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Name: Bambi

Age: 17

Grade: 12th

Room: 600E

Appearance: Tall and slender, almost worryingly so. She's the archetypal redhead, with paper pale skin and green eyes. Her make-up is always flawless, seemingly no matter the time of day or night - you could swear she wakes up with it already applied.

Preferred clothing: Trendy...whatever is in the current issue of 'Vogue'

Scholarship kid, Epicurean or Regular: Epicurean

Personality: Named after the lovable children's movie character her then-teenaged mother adored, Bambi has not been aptly name; she's vacant, aloof and droll, almost to the point of being unlikable.

Talents: She has a very, very rich father, she doesn't need any talent.

Dreams: She doesn't ever wish to get a job or join the 'real world' - she wants to live off her allowance and, later, her inheritance and have a string of handsome husbands.

Likes/Interests/hobbies: She likes fashion; fashion magazines are really the only things she reads.

Dislikes: Work in any form.

Bio: Bambi is the product of a turbulent and short-lived marriage between a Hugh Hefner-esque lawyer and a young aspiring actress. When her parents inevitably divorced, she stayed with her mother, but was provided for financially by her father; he insisted that she - as the only heir to his fortune and company - be sent to the same boarding school which he attended as a young man, Doorfields Academy.

English - Mrs. Turang
French- Mr. Pascal
Economics- Mrs. Kompreda
European History- Mr. Robles
World history- Mr. Everett
Government- Mrs. Macala

Programs: Law (at her father's insistence)

So begins...

Bambi Doret's Story