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God of insects

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a character in “Deities: The Gods of Pandeum”, as played by Zalgo



God Name: Creep.
Title: God of insects, Rufus, The Stranger.
Gender: Male.
Alignment: True Neutral.
God Appearance:

Primary: His primary form is that of a man not long into his life. He stands at about five feet tall with dark unkempt hair roughly coming down to his neck. He dons a tattered brown hat and long coat which look to have been worn for miles without repair. Underneath is not much fancier either, just a white shirt and brown pair of pants like a homeless wanderer would wear. Even his thick brown traveling boots look like they've seen better days. His eyes look like deep dark pools of jet with only the faintest hint of blue in them. One detail to note however is that his shirt has a number of holes around the chest, each one stained with blood. Beneath the shirt are the wounds that were inflicted upon him back when he was still mortal. These wounds act as the main entrances and exits for the insects that live inside his body.

As he started off human he's never really shaken off his former identity which is why he keeps this form as his true shape.

Hive: This form looks similar to his previous form in adornment however his eye sockets are empty and his entire body is covered in perforations which leak a strange off-white honey like substance. Insects can be found constantly crawling in and out of these holes in him, attracted by the unusual honey he leaks.


Creep is unremarkable in general but a humble man at heart.

Though his ascension to godhood has changed him a great deal physiologically his personality has remained more or less intact. He tends to avoid causing other people trouble when he can, preferring solitude as he doesn't trust easily. He harbor's little ill will towards others but is rather cynical from experience. Typically he receives little to no respect and he expects little else out of people be they gods, goddesses or mortals. In a way he isn't used to the whole concept of being worshiped or acting as a deity in any fashion. Though he may be somewhat weaker than most young gods he's never felt any sense of belonging among neither them nor the archaic gods. Perhaps there's even that slight sense of resentment towards them for their influences in his life (Or lack thereof for some). He's not beyond making friends with them but not being the most social fellow can make that harder for him than for others.

Towards insects he shows some hospitality though he generally leaves them to their own affairs. As it's mentioned he's not accustomed to being revered in any way. He'd say he's not worth the praise but it's harder to tell that to the insects that call his body home. He's reluctantly accepted their worship and he hasn't done too badly because of it. After all, they are the reason he's a god to begin with. It's his obligation to return the favor to them, to not do so would be rather unfair. He might be self-deprecating but he still likes to think of himself as fair if nothing else.

Opinion of mortals: "Some of them are jerks, some aren't. All in all I suspect roaches will outlast them all."


Creep's only worshipers are insects. Back when he was still mortal they found him bleeding from his chest and gut, buried up to his neck in their ant hill. The ants fed on him but no matter how much they devoured he refused to die. This continued for three days, Rufus bleeding food for the ants. Their queen was smart however, especially for an ant. She felt an emptiness inside, a loneliness that came with being below notice for almost all beings, including the gods. The deities above had many people that they cared for but insects were not counted among them. As she was fed the blood of Rufus, before the third day was over, she finally came to a conclusion. They needed their own god. They needed someone who would take care of both their physical needs and, more importantly, their spiritual needs.

As Rufus was about to die they gathered before him. She had brought the other colonies, the bees and even the worms to come lend him their aid. Using their strange nature magic they sustained him and through their reverence they elevated him. They fed him a strange honey and it kept him alive, returning vigor to him. As the third day came to a close he finally pulled himself free from the earth he was buried in, transcending death and undeath entirely to walk the earth as something more.

For this he serves them, tending to their needs however well he might. The insects worship him as their god and go about convert all willing insects to their faith and killing those who are not willing. They follow him, forming super colonies wherever he goes. Many different species of insects, all united under the rule of the queens. Queens of bees and queens of ants have both made their own god's body their temple, living within him like a sort of large, living, moving hive. Under them are a variety of different insects who all are bred and trained to serve specific roles. Policing these special insects are the elite guard, bees and ants who have developed into vicious killing machines, albeit small ones.

Creep has no other worshipers aside from insects. Nobody who isn't an insect, aside from perhaps some deities, even knows who he is. At least, for now.


#1: Creep is only four hundred years old. He became a god well after the war of the gods came to a halt and the treaty was signed. Thus, he is not mentioned nor bound by the treaty. Luckily he has no interest in abusing this fact as he'd much rather go unnoticed, actively avoiding drawing attention to himself in both negative and positive capacities.

#2: His only weapon is a rusty iron sword that's only ten years younger than he is. Despite that it's fared unnaturally well over those long many years.

#3: As well as possessing some latent traits belonging to the insect worlds that simply lay dormant until called upon Creep holds the ability to hide exceptionally well, even from the eyes and other senses of the various deities.

So begins...

Creep's Story


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#, as written by Zalgo
The Fields of Old

Sleep. Something almost all beings can relate to each other in having. Mortals use it to relieve their growing strains and gods use it to relay messages to mortals as well as a means to regenerate. Often times when a god or goddess uses up too much of their power or is damaged bad enough they need to rest until they have rejuvenated themselves.

Creep just used it to occasionally feel human.

He laid in the dusty old bedroom of a long abandoned inn. The threads that the sheets were woven from had frayed apart at the ends and for the most part had fallen to pieces from the damages the insects have inflicted over the years. Sixty long years he's spent sleeping in this room. It was a surprise the floor hadn't collapsed into the level below given how many termites now inhabited the walls of this old building.

The dim dismal sunlight crept along his oddly clean shaven face just as it had for numerous days before, only changing with the rotations of the sun. This was an auspicious day however. After sixty years who could tell just how long he planned on staying asleep. As the rays of light met his shut eyelids however he started to stir, much to his occupants surprise.

Throughout what must of felt like hours he started to yawn, reaching a hand up to rub the tiredness from his eyes. He pulled his hat down to block out the light as he rolled away from the window and shut his eyes again. He was a determined sleeper, that much was certain.

"Good Morrning Mazsterr"

Ear wigs were annoying like that. Always hearing everything he thinks and knowing everything he feels. They've always been careful enough to give the illusion of privacy to his thoughts so as to not raise his ire which was already pretty high as they were privy to something he had previously considered personal. He's never raised enough of a fuss to get rid of them, he's never truly understood the extent to which they know him. All he knows is that they are loyal beyond what most humans understand of loyalty. The queens would tolerate no less from company in this body they call their temple.

It was too late for him. Now that he's been stirred his mind was active, busy with thought. There was no way he was going to squeeze in some more sleep while he was roused at this point. Frustrated with himself more than anyone for this he slowly sat up, groaning before stretching his arms wide out. His back made a loud series of pops as he worked out the kinks. The bugs inside had long ago come to understand that their god occasionally does stuff like that, it's not something to be worried about.

But the motion and the results of said motion caused a stir within him. The entire population was active now that he was up. Before they were quite careful not to wake him but now that he was up they were free to wiggle about wherever they went. He could feel them inside him, always.

How long have I been asleep for? This place looks way older than it looked when I came in. He pondered in thought, knowing his thoughts were heard and a reply was in the making from his excessively close advisers. "Ourr anceezstorrzs have grrown up, grrown old and dieed many timezs beeforre uzs" The head advisors answered back. So... Longer than a couple weeks then.

He couldn't expect them to keep a very precise track of the time. It was quite exemplary that they were as knowledgeable as they were, speaking to him as another human would though with a heavy accent as they struggled to duplicate all the same sounds. Vocal communication was not a large component of how insects communicated with each other. They had to learn how speaking actually conveyed information before they could even understand how to learn how to speak their god's language. Luckily for them once a few insects learned the secrets of mammalian communication the queens only needed to eat their brains to receive the knowledge so they could pass it onto their offspring.

Not that Creep knew how they went about their business. He didn't really care to learn about it either. He wasn't much concerned with the affairs of insects unless it was a big problem. All he wanted to worry about was himself. He picked up each of his boots and tipped them upside-down, shaking out some stray bugs which were loitering inside before putting the boots on. Finally he stood up from the bed he had slept on for all these years. Miraculously it had never collapsed despite it's age, though it wasn't all that miraculous when taking into consideration the fact that the insects were more than a little encouraged to make sure their god was not roused from his sleep too early.

Out through the window he stared, gazing out into the rolling fields of golden wild grass littered with yellow and red leaves dropped from the nearby forest. Autumn, the transitory season marking the end of summer and the beginning of winter. To be put in more flowery terms, the end of life and the beginning of death. It boded ill to be awake at this time as a distant feeling nagged within, worrying him.

He went over to the door, grasping the handle gingerly. Having spent a while around insects he's honed his already gentle approach to a fine art, able to move around without disrupting anything. It helped him get around unseen which was quite valuable given how often trouble sought him. Stepping into the old hallway the first thing he noted was that while old and absolutely covered in dust it was relatively intact. If the dust hadn't built up quite so much he might of believed he had only slept a couple days.

He stepped towards the wall opposite from his room, careful with his feet as to not step on any of his followers. While he was no larger than the common man unlike the other deities he was similarly large to the insects, capable of crushing them if he missteps. He approached the old rusted dark iron torch holder, looking at it with an expression deep in contemplation. He could only wonder, drawing the tip of his right index finger down the side of the torch's metal frame, dust gathering under his finger. I wonder what became of that old innkeeper and that lovely daughter of his...

As he began down the stairs into the main room he could see that no one's been through there in a long time either. This place truly was abandoned, left to the wages of time. It was a strange feeling to Creep, trying to piece together the fate of a building which he had gone to sleep in in what felt like it was just yesterday. He could see the personal items which belonged to the owners were gone. The chairs and tables were all put away too. All signs seemed to point to similar fates. The old man and his daughter had closed the inn, taking everything and moving away. Obviously the young lady had kept her word about not disrupting his slumber.

While the windows seemed to have been boarded up the door was merely kept with a bar across the door, slipped in through the handles. It seemed to point to the idea that those who left this place behind wanted to seal it off to intruders without necessarily sealing it from the outside.

How thoughtful

He was pleasantly surprised that the innkeeper and his daughter had been so thoughtful in leaving him be. He was left to wonder however what might of caused them to leave from this place in the time he was asleep for. As he stepped outside he could see something that might lend some evidence towards a possible conclusion: Hives were installed in nearly all the trees in the area, insects crawling and choking the skies everywhere he looked.

Hm, perhaps if I were an innkeeper and I had that many bugs just outside the door I'd probably move somewhere nicer myself... No offense meant by that of course.

"None takeen"

The ear wig answered back to his thoughts as he had addressed them. Still, it was some food for thought.

He had picked a direction and just started walking, the swarms of bugs preparing for a massive migration in their effort to accompany him. As he strolled he noticed more and more farms, all abandoned. The fields were either barren or rotten, overgrown from neglect as nature was starting to reclaim the once tilled lands. As he looked over the yawning stretch of empty farmlands he stood in wonder, wide eyed as he swept the fields with his gaze.

"What... Happened while I slept?" His voice was but a half-whisper as he spoke to himself.

"We laack thaat knowleedgze."

"It was a rhetorical question."