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Anthony Shor

"Would you like some tea?"

0 · 172 views · located in New York

a character in “Defiance: The New World”, as played by Boomstick




Anthony Conner Shor

Most people call him Mr. Shor, but behind his back, some call him 'Wheels'.



Which Side?:
"Angelics. I never had the luxury of choice, but then is freewill truly ever a luxury? But you know that old saying, it is better to be the devils right hand then to stand in his way."



Watching soap operas
Creating psych profiles
Junk food
Classic instrumental music
Playing the piano
Classic rock
Accomplishing simple tasks unaided
Live theater
Stand up comedy
Taking 'walks'
The stars
Playing computer games
Watching T.V

Being 'disabled'
People acting as if he is a delicate doll
Needing help
Being corrected
Coffee/Soft Drinks
Celery/Tomatoes/Onions/Most kinds of noodles
People who pass gas and believe 'excuse me' makes everything better
Those who say 'sorry'
People who use their phones when in a conversation.
People who put smiley faces inside their messages.
When someone clicks their tongue or snaps to gain attention.
People who sing.
Dogs and Pigeons.
The Resistance

Ankylophobia - Fear of paralysis
Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders
Claustrophobia - Fear of small closed spaces

Being able to walk again
Having children and settling down
Seeing the Resistance burn



Personality: Anthony is a hollow person. He lives for work as that is all he is now. When not working, he tends to lie on the couch and mindlessly watch T.V, but despite this; he is a proud man. He hates needing help, but because of his condition; he has no true choice in the matter. Anthony has tremendous self-control as when one is interrogating someone; they must remain stone faced no matter what the person being 'questioned' says. No matter what they scream. No matter how much they cry, Anthony has learned to mask his feelings and bury his compassion. He does what must be done for his goals.

Above all else, Anthony desires to see the Resistance suffer and burn. In his mind, it is all their fault. Everything. He would not be in a wheel chair if it was not because of them, and they would never had taken the only person he had in this world away from him. They are a blight and curse that he is going to help purge, but besides this conviction; Anthony is lonely. No woman looks for a guy in a wheelchair, and that guy never gets invited to a 'guys night out.' His only company is his assistant who rarely speaks.

That said, he would find it easier to get along with people if he wasn't constantly keeping himself at a distance from everyone. Those he works with; he has to keep away as they are his patients, so they can't be his friends, but he is terrified of a close friendship now. After taking that bullet from his best friend and 'brother'; he is emotionally scared. To sum it up: Anthony is the guy who sits at his desk working away when everyone else is having fun because it is all he is.



History: Anthony's story is not just his own. For his story is truly the tale of two boys: Anthony Shor and Charles Simone.

Like most boys and girls, Anthony was born to a mother and a father: Claire and Conner. They lived on a reasonably quiet street in New York, but 'quiet' is a subjective term when one is speaking of the city that never sleeps. Claire was a nurse at St. Jane's hospital just off of 97th street, and Conner was a construction worker; not the most glamorous of couples to be sure. Despite the changing world, Anthony had a reasonably stable childhood. In fact, there was nothing that separated him from any other boy or girl save for, perhaps, that he was more observant that most other children. Anthony always had a knack for telling when someone was sad even if they were smiling, he had an easy time understanding others and this trait made him fairly popular with the other children he went to school with, and it was on his first day of first grade that he met the boy whose fate would intertwine with his and help him become the man he is today.

Charles Simone. A brown haired freckled young boy who was as loud as he was energetic. Anthony was drawn to him instantly, and after a short conversation they were inseparable. You rarely saw Charles without Anthony, and vice-versa. Claire used to joke with her husband that Charles was the son they never had. The direction the city was taking and the rise of the Angelics meant nothing to either boy because all they cared about was playing, getting out of doing homework, and what was the best video game ever. It was the picture perfect childhood, but such pictures rarely last.

When Anthony started middle school; he got his first taste of the will of the Angelics as his father was taken in for 'questioning.' He can still remember his mother crying, but not much else. He did not know what that meant as all of it was over his head. Even when his mother told him his dad would never be coming back; he felt nothing. Anthony felt detached from the situation, unsure of what he was supposed to do in this situation; he had never faced one like it before and his mind was in turmoil.

But like always, Charles was there for him. They would just sit in silence on the porch or at the swings, and Charles never said a word. He didn't have to because Anthony knew he was there for him and that was all he needed. To know someone would be there for him. While it crushed him that he would never see his father again; knowing that he had his best friend that he had Charles slowly let his wounds heal, but his mothers never did. She took to drinking and even lost her job. She would take small jobs at grocery stores and convince stores, but they were always short lived as she would get drunk and then lose them.

Anthony understood why his mother was lost, but didn't know how to help her. He never did, and so his middle school life went on as life always did. While not as serious as losing his father, the first fight he ever had with Charles was over a girl. Sabrina. A girl with long black hair, mocha skin, and a gap tooth. Charles was the first to admit he liked her, and so Anthony locked his feelings away for awhile, well, for about a week which is a long time for teenagers. His feelings burst forth and words of 'traitor' were called that day and a few fist were thrown. Amusingly enough neither had ever told Sabrina they liked her, and while they fought over who had 'rights' she ended up dating the chubby boy from Algebra. Last Anthony heard she had gotten married, had two kids, and gotten rather fat.

High School. The greatest and worst time of anyone's life. Anthony and Charles grew apart in this period as Charles fell into sports and became both star running back of the football team and starting forward of the Basketball team. Anthony went another path. The path of music and academics. While Charles scored touchdowns and scored with girls; Anthony spent most his time studying and practicing playing the violin and piano. The source of his knew interest in studying came from the worsening case of his mother who had fallen into an almost delusional state where she believed Anthony's father was still here, and he wanted to help her and so began studying psychology which he had some skill in.

Graduation came way sooner then either boys expected, while Anthony was giving the speech at graduation; Charles was whispering inside the ear of a pretty blond about how they should spend the last day as students together in the back of his beat up '75 chevy pick up.

Despite Charles and Anthony drifting away, their bonds of friendship remained, and they ended up going to the same college... Although Anthony knew what he wished to do with his life, Charles did not as he was still focused on sports. Unbeknownst to either of them; they were both being watched as prime recruits for the group know as the Angelics. Anthony was making a ripple in the education community as a prodigy of psychological studies. It came natural to him, and Charles was a born athlete and had been offered invitations to NFL teams.

On their graduation day, they were both approached by a man in a suit and given a slip. The world had changed since they were kids, and now that they were older they both knew that. The Angelics ruled, and if they wanted you; they got you, and so they both packed up their things and headed to the location of the slip to begin their new lives.

Basic training. Something most Angelic agents went through was something Anthony ended up relying on Charles for as he wasn't nearly as physically fit as everyone else and so was always the last one to come in. Many nights he was forced to go without dinner as 'motivation.' It was thanks to Charles that he didn't die as he would often share his food with him risking the instructors wrath for his old friend.

When the training came to an end; they were separated once again. Charles was taken in for advanced field training and combat techniques, while Anthony was inducted into the Angelic group as a psychological profiler, and it is here that their true story began.

It took only a few years for both to become famous in their departments: Anthony could read people like books and was more then adept and breaking the minds of prisoners, and in a way, he enjoyed breaking people as much as he enjoyed fixing them. Charles became one of Angelic's greatest weapons, but unlike Anthony, he hated it. He hated being controlled. Hated hurting people. Not being able to take living in that society any longer, Charles deserted and joined the new group: the Resistance.

Anthony, as the closest one to Charles, was sent to bring him back, but Anthony was just as confused and hurt at the news for in his mind Charles did not leave Angelics; he had abandoned him. For months they played cat and mouse, but eventually it came down to a show down in a small warehouse on the docks. The two men stood opposite each other their guns trained on the other. When they were little, they used to play this all the time, but there was no smiles just one demanding answers from the other, but Charles begged Anthony to let him go. He just couldn't live that life anymore, and Anthony lowered his gun and despite everything he was trained to believe, he couldn't do it. He knew what they would do to Charles, and so told Anthony told him to run. Turning around, the last thing he heard Charles say was, "I'm sorry." And the bang of a gun filled his mind.

Anthony woke up three weeks later in St. Jane's hospital. The bullet had entered his back and severed his spine. He had lost control of his lower half. The bullet had broken more then just his spine; it had broken him. Charles had tried to kill him. That thought kept running through his mind. How? Why? And then the knowledge that he could no longer move. There was nights he would awake and believe he could walk only to find that he... indeed couldn't. He had phantom pains where his legs seemed to hurt, but in truth, it was all in his head.

Slowly his mind turned the event around. It wasn't just Charles's fault. The Resistance. It was their fault. They had turned Charles into a monster. They had made his brother tried to murder him, and he would see them burn.

Anything else: Because he cannot participate in combat, Anthony is both the interrogation expert and psychologist for the Angelics both helping their 'agents' stay in prime condition and creating psychological profiles on known members of the resistance. He also has a highly trained angelic agent assistant who aids him and protects him. Her name is Marie Gonzales.

Theme Song: The Devil Within


I will keep quiet
You won’t even know I’m here
You won’t suspect a thing
You won’t see me in the mirror
But I crept into your heart
You can’t make me disappear
Til I make you

I made myself at home
In the cobwebs and the lies
I’m learning all your tricks
I can hurt you from inside
Oh I made myself a promise
You would never see me cry
Til I make you

You’ll never know what hit you
Won’t see me closing in
I’m gonna make you suffer
This Hell you put me in
I’m underneath your skin
The devil within
You’ll never know what hit you

I will be here
When you think you’re all alone
Seeping through the cracks
I’m the poison in your bones
My love is your disease
I won't let it set you free
Til I break you

I tried to be the lover to your nightmare
Look what you made of me
Now I’m the heavy burden that you can’t bear
Look what you made of me
Look what you made of me
I’ll make you see

You’ll never know what hit you
Won’t see me closing in
I’m gonna make you suffer
This Hell you put me in
I’m underneath your skin
The devil within
You’ll never know what hit you

So begins...

Anthony Shor's Story