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The God of the Sea and Storm

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a character in “Deities: The Gods of Pandeum”, as played by Seveneleven


God Name: Mervyn (Merwin, Marvin, Melvin, Merlyn, Morwyn, Morrivan)
Title: The God of the Sea and Storm. Patron Deity of Sailors and Fishermen. The Lord of the Changing Tide, Father Ocean, The Stormcaller, The Archmage
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral Good
God Appearance: Image

Tall, thin, and pale in appearance, the Lord of the Changing Tide has an almost ethereal presence about him. He moves like a quiet whisper, hardly giving notice to those around him. He dresses modestly, wearing robes and tunics of an esoteric type of style. The only exception is his crown signifying his rule over the murky depths. The most noticeable features about him is his moist almost scaly skin and his dark green hair that transforms into a cape of pure water.

Personality: The God of the Sea is a quiet and contemplative man possessing of a keen intellect. He prefers to watch and listen, ever observing and analyzing all that surrounds him. He always seems to have some sort of plan or thought that brews like a coming storm within his mind. When he speaks, it's respectful and carefully worded ever so mindful of the egos that are present among the Gods. Some say he's cowardly for it, never asserting himself against the more violent deities even in the face of their many misdeeds. Yet he's not the God of Retribution, he's the God of the Sea and unless his domain calls for it, there is no need to involve himself with the other Gods many activities.

Because of this he is often absent from any meetings the Gods may call making the Sea God a rather, mysterious individual. Some say he cannot be trusted because of his preference to privacy and secrecy. When in fact he's perhaps the most trustworthy of the whole Pantheon. Always ready to be a confidant, he provides a much need ear to those who ask for it. And those that take it, always feel secure knowing that the Lord of the Changing Tide will take their most personal secrets to a watery grave.

While others may see weakness, be fore warned, Father Ocean is a powerful sorcerer, perhaps one of the best. His ability to call upon the ancient forces of the Sea and Storm can muster a great show of strength. Great enough to make others wary and even fearful of what his true wrath may bring.

Opinion of mortals: "Mortals are curious beings but they are not without their strengths and flaws. We must encourage those that seek right and discourage those that seek wrong. In the end, I wish for the best of all even if they may not be deserving of it."

God’s Domain:

Avatar Name: Marvo, King of the Seven Seas
Avatar Appearance: Image

Personality: A stern and no-nonsense Merman, he rules his underwater kingdom with fairness and dignity. He is extremely caring of both his people and all the Free Waters of Pandeum. He absolutely detests any pollution or harm that would befall his domain, and will fight fin and scale to defend what he loves most. Because of this he is very distrustful of all surface dwellers be they Man, Fairy, Dwarf, or Green Skins. He and his people share a special animosity towards the Kurnosian Hordes since it was the First Black March as to why the city of Pacifika was drowned.

Magic Abilities: Marvo is a powerful master of the elements. He is able to command the Sea and Storms to literally rain down upon his enemies and wash them all away. He can communicate with and command any creature found beneath the Sea. Besides his affinity with magic, Marvo is an accomplished warrior, able to stand toe to toe with the surface world's best fighters.

Hero(es): Nadine, Queen of the Seven Seas
Rank/Reason: Marvo's most beautiful wife, she rules as Queen of the Seas alongside her husband.
Personality: A wise and compassionate mistress of the Seas, her command of the Oceans and it's creatures could rival that of her own husband's. She is the more even-tempered of the two and is the only one capable of soothing her husband's legendary ire.

Hero(es): Nami, Princess of the Seven Seas
Rank/Reason: The beautiful daughter of Marvo and Nadine, she is the Princess of the Seas.
Personality: Nami takes the beauty and grace of her mother combined with Marvo's pride and stubbornness. She is headstrong and a legendary spitfire among her people. Yet she is perhaps the most beloved figure in all of Pacifika besides her own parents.

Hero(es): Kol'cytus
Rank/Reason: Champion and Hero of the Seas
Personality: The brave Kol'cytus is a legendary Mariner in the Sea King's armies. He has slain many a dangerous Sea Monster and defended the Sea Cities from would-be invaders. He is loyal to the Crown and ever dutiful to his people and the Seven Seas.

Hero(es): Ker'ithian
Rank/Reason: The Herald General
Personality: A famous general in the Sea King's armies. He is called the Herald General for being the first to announce the coming of the Sea King's forces and the first to lead them into glorious battle. He is a cunning and noble warrior.

Hero(es): The Pisces
Rank/Reason: The Royal Guardians
Personality: The Twins, Mira and Cali'stra are proud members of a long line of guardians to the Royal Family. They are the elite, warriors trained personally by the Sea King to serve and protect his family.

Hero(es): Mont Elfrey
Rank/Reason: Grand Magister
Personality: The Best known sorcerer in the Seven Seas. Mont is a wise Merman who takes delight in instructing the young and the new in the mystic arts. He is a particularly long lived Merman and many ponder about his secrets to his longevity. Mont is also a source of experience and many come to the venerable Merman seeking advice.

Hero(es): Voslo
Rank/Reason: High General
Personality: The highest ranking general in the Sea King's armies. Voslo is a great strategist and friend of Marvo's, having trained together since youth under the same master. Because of their close friendship, Voslo forgets his place sometimes and may question his friend's decisions. While this hasn't caused a strain on their relationship it does sometimes test it.

Hero(es): Gilderath
Rank/Reason: Sea Dragon
Personality: An ancient Sea Dragon, Gilderath has an odd relationship with the Merrows. While he coincides with the Merfolk, he has been known to eat them when they've wandered to close to his territory. The only Merfolk he doesn't eat are members of the Pacifikan Royal Family, who have a pact with the Sea Dragon. Even so, Gilderath is a manipulative being who uses those who seek his aid to gain something he wants.


Terrain Preference: The Merrows live comfortably in the blue depths of the world's oceans. Here they are surrounded by undersea rocks, kelp, coral, and the numerous creatures that call the sea their home.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: The Kingdom of Pacifika
Capital: Pacifika
Major Cities: Meropolis, Atlanna, The Sunken Harbor


The Merrows- Also known as the Merfolk or Seafolk, they are the amphibious mortal race of Mervyn. While their appearance is basically humanoid everything else is quite aquatic, possessing scales and fins instead of skin and hair. The Merrows are capable of living on both land and water due to being born with gills and lungs. Although the Merfolk much prefer to live underneath the sea since their flesh is very susceptible to drying out. The Merrows are strong race able to withstand the pressure of the deep sea and can swim at impressive speeds. The Merrow's scales come in a wide range of beautiful and exuberant colors from aquamarine blue to crimson red with various yellows, greens, and whites.


The Economy of the Merrows is based on currency that you would find on the surface world. Gold and silver are the main trades as the Merrows often excavate them from undersea mines. They are also traders of fine jewelry, specifically the Pearl, which they farm regularly from cultured oysters. Pearls, being born of the sea, often have more value than gold or silver, especially the very rare Wild Pearl. The name of their coined currency is Clams since the design is based on the shelled mollusk. Besides gold and jewelry, the Merrows often trade in the many bountiful harvests the Seas give them. This include the meats of many types of fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods. They also sell many fine shells and even kelp has a place on the market as many Humans like to either cook or use them in beauty regiments.


Merfolk politics, was once very open and hospitable to the surface dwellers. They would often trade with Humans, Dwarves, Fairies and other beings that showed no hostilities towards them. Yet, as the years marched on the Merfolk have grown distant and even distrustful of the races they once called friend. Thanks to rampant wars, pollution, and abuse of the very waters their Lord intended for all to share, the Merrows have become cold, hard, and even aggressive to all other nations. It's been quite some time since there has been dialogue between the Merfolk and the surface dwellers.

Being a proud and mighty race, the Merfolk are no strangers to combat and warfare. They have a most formidable army, consisting of soldiers (known as Mariners), spellcasters, and fierce Sea Creatures and Monsters. They have fought many wars against rebel Merfolk factions and surface armies alike. Yet their most storied rivalry is with the Kurnosian Hordes. Long ago, the Merrows once lived just above the surface of the ocean and looked more like Man than Fish. Here they were ruled by the first Avatar and King of Pacifika, Pirith. Pacifika was a bright and shining city, a beacon worthy of Kassian proportions. Here many can see the wealth and splendor of the beautiful City by the Sea. Unfortunately it became a huge target that the Hordes simply could not ignore.

It was the time of the First Black March where the mighty Dracosian, Yogosh, guided by Kurnos himself, lead the Hordes upon the very doorstep of Pacifika. The Merrows fought valiantly against the Black March in what is called one of the longest and most bloodiest battles in siege history. On the final day of the siege, King Pirith was slain by Yogosh himself, but before he died, he ordered that the City of Pacifika be drowned. The Merrows followed their slain King's final order to the letter as they used their magic to submerge Pacifika, killing many Merrows and Dracosians in the process. Those that survived the Sinking of Pacifika eventually metamorphosed into the beings we see today. Despite this event occurring many generations ago, the Seafolk still remember and they still harbor a bitter grudge against the Hordes. To this day this legendary event has spawned many stories and terms, most notably that of a Pirithian Victory, a term used when one claims victory at great personal cost.


So begins...

Mervyn's Story


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Marvo, King of the Seven Seas - Pacifika - Pandeum

Deep beneath the Ocean, a storm was brewing. The Famine, it's divine effects could be felt even this far away from the politics and wars of the Surface World. Here the plants of the Sea are dying causing many of the Sea's creatures to starve. So many fish rely on the plants to provide them with the key nutrients they need to survive. With the loss of their major food source this has caused a major panic in Merfolk society. Not only do they depend on the Sea Creatures for both aid and sustenance, they share an almost primal bond, it's as if their death is like the losing of another limb.

The Merfolk are angry, scared, and more importantly, hungry. This has been brought to the attention of the mighty, King of the Seven Seas, and here in beautiful Pacifika, he has called for a rally to address his kingdom. As the Merfolk gathered before the gates of the Sea King's Palace they could see upon the balcony, a figure swim forth from behind the veil. It was Marvo, in all his regal glory, as he looked down to see his people hail his name. He raised his arm as the Merfolk immediately silenced their chatter.

"Greetings, Merrows of Pacifika!!! You have called for my audience and I have granted it!!! I know many of you have come far and wide seeking answers and I'm afraid, I have only ill-tidings to bear. I would love nothing more than to say all is well but make no mistake my dear subjects...we are indeed in the midst of a crisis!!!" Marvo's voiced roared over the crowd reaching all ears. The Merfolk began to chatter nervously. "Silence!" The Merfolk quieten. "We mustn't give in to panic for I have come up with a solution to end our crisis." The Merfolk listen intently. "I have conferred with our Lord and the source of this famine, is indeed divine in origin! To put it simply, the Gods are angry and they are punishing us." These words then caused an uproar among the Merfolk.

Soon many were begging for forgiveness, others spouted curses, and others beg the question of what have they done to deserve this? "SILENCE!!!" A hush befalls the crowd. "Dare not blame the Gods for their decisions and dare not blame yourselves for it!! Is it not our duty as mortals to appease our Gods? And we shall appease them by punishing the true transgressors....THE SURFACE DWELLERS!!!" A collective gasp is made by the entire audience. "It is true, the Surface Dwellers are not like us my fair subjects. They abuse and tarnish the very land the Gods have gifted them! They do not treat it with the same care and respect we do to our own Oceans! They do not even respect each other. This, I believe, is the very reason why the Gods are so rife with anger. It is time to right the wrongs of this world, we shall suffer the Surface Dwellers no longer! We will not pay for their mistakes and we will certainly not starve for them!!! Marvo bellowed as the Merfolk began to cheer.

"Now, go my Merfolk! Say your prayers to the Goddesses of War! May Lady Nike show us the path to victory and may Lady Devi bless our arms to always strike true!!!" The Merfolk began to chant en masse to the Goddesses of War as the Merrows depart, readying for war. Marvo swims back inside the palace to see, a less than pleased, Nadine. "Nadine do not give me that scowl, you know I dislike that look." "Well perhaps I would not give it if my husband wasn't so temperamental!" He scolded. Marvo could only sigh, "Let us takes this to our chambers...I do not wish for the servants to hear us bicker again." Marvo spoke as he lent a hand for her to take. She turned her head at his offer as she swam for their bedroom.

"King Marvo!" A courier called as he bowed before him. "Ah yes, you've arrived just in time." Marvo pulled from his robes what looked like a scroll but the material was not paper but rather some kind of kelp. "Take this note to General Ker'ithian, he will need to ready the Mariners for the first assault." Marvo spoke as he handed the courier the note. "Right away my liege!" The courier bowed once more before swimming away. Marvo, reluctantly, headed for his chambers.


"Nadine, please, you must understand-," "Understand what? The need to fight another battle? I'm tired of hearing it!" She shouted. "No, if you'd just let me finish perhaps we both can come to an understanding." Nadine just sighed. "Are you certain declaring war on the Surface Dwellers is the correct course of action? We are in the middle of a famine are we not? How do you expect to feed both the Mariners and our people?" She asked. "We have plenty of stores to last and whatever we need we will take from the surface." "So are we mere raiders now?" "What? No, we are being the Hand of the Gods...the Surface World has overstepped their boundaries. They are out of control. Look at what their discord is causing to our beautiful world." Marvo swims up to hold her hand. "I don't want to see you or my people starve because of someone else's faults." He spoke softly.

"I know...but why war? Can we not convince them to stop?" Nadine asked. "Bah! You know as well as I do that wouldn't work. We haven't had successful dialogue with the Surface Dwellers for many years now. They are far too consumed with petty tribulations to bother with what truly matters." Marvo drew a heavy sigh. "I know they've taken advantage of our good nature before but you can't let past slights cloud your better judgement." She argued. "'s not my judgement that you should worry, it's the Gods. Obviously our Lords have grown tired of the many excuses and empty promises the Surface Dwellers have given whenever they've caused an affront. I am acting in both our and their interests, besides the only way to end this famine is to seek their forgiveness, you know this, you were there when I spoke with Lord Mervyn." He presses.

Nadine then sighs as she seems to concede. "Perhaps you are right...but must you fight? Must you rise above the safety of our waters to meet your many foes?" She asked. "Nadine, my love, you know my duty is to my people! I cannot just-," "But isn't your duty also to your family!? What about Nami? What should she do if her father does not return!?" Marvo's scales seemed to turn red as the Sea King bit his tongue and held back his anger. "Am I not the King of the Seven Seas? Am I not the Avatar of our Lord Mervyn? Is it not my duty as such, to protect our peoples' rights to life and prosperity? And am I not a father? Is it not also my duty to protect my family's right to life and prosperity? If I cannot uphold these responsibilities then I cannot call myself a King much less a father. I know what my duties are, do not question that." He spoke as he kissed her upon the forehead.

"Now I must go and prepare." Marvo turned to leave but before he could exit the room Nadine gave one last request. "Marvo, before you go...promise me that you will not go looking for Yogosh." Marvo's body stiffened as he slowly turned to face her. "And why is that?" He asked. "Because, Marvo, I want to know that you are going to the Surface World to do as you say. To earn the God's forgiveness. I do not want your call to arms to be nothing more than a ploy for revenge. Well?" She asked expectantly. "I promise you, that I do intend to seek the God's forgiveness, I have no interest in revenge. But, I cannot promise you that I will not fight the Hordes. It is, most likely, their doing that is causing this famine, if not, partly." He answered. "Marvo!" "I will not intentionally seek out Yogosh, you have my word." He reassured. "Alright, go then and please be careful." "I will, thank you." Marvo then took his leave.

"I am sorry, Nadine, I will not seek out Yogosh, but if our paths do cross...then I will kill him."


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"It is a strange sight, is it not? Watching them kill for food to fill their belly simply so that they can kill again. Especially when they don't need to do so. But it is often all they care about whether waking or sleeping."

The voice was lyrical and soft, with a hint of amusement in the tone. A womanly figure floated just above the grass beside Argonaut, her voice accompanied by the slow beating of wings reminiscent of a heart-beat.

"You've been missed, Argon. You do not travel my paths naturally anymore though you are still welcome. Even if you do not remember when you did." She smiled warmly at the ethereal creature, lightly brushing her fingers against his cheek causing a ripple as the effect felt real.

The tavern was filled with the raucous voices of dwarves raised in half drunken song. With each trying to outdo their compatriots with louder and deeper cries in-between swigs of ale and bursts of laughter.

Despite the famine there was always time for a little revelry for these brave souls who had not long came off shift in the mines or duty on the gates. Despite their best efforts many of them were still caked black as pitch from the coal and dirt, but here and now it didn't matter as much.

Dancing and weaving among the patrons was a fierce girl who led the song with her sweet voice and the whistle of her flute. Other instruments had lent their aid in raising their spirits. When they'd first slouched into the establishment many of them had been of a mind to muse over a single tankard for a while before calling it a night before she banished such thoughts entirely.

The sounds of alarm had begun to ring through the streets of Sivdzid, melding with the songs of its weary people to create an almighty cacophony till a rain of cannonballs punched through one side of the Tavern. Thankfully as they'd all gathered around the singing girl none of them had been harmed and at worst slightly stunned though the Tavern itself appeared badly damaged.

As the dwarves drinker stupor turned into surprise mixed with rage that they were attacked they as one dwarf picked up arms and made ready to defend their home. Feeling more alive and envigored that they ought they charged away to defend their homes with the songs they had sang still upon their lips but now their words were a battle cry as they dreamt of victory.

Of the girl there was no sign, she had apparently vanished, and within the hour so too had the Tavern. It had never been there but that didn't mean it hadn't been.

Elsewhere as the dwarven warhost that made ready under their king could hear a faint music on the wind, which carried to them an echo of the battlecries being sung in Sivdzid.

Indris strolled gently through the towering stacks of the Akashic Library, lightly brushing her fingers along the spines of several books. Unlike most libraries where the silence would be oppressive to the point of crushing in such a cavernous place the air is instead filled with a faint scratching.
The sound echoes endlessly, seeming to come from almost every shelf. Where there is silence some of the books will vanish while others the sound only seems to come from the last in a series. Such are the autobiographies which record every event that happens to everything

A creation of her predecessor, Indris has made improvements in places though there is little to be changed save perhaps reinforcing the spells behind it. Spells woven into fabric of the world when it was first created. She had enjoyed reading what each soul wrote when she first awakened however she decided to focus her efforts for understanding the world elsewhere. Even so she is often found reading the mystical tomes which contained every mention of her progenitor’s existence.

The room she now stood in without seeming to have moved within the library was overly ornate with half empty bookshelves containing drastically different tomes. Each was unique from others in the room but there was easily a few hundred or more of each kind. The stories of the gods themselves were marked here. Much of it was cryptic and distorted as each tome shaped itself to match the god it represented, resulting in books of dried leather or bubbling blood or wreathed in lightning. The languages used often varied to the gods own and could sometimes change midway through a book or wriggle on the page if they didn’t wish to be read.

The recent change of prosperity for much of the world had caused her to re-read much of the Oakborn’s story in hopes of finding something with which to aid her people before things become truly dire. As she reached over and plucked the most recent book, a simple volume of thin papyrus between mossy bark, she opened it to the most recent entry. As she read over the words she felt a sharp sting as they echoed back to her.

"I'm sorry, but the famine will not end today."

The words etched themselves on the thin sheet as she heard them reach her knowing that they were doing so on every current book in the room. The effect was rare and heightened by her reading something at an unusual moment but she felt the words repeated loudly from each book as she slammed the Oakborn’s shut and replaced it. The roar of the words almost caused her to stagger backwards before she regained composure and silenced the outburst.

Turning from the chamber she decided she’d have to see what could be done.

Alessa stood on a balcony staring out towards the western sea, her arms rested against the cold marble as she smiled softly to herself. The palace has been carved deep into the mountain chain with several such openings onto the sky which was fitting given that much of the space within was given over to those of more aerial nature than the majority of the nation’s inhabitants. Even so her subjects as a whole were barely a quarter in size compared with their rival; this perceived weakness had caused much strife on their borders at first till they’d learned to give them a wide birth but with the growing famine such sense appeared to have deserted most. Mainly since despite everything they were probably one of the least effected; they’d always made sure to over-produce their farms and such due to fact that much of their required sustenance came from magic itself while they still gouged on meat for the taste, which allowed for surplus to be used as a excellent source of trade. Even so they’d still rationed their food to better support those of the other mortal races within the borders.

A soft yawn escaped her lips just as the doors burst inwards, disturbing her contemplation as a broad shouldered figure entered with his boots echoing on the hard floor. His expression almost unreadable due to the metallic mask covering his features, but even so she could feel his annoyance and amusement.

”Your Majesty. There has been another raid on the borders.”

She sighed as she stepped away from the view, her hand lightly running through hair as thought back over the past few weeks. An ever increasing regularity for incursions though, thankfully nothing official from any of their neighbours. That would have been a nightmare, and famine or not the act of devouring mortals is rather tedious for dragons especially compared with more domesticated livestock and much more preferable as a treat than a diet.

”So. Who was it this time and how much damage did they do?”

There was a slight shift in his posture and she knew she’s caught the reason for his annoyance, not so much that someone had tried to invade but rather than they’d done harm to the nation. The raids were usually badly orchestrated by desperate souls are the lowest rungs of their society and doomed for failure.

”They came from the sea, took the small town by surprise and managed to avoid our golems in the bay. Thankfully we had a small patrol passing who were able to assist two of our brethren as well as most of the populous. Sadly a third of the raiders managed to flee with a large quantity of the settlements stock, requiring us to divert greater resources there. I’ve also stationed the patrol there for the time being as well as arranging addition patrols in number and frequency along our edges should more try the same. Or for them to official declare war.”

She smiled and then gave hearty chuckle with a light shake of her head.

”My dear Tristan, what would I do without you… Now, where are the survivors of this raid.”

”Very little, my Queen. But what was salvageable is kept below, a small handful of captives for your pleasure. The rest we have handed over to the kitchens for the rest of the palace.”

”Good. I’ll have to deal with these stragglers myself, take them apart till I know who sent them or if they were simply acting alone. Care to join me for a little snack?”

”Always, my lady.”

They both descended to a meeting chamber deeper into the mountain castle where five Merrows sulked in what amounted to a giant goldfish bowl. As they entered Tristan made sure to close the doors behind him before they began their interrogation.


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The doors to the chamber burst open and Alessa stormed out, her hair blazing brighter as her eyes glowed to match. She was a swirl of conflicting emotions; rage, confusion, fear to name but a few. She spun on the spot to face her consort as he carefully closed the doors behind them with a faint click.

”Make sure none of their flesh is eaten. I want the kitchens purged and all traces obliterated. Now, Tristan.

Her voice was stern but much calmer than she'd expected now that she was away from the madness she'd witnessed. Tristan for his part remained tight-lipped behind his mask and simply about turned and went to carry out his orders.

As his footsteps faded the queen sighed to herself and half slumped against a wall. Closing her eyes she could still see the crazed smile and warped look in the merfolk's eyes. Whatever had driven him and his kin to raid the surface world was worrying her more than she’d initially thought, and would perhaps require a more direct investigation. Pulling herself back to her feet she turned and walked down a side passage away from the chamber, her fiery hair flickering off the walls in the dimly lit palace. While it certainly amplified the ambient lighting neither she or Tristan had much use of it as their dark vision was crystal clear. This was made obvious by his sudden re-appearance from an adjoining passageway as he fell into step behind her.

Together they walked in silence for a few minutes before she paused before a rather plain door and lightly brushed her hand across it’s surface causing a faint glow from her fingertips to spark. The doors parted to reveal a reasonably large room formed entirely from faintly glowing crystals of all manner of colours, with each surface bearing a multitude of crisscrossing sigils and wards. As she stepped across the threshold into the room itself they all as one flared bright enough to blind for less than a breath before throbbing in time with her heartbeat.

”I’d rather not see this famine drive us to war, for while I do not fear our destruction I do fear what monsters it would make of us.”

She begins to gently move her hands around as she draws upon the arcane energies within the chamber before continuing to speak with her consort as he stands behind her.

”While we’ve had little more than a truce in place I’d rather see it remain than simply crumble, but if it is to be so then I would rather know for certain so that I can be sure not to hold mercy in my heart.”

The lights reflected in the chamber had become almost interchangeable as they spun and swirled around her, misting her breath as the temperature fluctuated from burning to freezing. She turned to face her companion as she felt his unease growing.

”I shall seek a meeting, in my absence you shall mobilise our forces and ensure our people are safe. Do what must be done should the worst be realised.”
Tristan didn’t answer her at first, hesitant of what best to say and instead he simply nodded and acquiesced to her demands of him. As he raised his head to face her again there was a faint noise like an intake of breath which filled the chamber with cloying silence as the lights winked out and with them vanished the queen.

Deep beneath the great seas of Pandeum several delegations of merfolk had visited the great king to ask for his help as their families were struggling and required aid if they were to survive. As such the great audience chamber over which his throne resided was filled with an impatient throng desiring to earn his favour in order to save themselves and perhaps some of those who mattered to them.

The hubbub of dissenting voices was half silenced as their heated arguments changed to cries of panic as they turned to see a slender woman standing in their midst, her hair reducing the water in the air to steam in moments as she simply smiled disarmingly at them each in turn. Several of them fell over each other as they tried to put as much distance between them and this stranger as they dared while the royal guard surged to place themselves between her and their king. Her smile never wavering she raised her gaze to where the king was seated and slowly walked towards him, the blades of the guard raised menacingly towards her.

”I come in peace, Marvo. I would have words with you, if you would be so kind as to call off your lapdogs. I’d prefer not to have to do so myself.”


Marvo, King of the Seven Seas - Throne Room - Pacifika - Pandeum

It was busy day in the audience chamber as he and his Queen sat upon their thrones listening to the many supplicants who have come before them. Of course many asked for food and other supplies to help starving families through these trying times. In return they gave vouchers for a predetermined amount of rations from stores. While this did help it was but a temporary fix that won’t keep the public satisfied forever. Marvo could only sigh as he saw the line of supplicants seem to enlarge rather than diminish.

Nadine looked to her husband with a sad smile. She tried what she could to comfort him but even she worried for the state of their Kingdom.

It was during this time that a stir, nay a panic, came over the citizens of the Seven Seas as they rush to avoid the vision of a woman on fire. Marvo stood and from what he could see and hear he knew who this fiery woman was. Only one fire could survive the suffocation of being submerged beneath the Waves and that was Queen Alessandra. Marvo was not pleased to see a Surface Dweller disrupt today’s proceedings, especially unannounced. The Royal Guard did run to defend Marvo as dutiful as ever.

In her own manner of speaking he knew that a confrontation would mean the end of many of the citizens and guards in the room; so he ordered his Mermen to stand down. The Guard returned to a neutral stance as they parted for Marvo to have a clear view of his guest. “This is a most auspicious occasion, Alessandra, never would I have ventured to guess that the Red Mage would grace my court on this very day. Though I regret to say that your visit comes at time where it is most inconvenient, and unwelcomed.” He spoke as he eyed the Queen of Ka’liran.

“However, I will not be so rude as to send you away. After all your words must have great importance since it brought you to this place. Speak and I shall listen...for old time’s sake.”

Nadine watched with concern as Alessandra made her appearance. She did not think it in the character of the Queen of the Dragons to come looking for a brawl. Yet her arrival is most disconcerting, for what reason could she have to meet with Marvo of all people? Whatever Alessandra’s answers may be, Nadine could already tell that none of it will be good.

”I’ve missed our games of regicide. It has been too long, Marvo.” Her fingers lightly danced in the air as an echo of times past formed between her and the seated monarchs. She smiled as she circled the dueling pair bent over the simple game board. ”There were always such a sweet reprieve from the weight of our responsibilities, however brief they might have been. Yet...” The game being played out is swift as neither player refuses to back down and their gambits become more rash. ”Yet for all that, we still ceased once the battle was no longer constrained by such simple boundaries.”

She dragon-queen smiled up at Marvo, her eyes flitting over his wife before returning to him as she shook her head. The phantom game faded at that moment, leaving the hall feeling empty for it’s passing.

”Conflict is brewing across Pandeum as it has not done in ages long past, and I would rather that they be confined to a game of regicide but as before I fear that time is behind us. Your people have entered my realm; slaughtered my citizens, burned their village and stolen their meagre supplies. I will give you the benefit of the doubt that this is not of your making, and I trust that this raid was a rogue element, but if war between us erupts then I will do what I must.”

After bowing deeply to both king and queen of the depths, Alessandra straightened up, a sad frown twisting her features.

”I do miss those simpler times, but do not mistake my intent. If war comes then the seas’ of Pandeum will burn before my kind perish.” With that final utterance the flames of her hair engulfed her and she vanished leaving a few faint wisps of smoke behind her.


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Marvo, King of the Seven Seas - Throne Room - Pacifika - Pandeum

Queen Alessandra's words burrowed themselves deep with in the Sea King's troubled mind. How could this have happened? Yes, his forces were mobilizing for war but no raids have been authorized by him. Any assaults on the Surface Dwellers had to approved by him before any action could be taken. He didn't believe that any of his military leaders are suspect, they would never dare cross the King in any sort of manner. It could have been the action of a few desperate fools but why Alessandra's lands? Marvo found it suspicious that her lands where invaded especially when lands like the Republic were closer and more fruitful for invasion. It didn't feel right, it feels as though something else was at work here.

Nadine spoke, "Marvo, is it true what she said? Did you have Merfolk pillage the Dragon Queen's lands?" Marvo looked to his wife and merely shook his head. The Sea Queen could tell that Marvo hid no truth from her, this was the actions of a few rogues. "What shall we tell the people? Obviously word will carry fast about this." Nadine questioned. "Yes, we should send word to the people that we have nothing to fear from the Kingdom of Ka'liran. At least...not at this moment..." Marvo's words trailed into silence. "What do you mean by that?" Nadine asked. "I must leave at once, tell the people that the King shall investigate this matter personally. That should provide some comfort." He spoke as he strode out of the Throne Room.


Marvo swam far beyond the borders of his Kingdom. While many believe the whole of the Ocean is Marvo's domain, the Blue Depths are indeed vast and not even they have traveled to it's every corner. Areas of the Sea that are uninhabited by Merfolk are instead home to many wondrous and yet terrifying creatures. One such creature is who Marvo suspects is behind this incident between the rogues and the Ka'liranians. He found himself looking over a deep abyss as he shouted, his voice reverberated into it's deepest crevasses. It was then earth shook as a flood of bubbles and air spewed forth. "COME GILDERATH!!! IT IS I! KING MARVO AND I WISH TO HAVE AN AUDIENCE WITH THEE!!!"

It wasn't long until a massive Sea Dragon swam from out of the darkness as it circled the Sea King. It's wingspan massive, it's sheer body size darkened the world around him. "Enough with the show, Gilderath, I haven't come to see you act intimidating." He spoke. "My, my, such that anyway a King should speak towards a fellow monarch?" Gilderath said with a smile. "You are no monarch Gilderath...even though I'm sure you liked to be." Marvo retorted. Gilderath then laughed as he reared his head,"Oh ho! And I suppose I pale in comparison to Alessandra in your eyes?" Marvo's eyes lit up. "So it was you?"

"It was I? Was it? What are you presuming, King Marvo?" Gilderath asked. "You're the one that bewitched my people to attack Alessandra's lands, admit it!" Marvo demanded. "DO NOT, make demands of me, Marvo! We may have a truce with the Pacifikan Royal Family but do not push the limits of our congeniality." He warned. Gilderath turned away from the King before he continued, "But I must admit, you are as intuitive as ever King Marvo, your suspicions are correct." He admitted as he spoke over his shoulder. "Why? Why would you do such a thing?!" Marvo exclaimed. "Why? The answer is simple, because I hate her. Queen of the Dragons, bah! We Sea Dragons do not recognize her as our ruler!" Gilderath answered. "So, are you jealous of her, is that it?" Marvo questioned.

"Jealous!? Of her!? HAH!! Such concepts are pitiful to the mind of a, we simply cannot tolerate her arrogance any longer. Her and all of her kin! The Sky Dragons look down upon us mocking us for the fact that we live beneath the Sea. Hmph, what they fail to realize is that we grow far larger and more numerous down here. And yet, they have the nerve to call us lesser?! PREPOSTEROUS!!!" Gilderath roared. "I have not come to listen to your complaints, I have come to learn why you've involved my people in your affairs!" Marvo pressed. "But Marvo, you've already involved yourself. Don't you remember? Or have you forgotten that you've declared war on the Surface World?" Gilderath pointed out. Marvo grew silent. "Perhaps I am not an expert on geography but last I remember it, that Ka'liran was apart of the Surface World." Gilderath chuckled. "What do you want?" Marvo asked, holding back his anger.

"Now that was the question you should've been asking all along. What do I want? Well, I want to help you! Like you, I too believe the Surface World deserves a reckoning...after all, their actions are affecting us as well. But, my brothers don't see any reason to help you or your people, unless, you agree to invade Ka'liran of course?" Gilderath asked. Marvo's stern glare was then turned to the ground as he asked, "And if I refuse?" "Well I guess I can't force you to invade Ka'liran even though that would mean going back on your word. But if you can live with that then I suppose we'll just have to eat the Merrows first in order to survive." Marvo's body stiffened as he tried to resist the urge to kill the Sea Dragon for his threat.

"And I know you don't want that, so why not work together instead? There's no reason that the both of us could not benefit off each other?" "And what could you possibly have to offer me, Gilderath?" Marvo rumbled. "Like us, we know you have an old grudge to settle." Marvo's eyes widened. "That's right, Marvo, help us and I promise you that Yogosh will fall to your blade!" He laughed. Marvo turned away from Gilderath as he thought about his offer. With the Sea Dragon's allegiance then punishing the Surface World will be that much easier. Yet, can he risk engaging Alessandra? Then again, if he can deliver Yogosh then his people will no longer be afraid and the world will be a much safer place with that undead bastard destroyed!

"What do you ask of me?" Marvo asked. "Invade Ka'liran first, distract the Queen's forces so that we may slip in and end her miserable reign. Have no fear for the Sea, King Marvo, the Queen will not scorch these waters...not so long as we draw breath." Gilderath assured. Marvo turned and nodded. "Excellent. My brothers will be happy to hear that you graciously accepted our offer. We shall eagerly await the battle call, the Sea Dragon Tribes are at your side. But I warn you now, King Marvo, dare not cross us lest you face the wrath of all Dragonkind." With those words Gilderath swam away leaving Marvo to return to his realm.


Marvo returned as he sent word to his generals, the orders are to mobilize upon the Kingdom of Ka'liran. Soon war will erupt and all Marvo could think of was Alessandra's words. He agreed, he too misses those simpler times.