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"Fire, fire, burning bright, I am a tiger in the night."

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a character in “Decemuir”, as played by SlightlyInsane



Ciela 2



E, Beth (but you better not call her that), and Amadeus (she loves Mozart)

Atma 2


Erebeth would be described as a loud person in more ways than one. Not only is she rather loud when she talks, but she's extremely outspoken and always letting you know whats on her mind. Her opinions are probably the strongest thing about her. She is also hotheaded and stubborn, refusing to let anyone but herself (and Creatrix/Mother) be right in any situation. She believes that she knows best and usually asserts that to the others. However, she knows that she isn't always right but is too stubborn to admit it. She doesn't really know when to shut up which can get her into trouble. While it may seem that she's a negative Nancy, she can have a bright side and thoroughly enjoy herself for the right reasons.

The control of fire, otherwise known as pyrokinesis. She is able to conjure fire with the snap of her fingers or the flick of her wrist. She is also able to manipulate already burning fires, i.e. if a house were on fire, she could quell it easily or turn it into a huge blaze. She is able to handle extreme heat without being harmed, but she would probably die if you threw her into a bubbling volcano. So please don't do that.

Erebeth is an extremely determined person and won't take no for an answer. she will always fight for whatever cause she believes in and is fiercely loyal to those she cares about, meaning her siblings and particularly her twin. She is also very physically strong as all Cielas are and also book smart due to her upbringing.

Given that fire and water are opposites, she hates water. She knows how to swim, but is like a cat if she's in it. If forced to swim or get wet in any way she will begin to fuss endlessly. The only times she doesn't object to water are when she is thirsty or when she takes a shower or bath. When exposed to water it affects her ability to manipulate fire as well as making her physically weaker. She is easily bugged by Ciela 3, who controls water and has a very opposite personality than hers. She is terrible with speaking to people given her hotheaded nature and inability to let others be right. This makes her difficult to be friends with. As with the others, she's pretty oblivious to the outside world and doesn't have the best common sense.

Appearance Description
Being a Ciela, Erebeth's physical strength can first be noted by her height. She stands at 5'11" and has cold, red eyes. Her hair is white/silver color and hangs a little below her shoulders. Her hair is cut with bangs, hanging in front of her right eye. She is thin for her height but would be average if she were shorter. She is muscular, though not what you would call buff, just really strong despite her appearance. She typically wears shorts and a tank top with boots, as she doesn't like to have too much of her body covered in case she needs to handle fire. If it's cold though, she'll bundle up and if near water she wears whatever she can as an excuse to not go in. She has no experience with makeup and would probably end up just drawing on herself if you gave it to her.

-Atma 0: Rayne: Erebeth finds her kind of annoying due to her upbeat personality, but still cares for her and understands that she's still young. Well, younger than her.
-Atma 1: Lily: She thinks that Lily and Rayne were separated at birth and she's a goody two shoes.
+Atma 2: Chris: He's her twin and she loves him. Plus, if he gets hurt she does too and she doesn't want to die.
-Atma 3: Allessandra: She's also very opposite of Erebeth, but she can tolerate her a lot better than she can Aser.
-Atma 4: Ezra: Why did we bring him again? He can be useful, but needs serious motivation.
-Ciela 0: Solomon: Someone she can count on at all times, oddly enough.
-Ciela 1: Ophrys: Their similar personalities tend to get in the way of any sort of friendship.
-Ciela 3: Aser: Not her favourite person, but still a friend nonetheless.
-Ciela 4:

Nothing yet.

Fire, Fire by Flyleaf

So begins...

Erebeth's Story


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I don't think I feel guilty. Why should I? She used us as her play toys, playing house with us until we figured it out out. Goodbye Mother, goodbye Creatrix. We don't need you to be our puppet master anymore. We have brains and thoughts and desires, just like you do. And look where all your hard work has gotten you. I hope you burn forever, dear mother.

It was a team effort ya know. To kill her I mean. It was a mix of torture, burning, hitting, and more burning. Fighting fire with fire may get you burned, but so far I'm clean. I don't know when it ended or began. She was alive one minute, and a burned pile of flesh and bones the next. I've never seen such a sight before. Now we can finally leave. Here's one last goodbye for you Creatrix, aka Mother.

Erebeth slowly ran her fingers along the wall, the blood smearing from her fingertips. She had been the last to leave the room, only after she was sure Creatrix was dead. They couldn't risk having her alive, not after what they did to her, what she did to them. The pain was over now, at least, the pain that had come from the hands of their supposed mother. But what parent did this to their child? What kind of parent pitted them against each other, made them hurt each other just for her sake. That wasn't a parent, at least no parent she had read of. A parent was supposed to be a guardian, and protect their children, not hurt them and turn against them. Creatrix may be her mother, but she was no longer.

The blood on her hands, though minimal as she had chosen to burn Creatrix alive as her part of the killing, was beginning to dry. She made her way to her joint room with her Decemuir, Christopher. She washed her hands thoroughly and then began to pack what few belongings she had. Quality over quantity seemed to be her motto for now. It helped to pack light when you hardly had any clothes or personal belongings. Besides, they needed to leave soon anyway.

She was unsure if they were going to dispose of the body, but if they didn't it would still be hard for anyone to track them down. At least, that's what she believed. Erebeth knew nothing and everything of the outside world. It was how each of them were, educated and refined, yet wild and unknowning. What irony!

The silver haired girl became aware of Christopher wanting to be near her. He was somewhere in the main lobby. Without hesitation, she finished packing her bag and threw it over her shoulder before dashing to her twin, ignoring everyone else in her path. Once she was by his side, she gave him a smile. It wasn't fake, but it wasn't genuine either. "Ready to go?" she asked, motioning to his bag. She looked around anxiously for the others, wanting to leave as quickly as possible to put distance between them and this horrid place.


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Christopher Clarke

Our whole lives have been run by Creatrix. She told us what to say, what to do, what to think. Perhaps having such control over others is what drove her mad? Power corrupts, as they say.
Regardless, it doesn't entirely matter now. What
does matter our new freedom, our future. We might not know of everything that lies outside the mansion, but I am sure we would be able to fit in eventually.
Although I intend to devote as much time as I can to research, I shall endeavour to spend time with Erebeth and the others. We have earned the right to be happy, have we not?

I believe the appropriate saying is "Let the good times roll."

Christopher acknowledged Erebeth's arrival with a nod. She was eager to go, wasn't she? "Maybe it would be best if we wait for the others, don't you think?" he asked her. "We're going into unfamiliar territory. Safety in numbers, hmm?" Even though he had to stop her from charging ahead a few times, he never grew tired of her company, even when she'd just been in another fight and had nobody else to turn to. 'Sides, it was easy to calm her down once he put a bit of Mozart on.

Chris couldn't help but wonder... what exactly was the outside really like? The only information he had found during his short life were a few books with more technical aspects such as geography, and Creatrix's propaganda. As such, he was a little... worried. He would've talked with Erebeth about it, although somewhere more private would've been better.

Eventually he reasoned with himself that, should there be a problem that his intellect alone couldn't solve, there was always Erebeth and the others. They were going to try and stay together out there, come what may. Heartened by this train of thought, he let a smile cross his face. A very faint smile, but it was a smile nonetheless.


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I wonder what the outside world is like. We've never been outside before, Creatrix doesn't didn't let us outside of the mansion. The closest we ever got was having the window open and gazing out. Or maybe I just wasn't allowed outside... I'm not sure. I wonder if Father was allowed outside?

Erebeth chuckled a bit at her twin's comment. She wasn't a complete idiot and knew that they needed to wait for the others before they could leave. While the two of them could probably make it a little ways, it would be safer to stick in a group. Safety in numbers seemed to work for schools of fish, herds of herbivores, etc. Especially with their abilities, they wouldn't really blend in. None of them had the slightest idea what it was like outside of their previous lives, though this girl wished she did and was determined to personify this wish.

"I would love to leave now, but I agree with you," she gave a small smile. "As much as we need to get out, we also need each other. The world could be unicorns and rainbows, or it could be hellfire and war." She wasn't sure which would be better for them. She almost hoped the world beyond their front door would be an easy one to traverse, but something told her that wasn't the case. They thought they had lovely lives, before all the hurting began...

The silver haired teen frowned and glanced around anxiously, wondering where the others were. There was a chance that Sin had surfaced in Rayne, but other than that she saw no reason for everyone to be taking this long. They had agreed to leave as soon as possible, before the body or mansion were found vacant, in order to put a substantial amount of distance between them and their prison. Life would begin again, only this time they wouldn't have someone hovering over their shoulders, watching them sleep and observing every step they made.

She took Christopher's hand in hers and squeezed it lightly, trying to reassure him things would be alright. She believed they would be, but there was never a flat road to travel on. "Should we go look for the others? We need to go." It was less of a question and more of a statement, because what Erebeth wanted, Erebeth did. She let go of his hand and retreated into the mansion. "Are we leaving soon?" she yelled loudly, walking around the hallways of the first floor.