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The Senior

"This puts the whole 'pen mightier than sword' thing into perspective."

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a character in “Deities of Rumble”, as played by flickery


Jacket. Sneakers. Jeans. A Head of Perfectly Dishevelled Hair. Rawley is who you think of when you hear the words 'college' and 'senior', he looks comfortable and is always one head taller than the rest of them. He is also probably the guy who showed you around but you just can't put a a name to his face afterwards, you see him from time to time but there's always a sea of people you've to get across to reach him. Eventually, you forget he ever existed. And he, you.

...Although from time to time, in the oddest of places, you get the creepy feeling that a pair of bright glowing yellow eyes are quietly watching you ...

Name: Rictor Rawley Thomson, aka 'Rictor' or 'Rawley' for short

Age: 19

Weapons: ... Withering banter.

Fighting Style: Street

Rictor Rawley is no martial artist, which is quite a setback at Karma High. What he makes up for though is ingenuity, learnt through two years of incivility, using anything he can grab hold of and using it to it's full potential in any life threatening situation (Otherwise he just throws a decent punch.). Along with a measure of brute strength to back him up, he's a fair fighter you don't pick on.

The nature of this style is defensive and requires little to no skill, what it DOES require though is an awareness of one's surroundings. Which explains why Rawley was able to pick it up easily, having lacked the years of training many students had even before they entered the Academy. Or some special power handed down from generation to generation. Nonetheless, it pales in comparison to most martial arts in official duels (where the room is empty). A throw here, a kick there and he's out of ideas -that's why he never enters the Tournaments. ...That's why he's never gotten popular among the girls.

Abilities: Overpowering Pressence

Lesser Djinns are unnerved at the sight of him, some even cower for yet to be explained reasons. He has learnt to turn this accidental ability on and off over the years, proving to be a valuable asset when it comes to missions. He is also vaguely able to sense if a Djinn or any other living thing is in hiding nearby, as he's learnt from years going on missions.

Abilities: Uncanny Strength

Rawley is always willing to help the rookies, sometimes he'll help move their bags into their rooms and if he likes you enough, he'll even dislodge your locker for you. As a house warming present.

(Abilities and skills will expand or shrink as the story progresses)


He finds Karma High's way of life absurd, he came here to graduate -not beat the crud out of someone like a highschool miscreant. He brings textbooks instead of boxing gloves and pens instead of knives, which makes him quite the odd ball to the 'normal' students. Given a chance, he will speak loudly about the lack of humanity in the school and how duels should be officiated at least -to the right audience. A Rebel in his own right.

Though Rawley may not see the point in fighting one another, He, more than anyone else, knows that the Djinns are a real danger and takes his missions seriously. Sharpening his skills with the Elephant Gun and djinn-specific abilities. But don't mistake him for a pacifist, he doesn’t take kindly to threats.

Personality: Rawley is a moderately social individual who enjoys mundane pastimes such as chatting over a cup of tea, trekking along the permitted wild areas of the School or a simple day at the library. Anything that reminds him of a proper highschool, really. He is not quick to anger and even when so, remains couthed in his words. He is also particularly helpful towards Year Ones, of whom he believes are least corrupted, as he tries to make their settling into this madness that bit more gentler.

Rawley is driven only by his grades and constant reminder of life outside this insanity, he cares little for the ranks so proudly given by the school. He even harbours a dislike towards the year threes, of whom he is sure will fail miserably once they enter the civilized world.

Other than that, he's at least more normal than the rest of them, despite disappearing for days every once in awhile. And if you are not batsht-crazy-violent, you are automatically in good standing with him.

History Briefly Prior to Karma High

Rictor Rawley is the son of a wealth family back in Britain, his parents deal heavily in textiles and tea and they intend to pass down the plantations at Delhi to him when he's ready. By ready, to them, it meant that he had to know the local language and graduate with a native degree before inheriting his fortune. Unfortunately, it meant that the degree he already has is now moot.

Disgruntled and looking for a quick way to get over this mess, Rawley decided to look for a school that would not waste his time. Which is when he found Karma High, promising quick ascent through the years needed to complete his second set of studies if he does well. Confident and encouraged, Rawley hiked through the mountains to find this mysterious school. In a twist of fate, that was when he came close to a brush with death, as a tiger djinn attacked him on the way. The school's local patrol was nearby and killed the beast while it still latched unto him, leaving the teenager wounded but living.

Learning of his intent, they accepted him and nursed him back to health what doctors could not explain. Ever since then Rictor Rawley has been vigilant in his dealings with the monsters that lurk about the countryside, he is one of the few who know the true intent of Karma High's establishment.


So begins...

The Senior's Story