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Solomon Williams

"I know everything looks grim and your scared.......but I'm right beside you, and I'm not going anywhere."

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a character in “Decemuir”, as played by Sneakyrio


Solomon Williams

Ciela 0



Sol, Sunny(Only by Rayne)



Most people would describe Solomon as very kind and warm hearted person. He is always there with a warm smile and a kind word whenever you need it. He is always trying to make sure everyone, especially his sister, is happy. His grin is never massive or goofy, but it is almost always present. He seems to be a bit of a beacon for the group, especially in these troubling times. He is rather soft spoken and not one person has ever heard Solomon raise his voice. He is rarely the first to speak and doesn't express his concerns or troubles at all. He never complains or whines about anything. He seems to just be a constant support for all of his fellows no matter what.

Even though he is the youngest, he seems to keep the group together emotionally. He's no leader, he just wants everyone to be happy, because, that's what he believes life should be. He lives for an ideal, and it won't come true unless everyone makes it through. He has an incredibly close relationship with his sister and is always making sure she is her and not....the other one.

Solomon has the ability to Bend Matter to his will. Matter is the substance that makes up every solid thing in the universe. His power is incredibly versatile and allows him to do many things. He can turn bullets to dust, asphalt into tar, and steel into mush. He can alter the state of being of things, solids to liquids, liquids to solids, things like that. He can also just control things, like stop cars and even cause them to implode or throw them. He can cause massive ruptures in an area surrounding him, making everything seem to ripple and distort. With enough motivation, Solomon could bring down an entire building around him without moving.

Solomon can also create objects from anything his Bending Field touches. He can even attach matter his body for weapons and the such. He usually has to focus a lot more to do this and must be fully aware while doing it.

Though his ability is infinitely powerful and versatile, he has very little control over it. Solomon very rarely uses his gift, knowing has absolutely destructive it is. He seems to only ever able to really use his ability if he is overcome by his rage. It would take a good deal to set Solomon off, like hurting his family to a far enough point where he would lose control of himself.

Without him getting angry, he doesn't, or rather, can't do much with his power. When in confrontation, he usually just uses his inhuman speed and strength to fight.

Solomon excels at hand to hand combat. He's not sure why, but it seems to really be his forte in battle. Seeing as he has little to no control over his destructive power, he relies on his basic abilities as a Ciela to take out his foes. He always keeps his cool in a fight, but rarely enjoys them.

Solomon is also the best support anyone would ever find, emotionally, physically or even spiritually, he is there for you, no matter what. He is also the only one who can change Sin back into Rayne.

As stated before, Solomon has barely any control over his power. He is in fact, terrified of his own abilities, for Creatrix stating if he wished, he could level entire cities if he focused hard enough. Solomon has no desire to anything like that, so he tries not to use them.

Though he always appears strong to his family, supporting them so, Solomon is actually a lot more delicate then he let's on. He forces himself to be strong for others, but rarely puts any support towards himself. He actually cries a lot when the others aren't around and actually hates himself, feeling like he is a monster sometimes. It is difficult for him to see what he really does for everyone.

Appearance Description
Solomon is 5'10", the exact height of his twin. Like his twin, he has feathery blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. He tends to keep his hair short and a bit spiky. He has cream colored skin and virtually no blemishes, save for a large cross shaped scar in the center of his chest. He has a rather lithe, toned build. He is built more like a long distance runner than a fighter or body builder.

Will add later.

Solomon absolutely loves music. He can often be seen with headphones and he has a small Harmonica that he is rather talented with.

The Adventure

So begins...

Solomon Williams's Story


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#, as written by phooka

September 13
If I had known that it would have been so difficult to get rid of Creatrix, I would have thought more deeply into the plan. I would have planned ahead to what we would do after we got rid of her.
But I didn't.
I blame myself, I should have thought ahead. I may not be an Atma like my sister or like Rayne or Lily or Christopher or Ezra, but I am smart and I am one of the oldest. I should have seen this coming.
And if I would have known Creatrix's death was going to be so brutal and so gory I would have told the girls to stay out of the room when we killed her. They needed to take their revenge, too, but I would have preferred it if Allessandra didn't need to live with the guilt that came with having blood on her hands...

It seemed that no matter how much he scrubbed at his hands under the scalding water in the lab's sink the sensation of his mother's blood on them wouldn't go away. He turned to see his Decemuir, Allessandra, standing behind him waiting for the sink, her small hands still stained with blood. Looking back down at his own hands, red and raw from the hot water, but clean all the same, a wave of guilt surged through him. He quickly spun around and grabbed his sister's wrists, plunging her hands under the faucet and working furiously to scrub the blood that was beginning to dry already off of them.
The boy who was usually calm and quiet was suddenly panicking and feeling the guilt and shame that came after killing his mother. His breath came in short gasps and his face was red, his blue eyes tearing up a bit. Aser hated himself with all of his being for letting Alless participate in the cold blooded murder of Creatrix, she was too innocent, too pure to have something this heavy looming over her for the rest of her life.
He squeezed his sister's hands tightly, trying to pull himself back to sanity. He needed to stay calm for Alless and for the rest of the family. This wasn't the time to panic.
When the tears began to flow, he was glad that the others were off in other rooms washing their hands and packing their things. He didn't want them to see him in such a state of vulnerability.
Aser pulled Allessandra's hands out of the water and turned off the faucet, picking up a towel off of the counter and drying them for her, all the while turning his head so that she wouldn't see him cry.
"It'll be okay, Alless." He said, his voice nothing more than a hoarse whisper. He wondered if he was trying to comfort her or himself.
When he was satisfied that her hands were clean and dry, he wiped his eyes on his sleeves and began inspecting her body and clothing for any injuries or blood splatters. He didn't see any, so he took a deep breath to compose himself and grabbed his sister's hand, leading her out of the lab and towards their shared bedroom so they could pack. Aser took her the long way so they wouldn't have to pass the bedroom where Creatrix's mauled and disfigured body lay still on her bed, the door to the room wide open.
When they entered the room, he rushed to the closet and pulled out two backpacks and tossed one on his bed and then handed the other to his twin. "Take only what you need," he instructed. "Be as quick as possible, we need to leave as soon as we can." He leaned in and kissed her forehead before turning and beginning to dig through his dressers and things for the stuff he would need. He shoved shirts and pants, underwear and toiletries, all of the things he believed he would need when they went off on their own. He also went to their bookself and grabbed a few of his favorites, sticking them inside as well as a flashlight and first aid kit.
Aser instructed Alless to stay in the room before wandering out of their room and headed to Creatrix's room. He needed one last thing.
The sight of Creatrix's body sent a wave of emotion and nausea through Aser's body. He leaned over and retched but his stomach was empty so nothing came out. Her once pretty face had been slashed beyond recognition. Her hands and feet had been cut off and thrown in the trash bin beside her bed. Her stomach had been cut open and the insides were exposed. Her arms, legs, and neck had been broken and bent at grotesque angles. The lab equipment and kitchen utensils that were used as weapons by all eight of the Decemuirs were laying in various places around the room where they had dropped them when they went to go clean up, blood beginning to dry on them.
It seemed that something inside of each of them had snapped when they went to kill Creatrix that night, none of them were themselves, replaced by violent, savage animals bent on revenge upon the woman who had once been their mother figure.
It was too horrible to look at and Aser shut his eyes as he made his way to the dresser. He first searched the drawers, finding about $50 in various places as well as Creatrix's credit card. Not satisfied, Aser pushed the dresser aside, a much bigger prize in mind. Behind where the dresser had been, a large safe had been built into the wall. The teenage boy pulled off the silver chain that hung around his neck, a small key dangled off of it and he stuck it into the safe and turned it. He had found the key around Creatrix's neck when he had gone to snap it only an hour or so ago. He shivered at the thought, but it was quickly pushed out of his mind when the safe's door swung open.
Smiling slightly, Aser reached inside and pulled out wads of bills. He knew she was loaded, she would have never been able to afford the mansion or the experiments she had done on the children if she wasn't! Grinning, he ran out of the room, not even pausing to look at the body of his former mother.
He found himself in Rayne and Solomon's room and showed the wads to them both. "We're not going to starve!" He exclaimed, his previous mood had all but vanished at his discovery. He tossed one of them to Rayne and then hurried back to his own room to tell Alless the good news.


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What had happened to us? We didn't have to do that! Creatrix was broken and alone and no threat to anyone.......but slaughtered her anyway.I'm pretty a lot of them enjoyed it........which scares me. I mean, I know she deserves far worse but.......that doesn't mean we get to decide that. We aren't above anyone. But if that's true then why do I feel satisfied? Maybe it was because of what she put Rayne through. Like in the end I protected her like I promised......but I didn't. I just put her through more torment. I just want to break......but I have to remain strong. If not for me than for the others......for Rayne.

"What?" Solomon had been too focused on his thoughts to have realized that Aser had just came in and handed them a was of money. He tried to ssaysomething but nothing came out as he left. It seemed Rayne had picked up the money, he would let her hold onto it, after all, she was way smarter than him and would know what to do with it.

She had been awfully quite after he had used his power to remove the blood from their hands. Almost a cold quiet. He suddenly felt his entire body go stiff. He hadn't t even thought of.......He had hoped she was just........

Solomon spun around to find his sister gone. When he saw that Doc had been knocked to the way side, he knew exactly what had happened. Solomons head dropped low. His fists became clenched. He was squeezing them so tight, that a small amount of blood was beginning to drip from them. When he looked up, his pupils were incredibly small, focused. He grabbed Doc and walked out into the hallway.

SIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Solomon yelled at the top of his lungs. The mansion began to ripple and echo his voice, as if it was a lake having its surfaces disturbed.


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#, as written by phooka

Sometimes I think that we should use Creatrix's money and invest in some walkie talkies for the group. Everyone is just so independent, it'll be the death of us all, I swear.

Aser was beginning to make is way back to the room when a small voice behind him stopped him mid stride. He pocketed the wad of money that he was still clutching in his hand and turned around to face Lily.

"Uhm. . . Aser?" She said, her voice sad and shaky. "Uhm, hello. I was wondering if we were going to stay together, or go separate ways? We're going to stay all together, right?"

"Of course we are, we all need each other." He replied plainly, fingering the crisp bills in his pocket.

Aser smiled at her sweetly, trying to calm her nerves but was caught off guard when he saw the tear escape from her usually bright, happy eyes. "Sorry." She apologized, wiping her face and continuing. "My twin has already started off, but he isn't far at all."

"Don't be sorry," he insisted, going over to her and wrapping his arms around her tightly, "This is scary for all of us. Send a message to Orphys and tell him to stay in the mansion so we can get together and plan what we're going to do next." He squeezed her one last time before releasing her from the hug and looking into her eyes. "It'll all be okay, don't worry." He assured her, his voice stern and steady.

He stood up straight again and swept a long strand of black hair off of his shoulder, then tucked some of Lily's hair behind her ear and smiled. "I'm going to go get Rayne and Sol, how about you go find Erebeth and Christopher and get them into the main room if they aren't there already?" He turned and began towards his room, he'd grab his things and Alless before he went to Rayne and Solomon's room.

Aser paused on his way back to the room, his eyes spotting the blood stains on the wall. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself, this was definitely not the time for Sin to be running rampant. The group needed to be focused and levelheaded so they could figure everything out with a sane, clear mind.


So much for sanity.

Aser rolled his eyes and jogged to catch up with Solomon as he ran out of his room after Sin. "Solomon! Solomon, wait!" He called, grabbing the younger boy's shoulder and trying to calm him down. "Take a deep breath and tell me which direction Sin went." He said gently, not removing his hands from Sol's small shoulders.

A tugging in the back of his consciousness told him that Alless was on the move. Closing his eyes and concentrating on the thin stand that connected their minds, he sent a message to her. Sin is out, I'm in the hallway near Sol's room, come quickly and be careful if you run into her. He instructed, trying to keep his mind voice calm, but he was worried about losing Sin before they could all get their new lives together and with the news about Orphys already leaving, Aser was feeling pretty high strung. As one of the oldest of the group, he felt that it was his job to keep the family together even though Creatrix, mother, was dead.