a ssw o rd is your favorite TV show or movie.

4.) I want you to be active in OOC and IC! If you can't be, don't join, please. I know that even I'm not really that good at checking OOC, but at least try.

5.) Try not to make a perfect character, or one that's exactly like another.

6.) The second part of the pa ss wor d is your favorite number. If you read this far, don't include your favorite book or TV show.

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Character Portrait: Lucius "Death" Darte
0 sightings Lucius "Death" Darte played by Scarlet Loup
"Think of death as a new beginning..."

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Most recent OOC posts in Death's Favorites

Re: Death's Favorites

How unfortunate...I hate when bandgeek does this. I was truly looking forward to this roleplay, guys. Sorry it didn't work out ):

Re: Death's Favorites

I think it's pretty clear cut. I don't think she's interested in running this RP. Sorry to see, but it happens.

Re: Death's Favorites

Wow. :/ That sucks. Has anyone messaged her?

Re: Death's Favorites

Bandgeek has been actively posting in and creating characters for plenty of other RPs, so yeah, I'm pretty sure she just flat out abandoned this RP.

Re: Death's Favorites

Will this ever begin or is it dead before even beginning?

Re: Death's Favorites

@Comrade: See, I feel that if Jack were to call him Lulu (hilarious nickname by the way), he wouldn't banish him. Granted, he'd be upset as hell and probably try to think of some witty comeback. He wouldn't punish Jack because, even though he is beginning to rebel, Jack is still kept as one of his favorites (right?) and Death is afraid of losing a favorite.

When I say "majority", I mean any old soul off of the street who he takes to the afterlife. He's permitted his favorites to call him Lou to make their relationship seem more friendly. I'm hoping that made things clearer...

Re: Death's Favorites

'The majority must call him Death. To his favourites, he’ll occasionally go by Lou, although usually just his top two favourite may call him this.'

So, uh, I've just gotta ask. What happens if anybody but his favourites call him Lou, or anything but Death? After all, I am RPing Jack, who refuses to call people anything but what they don't want to be called, but if Jack's involvement in this RP is gonna be limited to him calling Death 'Lulu' or something in the first post and then getting banished forever, I'd like to know. :v

Re: Death's Favorites

I love him, so much, like a lot. XD <3<3<3<3

Now we're just waiting on Boy Three, which I might end up just playing myself if I can't find Shadow. C: The first post should be up when I get home from school tomorrow!

Re: Death's Favorites

@bandgeek: Gotcha ;) And thanks a bunch. I'll get him up tomorrow.

Re: Death's Favorites

Scarlet Loup wrote:@bandgeek: I'm not sure I'll be able to get Death up tonight. We're having family friends over so I need to prepare for that. Plus, I don't even know what I should make Death like, as of now. Like, is he cruel? Kind? Tough? A softie? I'm assuming you had something in mind when you made him.

I can give you another day or so, if you still want to play him. C: And, um, honestly when I was writing this I totally imagined Death as like, Draco Malfoy from HP. XD Like, hard and tough and mean on the outside, but somewhat of a lost, softie on the inside that is trying to hard to please everyone.

Re: Death's Favorites

@bandgeek: I'm not sure I'll be able to get Death up tonight. We're having family friends over so I need to prepare for that. Plus, I don't even know what I should make Death like, as of now. Like, is he cruel? Kind? Tough? A softie? I'm assuming you had something in mind when you made him.

Re: Death's Favorites

Naught wrote:
No worries, you can have the spot. Because, when I had tried to submit my character my computer freaked out and threw all my hard work down the electrical drain. -_- I tried to save it I really did but, I guess it wasn't enough.

RIP ~ Naughts Character

:C I'm sorry that happened! </3 Are you positively positive, though? I'd be willing to accept a WIP. 3:

Re: Death's Favorites

No worries, you can have the spot. Because, when I had tried to submit my character my computer freaked out and threw all my hard work down the electrical drain. -_- I tried to save it I really did but, I guess it wasn't enough.

RIP ~ Naughts Character

Re: Death's Favorites

Alright so, Male Two has been reserved for Naught, since she/he was the first one to post in OOC for him. ^^ Though if she decides she doesn't want him or the reservation expires, you can still take him Comrade(I love your guy actually, xD. He's pretty fucking epic.)

As for you Shadow_Phoenix, would you still like to take Male Three? If not- that's fine. I just figure it's pretty unlikely that both Comrade and Naught will drop their reservations for Male Two. C:

Re: Death's Favorites

Hey This RP looks really cool. I'd like to reserve Male 2. If comrade gets it oh well. Then just change that to male 3.

Re: Death's Favorites

I'm gunnin' for male two, folks. And let it be known for those of you who also covet the role, I have no qualms with the Josef Stalin model of competition, so just be aware that any attempts to compete for the role may or may not result in your skull becoming very intimate with an ice pick.

Nah, I jest, I jest. I prefer the Robespierre method, really. Truly, there is no instrument of... er, 'competition' more glorious than the guillotine.

... I'm gonna go work on that character. And my favourite number is, like, 490u809345 or some shit.

EDIT: Balls. Just realised the role was reserved in the OOC. And I had some good shit written up. Alas-- such is life, I suppose. I went ahead and submitted what I had anyway-- maybe Naught will change their mind, or something. If anything, I'll just keep that profile as it is in case I decide to use a similar concept again.