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Deities: The Gods of Pandeum

Deities: The Gods of Pandeum


As one of the many deities of Pandeum, take up your divine powers and lead your nation down your desired path. Flourish, conquer, and carve out the world in your image. But be warned, even gods can fall in this realm.

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The world of Pandeum was nothing but void and emptiness until the Archaic Gods, the strongest and most ancient beings since creation, came into existence. They began to create the world around them, shaping it to reflect their desires and personalities. Eventually, they claimed domains and territories, birthing various creatures and eventually raising entire civilizations in their images. As time went forward and Pandeum aged, newer and younger gods formed from the fabric of creation. They rose from the sea, the earth, the void, and even the depths of mortal hearts and minds. There was conflict between the Archaic and the Young Gods and, in turn, war broke out between their followers.

The Young Gods rebelled, attempting to overthrow their elders, but for thousands of years the two orders of deities were locked in a bitter stalemate. Pandeum's many realms grew scarred and weak, forcing the gods to put aside their differences for the good of the world. What would become known as the Divine Treaty bound the Archaic Gods and the Young Gods, forming a single pantheon.

For centuries, Pandeum has healed from the Great Rebellion. The gods have settled in with each other, finding friends, enemies, and even lovers amongst their ranks. However, as they struggle to keep harmony, tensions rise. A new danger is on the horizons, threatening both the souls of their followers and their very own immortal lives.

The many civilizations and cultures of Pandeum are made up by a plethora of races and peoples, each nation being formed and guided by at least a single deity. Despite the truce between their gods, these nations still have conflicts, wars, and politics between them and true peace is very far away from being achieved. The mortals, though possessing a limited amount of time in their world, share a special connection with their gods and live with their influence in their daily lives. From their devotees, each of the gods choose an Avatar to take up immortality and lead their nation. Under these avatars, gods, and other important figures, nations will rise and fall. They will conquer and submit. They will wage war and keep peace. They will meet foes and make allies. They will lead Pandeum into a new era or tear it all apart.


Pandeum: The world that our story will take place. It's basically a super continent surrounded by islands that vary in size and shape.

Races: Pandeum is a place of many races, cultures, and creatures. From elves and orcs and mermaids to harpies, humans, and fairies. Feel free to take liberties and be creative when you're making them.

Technology: Most of Pandeum is in a generic fantasy Medieval-like time, so the most advanced nations would have crossbows and crude black powder fire arms (muskets, cannons, ect).

Archaic Gods: The first beings to come into existence and the gods credited with the creation of Pandeum as we know it. Most of them are considered very powerful and the eldest of them are highly respected.

Young Gods: The gods that came after the initial creation of Pandeum. Their actual ages vary widely, as some are almost as old as the Archaic gods and others are younger than some long lived mortals. Their abilities and strength change with every deity.

Avatar: A mortal chosen by a god to lead their nation down said god's desired path. Avatars are semi-immortal and typically stop aging after the were selected by their god. Though they can't die from old age or most diseases, avatars can be killed in virtually any other way. Each nation or god may only have one avatar at a time.

Heroes: Secondary characters that are important to your story or your nation. They may be friends of the avatar, high ranking officials, priests, gang leaders, special servants, or any other mortal character

Code: Select all
[b]God Name:[/b] What is the name of your god?
[b]Title:[/b] What are you a god of? Keep in mind you can't be something that is already chosen, so be original here.
[b]Alignment:[/b] (Good, Evil, neutral, etc. and it is allowed to evolve as time passes).
[b]God Appearance:[/b]
[b]Opinion of mortals:[/b] How do you see mortals? Your own race? Others?
[b]God’s Domain:[/b] What is your God’s domain like? Words or pictures can be used.

[b]Avatar Name:[/b] What is the name of your immortal leader?
[b]Avatar Appearance:[/b]
[b]Magic Abilities:[/b] does your avatar have any? (Keep them moderate and humble, no superman here!)

[b]Hero(es):[/b] (One name and personality per hero; may be left blank initially as your Avatar builds a civilization;)

[b]Terrain Preference:[/b] Where is it most likely to find your people?

[b]Name of Kingdom/Empire:[/b] (may be left blank initially as your Avatar builds a civilization)
[b]Major Cities:[/b] Give a few major cities in your lands.
[b]Society:[/b] (what is it like to live amongst your people? Are they friendly? Hostile? (Give at least 1 paragraph worth of description) you can use the titles below for guidance).

[b]Other:[/b] What else do you want to tell us?


1. Literacy is a must.

2. Be creative and original with your gods and civilizations. Getting inspiration from things we've seen before is fine, but don't be afraid to experiment with the clichés.

3. Let's see some variety among our gods and their nations. We want to see different personalities, different ideals, and different cultures interact.

4. Though you'll be playing deities, you can't play unbeatable indestructible all-powerful characters who flatten armies with fly swatters. You'll be powerful obviously, but you'll be limited still. It's more interesting and less frustrating for the rest of us.

5. This also applies to your nations and armies. If you want to have an army of elite warriors mounted on mythical beasts, that's fine, but they won't be unlimited and they won't be unbeatable. And, if you lose a lot of them, it should have an impact on your nation.

6. I can't make this clear enough but respect each other and get along. We all came here to have fun, so lighten up and enjoy yourself. If there are any serious issues between players, come to me and I'll settle it.

7. I don't want to see any character wearing modern clothes, using modern slang, or doing anything else that doesn't make sense with this world.

8. You must reserve your character in the OOC before you submit your god or goddess. It's more convenient for everyone to see what's available.

9. Contact me for any other questions. :) I'm always looking for CO-GM's so if you're interested, hit me up!

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If knowledge is power then it makes perfect sense to fear the unknown. Not knowing was the difference between the wrong response and the right answer, the difference between life and death. Speaking of Life and Death, this explains why Death is so feared. Who has explored Death and returned to speak of it? Do you truly go to one of the blessed realms or hellscapes belonging to a God? The uncertainty was enough to overwhelm the ponderer in question with dread. Even children so innocent were made to cry whenever they dwell too long on the question of what happens after death, stopping only when given a certain answer by their parents who knew all too well what they said might be a lie. In light of that, immortality seemed the preferable alternative to discovering the answer. Why bother knowing when you will never need to know? Who would ever think it a burden to live forever? The answer...he whose’ burden is as immortal as he. That was the burden given to Argon.

 He wandered the land in ethereal form, hidden from the eyes of all except other ethereals, Gods, and their chosen. His fate had already been written, the path for him had been paved long before he was cursed with immortality, he only needed to walk it. And walk it he did. The benevolent spirit of an Undying Hero, he appeared only in times of great calamity to smite the raising odds. Yet like a vengeful Revenant forbidden from finding true eternal rest, he roamed the lands. Argon had nothing. He could confess to no one and have them say. “I know what it is like.”

 His culture and tradition, his kingdom and his banner, the people he had sworn to live for, he lost them all. The petty squabbling of the Gods had taken his reason to live and now, after so  long, it appeared that they wished to take from him his reason to die. Everywhere he went, he saw suffering. They struggled for nothing and he could not understand how those with omnipotence could not conjure a punishment that only harmed the responsible. To make it worse, he could do nothing. What good would a sword do in these times? What could he shield them from? His spear could keep at bay the armies of neighboring kingdoms but not the hunger that was peaking. What good was one who knew nothing but battle and war in times of famine? Argon continued to roam, it was all he could do but this would pass soon enough. Desperate times often bring violent measures...soon he would have take physical form and become of use to the world.

Without a destination in mind, he continued his eternal march. Days passed. Yet his body did not fatigue. He did not thirst. He did not hunger. He truly was a Revenant. It was his fate and it was the one he had begged for at the feet of his Goddess. He grovelled and wailed like the child he was back then. His pleads were unending and he did not know shame. He poured dirt and dust over himself, he threw himself at her feet and whimpered and cried, the snot pouring from his nose. It was a pathetic sight to behold, his present self blushed when he recalled that moment. Yet it seemed to move her, the Goddess Nike. She truly did favor the underdogs or perhaps it was because unlike all the others who asked for Herculian strength or prowess in battle or even their own safe return from the frontlines, he asked for one miniscule thing.

“I don’t know how strong I am, I don’t know if I’m any good with a sword, and I don’t know if I could actually save anyone if I tried but please, Nike, please I beg of you! I want the strength to stand, the courage to overcome my fear! When we were attacked I could do nothing because I was afraid...Please Nike grant me courage to try, the courage to stand my ground against even the most impossible of odds so that I may atone for my failures. If I am to die in battle, so be be it, but I want to die trying to save someone other than myself!”.

Eventually he came before an interesting sight. At one opposite end of the river crossing, the Armies that followed Kurnos, at the other, the Armies that followed the God of Laughter and Light, Kassius. It did not surprise him however, his path would naturally take him to battle but it was not necessary for him to partake. The Cohorts of Solaras had been assembled into a singular Legion, under the command of someone competent and the Horde before them was most likely attacking out of a need to feed, not solely a want to conquer or create chaos. It wouldn’t be right for him to interfere as things were. But there was nothing wrong with watching and so he did. He collapsed onto the earth and seated himself to spectate the battle, the only ones capable of noticing him would be the Gods themselves and their chosen avatars. Perhaps they would see him as a lingering threat, for like his Goddess, he did not always choose the side that claimed to stand for Justice.

A scaled back, a Dragonkin, a lizardman, whichever named you prefer to address those humanoid reptiles, road atop a threatening mount. Monsters, riding monsters, thought Argon. It took center stage and with a voice as loud as the roaring thunder of Merwyn’s storms, he challenged the Sun bringer’s Chosen. This peaked his interest in the battle further as now even Nike would be alerted of this engagement.

It had been some time since the blades of two Gods’ Chosen had crossed. This could only be a reflection of what was occurring in the heavens, thought Argon. Calamity in Heaven meant Calamity upon the Mortals and when the Mortals invoked war in the name of their Gods, so too would the Gods battle their kin in the name of their followers. This was an observed law that had held true for some time now but only two questions remained for Argon. Who would gain Nike’s blessings in this battle and who would acquire Victory?

The Cult Of Dolores the name itself was a taboo to the Public, a slur used by some to address the people who worshipped the Dark Lady. According to the public, the followers of Dolores were no different than them, their God only asked them to pursue their desires without restraint. So if one wished to have relations before marriage, Dolores did not frown upon them. If one sought to become a famous adventurer, Dolores did not frown upon them either. Regardless of the want, if they wanted it and worshipped her, supposedly she would bestow her blessings and aid them in it’s pursuit. Hunting down the worshippers of Dolores was difficult in that aspect, the public saw them as just worshippers of a different God, a Goddess who had no true ill intent but was viewed as evil because she represented Entropy. Not to mention, they were not a single entity, but a number of entities who collaborated because of their unified worship of the Lady of Dark Delights.

Today these individuals met in the Republic of Solaras, in the city of Nikea. In the open streets, Delietes and 4 others met. One was a hooded woman with a roguish look to her. She had a belt with many pouches and throwing daggers, the guards seemed to keep an eye on her, especially when the group would stop to examine the goods of the bazaars, her eyes seemed to always wander towards the vendor’s coin purse. Following closely next to her was a man whom like Deleites, had the look of a warrior. He wore a shirt of mail with a layer of studded leather beneath, over it all there was a tunic with the symbol of the Dawn Treaders, a rather famous group of adventurers and explorers. Then after him was another woman, dressed in red and white silk robes with a rather extravagant floral pattern, her hair was put up in a bun and she wore a mask that covered only her eyes. An attendant followed her and guided her by the hand, she was blind but seemed like she had no want for anything and when she spoke the ears of all who heard her perked up, her voice was like a melody composed by Anwen herself.

“Why are we here in plain sight Deleites, asked the Rogue.”.

“The Head of the local Merchants Guild,The Light Minded Profits, is meeting with in this bazaar. He is a brother in worship and believer in the gospel of our Lady. Be patient, Red.”

Red crossed her arms and the man whom mimicked a knight spoke up. “I assume they are the ones who have been seeing to our investments? If so, I don’t see the need to meet with him. He is a brother, yes? I need no other assurance than that!”.

“Robin, you’re just eager to go on that expedition of yours are you not? I’ve never known a man who so eager to sail into the unknown as you are… Are there any women in your group? I’ve heard sailors say it is bad luck to bring women to sea.”

“They are an unnecessary distraction and Merwyn’s seas are without mercy, Lady No. Though it makes me wonder why many ships feature a topless maiden at the bow...Hmm what a mystery that is, perhaps the sailors I will be with may have an answer.”.

Deleites chimmed in. “Perhaps Merwyn is like Kassius, Lustful. It would be difficult for such a man to strike down a ship with such an appealing maiden onboard, a distraction for him perhaps?”.

“Were I him, I’d only settle for the real thing.” Red answered, resulting in many questioning looks being thrown her way.


“ Kurnos you don’t get it do you?....I don’t need you… Attack, delay, retreat...regardless of what you do… It will all come to pass. My aim is make the profits greater than they are. I only want you. Your compliance will be rewarded accordingly even if you fail but it is not needed. Please Understand. You are an option. Be happy I choose you.”

Her words were seemingly laced with an aphrodisiac it seemed, the very magic of the 6th Court he had invaded worked its way into him steadily. The more he permitted in and let it whisper in his mind, the more power it would gain over him. This was a truly quite the tangled web Kurnos had managed to fly into. She placed herself at his ear and whispered in a suggestive tone.

“Now answer me quickly, God of Undeath, your presence and actions are making my cravings reach their peak… Unless that is what you came for in truth, to tease me and see if I’ll make a meal of you?”.

Though her tone was suggestive and her look that of a temptress, those words...they like daggers into the ears of whom ever recieved them. Kurnos was in danger if he remained here, that much was certain and the carnivorous look that the Mask of Dolores could not hide lingered in her eyes. Ants begun to crawl up her neck, maggots fell from her robe. A Spider’s legs could be seen moving from under her lips.

“So what will be Kurnos? Deny me...Obey me….or Satisfy me?”


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#, as written by darkune
Pandeum - Demon Outpost

Argan sat silently in his study surrounded by a gaggle of unneeded demons trying their best to suck up to their father. Suddenly the room grew tense and the demons stood ready to fight. "Finally you're here Oakborn...." He said in a low voice as his children turned to trees around him, but found himself looking at a tiny frail version of the Oakborn. Something was off, Argan knew this form of the Oakborn but this wasn't the Oakborn themselves. "So they decided to split their personalities while I was away? I wouldn't do that, too many conflicts within myself." He laughed and started playing with the bark on one of his children.

Argan looked back at Grandmother and listened to her thank him for the rebuilding he had done. "I figured at least a small gesture from the demons could help the grand cause. Now I know that will never be enough to spare my people from this famine, but it's a start. Tell me, she's willing to sit by and let the creatures I created all those years ago die because she doesn't like the Goblins cutting down her forests? I slaved for years to breed all the different base creatures in this world and now we will let them die because of a conflict with a race of mortals? You know The Oakborn could kill each and every one of the goblins and any other mortal that went against her in a matter of a few days." The Breeder had worked so hard to create the creatures that the other god's creations fed upon and domesticated. Truly what was the point if a god was just going to starve them to death because they had a wild hair to do so? What was the point of any of creation if the gods were willing to let all of their creations die just to solve a dispute?

The Breeder sighed and turned around toward Grandmother and gave a smile that only a mother could love, mainly because The Breeder didn't have lips to form a smile. "Do you remember before I left? When you tried to convince me to be the God of Animals and Fire? Before I discovered my love of corruption?" He laughed remembering all of those years ago; before Apocaleam, before Argan's apocalypse of old, before she was even born. "I was so angry back then, so willing to tear this world apart to find her." He hadn't given up she was still a priority but what good was a family with not a single family member?

Argan look out over his small land, the corrupted land and temples in shambles from disuse. Then he remembered what Grandmother had said about Devi and how she would seek retribution. "She would seek vengence from me? For what moving in to a land that hasn't been inhabited for hundreds of years? I did my research, she doesn't even have a land base in this realm anymore. What should the temples be left for dust? Had this land remained unoccupied for the rest of time? You realize how silly that is don't you?" He laughed at the hilarity of it. Devi always thought she was greater than any god, that her will was final and eternal.

[color=#3333FF]"Devi the Bringer of Peace is always quick to forget her own hypocrisy. Willing to kill as many as she can just to prove a point to another god. Her duality is the formation of her hypocrisy, retribution and peace and two different sides to the same leaf. One represents peace, the other violence. How does that make her the goddess of peace?"
Argan huffed not understanding what the gods had grown into. Each ready to slit the other's throat for the lightest of gain in their own lives. What had this world turned to since he had left?

Had this situation been directly after her people's death Argan would have understood, but it had been years; the land overgrown, other territories encroaching, the temples falling apart. How long was Argan to let the land go to waste? When would it have no longer been Devi's land? She neglected it for years yet still had some sort of claim? If a parent beats their child do they get to claim them once their child is taken? It didn't make rational sense.


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Palchard - The Palace of Pleasures - 6th Court

A slow clap could be heard in the distance. "Oh ho! What a sight this is!" Palchard chuckled. "It's a good thing I became rather bored waiting on your doorstep. This really is too sweet a sight to miss! Now if I didn't know any better...I'd say you two are getting rather chummy?" His smile stretched from cheek to cheek as he nonchalantly sat upon a ledge above the two Gods. "Oops! I hope I didn't interrupt, private?" He laughed as he suddenly disappeared. "Don't mind me now, I won't bother or pry...," the God of Mischief suddenly reappears as he placed his hands on his hips and saunters up to the pair in his curved-toe boots, "...Oh Kurnos, it's so good to see you come out of your armored shell! I mean truly, I understand! A God does get rather lonely and from time to time he needs to.....uh...consort, with another." He said as he nudged the God of Rage with his elbow.

"Though I must say you have rather interesting tastes my boy...but being the God of Undeath, I shouldn't be surprised that Necrophilia is what it takes for that thing between your legs, grow with...anticipation." He laughed out loud.

Palchard's devious eyes then turned to the Dark Lady. "And Dolores!" He then made a bow. "A pleasure as always!" He then looked up and took in a deep breath. "Ah! As usual your illusions are like a pleasant little daydream." He sighs. "Now, while it would be a certain...fantasy come true to see you tear into big, bad, Kurnos with such savagery, and trust me, the thought excites me," Then came a sudden pause. "Ahem! Now before our demons get the better of us, how about we take this little, rendezvous, back to your throne room, my Lady?" He suggested with a smile. "After all, I got your letter and I'm just dying to see where this might lead us!" He said with a laugh as he waved the piece of parchment around.

"After the both of you?" He spoke with his arm outstretched.


Goblin Outpost-Abandoned Mine-Pandeum

What the Goblins saw as a quiet end to another shift, were shocked when they heard the war horn blow. "Alright, yah maggots! It's time to fight the bloody Beardies!" Shouted their Captain. "Oi! Captain Rugen, wot be the trouble now?" Asked a subordinate. "I've got word from the ol' warchief! He claims the time is nigh! Now is the moment to strike and we must strike quickly! Gather the garrison! We join the other posts in the assault on Sivdzid!!!" He commanded. "Right away Cap'n!" The Goblin saluted as he ran to gather the warriors.

It was during this time that a Goblin Scout came with curious news. "Sir! There be golems coming towards the gates!!!" He squeaked. "Wot!? Just wot in bloody Hell are you talkin' about!?" The Captain barked. "Just look!!!" He cried. The Goblin warriors then made a lot of hollering and howling as if something had spooked them. "Just wot the bloody Hell is it now!?" Rugen shouted as he came outside the gates. There he saw the Golems the Goblins had spoke of and then, of all sights to see, "Oh bloody Hell..," was all he could say when he saw the Unseelie ride upon them.

“Greetings, Toads!” Monta Stonemother, a beautiful and horrid woman, smiled as she called out to them. She scratched the top of her stone beast’s skull. “We were sent to assist in your efforts against the Wee Folk by Maeve Blackward, High Queen of the Unseelie Court and the most valuable ally to your king.”

Rugen looked behind them to see a company of Unseelie behind them. The Hobgoblin looked at the pair quizzically and most suspiciously. "Really now? And how come I haven't heard a bloody thing about it!? How do I know you're not lying She-Fairy!?" He asked. "Ahem, Cap'n." Spoke a Hobgoblin. "Wot!?" "Letter from Warchief Krillock." He said as he held out the letter from him to take. "Give me that!!" He snapped as he ripped it from his hands. The Captain furiously read through the letter and then seemed to grow pail afterwards. "Well...this...changes things....well, Unseelie, we are about to begin our assault on a Dwarven Town. We seek to capture it and use it as a launching point for greater invasions deeper into Beardie territory. After all, these mines are not that defensible and do not garrison large amounts of troops well. Conquering this town, will not only provide better space but can be made into sturdier fortifications." The Captain explained.

"Alright lads! We are to work with the Unseelie and they will help us capture this town for the Goblin King!!!" He cried. The Goblins then cheered. "Lets get to work."

Within moments the Goblin forces had formed as they began their march from the outposts to the town of Sivdzid. "'Ello mate. Who would've thought we be marchin' on the Beardies today? I thought the assault wouldn't be for another fortnight!" Spoke a Hobgoblin soldier. "Yeah, methinks the Warchief has gotten rather bold all of a sudden. Must be the new calvary." He spoke in a whispered sneer as he looked at the Unseelie. "Right...who would've thought we be workin' with Softskins after all?" The Soldier responded. "Hm, I don't like it but the Warchief vouches for 'em, so, not much we grunts can say." "Well all least we can be, happy about one thing...we're about to cut into some Dwarves!" "Here, here!"



It was quiet in the town of Sivdzid as it's citizen went about their business unaware of the Goblin Host that approaches them. The Goblins marched through the conquered mines without much trouble. Any Dwarves that dared to bar them where easily outnumbered. It was lucky on their end that the Dwarves were not yet fully mobilized, soon their invasion was upon Sivdzid and once in sight the Goblins revealed themselves within the tunnels.

It must have been a horrifying sight for the town guards, to see a Goblin army quickly appear from over the horizon. The Green Skins quickly moved in on the city gates as the city lookouts signaled for the alarm. Screams could be heard only to be deafened by the sound of war cries and the trumpeting of Goblin Horns. "Alright! While the advance force attacks their walls, I want cannons and archers set up along the ridges!" Ordered Rugen. "Right away!" The Goblins responded. The Goblin Cannoneers worked to position their cannons upon the nearby ridges for a better field of vision. They aimed the necks towards any point of interest, like guard towers, ramparts, and any other defensible structures. "Load the Cannons!" A Hobgoblin officer shouted. He walked towards a vantage point as he looked down upon the town. He then raised his arm as the cannoneers stood by waiting to fire the initial volley. "FIRE!!!" He yelled. The fuses were lit and in moments cannon fire rained down upon them.

The Siege had begun.


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The Sky Palace: Zephyrus

Symphonia held her eyes closed as she took in the different happenings of the world that the wind carried to her. She leaned slight over the banister of the single room tower that gave the best view of the world below. It was her place to relax and feel at ease if the winds permitted. Sometimes they carried ill omens and others the sounds of tranquility from the various forms of nature below. But when Symphonia listened intently she could hear and make out many things.

This time she could make out sound of anticipated battle. It was easy to hear details since the conflict happened right below her own kingdom. And even more so because Faith was down there as well. Symphonia couldn’t help but worry for her Avatar like a child of her own. Even with Cyrus being her ally for now. The goddess knew that the Republic wasn’t in favor of some of bordering territories but the land was respected. And Symphonia would not see an ally invaded without help. Especially, by the likes of anything under Kurnos’ banner. What he represented was an abomination to the cycle of life. And his obsession with reckless violence costing countless mortals their lives instantly slated him as an enemy. Even though Symphonia was publically neutral there were some gods she didn’t sit well with.

Kurnos was only one of them. The Breeder and his people were another territory Symphonia wouldn’t be seen helping even though their god has long since been absent.

Palchard was another one for the sheer fact that unending trickery wasn’t something that the goddess fancied. But he wasn’t beyond allying with in the long run. Symphonia would much rather make dealings with his Avatar, the goblin king, than Palchard himself.

Dolores, to Symphonia, was almost one and the same as Palchard to Symphonia except the Dark Lady often held much more ill intent behind her trickery than a mere laugh. The Lady had a tongue of a snake and would never be trusted. Especially, since she expect the end of all life and that was the opposite of what Symphonia sought after.

Finally, there was Devi. Symphonia tried to like the Peace Bringer but their ways of bringing peace was normally with violence. And it almost seemed like Devi loved the fighting. But like Palchard the goddess’ quirks and habits wouldn’t get in the way of Symphonia lending aid if needed.

The winds also told the goddess that the other deities were holding a meeting to try and persuade The Lady of Oak to reverse or cease the famine for their own people. Symphonia thought about going as well but she wanted to end the famine for everyone. She wanted once again listen to the winds bring peace to her ears. Not the cries of war torn countries and the cries of mortals on every corner of the lands. The winds were loud with the sounds of despair and Symphonia wish she could help everyone. Not to mention the famine was bringing about more bloodshed than the goddess had seen in quite some time.

It wasn’t long till Symphonia found herself summoning her White Mage to the tower. The goddess could make the winds carry her voice to whomever she wanted. It was the easiest way to communicate with people that prayed to her. She would hear their prayers and she would give answer to help soothe their souls.

“My Lady.” Tylia said as she approached and curtsied. “You called for me?” Symphonia turned to face her White Mage.

“I am traveling below.” Even the cold-faced Tylia couldn’t mask the shock that briefly portrayed on her face. It was just her eyes widening for a moment but it was enough to give away what was on her mind. “It is to talk with the Grandmother of the land. Some of the other gods are already pleading their case of mercy for their people.”

“Will you also do the same for us?” Tylia asked.

“I am sure Grandmother has heard an earful already. I would rather understand the reasoning for her actions first. Maybe then I can get an idea on how to reverse whatever it is that caused this famine in the first place. In the meantime, I leave you in charge. It shouldn’t be any different than normal.” Symphonia paused for a moment before speaking again. “And could you also send reinforcements to Faith’s location? There seems to be a battle between Kurnos’ and Kassius’ Avatars. Faith is there to aid Cyrus and his men and might need help. Argonaut is there as well and I don’t know what his intentions are. Nike’s intentions are normally unpredictable in times of battle so send word for Faith to be wary.” Tylia nodded and a sudden gust of wind came, making the mage shield herself. When the wind faded she could see a dove flying to the grounds below.

It didn’t take long to reach the land full of trees where the Oakborn was known to inhabit. Much different than the lands around it. Voices of the other gods could already be heard as Symphonia approached the Enchanted Forest. The goddess descended into the realm of The Oakborn and into a graceful dive that ended with her returning to her original form standing in the tall grass. She curtsied to the Green Woman who sat on a throne of tangled vines and roots just as The Breeder, Argan, finished a word about Devi, who was also among them. Though she would never admit it, what she heard Argan say about the Peace Keeper was along the exact thoughts that Symphonia had for Devi. After The Breeder finished Symphonia turned to the Green Lady and curtsied again, this time with her head bowed.

“Sorry for my delayed appearance, Grandmother. You can guess as to why I am here but I do not come to plead for you to lift your curse from my people and their lands. I come to seek an understanding and possible solutions that would appease The Oakborn. As you know, my people are always eager to help in any way possible.”

Faith Lenotte - River Timaeus

Faith out a whistled when her and her healers approached their destination.

“Down there.” The scout pointed to a temporary tent.

“Okay, let’s get doun thare.” Faith said as she steered her griffen down towards the tent, making sure no arrows were threatening to shoot them down. Her and here people landed and it was then she could feel how many people she was amongst. She turned to Xandria as the woman dismounted her pegasus.

“I think we are gunna need more healers, Xandria.” It was then that she heard shouting coming from the center of the river. She immediately recognized beast that the voice belonged to. Yogosh was just as intimidating as Faith had read and heard about. His mount looked even more intimidating than her own and griffins were quite frightening creatures. Faith then saw the man known as Cyrus coming out to meet Yogosh on river frozen by mages. Xandria joined Symphonia’s Avatar in observing the confrontation.

“Faith, our healers are getting themselves in place for when the fighting starts.”

“It might nae come tae that. Mebbes set’le this by wey of duel by tae looks of it.” The two girls looked on with anticipation of what was going to happen.


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"It is a strange sight, is it not? Watching them kill for food to fill their belly simply so that they can kill again. Especially when they don't need to do so. But it is often all they care about whether waking or sleeping."

The voice was lyrical and soft, with a hint of amusement in the tone. A womanly figure floated just above the grass beside Argonaut, her voice accompanied by the slow beating of wings reminiscent of a heart-beat.

"You've been missed, Argon. You do not travel my paths naturally anymore though you are still welcome. Even if you do not remember when you did." She smiled warmly at the ethereal creature, lightly brushing her fingers against his cheek causing a ripple as the effect felt real.

The tavern was filled with the raucous voices of dwarves raised in half drunken song. With each trying to outdo their compatriots with louder and deeper cries in-between swigs of ale and bursts of laughter.

Despite the famine there was always time for a little revelry for these brave souls who had not long came off shift in the mines or duty on the gates. Despite their best efforts many of them were still caked black as pitch from the coal and dirt, but here and now it didn't matter as much.

Dancing and weaving among the patrons was a fierce girl who led the song with her sweet voice and the whistle of her flute. Other instruments had lent their aid in raising their spirits. When they'd first slouched into the establishment many of them had been of a mind to muse over a single tankard for a while before calling it a night before she banished such thoughts entirely.

The sounds of alarm had begun to ring through the streets of Sivdzid, melding with the songs of its weary people to create an almighty cacophony till a rain of cannonballs punched through one side of the Tavern. Thankfully as they'd all gathered around the singing girl none of them had been harmed and at worst slightly stunned though the Tavern itself appeared badly damaged.

As the dwarves drinker stupor turned into surprise mixed with rage that they were attacked they as one dwarf picked up arms and made ready to defend their home. Feeling more alive and envigored that they ought they charged away to defend their homes with the songs they had sang still upon their lips but now their words were a battle cry as they dreamt of victory.

Of the girl there was no sign, she had apparently vanished, and within the hour so too had the Tavern. It had never been there but that didn't mean it hadn't been.

Elsewhere as the dwarven warhost that made ready under their king could hear a faint music on the wind, which carried to them an echo of the battlecries being sung in Sivdzid.

Indris strolled gently through the towering stacks of the Akashic Library, lightly brushing her fingers along the spines of several books. Unlike most libraries where the silence would be oppressive to the point of crushing in such a cavernous place the air is instead filled with a faint scratching.
The sound echoes endlessly, seeming to come from almost every shelf. Where there is silence some of the books will vanish while others the sound only seems to come from the last in a series. Such are the autobiographies which record every event that happens to everything

A creation of her predecessor, Indris has made improvements in places though there is little to be changed save perhaps reinforcing the spells behind it. Spells woven into fabric of the world when it was first created. She had enjoyed reading what each soul wrote when she first awakened however she decided to focus her efforts for understanding the world elsewhere. Even so she is often found reading the mystical tomes which contained every mention of her progenitor’s existence.

The room she now stood in without seeming to have moved within the library was overly ornate with half empty bookshelves containing drastically different tomes. Each was unique from others in the room but there was easily a few hundred or more of each kind. The stories of the gods themselves were marked here. Much of it was cryptic and distorted as each tome shaped itself to match the god it represented, resulting in books of dried leather or bubbling blood or wreathed in lightning. The languages used often varied to the gods own and could sometimes change midway through a book or wriggle on the page if they didn’t wish to be read.

The recent change of prosperity for much of the world had caused her to re-read much of the Oakborn’s story in hopes of finding something with which to aid her people before things become truly dire. As she reached over and plucked the most recent book, a simple volume of thin papyrus between mossy bark, she opened it to the most recent entry. As she read over the words she felt a sharp sting as they echoed back to her.

"I'm sorry, but the famine will not end today."

The words etched themselves on the thin sheet as she heard them reach her knowing that they were doing so on every current book in the room. The effect was rare and heightened by her reading something at an unusual moment but she felt the words repeated loudly from each book as she slammed the Oakborn’s shut and replaced it. The roar of the words almost caused her to stagger backwards before she regained composure and silenced the outburst.

Turning from the chamber she decided she’d have to see what could be done.

Alessa stood on a balcony staring out towards the western sea, her arms rested against the cold marble as she smiled softly to herself. The palace has been carved deep into the mountain chain with several such openings onto the sky which was fitting given that much of the space within was given over to those of more aerial nature than the majority of the nation’s inhabitants. Even so her subjects as a whole were barely a quarter in size compared with their rival; this perceived weakness had caused much strife on their borders at first till they’d learned to give them a wide birth but with the growing famine such sense appeared to have deserted most. Mainly since despite everything they were probably one of the least effected; they’d always made sure to over-produce their farms and such due to fact that much of their required sustenance came from magic itself while they still gouged on meat for the taste, which allowed for surplus to be used as a excellent source of trade. Even so they’d still rationed their food to better support those of the other mortal races within the borders.

A soft yawn escaped her lips just as the doors burst inwards, disturbing her contemplation as a broad shouldered figure entered with his boots echoing on the hard floor. His expression almost unreadable due to the metallic mask covering his features, but even so she could feel his annoyance and amusement.

”Your Majesty. There has been another raid on the borders.”

She sighed as she stepped away from the view, her hand lightly running through hair as thought back over the past few weeks. An ever increasing regularity for incursions though, thankfully nothing official from any of their neighbours. That would have been a nightmare, and famine or not the act of devouring mortals is rather tedious for dragons especially compared with more domesticated livestock and much more preferable as a treat than a diet.

”So. Who was it this time and how much damage did they do?”

There was a slight shift in his posture and she knew she’s caught the reason for his annoyance, not so much that someone had tried to invade but rather than they’d done harm to the nation. The raids were usually badly orchestrated by desperate souls are the lowest rungs of their society and doomed for failure.

”They came from the sea, took the small town by surprise and managed to avoid our golems in the bay. Thankfully we had a small patrol passing who were able to assist two of our brethren as well as most of the populous. Sadly a third of the raiders managed to flee with a large quantity of the settlements stock, requiring us to divert greater resources there. I’ve also stationed the patrol there for the time being as well as arranging addition patrols in number and frequency along our edges should more try the same. Or for them to official declare war.”

She smiled and then gave hearty chuckle with a light shake of her head.

”My dear Tristan, what would I do without you… Now, where are the survivors of this raid.”

”Very little, my Queen. But what was salvageable is kept below, a small handful of captives for your pleasure. The rest we have handed over to the kitchens for the rest of the palace.”

”Good. I’ll have to deal with these stragglers myself, take them apart till I know who sent them or if they were simply acting alone. Care to join me for a little snack?”

”Always, my lady.”

They both descended to a meeting chamber deeper into the mountain castle where five Merrows sulked in what amounted to a giant goldfish bowl. As they entered Tristan made sure to close the doors behind him before they began their interrogation.


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Archanian - Swarga Loka

Archanian followed the Goddess through her realm, and listened. He thought on her words and when she asked him for his thoughts, he paused momentarily. "Honestly, I worry. I know of other Gods who will seek to take advantage, as it is their nature in doing so. I cannot fault them for that, but it does not ease my mind to know that we all will soon be engulfed in this conflict. My Avatar has begun taking up arms against those who would wish my domain harm, and I will ensure his smiths have the strength to supply his war," Archanian began. "But yet, I feel a foreboding sense of dread, and I cannot truly capture what causes it. Does this emerging war trouble you, Peacekeeper?"

Draggnan - Hangryyn

The Dwarven King returned to the throne among a chorus of shouting, and arguing. "SILENCE!" he bellowed, deafening the room, which turned to look at their returned King. Draggnan moved through the room towards his throne, asking, "What are the latest reports on the Goblins? The surface suffers a famine, forcing everyone into hostilities. Where are the Goblins amassed?"

One scout piped up, "My King, reports have come in on an attack on Sivdzid. The goblin force is reported massive."

Draggnan stopped his travel across the room, and turned to the messenger. "They attack our cities now? Our mines, our resources, our livelihood, and now our people and homes?!" Draggnan felt his rage brewing deep within himself, in his absense, Dwarves would die...have died. He would not stand by to such attacks, famine or otherwise. He then looked to his wife seated on the throne, with rage burning in his eyes. Not a word crossed the two, but they understood. She nodded her approval.

"Rongarr, have your scouts follow the goblins raiding party if we are too late, and choose a detachment of your best men to join me. I will bring war to these goblins," Draggnan instructed before turning, gathering his guardsmen, and donning his personal armor. He grasped Wulrend, his axe, checked the blade, and placed his helmet upon his head, steeling himself for the coming battles. As he reentered the throne room, Rongarr's men were awaiting his command. "We travel to Sivdzid. If the battle rages, we will end it. If it has passed, we will travel to the goblins' camp, and end them!" Draggnan motivated his soldiers, who all yelled their agreement, and followed Draggnan as he left the room.

Ready for war.


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Grandmother - Demon Outpost

“After you left” Grandmother smiled. “The True Oakborn witnessed the fate of this world and witnessed something so terrible that it’s mind- our mind - was shattered.” She touched a newly formed tree near her, blossoms popping from where her wrinkled hands touched the bark. “From the Oakborn were born many deities, each representing a part of the great god we once were. You may call me Grandmother.” She smiled warmly, taking the Breeder’s hand into her own. “I am the Oakborn’s wisdom and, in its stead, I oversee the strands of fate.”

She released him as he spoke of the famine, nodding slightly. Grandmother sighed heavily, pushing back a strand of silver hair behind her ear. “I admit, I don’t agree with the Green Woman’s logic, but I believe it’s more than the goblins.” It pained Grandmother to think about the pain her sister had brought onto the earth. She had always been so kind and generous with all races, blessing them with growth and bounty each spring. “We forget that she is a force of nature. She is the soil and all things that grow from it.” Grandmother pursed her lips. “Although she was once fond of mortals and beasts, she is not bound to them as we are.”

Grandmother paused to listen to Argan. She smiled. “Yes, I do remember that. This part of me still wishes you had taken our suggestion.” She shrugged. “But it wasn’t our choice to make.” After Argon left, many of his duties fell to the Oakborn who watched over the creatures that the Breeder had left behind. It did as well as it could, but even gods had limits. Another weak smile flashed across the old woman’s lips. “I suppose any of us would tear apart the world for our children.” Her mind drifted back to the Green Woman. Perhaps the famine was her sister’s way of protecting her children; the trees, the flowers, the grass, and all plant life on Pandeum.

She chuckled. “Devi certainly has her flaws, but without her we’d still be fighting an endless war.” Grandmother leaned against one of Argan’s children. “She was created by a desperate world. She is what they needed. Perhaps, what they still need.” The old goddess waved a hand dismissively. “Don’t worry about her. I was only half serious. I’m sure in times like these, she has much bigger matters to attend to.” She winked at the Breeder. “Not to say you aren’t a big matter.”

The Snow King - The Snow King’s Castle

“Hm.” The Snow King’s steps echoed throughout the room as he walked to his throne. He kept his hands hidden in fur lined sleeves. “I’m afraid she hasn’t been in a very diplomatic mood lately.” He rolled his eyes. “I suppose everyone believes that their lands should be spared.” He sat and waved his hand, a smaller less intricate chair forming opposite of him. “But, because of our bond, I will speak to the Green Woman, but I promise you nothing about the outcome.”

In all honestly, the Snow King did not care if Astria’s people starved or if they destroyed the Republic in search of grain. He wouldn’t care if the Green Woman strangled every mortal on Pandeum with her vines because, in the end, it would all rot and freeze away. Then, he would be King and ruled once more. Well, alongside Astria, that is.

A chess board appeared between the winter gods. A rare smile played across the king’s lips.

“Do you have time for a quick game?”

Devi - Swarga Loka

“Of course.” Devi nodded slowly. Although any conflict was enough to cause Devi concern, this felt different. Underneath the usual selfishness and greed that ushered in war, the Peace Bringer felt something far darker slithering underneath. It was like a black claw scratching at her stomach. “All conflicts concern me, but this one seems unlike most others.”

She turned towards Archanian, kneeling slightly to look into his eyes. “I did not see the Great Rebellion begin, but did it feel anything like this? This storm of tension and desperation?”

Monta Stonemother & Eban Lordkiller - Sivdzid

“In the shadows! The Wee Folk will not know we’re here!”

As the goblins began their siege on the walls of Sivdzid, the Unseelie seemed to float through an unnatural darkness. Even as cannons fired and explosions illuminated the entire cavern, they went silent and unseen, obscured by powerful illusion magic. Monta Stonemother, assisted by several other fairies, began to carve symbols across the dwarven wall. As they chanted their ancient incantation, the runes began to glow and burn themselves deeper into the wall. The Stonemother looked up and smiled, pleased.

Above them, Eban and several knights rode up the wall on stone golems, careful to avoid any cannon balls shot from their allies’ cannons. Although they were cloaked by their fairy illusions and surrounded by the chaos of war, it was unlikely that the dwarves on the wall could ignore the sounds of growling and stone talons digging into the wall.

When one unlikely dwarf looked over the edge, the Lordkiller’s blade impaled itself through his skull. As his comrades rushed to assist, each fell with a fairy dart in their eyes. Eban turned to his knights. “Take out the rest of the guards on the wall. Remain unseen.”

Aros - The River Timaeus

The Winter Charm formed in Aros’ hand as followed Cyrus out of the tent. The wand was supernaturally cold in his palm, but its burn felt unusually comforting to the Summer King. His heart nearly stopped when he saw the massive horde beyond the river. Although the savage draconians, nords, and ogres were troubling, nothing concerned him as much as the avatar of Kurnos sitting atop a giant salamander. As Yogosh swung his cleaver and taunted the Republic forces, Cyrus readied himself to cross a bridge of ice extending across the river.

Aros watched, his lips pursed. His eyes darted around, searching for a way to help. He could enchant the water attack the horde or cast an illusion over them to cause infighting among themselves. He looked at Cyrus and then at Yogosh. If they were to duel, it would be a clash of two mighty forces and, although Cyrus was skilled, Yogosh contained a massive amount of raw strength and killer instincts. The Sun Bearer’s Chosen would need all the help he could get. “Cyrus!” The Summer King reached into his pocket and tossed a coin in his direction. It gleamed in the sunlight and disappeared, finding itself tucked away in Cyrus’ pocket. The Autumn Charm could provide him with the luck he needed.

Aros looked towards the horde. He lifted his wand and twirled it in the air, golden dust swirling around him. “Twist the sight and cloud the mind,” Aros closed his eyes, allowing deep fairy magic to flow out from him. “Where once were friends, now foes you’ll find.”

He held the magic back, but if he released it, any member of the horde affected would fill with anxiety and delusion, seeing nothing but Republic forces surrounding them.

The Green Woman - The Other Place

The Green Woman rolled her eyes as yet another deity came to beg for mercy. She looked at Symphonia, a mild air of annoyance flickering across her features. Although the goddess’ sudden appearance was slightly irritating, the King certainly enjoyed the curtsy.

“Yes, yes, yes. Very nice of you.” The Green Woman stood up, the plants from her throne reaching for her as they reached for the sun, desperate for her return. “Walk with me.” She walked past Symphonia, expecting the goddess to follow her. As they walked, bright beautiful flowers bloomed to greet them and the plant life seemed to come alive as the deities passed them. Blue birds and butterflies fluttered out from the Green Woman’s hair. “I am tired, Symphonia. Spring after spring, I give all to the fleshlings.” She sighed. The weight of the world seemed to pull her body down. “Yet they chop down my trees, poison my rivers, and drown the soil in blood.”

She kneeled down, digging her fingertips into the dirt. The earth was crying out to her, desperate for a champion. “I do not enjoy starving the fleshlings, but they must be reminded that I do not serve them. The Wilds will not be trifled with or tamed.”


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#, as written by Zalgo
The Fields of Old

Sleep. Something almost all beings can relate to each other in having. Mortals use it to relieve their growing strains and gods use it to relay messages to mortals as well as a means to regenerate. Often times when a god or goddess uses up too much of their power or is damaged bad enough they need to rest until they have rejuvenated themselves.

Creep just used it to occasionally feel human.

He laid in the dusty old bedroom of a long abandoned inn. The threads that the sheets were woven from had frayed apart at the ends and for the most part had fallen to pieces from the damages the insects have inflicted over the years. Sixty long years he's spent sleeping in this room. It was a surprise the floor hadn't collapsed into the level below given how many termites now inhabited the walls of this old building.

The dim dismal sunlight crept along his oddly clean shaven face just as it had for numerous days before, only changing with the rotations of the sun. This was an auspicious day however. After sixty years who could tell just how long he planned on staying asleep. As the rays of light met his shut eyelids however he started to stir, much to his occupants surprise.

Throughout what must of felt like hours he started to yawn, reaching a hand up to rub the tiredness from his eyes. He pulled his hat down to block out the light as he rolled away from the window and shut his eyes again. He was a determined sleeper, that much was certain.

"Good Morrning Mazsterr"

Ear wigs were annoying like that. Always hearing everything he thinks and knowing everything he feels. They've always been careful enough to give the illusion of privacy to his thoughts so as to not raise his ire which was already pretty high as they were privy to something he had previously considered personal. He's never raised enough of a fuss to get rid of them, he's never truly understood the extent to which they know him. All he knows is that they are loyal beyond what most humans understand of loyalty. The queens would tolerate no less from company in this body they call their temple.

It was too late for him. Now that he's been stirred his mind was active, busy with thought. There was no way he was going to squeeze in some more sleep while he was roused at this point. Frustrated with himself more than anyone for this he slowly sat up, groaning before stretching his arms wide out. His back made a loud series of pops as he worked out the kinks. The bugs inside had long ago come to understand that their god occasionally does stuff like that, it's not something to be worried about.

But the motion and the results of said motion caused a stir within him. The entire population was active now that he was up. Before they were quite careful not to wake him but now that he was up they were free to wiggle about wherever they went. He could feel them inside him, always.

How long have I been asleep for? This place looks way older than it looked when I came in. He pondered in thought, knowing his thoughts were heard and a reply was in the making from his excessively close advisers. "Ourr anceezstorrzs have grrown up, grrown old and dieed many timezs beeforre uzs" The head advisors answered back. So... Longer than a couple weeks then.

He couldn't expect them to keep a very precise track of the time. It was quite exemplary that they were as knowledgeable as they were, speaking to him as another human would though with a heavy accent as they struggled to duplicate all the same sounds. Vocal communication was not a large component of how insects communicated with each other. They had to learn how speaking actually conveyed information before they could even understand how to learn how to speak their god's language. Luckily for them once a few insects learned the secrets of mammalian communication the queens only needed to eat their brains to receive the knowledge so they could pass it onto their offspring.

Not that Creep knew how they went about their business. He didn't really care to learn about it either. He wasn't much concerned with the affairs of insects unless it was a big problem. All he wanted to worry about was himself. He picked up each of his boots and tipped them upside-down, shaking out some stray bugs which were loitering inside before putting the boots on. Finally he stood up from the bed he had slept on for all these years. Miraculously it had never collapsed despite it's age, though it wasn't all that miraculous when taking into consideration the fact that the insects were more than a little encouraged to make sure their god was not roused from his sleep too early.

Out through the window he stared, gazing out into the rolling fields of golden wild grass littered with yellow and red leaves dropped from the nearby forest. Autumn, the transitory season marking the end of summer and the beginning of winter. To be put in more flowery terms, the end of life and the beginning of death. It boded ill to be awake at this time as a distant feeling nagged within, worrying him.

He went over to the door, grasping the handle gingerly. Having spent a while around insects he's honed his already gentle approach to a fine art, able to move around without disrupting anything. It helped him get around unseen which was quite valuable given how often trouble sought him. Stepping into the old hallway the first thing he noted was that while old and absolutely covered in dust it was relatively intact. If the dust hadn't built up quite so much he might of believed he had only slept a couple days.

He stepped towards the wall opposite from his room, careful with his feet as to not step on any of his followers. While he was no larger than the common man unlike the other deities he was similarly large to the insects, capable of crushing them if he missteps. He approached the old rusted dark iron torch holder, looking at it with an expression deep in contemplation. He could only wonder, drawing the tip of his right index finger down the side of the torch's metal frame, dust gathering under his finger. I wonder what became of that old innkeeper and that lovely daughter of his...

As he began down the stairs into the main room he could see that no one's been through there in a long time either. This place truly was abandoned, left to the wages of time. It was a strange feeling to Creep, trying to piece together the fate of a building which he had gone to sleep in in what felt like it was just yesterday. He could see the personal items which belonged to the owners were gone. The chairs and tables were all put away too. All signs seemed to point to similar fates. The old man and his daughter had closed the inn, taking everything and moving away. Obviously the young lady had kept her word about not disrupting his slumber.

While the windows seemed to have been boarded up the door was merely kept with a bar across the door, slipped in through the handles. It seemed to point to the idea that those who left this place behind wanted to seal it off to intruders without necessarily sealing it from the outside.

How thoughtful

He was pleasantly surprised that the innkeeper and his daughter had been so thoughtful in leaving him be. He was left to wonder however what might of caused them to leave from this place in the time he was asleep for. As he stepped outside he could see something that might lend some evidence towards a possible conclusion: Hives were installed in nearly all the trees in the area, insects crawling and choking the skies everywhere he looked.

Hm, perhaps if I were an innkeeper and I had that many bugs just outside the door I'd probably move somewhere nicer myself... No offense meant by that of course.

"None takeen"

The ear wig answered back to his thoughts as he had addressed them. Still, it was some food for thought.

He had picked a direction and just started walking, the swarms of bugs preparing for a massive migration in their effort to accompany him. As he strolled he noticed more and more farms, all abandoned. The fields were either barren or rotten, overgrown from neglect as nature was starting to reclaim the once tilled lands. As he looked over the yawning stretch of empty farmlands he stood in wonder, wide eyed as he swept the fields with his gaze.

"What... Happened while I slept?" His voice was but a half-whisper as he spoke to himself.

"We laack thaat knowleedgze."

"It was a rhetorical question."


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Fear, yes it was definitely fear, how curious. Yet Kurnos couldn't help but to continue to let each edge of his mouth creep into a smile, it was so long he had found something, or rather someone that was this exhilarating, outside battle at that. He would call it a deadly dance, the slow fight of wills that was quietly going on between them, yet he knew, that even if he was to abruptly draw his axe and savagely engage the Lady of Dark delights then at most he'd only be able to tear a wound into her, before her terrifying presence took dominion over him.

He scoffed, throwing Dolores a sideways glance, it was becoming increasingly more difficult not to let any pressure show on his voice, the words of Dolores slathered in aphrodisiac and the oppressive atmosphere of this world were much to his own dismay taking their toll "Satisfying you, is something we both know is very much impossible." With a hand on her hip he pushed her back to a arms length "I will be your tool, for now. Hopefully you'll feel it fit to genuinely make me a night to remember, one lacking the lethal undertone. Consider your deal accepted."

Like a teenage couple who had suddenly been caught romancing Kurnos took a step back from Dolores upon Palchards sudden appearance, Kurnos shrewd smile replaced by a piercing stare. "Ever the same Palchard? Can't say I haven't grown a rather detestable fondess to your attitude, you think an axe between the eyes would improve it?" Perhaps the dark lady wouldn't enjoy having suddenly completely lost Kurnos attention, yet he took a simple turn towards the trickster, a few threatening strides, Cladeheim giving off an equally threatening pulse of energy. Palchard antics had removed atleast some of the stinging tension in the air, reinforcing Kurnos mind, for atleast a small moment more.

"Although... I know you'd never dare, too many tricks make one afraid of trying to solve things any other way, yes? Thus, I'll agree, it'd be nice to move the conversation from this awful intrusion of my head, what do you say Dolores?" How amusing for him to complain about intruding, nevertheless, he was thinking about leaving, he would've left Dolores to whatever perverted antics she might have, especially with the pressing matter as he felt blood being shed, his bastard of a lizard being one of the reasons. Yet he couldn't pass on the moment to listen in on these two, that, was far too tempting.


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Gulbrand, The Goblin King and Maeve Blackward, High Queen of the Unseelie Court - The Dark Forest - Pandeum

In spite of Kob, The King's Advisor's many, many, many pleas to reconsider his actions, Gulbrand nevertheless, entered the Dark Forest. Guided by Unseelie who raised the many incantations and enchantments that guarded the way, the Goblin King would soon find himself in the Unseelie Court. Kob, the miserable, little Goblin, trembled behind his liege's cloak. Kob's eyes darted across the room as he saw many Unseelie Knights, heavily armed, ready to defend their Queen at any cost.

His trembling was sending vibrations throughout Gulbrand's coat as the Goblin King kicked aside Kob in annoyance. "B-But sire-!" "Silence you! You shouldn't have come if fear was the only emotion you could show!" Gulbrand barked in Goblin Tongue. Gulbrand then turned his attention to the High Queen, Maeve Blackward as he made a bow. "My Lady." He spoke in Fey Tongues.

"I have decided to grace your Court with my presence to hear of what progress is being made, and to discuss, the future of our arrangements. If you would?" He spoke as respectfully as he could.

"I am honored to receive you, King Gulbrand." Maeve's lips curled into a pleased smile. "I hope you find the Dark Forest to your liking." She gestured to a servant standing next to her throne. The servant, a small fairy boy with frail transparent wings, fluttered over to Gulbrand bearing a goblet of cream. He bowed his head as he hovered before the king, offering him the cup.

"I know you may not share our affection for cream, but, if you'd prefer wine-" She snapped her fingers and the contents turned from white to creamy pink to a deep red. Her smile seemed to grow slightly. "We can accommodate your taste."

Her golden eyes ran over the goblin king. Perhaps he wasn't as disgusting as she initially thought. There was a terrible sort of nobility to him. Of course, he did not possess the beauty or grace of a fairy, but Maeve was beginning to find those traits vastly overrated. She rose from her throne, looking down at her ally from a long slender neck. "Your forces were having issues cutting a path through the forest, but we strengthened the enchantment on their tools. Although it won't completely prevent the trees from growing back, it will stunt their progress for a good period of time." She seemed to float towards him, the subtle smell of lavender and pomegranates following behind. Although many enchantment spells were sudden and overwhelming, Maeve preferred likened hers to a spider's web. They were discreet and took patience to weave, but once her prey was ensnared, there would be no escape from Maeve.

"As for the future of our arrangements," She took the goblet from the boy and extended it towards Gulbrand. She now looked up at him from behind thick eyelashes. "Do you not find our existing terms...satisfying?"

Gulbrand eyed the Queen with a suspicious gaze. He understood well enough they were allies, but old prejudices are hard to dismiss. He listened to her speak as he nodded his head in response. "I suppose this forest is likable as far as forests come." He then looked at the fairy who offered him cream. Gulbrand merely curled his lip in disgust, such sweets are horrendous to the Goblin King who waved his hand dismissively.

It was then the Queen decided to transform his cup into wine. While he does enjoy alcohol, the wine still had this odd smell of sweetness to it. Perhaps it was all in his mind but knowing it was once Cream, did not help to make the goblet any more appetizing. As she strolled up, Gulbrand took a whiff of the air around her and couldn't help but contort his face into repulsion. He absolutely hated the smell of lavender. It's aroma was more pungent than pleasing to the Goblin King. Of course he would not insult her on her choice of fragrance, even though he was greatly tempted to do so.

The Goblin King listened to the Unseelie Queen as he continued to hold his tongue. He nodded slowly as he watched her hand out the goblet. He made a sneer as he took the cup, he swished the wine in the goblet as he seemed to eye it suspiciously. "Well...I wish to discuss our terms. Frankly, I feel the Unseelie need to...contribute more to Zzyx. Enchanting our tools, and sending Stonemother and Lordkiller are good to begin with...but, I need far more if I am going to conquer the Seelie for you. Already, I have diverted much of my forces to chop down the Enchanted Forest, not to mention how much, gold it's going to cost me to topple Grimmshire, let alone the Court. I don't see the Unseelie doing much to undermine their enemies beyond allying yourselves with me. Do you even know how many Goblins I've lost already? The Forest tricks them and many either die or disappear without our knowing. This, I'm sure you know, is because of Fairy trickery! What protection have you offered my lads thus far!? Not enough, if none at all!" He then lowered his voice.

"Ahem." He coughed. He didn't wish to upset the Queen but the reports he receives have been, less than optimistic. It makes him rather mad to hear that these inconveniences are stalling their efforts. At least the Dwarves don't result to such tricks and will rush to meet you in combat, from there it's one's will for battle that decides the winner. "See my Lord? The Fairies offer you no such aid! We should leave-!" "SILENCE!!! One more word of this and I shall rip your tongue from your skull and feed it to you!!!" Gulbrand shouted in Goblin. Kob quieted down.
The Court behind Maeve tensed slightly, the knights behind her resisting the urge to pull the weapons from their hilts. Spite's growl rumbled throughout the room. The horned fairy rushed forward, only held back by her sister's grip around her arm. "How dare you! You worm! I'll-"

Maeve put up her hand, silencing her daughter. Her smile was unchanged, but the scent of lavender swirled around her and morphed until the air around her smelled of rotting flowers and rancid meat. "King Gulbrand," Although calm and collected, a terrible rasp crept into the queen's voice. "Are your fields plentiful? Or the farms in any of your territories? I can't imagine how difficult it is to feed armies of insatiable goblins, bugbears, and gnolls." She nodded, turning her back to him. "Or maybe I can, as I've been feeding the majority of your forces since the famine began." Stifled chuckles came from the fairy nobles, but Maeve ignored them. She turned to the king, a pleasant expression still resting on her face.

"As for your concerns, I understand completely. We have not provided your men with adequate protection. I will have one of my captains oversee a force dedicated to insuring their safety as they cut a path to Grimmshire." She moved towards Gulbrand, but her eyes rested on Kob. He was a disgusting little grunt. She wouldn't let on, but she spoke many languages and, although the goblin tongue was an insult to her ears, she understood every one of their guttural words. "Speaking of Grimmshire, the Seelie Queen has placed powerful protections on the kingdom. We have been working to undo her curses, but such things take time and patience."

Maeve's smile melted away, a look of cold steel in her eyes. She went to his side and hooked her arm through his own. "You must forgive us." She began to walk, guiding him with gentle but stern determination. "Our wars last for thousands of years. We are subtle and patient with our tactics, which leaves us unfamiliar with this style of conquest." Hopefully, the charm in the goblin king's wine was beginning to take root. Maeve smiled at him. "But you are a great conqueror. We could use your input on such matters."

Gulbrand was pleased with himself seeing the reaction the Court made, especially from her daughter. While it isn't always smart to antagonize others, he can't help but feel some sort of smug satisfaction that he can easily get underneath their skins. Though if they are this easily offended then they would be utterly rabid if he had actually tried. Even so, he could see why Maeve is Queen and not the rest of these bloody Soft Skins. She's not so easily perturbed.

It was then the smell shifted in the air...just what had happened? Is this Fairy Queen up to something? Perhaps, but the Goblin King felt no sense of danger regardless of whatever little game she's up to. Still here words did irk the Goblin King some especially when her Court decided to snicker. "Bloody Softskins, they all would be begging for their lives right now if it weren't for our alliance." He thought to himself. He continued to nod as the Queen continued.

"Well, yes, I suppose that would be satisfactory." He spoke. He was bit surprised when the Queen hooked his arm but he did not protest beyond a grumble. He followed her as she went on to explain about their tactics and while it may work for them, a Goblin's life isn't nearly that long. We move quick and hit hard, it is most effective in warfare. "Well...I suppose I could forgive you for that. A Fairy's life is eternal...I should understand this...but we Goblins haven't such lifespans. It's important we take what we want, when we want, and that is always sooner rather than later." He then absentmindedly took a drink from the cup. "But I some of your forces to better accommodate my needs."

As Gulbrand sipped his wine, Maeve smiled inwardly. "I am very grateful to you, King Gulbrand." She and the goblin walked towards her throne, but as they approached it, a portal opened before them. She turned her head towards Gulbrand, a polite smile on her lips. "Let's speak privately, beyond the ears of the rabble."

He looked at the portal as it opened itself before them. Looking to leave these ingrates behind he decided to step through without much thought of anything else. Besides, isolated, if something was amiss he was certain he could handle her himself.

As they walked through a portal, they discovered themselves in a large garden full of bright flowers and twisted brambles. Like the Unseelie Queen, all the plants were bold and beautiful, but extremely toxic. "Although my captains may not be skilled in your style of war, they are some of the deadliest combatants this world has ever seen. They will serve you well." The fairy queen looked up to the sky, seeing nothing but a starless night. "I have come to respect you far more than I thought possible." She released her grip on the king's arm, walking towards the edge of the garden. She inspected a particularly wild bunch of roses. She ran her thumb against the thorns, flirting with their barbs. "But, I must politely ask you to speak to me with the same respect I've shown you...especially in front of my court." She plucked a flower. The thorns dug into her gloved hand, a dark saplike substance oozing from the fabric. Maeve turned to her fellow monarch with a smile. "We are equals, after all."

He eyed the Unseelie Queen as she strolled about her private garden. The plants seemed to almost, reach out towards him, closing in on him, it felt entirely oppressive. Still he kept his attention on the Queen as she continued to speak about the, finer points, of their partnership. He watched as she seemed to have pricked herself. Was that her blood? It almost looked like Goblin Blood, which was notoriously thick, stinky and dark like the night sky. She seemed unfazed by the sudden discomfort and it would appear there's more to this Queen than he thought. She didn't seem to be like any of the other Soft Skin royalty. Weak and pathetic, unable to stand any slight tribulation to their wretched lives and worst of all, cowardly, even worse than some Goblins he knew.

He watched as she seemed to have pricked herself. Was that her blood? It almost looked like Goblin Blood, which was notoriously thick, stinky and dark like the night sky. She seemed unfazed by the sudden discomfort and it would appear there's more to this Queen than he thought. She didn't seem to be like any of the other Soft Skin royalty. Weak and pathetic, unable to stand any slight tribulation to their wretched lives and worst of all, cowardly, even worse than some Goblins he knew.

Gulbrand slowly nodded his head. "I...apologize, Queen Maeve...I simply felt, outrage at the thought of being underappreciated. We are here to conquer your foes for you and it seems we are met with disrespect in spite of our efforts. I see that I have misjudged you, but if we are equals, then I hope to see these issues resolved in a timely manner." The Goblin King spoke, his tone noticeably more respectful.

"Yes, I suppose we have both face resistance concerning our alliance." She chuckled quietly. "I suppose for all our similarities, goblins and fairies are having difficulties feeling at ease with their new allies." As Maeve handed the rose to Gulbrand, it began to blacken and wither. A mischievous glint gleamed in her eye. "Perhaps there is something we can do to remedy that."

He raised an inquisitive eyebrow as the Queen spoke. He looked down at the withering rose which she so gracefully held out for him to take. The Goblin King looked back at her and nodded. It was true, the Goblins have done nothing but complain about their alliance. He understands their concerns, more like their hate, but he has grown annoyed with their constant bellyaching. For example, Kob never fails to reiterate the fact he despises this alliance with a passion. Of course he would never do anything to change this...he's far too cowardly.

Still...there are others of similar opinion who do not hold such weaknesses. He looked towards her and then with a grin he took the rose from her hand. "Perhaps." He chuckled as the rose crumbled within his grip.


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The doors to the chamber burst open and Alessa stormed out, her hair blazing brighter as her eyes glowed to match. She was a swirl of conflicting emotions; rage, confusion, fear to name but a few. She spun on the spot to face her consort as he carefully closed the doors behind them with a faint click.

”Make sure none of their flesh is eaten. I want the kitchens purged and all traces obliterated. Now, Tristan.

Her voice was stern but much calmer than she'd expected now that she was away from the madness she'd witnessed. Tristan for his part remained tight-lipped behind his mask and simply about turned and went to carry out his orders.

As his footsteps faded the queen sighed to herself and half slumped against a wall. Closing her eyes she could still see the crazed smile and warped look in the merfolk's eyes. Whatever had driven him and his kin to raid the surface world was worrying her more than she’d initially thought, and would perhaps require a more direct investigation. Pulling herself back to her feet she turned and walked down a side passage away from the chamber, her fiery hair flickering off the walls in the dimly lit palace. While it certainly amplified the ambient lighting neither she or Tristan had much use of it as their dark vision was crystal clear. This was made obvious by his sudden re-appearance from an adjoining passageway as he fell into step behind her.

Together they walked in silence for a few minutes before she paused before a rather plain door and lightly brushed her hand across it’s surface causing a faint glow from her fingertips to spark. The doors parted to reveal a reasonably large room formed entirely from faintly glowing crystals of all manner of colours, with each surface bearing a multitude of crisscrossing sigils and wards. As she stepped across the threshold into the room itself they all as one flared bright enough to blind for less than a breath before throbbing in time with her heartbeat.

”I’d rather not see this famine drive us to war, for while I do not fear our destruction I do fear what monsters it would make of us.”

She begins to gently move her hands around as she draws upon the arcane energies within the chamber before continuing to speak with her consort as he stands behind her.

”While we’ve had little more than a truce in place I’d rather see it remain than simply crumble, but if it is to be so then I would rather know for certain so that I can be sure not to hold mercy in my heart.”

The lights reflected in the chamber had become almost interchangeable as they spun and swirled around her, misting her breath as the temperature fluctuated from burning to freezing. She turned to face her companion as she felt his unease growing.

”I shall seek a meeting, in my absence you shall mobilise our forces and ensure our people are safe. Do what must be done should the worst be realised.”
Tristan didn’t answer her at first, hesitant of what best to say and instead he simply nodded and acquiesced to her demands of him. As he raised his head to face her again there was a faint noise like an intake of breath which filled the chamber with cloying silence as the lights winked out and with them vanished the queen.

Deep beneath the great seas of Pandeum several delegations of merfolk had visited the great king to ask for his help as their families were struggling and required aid if they were to survive. As such the great audience chamber over which his throne resided was filled with an impatient throng desiring to earn his favour in order to save themselves and perhaps some of those who mattered to them.

The hubbub of dissenting voices was half silenced as their heated arguments changed to cries of panic as they turned to see a slender woman standing in their midst, her hair reducing the water in the air to steam in moments as she simply smiled disarmingly at them each in turn. Several of them fell over each other as they tried to put as much distance between them and this stranger as they dared while the royal guard surged to place themselves between her and their king. Her smile never wavering she raised her gaze to where the king was seated and slowly walked towards him, the blades of the guard raised menacingly towards her.

”I come in peace, Marvo. I would have words with you, if you would be so kind as to call off your lapdogs. I’d prefer not to have to do so myself.”


Marvo, King of the Seven Seas - Throne Room - Pacifika - Pandeum

It was busy day in the audience chamber as he and his Queen sat upon their thrones listening to the many supplicants who have come before them. Of course many asked for food and other supplies to help starving families through these trying times. In return they gave vouchers for a predetermined amount of rations from stores. While this did help it was but a temporary fix that won’t keep the public satisfied forever. Marvo could only sigh as he saw the line of supplicants seem to enlarge rather than diminish.

Nadine looked to her husband with a sad smile. She tried what she could to comfort him but even she worried for the state of their Kingdom.

It was during this time that a stir, nay a panic, came over the citizens of the Seven Seas as they rush to avoid the vision of a woman on fire. Marvo stood and from what he could see and hear he knew who this fiery woman was. Only one fire could survive the suffocation of being submerged beneath the Waves and that was Queen Alessandra. Marvo was not pleased to see a Surface Dweller disrupt today’s proceedings, especially unannounced. The Royal Guard did run to defend Marvo as dutiful as ever.

In her own manner of speaking he knew that a confrontation would mean the end of many of the citizens and guards in the room; so he ordered his Mermen to stand down. The Guard returned to a neutral stance as they parted for Marvo to have a clear view of his guest. “This is a most auspicious occasion, Alessandra, never would I have ventured to guess that the Red Mage would grace my court on this very day. Though I regret to say that your visit comes at time where it is most inconvenient, and unwelcomed.” He spoke as he eyed the Queen of Ka’liran.

“However, I will not be so rude as to send you away. After all your words must have great importance since it brought you to this place. Speak and I shall listen...for old time’s sake.”

Nadine watched with concern as Alessandra made her appearance. She did not think it in the character of the Queen of the Dragons to come looking for a brawl. Yet her arrival is most disconcerting, for what reason could she have to meet with Marvo of all people? Whatever Alessandra’s answers may be, Nadine could already tell that none of it will be good.

”I’ve missed our games of regicide. It has been too long, Marvo.” Her fingers lightly danced in the air as an echo of times past formed between her and the seated monarchs. She smiled as she circled the dueling pair bent over the simple game board. ”There were always such a sweet reprieve from the weight of our responsibilities, however brief they might have been. Yet...” The game being played out is swift as neither player refuses to back down and their gambits become more rash. ”Yet for all that, we still ceased once the battle was no longer constrained by such simple boundaries.”

She dragon-queen smiled up at Marvo, her eyes flitting over his wife before returning to him as she shook her head. The phantom game faded at that moment, leaving the hall feeling empty for it’s passing.

”Conflict is brewing across Pandeum as it has not done in ages long past, and I would rather that they be confined to a game of regicide but as before I fear that time is behind us. Your people have entered my realm; slaughtered my citizens, burned their village and stolen their meagre supplies. I will give you the benefit of the doubt that this is not of your making, and I trust that this raid was a rogue element, but if war between us erupts then I will do what I must.”

After bowing deeply to both king and queen of the depths, Alessandra straightened up, a sad frown twisting her features.

”I do miss those simpler times, but do not mistake my intent. If war comes then the seas’ of Pandeum will burn before my kind perish.” With that final utterance the flames of her hair engulfed her and she vanished leaving a few faint wisps of smoke behind her.


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The Green Woman and Symphonia
The Other Place

“I know that the mortals are being punished for their crimes but this is not just sentencing the ones that have done the injustice. This is a mass punishment for both the innocent and the guilty. The people that have, most likely, nothing to do with the harm that was brought upon the land are suffering the most. The farmers, caretakers, and countrymen that have only followed the cycle of taking and giving back to the land are the ones truly being treated unjust. The ones that cut down trees to expand their territory and drown the grounds with the blood of soldiers that fuel war are the ones that are unaffected." Symphonia stepped ahead and put herself in front of the Green Woman, halting her progress, and looked her in the eyes. A rare, serious, expression on her face.

“The way I feel about those innocent mortals is the same way you feel about your trees and the land they reside in. Your famine is only solidifying the power your intended target has over everyone else. If you were to make an attack on who is abusing their power then it must be in a different manner."

"Perhaps you have a point." The Green Woman rose, looking into Symphonia's eyes. Trees throughout Pandeum began to crack and groan. Branches slowly twisted into balled fists and claws. From the bark formed faint impressions of displeasure. To her displeasure, the Green Skins had managed to fill their bellies through their alliance with the Unseelie and, as the Enchanted Forest was the source of the Oakborn's power, punishing Maeve with famine would be suicide. She looked at her fellow goddess, sincerity in her eyes. "What would you have me do? Should I raise an army? Release a new plague onto the Green Skins and the Scaled Hordes and the Cultists?" She raised her eyebrows.

Symphonia pondered at the question presented to her. It was a question of heavy burden. Not only that but Symphonia hadn't planned for war in some time and she was considered a goddess of neutrality.

But this is for the greater good. A voice inside Symphonia's thoughts reassured her. This is to punish the ones that burden the ones you mean to protect. Symphonia looked at the candor in the Green Woman's eyes. The time of peace was already shattered and battles were waging at this very moment. Symphonia heard fighting that was elsewhere of the River.

"If you are to wage a war then you must gather allies and information on your enemies before doing so. The Green Skins are fighting right now as we speak with the dwarfs. And the Scaled Hordes are at a momentary standoff with the Lands of the Republic. To punish the wicked is not a task you must only burden yourself with. There are many that would share your goal to remove the power the threatening forces possess." Symphonia held out her arm towards the path so that they may continue their walk.

"How many?" The Green Woman raised her brows, curiosity knitted into her expression. She hooked her arm through the other goddess' arm. "Would you raise an army against my enemies? Would the Sun Bearer or the Smith? Would any of you care if your nations weren't starving?" Her corners of her mouth turned down into a scowl. Thorny vines crept from her shoulder blades to her neck, wrapping around her throat. Her eyes narrow slightly. "None of you took arms when the Green Skins began cutting down my forests. None of you took arms as the Hordes raped my land."

She took a breath, red roses blooming from the brambles around her throat. She closed her eyes for a moment. "I am sorry, my sister. I do not mean to be angry. I am trying to be strong."

Symphonia had to greatly resist the urge to step back as she saw the Green Woman's frustrations manifest themselves through the plant life on and in her body. But then she got ahold of herself and returned back to the calmness she demonstrated before and apologized. The Air goddess understood where the Green Woman was coming from.

"Your strength is a strong trait that I admire in you. You go through more pain than most, if not all, of the other gods on this planet. Yet you have endured for the ages. I am sorry that you have not received any help. I blame myself for always trying to avoid conflict. Even if it's at the expense of others' suffering." A look of sadness mirrored itself Symphonia's eyes but only for a moment before regaining the resolve that matched her Avatar's. "I believe the others are merely looking out for their own. That is why they haven't reached out to help. You know the people of my lane will help when called. It is our way. The Sun Bearer and the Smith have already brought up armies against your enemies. It's only a matter of banding together for a like cause. That is the way of war and that is what we have done before. Uniting against a common enemy." Symphonia slipped out of the Green Woman's arm and turned towards her. The goddess of Air curtsied with her head bowed once again.

"I hope you accept my deepest apologies. I consider you one of my greatest and closest allies and will gladly lend you the full support and cooperation of Zephyrus to aid you against your--our enemies."

The Green Woman nodded in acknowledgement, a small smile coming to her lips. "I appreciate your apology, Symphonia." A moment of silence passed, the Green Woman pondering over her choices. The seeds of anger were planted long ago and what sprouted from them was tangled in her soul. "I don't-" She paused, almost regretting her words. "I don't think I am ready to let go of my wrath. But I will make you a promise." She help Symphonia's hand and looked deep into her eyes. "If you raise an army and secure the safety of my domain, this famine will end."

Symphonia returned the Green Woman's smile with one of her own as she listen to the conditions of ending the famine. But before peace could once again be attained war would have to be brought down. And Symphonia had to be the one to do it. The goddess that wanted to cease conflict and wanted nothing but peace was now going to be the cause of many deaths to come. Blood on her hands.

"I gladly accept your offer." Symphonia finally spoke. "First I shall have to deal with the conflicts our potential allies are distracted with. Aiding them at this time will easily get them on our side not to mention the promise of the famine ceasing if they do so and defeat the enemies they already face. I shall be in contact with you once again once those things have been taken care of. Give the king my regards."


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With a sigh the Dark Lady fully resigned her previous intention. It had been a long time since Dolores had feasted upon a divine but she would see her gluttony sated eventually, besides it would be a shame if her new pawn was felled before he got to be useful.

“My apologies Palchard, I got distracted setting the table I forgot about the guests I had invited over to feast.”

 With a clap of her hands, they departed the court and appeared inside her Palace, the room in particular representing a war room. Dominating the center was a table with a rather lifelike map of Pandeum. Though things like geographical features and cities were miniaturized, close inspection proved that they were indeed accurate models of the things they represented.

 “When I get bored I come here and amuse myself by playing with my pawns. It is rather convenient I can use this to explain the grand scheme of things.”

 With hands white like alabaster, The Dark Lady plucked each pawn off the table and set them to display what occurred in the mortal realm, as she knew it. Each piece morphed itself so their appearance suited the event they were to display. Some were farmers, toiling the lands without success. Others were peasants forced to starve, greedy merchants buying food where it still growed and selling it at outlandish prices were none could be found. Soldiers resorting to banditry. At the borders of Kassius’s realm various pawns had gathered, taking form as legionnaires and the savages under Yogosh’s banner. Yet there were others in the nations...all of them dressed as cultists of Dolores...the most interesting of them were to the south.

“The Nations of Pandeum, stricken by famine, have been thrown into disarray. Our “Brothers and Sisters” will seek to unite them to bring about peace. So in light of this I propose we increase our power and influence in the mortal realm whilst they are distracted. Kurnos. I told you, I would profit regardless and I did not lie. However, if you cooperate with me I will have reason to reward you. The money my Cultists make, a portion of it will go to you and a portion of the food they have amassed. I will also aid your image.”

Dolores placed Pawns in the city of Nyke which was in Solaras, revealing the Cultists who had gathered there and her avatar. “Delietes as we speak is talking to the heads of various sects of my Cult of Dolores. Together they seek to amass wealth and cause confusion to distract those who would otherwise persecute them for their underhanded methods. One of them is the leader of a bard’s guild, the Sirens of No Sacrifice. They can romanticize the savage invaders of Kurnos, humanize their cause. Sing of their starving children and wives to sway the noble hearted fool and recite epics depicting Yogosh as a kind ruler whom was denied forgiveness and food by Cyrus, justifying your people’s invasion. Any further action against you will cause a divide amongst the countries that wish to do so, something we can exploit. Palchard to you personally, I offer amusement. In one of my courts, the mortals who seek their gluttonous desires sated, are tested to see if they are worthy of an audience. I have gathered the food from that court and with your help, wish to have it altered further. After the famine ends, I will have you put it amongst the food my cultists sell, Kurnos I will be sure your portion is not tainted myself. The expected results of this tainted food should be maddening and ruin the reputation of the food sold by Solaras. At the very least they will cause confusion amongst the mortals and many of them will become feral. I am sure you will find both of these fun to witness. However I also offer the allegiance of my cultists, some do worship you but with a word, I can have them integrate you into the normal doctrine. You will gain more power, more worshippers, and most importantly through my cult, influence into other nations where you would otherwise struggle to conjure a decent prank. However I will warn you both, whether you do as I ask or not I benefit the most from this.”
As she spoke her final sentence, a great many pawns that mimicked Dolores’s cultists went south. All under one region. “ They will unite to bring peace but for peace to come there must first be war and make no mistake. I have observed this world and you all since my birth. We will become their scape goats and they will call it Justice. Together we can show the mortals the truth, that there are no Gods of Justice or Law, that the Pantheon the see as Black or White is as gray and unfair as the world they live in.”

(Somewhere in the South.)

 In a land where silenced reigned. A land absent of mortals. Their touch had long been wiped away by the sands. Only one thing remained as evidence that man had once reigned here. Some miles off the coast, a singular colossal monument stood as reminder of what once was. A Pyramid, black like obsidian. The ancient archives of various nations would have knowledge on this place, the capitol of a nation. Similar to the Great Kingdom of Rime, that belonged to Nike, this one was surrounded by enemies and filled with corruption from within. The end result being ruin. Yet unlike Rime who had but one son, Argon, to remember it’s name. This Kingdom left behind many inheritors and reclaimers...All who shared the ambition of their ancestors.

For centuries they had remained silent. Hiding beneath the sands… Enclosed within the earth. Moving only under the cloak of night, they uncovered crypt after crypt and with each discovery the claimed more and more riches left behind from their ancestors. It was in these crypts that they toiled and worked. Expanding as necessary, making use of all that their ancestors left. Perhaps one would think they had defiled their graves, that they were lowly grave robbers. Yet surely, their ancestors smiled upon them, if they could. Afterall, all things had their end. They had been fooled by the lesser Gods into thinking otherwise and prepared their burials thinking that they could carry with them their riches into the afterlife. Yet they knew the truth. There was no afterlife. All things were to come to an end, it was as the Dark Lady had observed.

When the world came out fresh from Archanian’s Forge, it was doomed. Some of their less learned members called it the Flaw of Creation but that was a taboo name. It was not a flaw, Archanian was not a fool. All things that had a beginning, must also have an end. Not many whom worshipped the Dark Lady appreciated the aspect of Entropy but the Sect of Necroferi, unlike the other Sects, did. They accepted the truth that was the End and mimicked their Goddess.

Tracing their origins to an that empire has long been buried beneath the sands of the southern deserts, the Necroferi Cultists acted separate from the main cult. While they sought to over indulge in worldly desires, they had a different purpose. Protect that which Dolores called, the "The Flaw in Creation", the Decay that had plagued existence itself from the very moment Archanian pulled the World out from his Forge and to Witness the Endtimes alongside their Lady.

To that end,, they tried to observe the world and the Rot but their lives were far too short. In hopes of expanding their life, they begun to dabble in healing and worship Symphonia, but they only learned the limitations of Healing, not the secrets of Longevity. Next they mixed the worship of Kurnos in their Doctrine, hoping that perhaps through Undeath they could gain their answer and they did... but the wrong one. The Dark Lady's wrath fell upon them for resorting to Necromancy and those that survived her anger, realized through experiencing what it was like to be nothing but bone and rotting flesh that Eternal Life lacked the pleasures of Eternal Youth. Yet they continued on this peril less quest for knowledge, the truths they acquired along the way only working to perverse their perception of the Pantheon and their reverence for Entropy and Death even further. They sought something just before death but without the withering of life. Something that would not bind them to eternity but would permit them to last until the end. Perhaps it was for this devotion, Dolores permitted them to conjure an answer.
Bounding their souls to magic imbued phylacteries...
Reciting incantations requiring days to finish...
Imbuing by hand warding scripts upon linen and wrapping their bodies to preserve themselves…

The process was long. It was arduous. Those who learned how to do it spent their entire lives doing so and only the most masterful were permitted to attempt it on another. If the incantation was uttered wrong, if the phylactery cracked and the soul leaked, if the linen with which the body was wrapped had even the slightest flaw, the power they called upon would become wild and tore them asunder. And even these, if left to fend against the Decay by themselves would lose. The Phylacteries cracked as the soul tried to return to it’s natural vessel, the incantations would wear off eventually and linen would also give way, taking the words with them. (Thus the hierarchy was determined accordingly. Those worthy to be preserved, those who did the preserving, and those who served one or the other above them.)

It had been a perilous journey through the ages for the Necroferi Dolores Cultists, but they had secured the means to see the End. Now they only needed that ensure no one stopped the End from coming.

A singular femine voice resonated throughout the interior of the Black Pyramid. “Our Hour is it hand…”.
Preserved and made to sleep to her safety, the one whom Dolores herself had acknowledged as her Hero, had awoken. Her name was Khalida the Forever Queen. and her purpose was to recreate the nation they traced their lineage through and use the power they would gain from doing so to smite anyone or anything that sought to stop Dolores.

"It is time for our return."


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Marvo, King of the Seven Seas - Throne Room - Pacifika - Pandeum

Queen Alessandra's words burrowed themselves deep with in the Sea King's troubled mind. How could this have happened? Yes, his forces were mobilizing for war but no raids have been authorized by him. Any assaults on the Surface Dwellers had to approved by him before any action could be taken. He didn't believe that any of his military leaders are suspect, they would never dare cross the King in any sort of manner. It could have been the action of a few desperate fools but why Alessandra's lands? Marvo found it suspicious that her lands where invaded especially when lands like the Republic were closer and more fruitful for invasion. It didn't feel right, it feels as though something else was at work here.

Nadine spoke, "Marvo, is it true what she said? Did you have Merfolk pillage the Dragon Queen's lands?" Marvo looked to his wife and merely shook his head. The Sea Queen could tell that Marvo hid no truth from her, this was the actions of a few rogues. "What shall we tell the people? Obviously word will carry fast about this." Nadine questioned. "Yes, we should send word to the people that we have nothing to fear from the Kingdom of Ka'liran. At least...not at this moment..." Marvo's words trailed into silence. "What do you mean by that?" Nadine asked. "I must leave at once, tell the people that the King shall investigate this matter personally. That should provide some comfort." He spoke as he strode out of the Throne Room.


Marvo swam far beyond the borders of his Kingdom. While many believe the whole of the Ocean is Marvo's domain, the Blue Depths are indeed vast and not even they have traveled to it's every corner. Areas of the Sea that are uninhabited by Merfolk are instead home to many wondrous and yet terrifying creatures. One such creature is who Marvo suspects is behind this incident between the rogues and the Ka'liranians. He found himself looking over a deep abyss as he shouted, his voice reverberated into it's deepest crevasses. It was then earth shook as a flood of bubbles and air spewed forth. "COME GILDERATH!!! IT IS I! KING MARVO AND I WISH TO HAVE AN AUDIENCE WITH THEE!!!"

It wasn't long until a massive Sea Dragon swam from out of the darkness as it circled the Sea King. It's wingspan massive, it's sheer body size darkened the world around him. "Enough with the show, Gilderath, I haven't come to see you act intimidating." He spoke. "My, my, such that anyway a King should speak towards a fellow monarch?" Gilderath said with a smile. "You are no monarch Gilderath...even though I'm sure you liked to be." Marvo retorted. Gilderath then laughed as he reared his head,"Oh ho! And I suppose I pale in comparison to Alessandra in your eyes?" Marvo's eyes lit up. "So it was you?"

"It was I? Was it? What are you presuming, King Marvo?" Gilderath asked. "You're the one that bewitched my people to attack Alessandra's lands, admit it!" Marvo demanded. "DO NOT, make demands of me, Marvo! We may have a truce with the Pacifikan Royal Family but do not push the limits of our congeniality." He warned. Gilderath turned away from the King before he continued, "But I must admit, you are as intuitive as ever King Marvo, your suspicions are correct." He admitted as he spoke over his shoulder. "Why? Why would you do such a thing?!" Marvo exclaimed. "Why? The answer is simple, because I hate her. Queen of the Dragons, bah! We Sea Dragons do not recognize her as our ruler!" Gilderath answered. "So, are you jealous of her, is that it?" Marvo questioned.

"Jealous!? Of her!? HAH!! Such concepts are pitiful to the mind of a, we simply cannot tolerate her arrogance any longer. Her and all of her kin! The Sky Dragons look down upon us mocking us for the fact that we live beneath the Sea. Hmph, what they fail to realize is that we grow far larger and more numerous down here. And yet, they have the nerve to call us lesser?! PREPOSTEROUS!!!" Gilderath roared. "I have not come to listen to your complaints, I have come to learn why you've involved my people in your affairs!" Marvo pressed. "But Marvo, you've already involved yourself. Don't you remember? Or have you forgotten that you've declared war on the Surface World?" Gilderath pointed out. Marvo grew silent. "Perhaps I am not an expert on geography but last I remember it, that Ka'liran was apart of the Surface World." Gilderath chuckled. "What do you want?" Marvo asked, holding back his anger.

"Now that was the question you should've been asking all along. What do I want? Well, I want to help you! Like you, I too believe the Surface World deserves a reckoning...after all, their actions are affecting us as well. But, my brothers don't see any reason to help you or your people, unless, you agree to invade Ka'liran of course?" Gilderath asked. Marvo's stern glare was then turned to the ground as he asked, "And if I refuse?" "Well I guess I can't force you to invade Ka'liran even though that would mean going back on your word. But if you can live with that then I suppose we'll just have to eat the Merrows first in order to survive." Marvo's body stiffened as he tried to resist the urge to kill the Sea Dragon for his threat.

"And I know you don't want that, so why not work together instead? There's no reason that the both of us could not benefit off each other?" "And what could you possibly have to offer me, Gilderath?" Marvo rumbled. "Like us, we know you have an old grudge to settle." Marvo's eyes widened. "That's right, Marvo, help us and I promise you that Yogosh will fall to your blade!" He laughed. Marvo turned away from Gilderath as he thought about his offer. With the Sea Dragon's allegiance then punishing the Surface World will be that much easier. Yet, can he risk engaging Alessandra? Then again, if he can deliver Yogosh then his people will no longer be afraid and the world will be a much safer place with that undead bastard destroyed!

"What do you ask of me?" Marvo asked. "Invade Ka'liran first, distract the Queen's forces so that we may slip in and end her miserable reign. Have no fear for the Sea, King Marvo, the Queen will not scorch these waters...not so long as we draw breath." Gilderath assured. Marvo turned and nodded. "Excellent. My brothers will be happy to hear that you graciously accepted our offer. We shall eagerly await the battle call, the Sea Dragon Tribes are at your side. But I warn you now, King Marvo, dare not cross us lest you face the wrath of all Dragonkind." With those words Gilderath swam away leaving Marvo to return to his realm.


Marvo returned as he sent word to his generals, the orders are to mobilize upon the Kingdom of Ka'liran. Soon war will erupt and all Marvo could think of was Alessandra's words. He agreed, he too misses those simpler times.


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Border of Winterfell and the Republic

As the Winterfell delegation approached the border outpost, the commander charged with the garrison keeping watch along the border between Winterfell and the Republic road out to meet them, flanked by two nobilita equites. As he slowed his horse to a walk, he thrust out his hand into the air in a formal salute.

"Salve, priestess. I suspected that we would see a delegation from your people soon enough."

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Gods shouldn't be worshipped. They should be blamed for their childishness.

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Devi the Peace Bringer

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Character Portrait: Indris

Gods shouldn't be worshipped. They should be blamed for their childishness.

Character Portrait: Symphonia

Deity of Healing and Air

Character Portrait: Kassius

God of Light and Laughter

Character Portrait: Devi the Peace Bringer
Devi the Peace Bringer

Goddess of Peace, Protection, and Retribution

Character Portrait: Dolores

The Archiac Goddess of Entropy and Hedonism

Character Portrait: The Breeder
The Breeder

Archaic God of Curses and Corruption

Character Portrait: Archanian

God of Creation and the Forge

Character Portrait: Kurnos, Keeper of Undeath
Kurnos, Keeper of Undeath

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The Oakborn

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Character Portrait: The Oakborn
The Oakborn

Deity of Nature and Fate

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The God of Mischief, Cruelty, and Madness

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The Archiac Goddess of Entropy and Hedonism

Character Portrait: Creep

God of insects

Character Portrait: Anwen

Goddess of Stars, Music, and Dreams

Character Portrait: Indris

Gods shouldn't be worshipped. They should be blamed for their childishness.

Character Portrait: Symphonia

Deity of Healing and Air

Character Portrait: Devi the Peace Bringer
Devi the Peace Bringer

Goddess of Peace, Protection, and Retribution

Character Portrait: Nike

The Young Goddess of Victory and Courage

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