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Lily/Lucy subject 1009

childish but very smart LR001 is not one you want to provoke

0 · 319 views · located in Floors 6-10

a character in “Deep 17: Contingency”, as played by LilySnow


ID: LR001-the lab rat
Registered Name:Lily
Height:usually 2'5.9"
Weight:83 lbs
Physical Characteristics:she has silvery hair and electric blue eyes she is extremely heavy for her small size

Behavioral Characteristics:she tends to act like a small child most of the time though whether its for fun or a coping mechanism is unknown she wont go anywhere without her rabbit doll and reacts violently if anyone tries to take it from her but so long as she has it she has proven to be very cooperative and docile she is usually very friendly and gets along well with just about anyone she notably loves it when anybody rubs,scratches her head,the back of her neck or her upper back doing so has a soothing effect and she may lean into said touch.

Abnormalities: she has numerous aberrations due to being the main guinea pig for most genesis procedures because of her initial advanced regenerative abilities and a resilient psych causing her to be able to survive and adapt to most alterations. she has an extremely elevated intelligence and mental capacity. she can alter her form and absorb most metals through touch as well as organic matter . her skeletal structure is extremely dense and she has displayed proportional strength on par with an ant she also has personality that takes over periodically, or when lily is under high amounts of stress. this secondary personality seems to be able to converse with her in her head and she seems to grown accustomed to calling it "Sissie" so the psychologist speculates that it may be a creation of her mind to help cope with the pain and stress of experimentation by actin as a big sister for her. from the few times this second persona has surfaced or taken control it has explained that it prefers the name Lucy.

Containment Protocol: subject has a very high affinity for soft or fuzzy objects and loves to read two things that are proven to calm her down : 1.having her head,neck or back scratched. 2. anything with sweet fragrance
subject absolutely detests anything prickly or rough she is hypersensitive and will not wear clothes made of synthetic fabrics unless there are no other options. gentle, she does not respond well to aggression or yelling
2.under no circumstances should anyone try to take her rabbit doll unless they wish to lose an arm or worse as it is a comfort item that she has had since arrival the event that she becomes violent call for assistance immediately and do your best to calm her down
she will do almost anything for something sweet or cold.
room temperature should be kept between 40 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit
finally heat is the only known deterrent for subject LR001

History: Lily was orphaned at 4 years old and lived on the streets for two years. scavenging for food and materials to enhance her little shelter that shed made by copying an adult shed seen making a sturdy home out of a cardboard box,lining it with newspaper on the inside and empty trash bags on the outside for weatherproofing she was found by one of the researchers for deep 17 when she was six who tried to coax her out of her little hide y-hole with the promise of food but this approach filed so they left and came back when she was sleeping with the rabbit doll you see her holding above with bread on top set out in the open. it worked as when she woke up she crawled out of her box and spotted both objects and, still being half asleep made a beeline for them without thinking only to be hit with a tranquilizer dart the second she touched them. this was the last time she ever saw the outdoors but her captor had the courtesy of leaving her the doll which she has grown rather attached to over the last four years of excruciating UN-sedated experimentation in which she gained a second personality and her main persona stopped maturing at the age of 6 1/2 years whilst the second one which developed at the same time seemingly matured at twice the normal rate and display's a complete apathy to pain and fear.

So begins...

Lily/Lucy subject 1009's Story


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"nngh" Lily stirred slightly and cringed with an intense dizziness drifting over her in waves. a side effect of the ludicrous amount of medication required in a constant supply to render her unconscious for any more then five minutes. realizing she must have been drugged for quite a while for it to be this bad she decided to do something rather then wait for the dizziness to subside which at this rate may take a half hour or more.

"stupid doctors, they have this facility why couldn't they invest in more gentle anesthetics?"she tried sitting up, but found she couldn't even move.something must have been holding her down. Opening her eyes didn't yield any information, the place was pitch dark,at least until she concentrated and manipulated her eyes slightly to switch over to thermal vision, acompanied by a momentary dull ache from her optical nerves she looked around and spied various medical equipment.That's right! i was scheduled for another experiment! no wonder i cant move the doc must've had me secured in restraints in case i woke up.fudge that means I'm stuck here until either someone comes and lets me out or these accursed tranquilizers wear off and i can feel my arms.

now becoming more aware she notices muffled screaming from behind a door to one of the adjacent operating rooms and some squelching noises. the screaming quickly escalates, then abruptly stops followed by a dull thud."what the heck is going on in there?" she then notices her rabbit doll over on a counter across the room."what in the world are you doing over there?"at this point the dizziness starts to fade and feeling returns to her arms.focusing again she grits her teeth a bit as her fingers morph into small blades and the straps on them snap. she then curves them at her wrist and saws at the straps there,then slowly works her way up her arms,forming new joints in her arms as needed. she then frees her legs and plants her feet and elbows then pushes sharply against the operating table releasing herself with several audible snapping sounds in quick succession.

Lily sits up,a bit too fast and promptly flops over the edge amidst another dizzy spell with a quiet squeak as she meets the floor.she pulls herself up on the table and toddles over to her rabbit plush doll on shaky,slightly numb legs and reaches up plucking it off the counter then looks around."where the heck are all the doctors? I would have thought they would at least assign a nurse to watch me until i woke up and why are the lights o-"something busting the door from earlier down cuts off anything she may have said and she quickly responds by quietly jumping up and forming a static bond between her hands and feet,and the ceiling . holding her plush in her teeth.she observes a reptilian humanoid flicking its tongue at the air and looking around the room it had green thorny scales and was currently walking in a bipedal stance,it had eyes that were yellow and slit like those of a snake, a narrow tail ending in two barbs on either side , it had a head with resemblance to an alligator lizard yet different in the fact that it had more then one row of teeth and they were curved back and had a long double curved horn on the tip of its snout. it continued to flick its tongue occasionally,she crept passed whilst sticking to the ceiling,hoping for all she was worth that it wouldn't look up and through the door behind it.

upon entering the next room she let out a terrified gasp at what she saw. corpses everywhere some most of them mutilated beyond recognition there was blood smeared on the walls AND the ceiling there were limbs and entrails strewn all about, apparently this thing was killing for sport. it was then that she remembered she wasn't alone.turning her head slowly she was met with the face of the thing being right in hers and it flicked its tongue out dabbing it on her left cheek, then pulled it back in and hissed at her.she turned away....and promptly ran, shooting off in a streak of white hair with the reptile right behind her until she reached the elevator door


which was already open to the elevator shaft.she jumped in and started climbing the service ladder the beast digging its claws into the side and pounded up after her leaving holes in the side of the shaft."GO AWAY!" she shouted which was completely ignored by the beast .at this point Lucy took over, and she began to lose ground.then,just as the beast nearly caught her she let go of the ladder and plunged passed what she assumed to be some sort of lizard-man into the darkness, and focused.

her arms and legs began to change her arms becoming long and thin, then gaining bony protrusions which quickly grew in length and began to grow webbing in between them until she had something reminiscent of bat wings her legs shortened and grew webbing between them too and her body flattened out a bit.with the last of the changes complete she opened her eyes and turned up beginning a rapid ascent and passed up the lizard thing at between floors 10 and 9 then turned back again,shifting her legs to become longer again and adding tight packed muscle she folded her wings back and dove toward the creature then quickly flipped herself upright and delivered a forceful kick to the things face,stunning it and making it release its hold on the wall and plummet to the bottom of the shaft with a deafening crash with a light beat of her wings she went to the elevator door for floor 9 and gripped the ledge with her feet, then reverted her arms to their normal state and pried the doors open with a metal screech followed by a very loud bang as the doors hit the stoppers with great force causing the walls to rumble a bit.
then stepped in and flopped onto the floor to catch her breath."Lord i hope that thing doesn't get up after that fall or its going to be a pain in the butt to actually kill." she said opening her mouth and dropping the rabbit doll on her lap and giving control back to Lily who then got up and made it a total of twelve steps before collapsing limp as a boiled pasta noodle passed out from over exertion without a warm up with all features returning to normal under her now tattered hospital issue gown she fell back with a thud near the stairwell.