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Deity of Healing and Air

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a character in “Deities: The Gods of Pandeum”, as played by VincentRayne


ImageGod Name: Symphonia

Title: Deity of Healing and Air

Gender: Female

Alignment: True Neutral

God Appearance: Symphonia is tall with slim limbs but rounded facial features. It's said that she bares resemblance between a human and an elf. Her eyes have a blue ethereal glow to them. She has fair skin and her hair is as white as snow. She is said to be extremely beautiful and have the aura of an angel and is able to make a person feel at peace when in her presence. Her clothing often consist of a variety of gowns that are, normally, white or black.

Symphonia may also change her appearance and take the form of a dove and her kingdom is populated by a number of them.

Personality: Symphonia has always been kind since the mortal realm was young. She never liked conflict but despite any efforts to keep mortals at peace it seemed like it was just against their ways. Symphonia would still like to help those in need because it was her way. Thus, her kingdom being the alignment it is. She still likes to help any and all living creatures. Most forms of medicine and remedies the mortals have knowledge of have come from her teaching them. The goddess does this with or without the approval of the other Old Gods. The only types of creatures Symphonia doesn't like are anything undead. She considers them abominations of mankind.

Though Symphonia dislikes conflict this does not mean she does not fight. Before her kingdom gained it's identity as True Neutral and gained any allies she has had to defend against sieges. She is also the one that has laid the foundation for her military force although that was a very long time ago. And she now entrust that duty to her Avatar.

Opinion of mortals: Mortals are creatures that interest Symphonia more than anything else. They are unpredictable and always changing the world around them with instruments and structures. She likes that they are extremely creative. Her favorite being music. Although, the goddess doesn't like the fact that they are often drawn towards destruction and violence of their own kind and other living things around them. She views the mortals of her kingdom as her children and looks after them as such.

God’s Domain:
ImageSymphonia's kingdom floats in the sky on a giant landmass that is surrounded by clouds. To the outside eye her kingdom would only look like a large mass of clouds hanging in the air. But those who would breech the clouds without Symphonia's permission or favor would, suddenly, find themselves in an terribly violent storm. Her floating island is only accessible through flying creatures or via the ability to teleport. The kingdom is also populated with all manner of flying creatures. This includes Pegasus, Griffins, Fairies, Wyverns, and especially Sylphs.


Avatar Name: Faith Lenotte

Avatar Appearance: Faith is a half-Sylph with pale hair and ice blue eyes. Her clothes are normally comfortable wear and would rarely been seen in a dress unless it's a special occasion. dress in something you can move easily in and still be presentable. She can be seen wearing jewelry in the same area at any waking moment; her ears, hair, and a pendant giving to her by the goddess. Her human side is the dominant half since she isn't as petite as the normal sylph nor does she possess wings. Faith's eyes often give off a curious and observing look when she encounters a lot of things since has only known the kingdom for the majority of her life and only knows about anything else through historical books and stories traders tell.

Personality: Faith is a curious girl when it comes to anything outside the kingdom. She would love to experience and see for herself what she heard and read about in stories. Faith was always looking to help others in any way she could. The girl often practiced in magic and medicine so that she could be the best example to the goddess as she could. Faith was "a model student", as said by her instructors, and always had her heart in the right place. It wasn't much of a surprise when the goddess, Symphonia, took Faith as her pupil. Faith lived up to her name and always made people happy when she was around. It was almost as if she were a crafted creature aimed for perfection. Some say Faith is the goddess' daughter born through another.

Magic Abilities: Since Faith is only half Sylph she does not have potent abilities. She can manipulate wind but only to a small degree unless aided by natural forces. At a young age Symphonia guided Faith to the bow and the girl quickly learned the art. It was then Faith found out she could combine her magic with her archer skills to make for pinpoint accuracy as well as speed. Symphonia then moved on to teaching Faith the sword and quickly learned that as well. It was almost natural, like remembering something almost forgotten. By the time Faith reached her current age of nineteen she was anointed Avatar. Now Faith can use her magic in both combat and healing effectively. She can heal many non-lethal wounds completely with magic alone but anything serious would take much of her energy since Faith's healing comes from her own aura and she can get exhausted if she strains herself too much. This is why she normally uses other aids in medicine to help cure wounds or sickness unless it is an emergency.

Tylia Eve & Xandria Terryall
Rank/Reason: White Mage & Military General

Personality: Tylia Eve
The White Mage is a rare but special type of people. Their healing abilities are often second to none. Tylia is kinda and caring but can be seen as cold. She often keeps to herself and is rarely seen outside of her quarters in the palace. If she is seen wandering the streets of the city then it is only to visit the merchants. On a few occasions, Tylia has been seen to stop and, briefly, give her attention to children or those in need of help. This has led those to believe she is at least not heartless and perhaps has a soft spot for the people of the kingdom after all.

Personality: Xandria Terryall
Xandria is almost never seen without her blade. The woman enjoyed seeing the kingdom happy and although she was much for smiling Xandria was often seen with her usual smirk everything someone went up to talk. She's a devout warrior that makes sure the kingdom is protected at all times against, almost, any foe she can think of. She was summoned to give the land protection by the goddess herself at the advice from one of the other Old Gods since Symphonia was one who didn't want to resort to violence in any situation. But war and battle were becoming common enough that forming a military seemed wise. Xandria is easy going and even formed a friendly bond with the Avatar.

Terrain Preference: The floating land in the sky. Is normally a warm temperature and has been said to always feel like Spring was just on the horizon.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: The Sky Kingdom: Zephyrus

Capital: Venti

Major Cities: The land is all made up of Venti; the Kingdom. The capital is made up of 4 districts: Aquilo, Auster, Subsolanus, and Favonius. The palace is what makes up Aquilo


[People] The people are regarded as peaceful and joyful. Symphonia is strict on who enters and has her people live by laws that are primarily for each other's protection that are similar to other cities on land. Since the land is in the sky more than 60% of the population (including animals and the like) are able to perform so sort of flight.

[Economy] Zephyrus is a land that operates on a Traditional Economic System. Her people specialize in all types of medicine, which is always in high demand, and sees a wealth of return for it. Music and art are also a big focus in the land. Vegetables and fruits are found in variety and the people of Venti take advantage since these foods can be grown all year round due to the constant sunshine and warm weather Zephyrus has. The one thing that the Venti is lacking in are meats, glass, wood, and metals.


Other: What else do you want to tell us?[/u]

So begins...

Symphonia's Story


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Grandmother and the Green Woman - The Enchanted Forest

“Unyielding is my rage.” The Green Woman shook her head defiantly, several butterflies and honeybees fluttering up from her wild hair. “The Green Skin Termites gnaw at my woods.” Her eyes flashed with all the rage of a forest fire. Her fists were clenched on Grandmother’s table, moss and vines growing where her flesh made contact with the surface. “Whether by beast or thorn or hunger or rot, death will come for each Green Termite in my forest.”

“Even termites have their place, my dear.” Grandmother’s dress skimmed the ground as she walked around the table, setting down a loaf of bread and bowl of cream before her guest. She made her way to another chair and as she sat, her bones creaked and groaned like the limbs of the Great Oak.

“Not these termites.” She leaned back into her chair, orange and blue flowers blooming from her shoulder blades. “They eat and eat until they are eaten.” Although the goblins had the Unseelie Queen’s blessing to tear down her trees and build their metal monstrosities, the Green Woman would have the final say. They were disgusting, but the king had to admit they were resilient. Even after she drained the goblin lands of plant life, their thirst for conquest remained insatiable.

“Goblins aren’t the ones suffering.” Grandmother’s voice became stern, her eyes as hard as stone. “Your famine will push all of Pandeum to the brink of chaos.” Dull aching pain flared up in her joints. She cracked her spindly fingers in an attempt to relieve herself. “I have seen it.” Grandmother leaned back in her chair, letting out a disappointed breath. “Children will suffer.”

“Children need not fear me.” The Green Woman sat up, a snarl on her lip.

“Children are starving.” Grandmother waved her hand over the table, images of emaciated corpses carving themselves into the wood. “You have taken their fruit and their grain. When the last of their cattle die from hunger, you will have taken their meat and milk and hides. And that is only the beginning.” The carvings cracked and changed, showing pillagers with weapons raised and families butchered for bags of grain. Grandmother sighed. “Hunger tends to bring out the worst in mortals.”

A tear rolled down the Green Woman’s cheek, but her features remained hard. “My judgement is hard, but justified.”

Grandmother slammed her hand on the table. “How? Why would you punish the world for the crimes of the goblins and the Unseelie?”

“They all have lost respect!” The Green Woman rose suddenly, causing the insects in her hair to swarm ferociously. “They have left the earth scorched and rivers poisoned. They fall entire forests and erect idols of iron and steel.” Her voice rumbled and Pandeum shook form the withering fields of the Republic to the blood stained plains of the Kurnosian Hordes. She walked towards the doorway, flowers blooming from the ground with each step she took. She turned back to Grandmother, sorrow in her eyes. “They have forgotten, but will remember that The Wilds bend to no mortal.” And with that, the Green Woman was gone.

Grandmother shook her head, reaching across the table to grab the bowl of cream. She drank it as fast as she could, wiping some dribble from the corner of her mouth after it was empty. She sighed loudly, sending a gust of wind throughout the Enchanted Forest. Her voice rode the breeze, sending her message to every god in Pandeum.

"I'm sorry, but the famine will not end today."


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Kurnos well, he sat in a quiet giggle, as quiet and as cute he could be. Seated upon one of the bleached pillars he gazed out at seemingly absolutely nothing. Small ponds of different views circling him, they all displayed different things, one was of a burning hamlet, another on an orc who had recently escaped his slavers, now surrounded by the men and preparing to face them down. Kurnos one bright pupil glanced at the different images, but only a passing one. He was staring out over the empty landscape, thought filling him until his voice finally rung out across his domain. Of course, there wouldn't be any one to listen, atleast not to his knowledge.

"The mother is mad, angry, wrathful. Suppose I'm not the only one who's proud of her. Putting down her foot like this, it's rather impressive, who'll pay her a visit in order to make idle threats, and lowly attempts at deals? I'll play the rebellious role" He chuckled, that was a rather amsuing thought considering how much she held onto her motherlike tendencies "They will endure, I know that, and they know that I know that, of course at the cost of others, wonder if they'd try and reason with, me"

He swung his arm up, immediately shattering one of the small visions, making it dissipate around his arm like mist."Now that, that'd be foolish" Placing his other hand he took a nifty jump of the pillar, causing him to plunge down several hundred meters before hitting the blank polished marble floor with surprisingly enough not as much as a thud. He took a few strides towards another one of the pillars, still lost in thought.

The Black march was drawing near, the harsher the famine gets, the more ferociously will the hordes plunder. But perhaps, he should enact the March sooner, that'd certainly stirr the world, and make the Mother see the errors of her way...

Yogosh had been out for too long, he could practically hear Kazrak's nagging even though he had decided to stay in the capital,
"Someone needs to make sure they don't all kill eachother" as he said, and he was certainly right in that. The entire horde was in uproar, not like that was unusual, byt the sudden lack of food had forced practically most of the population to go out on raids. The few merchants who did have access to food definitely didn't think that Qaasal was the best place to start selling.

He himself, was aiding his people of course. Leading a warhost he was crossing Pandeum towards The Republic of Solaras, if there was one place with enough food, then it'd be there. With a roar he swung his cleaver of his back, pointing it towards the sky, immediately reinforced by many more raised weaponry.

This was interesting, the horde fought valiantly now, this wasn't to climb the heirarchy, it was to surivive.


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The Sky Palace: Zephyrus

Symphonia was greatly troubled by the events that have been transpiring for the past couple of seasons. She could hear the cries of the unfortunate and victims carried by the wind. She already didn’t like the violence the humans often resorted to to claim new territory or defend their beliefs. But this was different. The core of recent suffering was brought on by a singular source. The Grandmother of the enchanted forest. The one who had a firm grasp on all the land of Pandeum.

The goddess of Air and Healing didn’t know the reasoning as to why the famine was brought on now. Maybe something happened to the Oakborn to force such a drastic change. It affected everyone in Pandeum, not just the mortals. It even affected Symphonia’s own kingdom which was located in the sky. It was a burden on her land’s economy. Trading with the surface came to an abrupt halt since the people on the land were getting more and more desperate. And thus more violent. Not to mention the people of Zephyrus needed to keep food for themselves.

Morale was still at a moderate level since there was still plenty of grown food. The people of Symphonia’s kingdom were acquainted with surviving without meat since it was primarily traded. That was the only major setback to closing down trading at the moment. The other goods that were primarily traded in weren’t needed for surviving a famine.

There came a knock, the echo in the chamber room making the sound more felt than heard. The room was bathed in unending darkness with only a light blue ethereal light coming from the goddess’ throne.

“You may enter.” Symphonia said with very little effort despite the booming of her voice echoing louder than the knock coming through the large double doors. They soon opened to show her two trusted leaders of medicine and military walk in. Symphonia expected to see her Avatar among them but a quick look proved otherwise. The military leader, Xandria, spoke first.

“My lady, our forces are all on standby should anything happen and our scouts are keeping a close eye with frequent checks with our people on the surface. Our supplies should last us for a decent amount of time as long as they are kept in check but I fear that time will be cut by a fraction if we take all of the animals into account.” Symphonia nodded.

“Then we should make due with what we can. If we let the animals starve then morale will plummet since they are considered to be citizens of this kingdom as much as anyone else.” Symphonia then turned to her kingdom’s White Mage, Tylia.

“My lady, news from the surface is not good. It never is. Our healers, there, are trying to aid the sick and injured but raiders and marauders are starting to wise up to our intentions. Just this morning we lost several in a surprise attack. They only wanted our supplies and medicine. They don’t even know how to use most of the ingredients that were scavenged. I beg of you to let me pull our people back. The surface is much too dangerous now. The surface dwellers are blinded by rage and hunger.” Tylia bowed deeply to further her plea. Symphonia stood from her throne and stepped towards the two, the blue glow seeming to follow her. It wasn’t clear how tall she was until she stood next to anyone. She was often even a head-length taller than even the tallest males.

The goddess motioned for the two leaders to stand while looking at them both with soft, glowing, eyes.

“And where is Faith? Normally, she is here with the two of you.” There was a sour expression shared by both Tylia and Xandria. “I hope she is not harmed.” Symphonia said, with a hint of worry in her voice.

“Well,” Tylia started in a hesitant voice, “Faith is on the surface.” Symphonia remained quiet waiting for more information before casting any judgement. “She left just recently, ignoring mine and Xandria’s pleas against doing so. It seems when she found out what happened to our people this morning she has decided to aid them. We don’t have many fighters to aid the healers so she took it upon herself to change that. She left with a dozen volunteers who shared similar goals.” Symphonia gave off a smile.

“Maybe if there were more people with Faith’s unwavering resolve to aid others at the risk of herself, then maybe the famine wouldn’t be necessary. Xandria,” The goddess turned to the military captain. “I want you to follow Faith and aid her in anyway you can. You are her bodyguard while she is on the surface. Tylia will take over your duties while you are gone.” The two leaders bowed and let themselves out of the dark chamber. They waited before the doors closed behind them before speaking again.

“I thought I was going to feel the wrath of our goddess for a moment there.” Xandria said after she let out a sigh of relief.

“Aye. It seems like we only bring news of misfortune to her in the recent months. But despite that I haven’t seen, even, so much as a wrinkle between her eyebrows. She’s still trying to see the good in anything. That’s why she chose Faith as her Avatar. They are very similar.”

Faith Lenotte

Faith had been patient at first. Tylia and Xandria said it was too dangerous for anyone to leave Zephyrus. But to be safe while others, less fortunate suffered? It contradicted the very thing Faith was taught. To be selfless and to help others in need. If there was any time others needed help it was now.

That’s why Faith marched to the soldier’s grounds and gave her brief speech about how she felt what needed to be done. Then she was off to the stables to find the creatures that could guide her to the surface. The standard soldier’s mount was normally a pegasus. But Faith, herself, had a griffon. She bested in battle a few years back and it, sense then, was her companion. On the way down, from her kingdom, to the surface she ordered most of the soldiers to join up with the healers that didn’t have military defense. There were five groups with one of them being wiped out earlier in the morning.

Faith was going to join up with the furthest group with only two soldiers still left with her. When they reached the location of the healers Faith let out a sigh of relief. There seemed to be no sign of attack on the village. At least not yet. When Faith and her two guards landed the people were, naturally scared. But upon seeing the welcoming reaction of their allies they quickly warmed up.

Faith immediately got to helping where she could while having the two soldiers take up post to warn if any danger were approaching. About three hours passed until a large sound of wings could be heard. Upon checking what the source of the sound was Faith saw it to be Xandria, herself.

“Xandria, whit are ye doing here?” Faith said through her slight accent as Xandria unmounted from her pegasus.

“Lady Symphonia sent me to be your personal bodyguard.” A look of worry came over Faith’s features and her head dipped down to towards the ground. It was gesture she always did when she was in trouble.

“Oh. Is she mad?” Xandria smirked at the gesture.

“I don’t see how the Lady could ever be mad at you. Being mad at you would be like being angry at herself. You two are practically one and the same. She was actually proud at your decision and support it.” Faith’s usual smile returned and her head was back up again but was short lived when the wind seemed to carry an ill omen. She knew there was many obstacles that were over the horizon.


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The lands of the Republic: Faith Lenotte

Faith was in the village for a day or so before finally decided she and her people had done what they could to aid the people there. As Faith placed her things in the satchels and bags that hung on her griffon’s saddle she gazed out over the lands.

“Is there something the matter?” A voice made Faith jump and spin around to face her people’s military leader, Xandria, who was obviously trying to suppress a smile. “It’s not very often I get to be reminded that our Avatar Faith is one of us.” Faith’s expression turned from embarrassment to quizzical.

“Whit do ye mean? I hae always been wan of ye.”

“I know that. But the people think of you much like they think of Lady Symphonia. They forget you were once mortal. That before the Blessing, the politics, and the war you led a life very similar to them. But now all they see is a goddess among men. They either fear you or respect you but don’t bother ever getting close to you to see that you are still the same Faith from before you became immortal.” Faith donned her usual smile and rushed to hug a surprised Xandria.

“Thank ye, Xandria. I am glad tae hae a friend like ye.” This time Xandria allowed herself to smile when they heard their people call out that they were done packing. Faith went to finish what she was doing to prepare to move on to the next village.

“So, Faith. What was on your mind, earlier?” The Avatar pointed across the landscape.

“Dee ye see the land here? Other lands were dreich--dull and deid. Nae the case here.” Xandria looked out over where Faith pointed and did notice the subtle differences. The land here seemed to be better off than anywhere else they had been before. The two didn’t get long to ponder over why because a guard came up to them shouting.

“My ladies! There is a man on his way to the village. He looks armed but is alone. He is dressed in the armor used by the army of this land.” Faith and Xandria exchanged glances.

“Then let us gae meet him.” Faith decided.

As the scout approached the entrance to the village he was greeted by a group of people. The bulk of them looking like the people of Zephyrus. At the front the group stood two women. One was a younger looking girl with pointed ears and a griffon at her side. The other looked to be from Frosthilm in terms of her pale skin and clothing.

“Whit do ye want wi us?” The voice came from the girl with pointed ears. She had a light voice but a thick accent. It took the scout a moment to process what the girl had said.

“I come from Cyrus’ army and our scouts informed us that people of Zephyrus were at this village. I was sent to ask for your aid in the upcoming battle.” A slight murmur started amongst the healers before the girl spoke again.

“Whaur is this Cyrus?”

“Currently, Cyrus is at a temporary fort by the River Timaeus to meet an army of invaders. It is not far from this location.” The girl nodded.

“I am tae Avatar, Faith Lenotte, o Zephyrus. I come tae help the less fortunit folk o this land. Nae wage in yer war.” The scout thought for a second. He expected the response.

“As you know we are in the midst of a terrible famine. If you help the land of Republics it can only mean good things in the future to come. You help us we, in turn, will help you. In times of war and uncertainty allies are the best asset you can attain. Faith turned to the woman that looked to be from Frosthilm. The pale woman turned to one of the healers and whispered amongst themselves. Shortly after a couple healers took flight on pegasus and left. The woman next to Faith, then, spoke.

“I am Xandria. Faith’s bodyguard. I sent those two off to tell of where we are headed. If anything happens to us then our goddess will know who to blame. Now you may lead us to this Cyrus. We will travel there by flight. You may ride with Faith on her mount.” The griffon seemed to utter a growl in displeasure and Faith, gently, placed a hand on its head.

“Dinna worry. He won’ bite. Ye sit in tae front so ye can be’er see.”


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The River Timaeus

Cyrus was reasonably proud of his legions. It wasn't an unusual feeling considering the great portion of his immortal life he dedicated to creating the framework of his legions. His men did not merely learn to fight. They learned to be a self-sustaining machine. Under the direction of the architecti, the soldiers were almost finished completing a fortified camp, a castra consisting of timber, earth, and ballistae placed at key points. Of course, the camp was kept under guard by three cohurts consisting of a hundred men, just incase. The horde would come face to face with the might of the civilized world and would fall just as they always did.

He looked up as a bird appeared in his tent and he smiled slightly.

"Hello, my old friend. No, you come just in time. I suspect we shall be under attack soon enough. Judging by the frequency pf the raids, the main host should be upon us any moment."

He smiled slightly at his offer of aid.

"Thank you."

He paused in thought as he listened to what he proposed. He gazed at his friend sternly.

"The Green Woman is an old and powerful goddess or part of a goddess... The Oakborn is ridiculously powerful. Even my own lord treads carefully with her. Out of love for his people, Lord Kassius will surely agree and if this can be replicated..."

"It is worth an attempt. But we must be cautious."


Lucius Pullo entered the tent with a salute.

"The horde is approaching. The Avatar of Kurnos is among them."

Cyrus nodded, not surprised at all at this development.

"Yogosh... Perhaps I will take his head today. Position the ballistae if they are not already. Position the men along the banks of the river, archers in front and ready to duck behind the legionairres. I want one cohort working double time on the camp. If they get across the river, I still want the terrain to favor us."

As he walked among the well-ordered chaos that was his legions preparing for battle, he spied a griffin in the sky. He raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. If the rider served who he thought, they wouldn't be a friend to the horde."

"Yogosh, you cowardly bastard! I see you there on that ridiculous throne? Do you challenge me to single combat then? Or are you too afraid to face me without your dim-witted barbarians?"

He gestured for a group of mages to freeze a narrow stretch of water from their side to theirs.. It was not an area of magic his people specialized in, but it was simple enough to learn how to freeze water or to keep it from freezing. He stepped in the middle of the walkway, sword drawn and shield ready.


"It is to be expected. Regardless, the Republic thanks you for your aid. I shall see about negotiating the details with your merchants," the Consul told the king with a smile.


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If knowledge is power then it makes perfect sense to fear the unknown. Not knowing was the difference between the wrong response and the right answer, the difference between life and death. Speaking of Life and Death, this explains why Death is so feared. Who has explored Death and returned to speak of it? Do you truly go to one of the blessed realms or hellscapes belonging to a God? The uncertainty was enough to overwhelm the ponderer in question with dread. Even children so innocent were made to cry whenever they dwell too long on the question of what happens after death, stopping only when given a certain answer by their parents who knew all too well what they said might be a lie. In light of that, immortality seemed the preferable alternative to discovering the answer. Why bother knowing when you will never need to know? Who would ever think it a burden to live forever? The answer...he whose’ burden is as immortal as he. That was the burden given to Argon.

 He wandered the land in ethereal form, hidden from the eyes of all except other ethereals, Gods, and their chosen. His fate had already been written, the path for him had been paved long before he was cursed with immortality, he only needed to walk it. And walk it he did. The benevolent spirit of an Undying Hero, he appeared only in times of great calamity to smite the raising odds. Yet like a vengeful Revenant forbidden from finding true eternal rest, he roamed the lands. Argon had nothing. He could confess to no one and have them say. “I know what it is like.”

 His culture and tradition, his kingdom and his banner, the people he had sworn to live for, he lost them all. The petty squabbling of the Gods had taken his reason to live and now, after so  long, it appeared that they wished to take from him his reason to die. Everywhere he went, he saw suffering. They struggled for nothing and he could not understand how those with omnipotence could not conjure a punishment that only harmed the responsible. To make it worse, he could do nothing. What good would a sword do in these times? What could he shield them from? His spear could keep at bay the armies of neighboring kingdoms but not the hunger that was peaking. What good was one who knew nothing but battle and war in times of famine? Argon continued to roam, it was all he could do but this would pass soon enough. Desperate times often bring violent measures...soon he would have take physical form and become of use to the world.

Without a destination in mind, he continued his eternal march. Days passed. Yet his body did not fatigue. He did not thirst. He did not hunger. He truly was a Revenant. It was his fate and it was the one he had begged for at the feet of his Goddess. He grovelled and wailed like the child he was back then. His pleads were unending and he did not know shame. He poured dirt and dust over himself, he threw himself at her feet and whimpered and cried, the snot pouring from his nose. It was a pathetic sight to behold, his present self blushed when he recalled that moment. Yet it seemed to move her, the Goddess Nike. She truly did favor the underdogs or perhaps it was because unlike all the others who asked for Herculian strength or prowess in battle or even their own safe return from the frontlines, he asked for one miniscule thing.

“I don’t know how strong I am, I don’t know if I’m any good with a sword, and I don’t know if I could actually save anyone if I tried but please, Nike, please I beg of you! I want the strength to stand, the courage to overcome my fear! When we were attacked I could do nothing because I was afraid...Please Nike grant me courage to try, the courage to stand my ground against even the most impossible of odds so that I may atone for my failures. If I am to die in battle, so be be it, but I want to die trying to save someone other than myself!”.

Eventually he came before an interesting sight. At one opposite end of the river crossing, the Armies that followed Kurnos, at the other, the Armies that followed the God of Laughter and Light, Kassius. It did not surprise him however, his path would naturally take him to battle but it was not necessary for him to partake. The Cohorts of Solaras had been assembled into a singular Legion, under the command of someone competent and the Horde before them was most likely attacking out of a need to feed, not solely a want to conquer or create chaos. It wouldn’t be right for him to interfere as things were. But there was nothing wrong with watching and so he did. He collapsed onto the earth and seated himself to spectate the battle, the only ones capable of noticing him would be the Gods themselves and their chosen avatars. Perhaps they would see him as a lingering threat, for like his Goddess, he did not always choose the side that claimed to stand for Justice.

A scaled back, a Dragonkin, a lizardman, whichever named you prefer to address those humanoid reptiles, road atop a threatening mount. Monsters, riding monsters, thought Argon. It took center stage and with a voice as loud as the roaring thunder of Merwyn’s storms, he challenged the Sun bringer’s Chosen. This peaked his interest in the battle further as now even Nike would be alerted of this engagement.

It had been some time since the blades of two Gods’ Chosen had crossed. This could only be a reflection of what was occurring in the heavens, thought Argon. Calamity in Heaven meant Calamity upon the Mortals and when the Mortals invoked war in the name of their Gods, so too would the Gods battle their kin in the name of their followers. This was an observed law that had held true for some time now but only two questions remained for Argon. Who would gain Nike’s blessings in this battle and who would acquire Victory?

The Cult Of Dolores the name itself was a taboo to the Public, a slur used by some to address the people who worshipped the Dark Lady. According to the public, the followers of Dolores were no different than them, their God only asked them to pursue their desires without restraint. So if one wished to have relations before marriage, Dolores did not frown upon them. If one sought to become a famous adventurer, Dolores did not frown upon them either. Regardless of the want, if they wanted it and worshipped her, supposedly she would bestow her blessings and aid them in it’s pursuit. Hunting down the worshippers of Dolores was difficult in that aspect, the public saw them as just worshippers of a different God, a Goddess who had no true ill intent but was viewed as evil because she represented Entropy. Not to mention, they were not a single entity, but a number of entities who collaborated because of their unified worship of the Lady of Dark Delights.

Today these individuals met in the Republic of Solaras, in the city of Nikea. In the open streets, Delietes and 4 others met. One was a hooded woman with a roguish look to her. She had a belt with many pouches and throwing daggers, the guards seemed to keep an eye on her, especially when the group would stop to examine the goods of the bazaars, her eyes seemed to always wander towards the vendor’s coin purse. Following closely next to her was a man whom like Deleites, had the look of a warrior. He wore a shirt of mail with a layer of studded leather beneath, over it all there was a tunic with the symbol of the Dawn Treaders, a rather famous group of adventurers and explorers. Then after him was another woman, dressed in red and white silk robes with a rather extravagant floral pattern, her hair was put up in a bun and she wore a mask that covered only her eyes. An attendant followed her and guided her by the hand, she was blind but seemed like she had no want for anything and when she spoke the ears of all who heard her perked up, her voice was like a melody composed by Anwen herself.

“Why are we here in plain sight Deleites, asked the Rogue.”.

“The Head of the local Merchants Guild,The Light Minded Profits, is meeting with in this bazaar. He is a brother in worship and believer in the gospel of our Lady. Be patient, Red.”

Red crossed her arms and the man whom mimicked a knight spoke up. “I assume they are the ones who have been seeing to our investments? If so, I don’t see the need to meet with him. He is a brother, yes? I need no other assurance than that!”.

“Robin, you’re just eager to go on that expedition of yours are you not? I’ve never known a man who so eager to sail into the unknown as you are… Are there any women in your group? I’ve heard sailors say it is bad luck to bring women to sea.”

“They are an unnecessary distraction and Merwyn’s seas are without mercy, Lady No. Though it makes me wonder why many ships feature a topless maiden at the bow...Hmm what a mystery that is, perhaps the sailors I will be with may have an answer.”.

Deleites chimmed in. “Perhaps Merwyn is like Kassius, Lustful. It would be difficult for such a man to strike down a ship with such an appealing maiden onboard, a distraction for him perhaps?”.

“Were I him, I’d only settle for the real thing.” Red answered, resulting in many questioning looks being thrown her way.


“ Kurnos you don’t get it do you?....I don’t need you… Attack, delay, retreat...regardless of what you do… It will all come to pass. My aim is make the profits greater than they are. I only want you. Your compliance will be rewarded accordingly even if you fail but it is not needed. Please Understand. You are an option. Be happy I choose you.”

Her words were seemingly laced with an aphrodisiac it seemed, the very magic of the 6th Court he had invaded worked its way into him steadily. The more he permitted in and let it whisper in his mind, the more power it would gain over him. This was a truly quite the tangled web Kurnos had managed to fly into. She placed herself at his ear and whispered in a suggestive tone.

“Now answer me quickly, God of Undeath, your presence and actions are making my cravings reach their peak… Unless that is what you came for in truth, to tease me and see if I’ll make a meal of you?”.

Though her tone was suggestive and her look that of a temptress, those words...they like daggers into the ears of whom ever recieved them. Kurnos was in danger if he remained here, that much was certain and the carnivorous look that the Mask of Dolores could not hide lingered in her eyes. Ants begun to crawl up her neck, maggots fell from her robe. A Spider’s legs could be seen moving from under her lips.

“So what will be Kurnos? Deny me...Obey me….or Satisfy me?”


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The Sky Palace: Zephyrus

Symphonia held her eyes closed as she took in the different happenings of the world that the wind carried to her. She leaned slight over the banister of the single room tower that gave the best view of the world below. It was her place to relax and feel at ease if the winds permitted. Sometimes they carried ill omens and others the sounds of tranquility from the various forms of nature below. But when Symphonia listened intently she could hear and make out many things.

This time she could make out sound of anticipated battle. It was easy to hear details since the conflict happened right below her own kingdom. And even more so because Faith was down there as well. Symphonia couldn’t help but worry for her Avatar like a child of her own. Even with Cyrus being her ally for now. The goddess knew that the Republic wasn’t in favor of some of bordering territories but the land was respected. And Symphonia would not see an ally invaded without help. Especially, by the likes of anything under Kurnos’ banner. What he represented was an abomination to the cycle of life. And his obsession with reckless violence costing countless mortals their lives instantly slated him as an enemy. Even though Symphonia was publically neutral there were some gods she didn’t sit well with.

Kurnos was only one of them. The Breeder and his people were another territory Symphonia wouldn’t be seen helping even though their god has long since been absent.

Palchard was another one for the sheer fact that unending trickery wasn’t something that the goddess fancied. But he wasn’t beyond allying with in the long run. Symphonia would much rather make dealings with his Avatar, the goblin king, than Palchard himself.

Dolores, to Symphonia, was almost one and the same as Palchard to Symphonia except the Dark Lady often held much more ill intent behind her trickery than a mere laugh. The Lady had a tongue of a snake and would never be trusted. Especially, since she expect the end of all life and that was the opposite of what Symphonia sought after.

Finally, there was Devi. Symphonia tried to like the Peace Bringer but their ways of bringing peace was normally with violence. And it almost seemed like Devi loved the fighting. But like Palchard the goddess’ quirks and habits wouldn’t get in the way of Symphonia lending aid if needed.

The winds also told the goddess that the other deities were holding a meeting to try and persuade The Lady of Oak to reverse or cease the famine for their own people. Symphonia thought about going as well but she wanted to end the famine for everyone. She wanted once again listen to the winds bring peace to her ears. Not the cries of war torn countries and the cries of mortals on every corner of the lands. The winds were loud with the sounds of despair and Symphonia wish she could help everyone. Not to mention the famine was bringing about more bloodshed than the goddess had seen in quite some time.

It wasn’t long till Symphonia found herself summoning her White Mage to the tower. The goddess could make the winds carry her voice to whomever she wanted. It was the easiest way to communicate with people that prayed to her. She would hear their prayers and she would give answer to help soothe their souls.

“My Lady.” Tylia said as she approached and curtsied. “You called for me?” Symphonia turned to face her White Mage.

“I am traveling below.” Even the cold-faced Tylia couldn’t mask the shock that briefly portrayed on her face. It was just her eyes widening for a moment but it was enough to give away what was on her mind. “It is to talk with the Grandmother of the land. Some of the other gods are already pleading their case of mercy for their people.”

“Will you also do the same for us?” Tylia asked.

“I am sure Grandmother has heard an earful already. I would rather understand the reasoning for her actions first. Maybe then I can get an idea on how to reverse whatever it is that caused this famine in the first place. In the meantime, I leave you in charge. It shouldn’t be any different than normal.” Symphonia paused for a moment before speaking again. “And could you also send reinforcements to Faith’s location? There seems to be a battle between Kurnos’ and Kassius’ Avatars. Faith is there to aid Cyrus and his men and might need help. Argonaut is there as well and I don’t know what his intentions are. Nike’s intentions are normally unpredictable in times of battle so send word for Faith to be wary.” Tylia nodded and a sudden gust of wind came, making the mage shield herself. When the wind faded she could see a dove flying to the grounds below.

It didn’t take long to reach the land full of trees where the Oakborn was known to inhabit. Much different than the lands around it. Voices of the other gods could already be heard as Symphonia approached the Enchanted Forest. The goddess descended into the realm of The Oakborn and into a graceful dive that ended with her returning to her original form standing in the tall grass. She curtsied to the Green Woman who sat on a throne of tangled vines and roots just as The Breeder, Argan, finished a word about Devi, who was also among them. Though she would never admit it, what she heard Argan say about the Peace Keeper was along the exact thoughts that Symphonia had for Devi. After The Breeder finished Symphonia turned to the Green Lady and curtsied again, this time with her head bowed.

“Sorry for my delayed appearance, Grandmother. You can guess as to why I am here but I do not come to plead for you to lift your curse from my people and their lands. I come to seek an understanding and possible solutions that would appease The Oakborn. As you know, my people are always eager to help in any way possible.”

Faith Lenotte - River Timaeus

Faith out a whistled when her and her healers approached their destination.

“Down there.” The scout pointed to a temporary tent.

“Okay, let’s get doun thare.” Faith said as she steered her griffen down towards the tent, making sure no arrows were threatening to shoot them down. Her and here people landed and it was then she could feel how many people she was amongst. She turned to Xandria as the woman dismounted her pegasus.

“I think we are gunna need more healers, Xandria.” It was then that she heard shouting coming from the center of the river. She immediately recognized beast that the voice belonged to. Yogosh was just as intimidating as Faith had read and heard about. His mount looked even more intimidating than her own and griffins were quite frightening creatures. Faith then saw the man known as Cyrus coming out to meet Yogosh on river frozen by mages. Xandria joined Symphonia’s Avatar in observing the confrontation.

“Faith, our healers are getting themselves in place for when the fighting starts.”

“It might nae come tae that. Mebbes set’le this by wey of duel by tae looks of it.” The two girls looked on with anticipation of what was going to happen.


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Grandmother - Demon Outpost

“After you left” Grandmother smiled. “The True Oakborn witnessed the fate of this world and witnessed something so terrible that it’s mind- our mind - was shattered.” She touched a newly formed tree near her, blossoms popping from where her wrinkled hands touched the bark. “From the Oakborn were born many deities, each representing a part of the great god we once were. You may call me Grandmother.” She smiled warmly, taking the Breeder’s hand into her own. “I am the Oakborn’s wisdom and, in its stead, I oversee the strands of fate.”

She released him as he spoke of the famine, nodding slightly. Grandmother sighed heavily, pushing back a strand of silver hair behind her ear. “I admit, I don’t agree with the Green Woman’s logic, but I believe it’s more than the goblins.” It pained Grandmother to think about the pain her sister had brought onto the earth. She had always been so kind and generous with all races, blessing them with growth and bounty each spring. “We forget that she is a force of nature. She is the soil and all things that grow from it.” Grandmother pursed her lips. “Although she was once fond of mortals and beasts, she is not bound to them as we are.”

Grandmother paused to listen to Argan. She smiled. “Yes, I do remember that. This part of me still wishes you had taken our suggestion.” She shrugged. “But it wasn’t our choice to make.” After Argon left, many of his duties fell to the Oakborn who watched over the creatures that the Breeder had left behind. It did as well as it could, but even gods had limits. Another weak smile flashed across the old woman’s lips. “I suppose any of us would tear apart the world for our children.” Her mind drifted back to the Green Woman. Perhaps the famine was her sister’s way of protecting her children; the trees, the flowers, the grass, and all plant life on Pandeum.

She chuckled. “Devi certainly has her flaws, but without her we’d still be fighting an endless war.” Grandmother leaned against one of Argan’s children. “She was created by a desperate world. She is what they needed. Perhaps, what they still need.” The old goddess waved a hand dismissively. “Don’t worry about her. I was only half serious. I’m sure in times like these, she has much bigger matters to attend to.” She winked at the Breeder. “Not to say you aren’t a big matter.”

The Snow King - The Snow King’s Castle

“Hm.” The Snow King’s steps echoed throughout the room as he walked to his throne. He kept his hands hidden in fur lined sleeves. “I’m afraid she hasn’t been in a very diplomatic mood lately.” He rolled his eyes. “I suppose everyone believes that their lands should be spared.” He sat and waved his hand, a smaller less intricate chair forming opposite of him. “But, because of our bond, I will speak to the Green Woman, but I promise you nothing about the outcome.”

In all honestly, the Snow King did not care if Astria’s people starved or if they destroyed the Republic in search of grain. He wouldn’t care if the Green Woman strangled every mortal on Pandeum with her vines because, in the end, it would all rot and freeze away. Then, he would be King and ruled once more. Well, alongside Astria, that is.

A chess board appeared between the winter gods. A rare smile played across the king’s lips.

“Do you have time for a quick game?”

Devi - Swarga Loka

“Of course.” Devi nodded slowly. Although any conflict was enough to cause Devi concern, this felt different. Underneath the usual selfishness and greed that ushered in war, the Peace Bringer felt something far darker slithering underneath. It was like a black claw scratching at her stomach. “All conflicts concern me, but this one seems unlike most others.”

She turned towards Archanian, kneeling slightly to look into his eyes. “I did not see the Great Rebellion begin, but did it feel anything like this? This storm of tension and desperation?”

Monta Stonemother & Eban Lordkiller - Sivdzid

“In the shadows! The Wee Folk will not know we’re here!”

As the goblins began their siege on the walls of Sivdzid, the Unseelie seemed to float through an unnatural darkness. Even as cannons fired and explosions illuminated the entire cavern, they went silent and unseen, obscured by powerful illusion magic. Monta Stonemother, assisted by several other fairies, began to carve symbols across the dwarven wall. As they chanted their ancient incantation, the runes began to glow and burn themselves deeper into the wall. The Stonemother looked up and smiled, pleased.

Above them, Eban and several knights rode up the wall on stone golems, careful to avoid any cannon balls shot from their allies’ cannons. Although they were cloaked by their fairy illusions and surrounded by the chaos of war, it was unlikely that the dwarves on the wall could ignore the sounds of growling and stone talons digging into the wall.

When one unlikely dwarf looked over the edge, the Lordkiller’s blade impaled itself through his skull. As his comrades rushed to assist, each fell with a fairy dart in their eyes. Eban turned to his knights. “Take out the rest of the guards on the wall. Remain unseen.”

Aros - The River Timaeus

The Winter Charm formed in Aros’ hand as followed Cyrus out of the tent. The wand was supernaturally cold in his palm, but its burn felt unusually comforting to the Summer King. His heart nearly stopped when he saw the massive horde beyond the river. Although the savage draconians, nords, and ogres were troubling, nothing concerned him as much as the avatar of Kurnos sitting atop a giant salamander. As Yogosh swung his cleaver and taunted the Republic forces, Cyrus readied himself to cross a bridge of ice extending across the river.

Aros watched, his lips pursed. His eyes darted around, searching for a way to help. He could enchant the water attack the horde or cast an illusion over them to cause infighting among themselves. He looked at Cyrus and then at Yogosh. If they were to duel, it would be a clash of two mighty forces and, although Cyrus was skilled, Yogosh contained a massive amount of raw strength and killer instincts. The Sun Bearer’s Chosen would need all the help he could get. “Cyrus!” The Summer King reached into his pocket and tossed a coin in his direction. It gleamed in the sunlight and disappeared, finding itself tucked away in Cyrus’ pocket. The Autumn Charm could provide him with the luck he needed.

Aros looked towards the horde. He lifted his wand and twirled it in the air, golden dust swirling around him. “Twist the sight and cloud the mind,” Aros closed his eyes, allowing deep fairy magic to flow out from him. “Where once were friends, now foes you’ll find.”

He held the magic back, but if he released it, any member of the horde affected would fill with anxiety and delusion, seeing nothing but Republic forces surrounding them.

The Green Woman - The Other Place

The Green Woman rolled her eyes as yet another deity came to beg for mercy. She looked at Symphonia, a mild air of annoyance flickering across her features. Although the goddess’ sudden appearance was slightly irritating, the King certainly enjoyed the curtsy.

“Yes, yes, yes. Very nice of you.” The Green Woman stood up, the plants from her throne reaching for her as they reached for the sun, desperate for her return. “Walk with me.” She walked past Symphonia, expecting the goddess to follow her. As they walked, bright beautiful flowers bloomed to greet them and the plant life seemed to come alive as the deities passed them. Blue birds and butterflies fluttered out from the Green Woman’s hair. “I am tired, Symphonia. Spring after spring, I give all to the fleshlings.” She sighed. The weight of the world seemed to pull her body down. “Yet they chop down my trees, poison my rivers, and drown the soil in blood.”

She kneeled down, digging her fingertips into the dirt. The earth was crying out to her, desperate for a champion. “I do not enjoy starving the fleshlings, but they must be reminded that I do not serve them. The Wilds will not be trifled with or tamed.”


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The Green Woman and Symphonia
The Other Place

“I know that the mortals are being punished for their crimes but this is not just sentencing the ones that have done the injustice. This is a mass punishment for both the innocent and the guilty. The people that have, most likely, nothing to do with the harm that was brought upon the land are suffering the most. The farmers, caretakers, and countrymen that have only followed the cycle of taking and giving back to the land are the ones truly being treated unjust. The ones that cut down trees to expand their territory and drown the grounds with the blood of soldiers that fuel war are the ones that are unaffected." Symphonia stepped ahead and put herself in front of the Green Woman, halting her progress, and looked her in the eyes. A rare, serious, expression on her face.

“The way I feel about those innocent mortals is the same way you feel about your trees and the land they reside in. Your famine is only solidifying the power your intended target has over everyone else. If you were to make an attack on who is abusing their power then it must be in a different manner."

"Perhaps you have a point." The Green Woman rose, looking into Symphonia's eyes. Trees throughout Pandeum began to crack and groan. Branches slowly twisted into balled fists and claws. From the bark formed faint impressions of displeasure. To her displeasure, the Green Skins had managed to fill their bellies through their alliance with the Unseelie and, as the Enchanted Forest was the source of the Oakborn's power, punishing Maeve with famine would be suicide. She looked at her fellow goddess, sincerity in her eyes. "What would you have me do? Should I raise an army? Release a new plague onto the Green Skins and the Scaled Hordes and the Cultists?" She raised her eyebrows.

Symphonia pondered at the question presented to her. It was a question of heavy burden. Not only that but Symphonia hadn't planned for war in some time and she was considered a goddess of neutrality.

But this is for the greater good. A voice inside Symphonia's thoughts reassured her. This is to punish the ones that burden the ones you mean to protect. Symphonia looked at the candor in the Green Woman's eyes. The time of peace was already shattered and battles were waging at this very moment. Symphonia heard fighting that was elsewhere of the River.

"If you are to wage a war then you must gather allies and information on your enemies before doing so. The Green Skins are fighting right now as we speak with the dwarfs. And the Scaled Hordes are at a momentary standoff with the Lands of the Republic. To punish the wicked is not a task you must only burden yourself with. There are many that would share your goal to remove the power the threatening forces possess." Symphonia held out her arm towards the path so that they may continue their walk.

"How many?" The Green Woman raised her brows, curiosity knitted into her expression. She hooked her arm through the other goddess' arm. "Would you raise an army against my enemies? Would the Sun Bearer or the Smith? Would any of you care if your nations weren't starving?" Her corners of her mouth turned down into a scowl. Thorny vines crept from her shoulder blades to her neck, wrapping around her throat. Her eyes narrow slightly. "None of you took arms when the Green Skins began cutting down my forests. None of you took arms as the Hordes raped my land."

She took a breath, red roses blooming from the brambles around her throat. She closed her eyes for a moment. "I am sorry, my sister. I do not mean to be angry. I am trying to be strong."

Symphonia had to greatly resist the urge to step back as she saw the Green Woman's frustrations manifest themselves through the plant life on and in her body. But then she got ahold of herself and returned back to the calmness she demonstrated before and apologized. The Air goddess understood where the Green Woman was coming from.

"Your strength is a strong trait that I admire in you. You go through more pain than most, if not all, of the other gods on this planet. Yet you have endured for the ages. I am sorry that you have not received any help. I blame myself for always trying to avoid conflict. Even if it's at the expense of others' suffering." A look of sadness mirrored itself Symphonia's eyes but only for a moment before regaining the resolve that matched her Avatar's. "I believe the others are merely looking out for their own. That is why they haven't reached out to help. You know the people of my lane will help when called. It is our way. The Sun Bearer and the Smith have already brought up armies against your enemies. It's only a matter of banding together for a like cause. That is the way of war and that is what we have done before. Uniting against a common enemy." Symphonia slipped out of the Green Woman's arm and turned towards her. The goddess of Air curtsied with her head bowed once again.

"I hope you accept my deepest apologies. I consider you one of my greatest and closest allies and will gladly lend you the full support and cooperation of Zephyrus to aid you against your--our enemies."

The Green Woman nodded in acknowledgement, a small smile coming to her lips. "I appreciate your apology, Symphonia." A moment of silence passed, the Green Woman pondering over her choices. The seeds of anger were planted long ago and what sprouted from them was tangled in her soul. "I don't-" She paused, almost regretting her words. "I don't think I am ready to let go of my wrath. But I will make you a promise." She help Symphonia's hand and looked deep into her eyes. "If you raise an army and secure the safety of my domain, this famine will end."

Symphonia returned the Green Woman's smile with one of her own as she listen to the conditions of ending the famine. But before peace could once again be attained war would have to be brought down. And Symphonia had to be the one to do it. The goddess that wanted to cease conflict and wanted nothing but peace was now going to be the cause of many deaths to come. Blood on her hands.

"I gladly accept your offer." Symphonia finally spoke. "First I shall have to deal with the conflicts our potential allies are distracted with. Aiding them at this time will easily get them on our side not to mention the promise of the famine ceasing if they do so and defeat the enemies they already face. I shall be in contact with you once again once those things have been taken care of. Give the king my regards."