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a character in “Decemuir”, as played by Horseygirl




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Lily is is a soul that is full of beauty- inside and out. She is very quiet and sweet, always keeping up a cute charm about herself without really meaning to. While she is quite shy and tends to keep to herself, she has a way of lighting up the room when she smiles or laughs. Lily looks like she'd be very rebellious, but really she's very passive, always playing the little peace-maker. She's the kind of person that can melt the coldest of hearts, making it hard for people to hate her. But that also makes her seem easy to break, like a little kitten. Lily is very mother-like and accepting, but sometimes she's easy to scare. Sometimes she is a little too open, and gets hurt because of it. She sees the best in people, and doesn't think anyone can really be a 'bad' person. This makes it easy for people to take advantage of her. While she is still very passive, she will give up anything for those she trusts. Even if it means the end of her. Without even meaning to, she can melt the coldest of hearts. She tends to get attached to the people that she thinks need her the most, and most of the time ends up getting hurt. Despite this, her loving heart knows no bounds. Lily is also somewhat flighty. If you begin to get under her skin, get her too care for you more then she is comfortable with, don't expect her to stay long. Something about her holds a hint of mystery, like there is something that she refuses to tell anyone. Lily also loves animals- especially cats. With er gentle, nurturing nature they respond well to her..


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Ciela 0:
Ciela 1: Lily of course loves her twin more then anything. Being shy, she's often hiding in his shadow but will not hesitate to stand up for him no matter what. She trusts him wholeheartedly, and would do anything for him.
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Lily absolutely loves Aser. With their love for animals and 'peace maker' personalities, they get along very well. She loves spending time with him.
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So begins...

Lily's Story


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Lily had to will every muscle in her body to remain still. Her vision was slightly blurred with tears that threatened to spill over- tears she hated herself for having. Her stomach was tight and churning. Her bright emerald green eyes flicked around the room, her very slightly tembling body flinching at every noise. She wrapped her arms around herself, pressing her back into the wall and closing her eyes tightly. She knew the women was dead. Her blood coated her hands, smeared on her cheek from when she covered her face in horror. She took a deep, unsteady breath.

When her brother held her, she flinched and whimpered loud like a wounded animal in surprise. Trembling, she looked up at her twin when he told her to clean herself. She nodded numbly, making her way to the sink in a daze and scrubbing the blood off of her skin. She knew it had to be done- that women was awful and would keep hurting everyone she loved if she wasn't stopped. But it had all been so terrible. The screams, the blood, all of it. Her betrayed expression was burned into Lily's mind, those terrible noises haunting her mind. Deep down, sh knew she was the weakest link out of her family. So naive, so easily shaken.

Shaking her head, she quickly made her way too her room. She felt like every time she turned around, that monster would be behind her. Wanting revenge. She was would always silently allow her to hurt her- if she was hurting her, than her family was safe.
But she hurt all of them. She had to keep them safe. A tiny whimper escaped her as she packed her things wordlessly. A first aid kit, clothes, a flash light, a warm blanket, ect. She knew her twin had already left, but she would have no trouble finding him. She packed light, and slung her bag over her shoulder.

When she was satisfied, she silently made her way into Aser and Alless's room. Aser was standing with his back to her. He seemed excited about something. "Uhm. . . Aser?" She whispered shakily, still trembling slightly. "Uhm, hello. I was wondering if we were going to stay together, to go seperate ways? We're going to stay all together, right?" She whispered, and a tear escaped, steaming down her face. "Sorry." She murmured, looking away and wiping her face. She wrapped her arms around herself, she took a deep breath before looking back up at Aser.
"My twin has already started off, but he isn't far at all." She pursed her lips, her eyes flicking from his face to the rest of the room, as she brushed back her oft strawberry curls.


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#, as written by phooka

Sometimes I think that we should use Creatrix's money and invest in some walkie talkies for the group. Everyone is just so independent, it'll be the death of us all, I swear.

Aser was beginning to make is way back to the room when a small voice behind him stopped him mid stride. He pocketed the wad of money that he was still clutching in his hand and turned around to face Lily.

"Uhm. . . Aser?" She said, her voice sad and shaky. "Uhm, hello. I was wondering if we were going to stay together, or go separate ways? We're going to stay all together, right?"

"Of course we are, we all need each other." He replied plainly, fingering the crisp bills in his pocket.

Aser smiled at her sweetly, trying to calm her nerves but was caught off guard when he saw the tear escape from her usually bright, happy eyes. "Sorry." She apologized, wiping her face and continuing. "My twin has already started off, but he isn't far at all."

"Don't be sorry," he insisted, going over to her and wrapping his arms around her tightly, "This is scary for all of us. Send a message to Orphys and tell him to stay in the mansion so we can get together and plan what we're going to do next." He squeezed her one last time before releasing her from the hug and looking into her eyes. "It'll all be okay, don't worry." He assured her, his voice stern and steady.

He stood up straight again and swept a long strand of black hair off of his shoulder, then tucked some of Lily's hair behind her ear and smiled. "I'm going to go get Rayne and Sol, how about you go find Erebeth and Christopher and get them into the main room if they aren't there already?" He turned and began towards his room, he'd grab his things and Alless before he went to Rayne and Solomon's room.

Aser paused on his way back to the room, his eyes spotting the blood stains on the wall. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself, this was definitely not the time for Sin to be running rampant. The group needed to be focused and levelheaded so they could figure everything out with a sane, clear mind.


So much for sanity.

Aser rolled his eyes and jogged to catch up with Solomon as he ran out of his room after Sin. "Solomon! Solomon, wait!" He called, grabbing the younger boy's shoulder and trying to calm him down. "Take a deep breath and tell me which direction Sin went." He said gently, not removing his hands from Sol's small shoulders.

A tugging in the back of his consciousness told him that Alless was on the move. Closing his eyes and concentrating on the thin stand that connected their minds, he sent a message to her. Sin is out, I'm in the hallway near Sol's room, come quickly and be careful if you run into her. He instructed, trying to keep his mind voice calm, but he was worried about losing Sin before they could all get their new lives together and with the news about Orphys already leaving, Aser was feeling pretty high strung. As one of the oldest of the group, he felt that it was his job to keep the family together even though Creatrix, mother, was dead.


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Sorry... double post...


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Sometimes, I do wonder who would last in this charade of ours. Will we all survive the transition or not? Will we always be together through thick and thin? But is it heartless of me if I said, I really don't care about anyone else or the world itself as long as you are safe?

Ophrys gave a light laughter after hearing from Sin that he would not destroy his room. Well, it was a nice gesture but he would not be using it anymore. So, there was no need for her to hold back in her like of destroying things. There was no need for an exemption although, he was grateful for the thought.

"You can destroy my room if you want, as long as it is you. I am fine with it." He noted to Sin who was already holding his arm as he patted her head with his free hand and continued walking to the direction where he is sensing his twin.

As they walked, he also noticed that Sin's feet continued to bleed but Ophrys did not speak more about it. Sin knew the limitation of her body. He had already told her earlier and now the decision is entirely up to her. Adding to that, the girl was not asking for his help. So, his concern was not needed and he would not force it. In any case, he listened to Sin's words as he glanced at her.

"Yes, that would be good. But, you don't have to be nice for my sake. I like Sin just the way you are now."

After stating that, Ophrys took a loose strand of hair hanging in front of Sin's face and tucked behind her ear. When that was done, he continued with his walk with Sin in tow. Soon enough, he was in vision of his twin sister, Lily. He offered her a warm and gentle smile which was only reserved for his twin.

"Lily, I have come to pick you up."