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Deity, Restored

Deity, Restored


Yokai roam the human world, and five gods must be restored to their divine posts by their familiars in order to restore balance to the world. An RP based off of a combination of Wu Xing and Shinto beliefs.

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this rp is based off of wu xing and shinto beliefs.


Wood feeds fire.
Fire creates Earth.
Earth bears Metal.
Metal enriches Water.
Water nourishes Wood.

Wood parts Earth.
Earth dams Water.
Water extinguishes Fire.
Fire melts Metal.
Metal chops Wood.


Ours is a world of magic.
A world of mythic occurrences.
Spirits, demons, gods all dwell amongst us, though we don't see them. They keep the balance, some protecting humanity, others trying to destroy it. Epic battles rage amongst them, and we, the humans, are right smack in the middle of it, spurring them on. We are their targets, their anthems, their battle cry, their victims, their cause.
And here we are, clueless to their presence. [/align]

There were five gods whose powers were the strongest against the darker beings. They were humanities' main defense. They represented the balance of the world, each god having their own place in the world of order: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.
But when demons banded together and killed the five gods, chaos erupted around the world.
Natural disasters.
Tragic accidents.
Mysterious, gruesome deaths.
Man-eating monsters became numerous and ravenous.
Mischievous spirits became spiteful and malicious.
As these dark beings grew to be insatiable and ever more malignant, oppressing humanity with their evil, the world fell into an even greater state of decay.

The five gods must be found by their respective familiars, yokai servants and confidants of the five previous gods, and restored to their Devine places. It is up to the familiars to find the new gods, bring them to their shrines, train them for their divine posts, tend to their god's needs, tend to the shrine, and protect them at all costs.
It is the duty of the gods to bring balance to the land, to remove the negative energies that erode the world, and protect the humans from the demons and spirits that prowl the land.
There is little time to work, as day by day the demons grow stronger, the spirits grow bolder, and the land begins to decay. The new gods must work together to strengthen their new-found abilities, bring balance back, protect humanity, and all the while protect themselves and each other.


The gods shall be chosen by the familiars. This means their godhood is bestowed upon them, and with the title, all the powers of a god.
The familiars are, generally speaking, animal spirits/yokai who are often associated with their respective god's element. The familiars, therefore, have many of the same abilities as their gods, as well as other abilities.

The Spring Deity
God -
Familiar - reserved
Associated abilities: Wind/Air, Thunder, Vibrations, Sound, Speech, Acid, Mind, Telepathy, Health, Paper, Curiosity, Vision, Birth
Associated animal spirits: Azure Dragons, Rabbits, Tigers

The Summer Deity
God -
Familiar - Jikorin
Associated abilities: Fire, Visible light, Rust, Heat, Glass, Clay, Energy, Passion, Growth, Charisma, Intensity, Happiness, Children
Associated animal spirits: Great Birds, Snakes, Foxes

The Late Summer Deity
God - reserved - female
Familiar -
Associated abilities: Earth, Rock, Carbon, Dust, Sand, Energy, Smoke, Gravity, Earth quakes, Strength, Nurturing, Honesty, Law
Associated animal spirits: Yellow Dragons, Wolves, Foxes

The Autumn Deity
Familiar -
Associated abilities: Metal, Wind, Storms, Holy Water, Snow, Ice, Frost, Ingenuity, Creativity, Intuition
Associated animal spirits: White tigers, Birds of Prey, Stags, Elk

The Winter Deity
God -
Familiar -
Associated abilities: Water, Sea, Ice, Electricity, Storms,Rain, Pressure, Mirrors, Shadows, Wit, Knowledge, Death
Associated animal sprites: Black Tortoise, Sea Serpents

Hiroto - Crow Yokai


Image: (url preferred)
Character Name:
I am: (Metal God, Yokai, Familiar, Human, etc)
Nationality: (you don't have to be Japanese)
Abilities: (if you're a god/familiar, you can have all the abilities I listed above, plus three more of your own choosing)

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Taking place in...

Modern day Tokyo our primary setting

Where our story will begin. The five shrines of the five gods surround Tokyo.

Modern day Tokyo

Modern day Tokyo by Cesteel

Where our story will begin. The five shrines of the five gods surround Tokyo.

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#, as written by Cesteel
The five gods were dead. They had been for some time now. How many years was it again? Twelve? Something like that.
The gods were dead, and day by day Hiroto's territory was growing. He could not help but smile to himself as he sat in the mid-afternoon sun in front of a local cafe. It had become a favorite past time of his to sit in public places and interact with humans, being friendly even. To the human eye, he was simply a handsome, educated-looking gentleman enjoying a cup of coffee and the morning newspaper. They acknowledged him, thought briefly of his striking, handsome features, then forgot of him. He smiled. It was like playing with his food.
The coffee he had ordered had long since grown cold sitting in front of him. He cared little for it, even after dumping three spoonfuls of sugar into it. Why did humans find this beverage so appealing? With a small sigh, he thumbed through the newspaper he had purchased.
He grinned. A trio of corpses had been found just outside of Tokyo. It was a gruesome murder. Limbs were missing from two of the bodies, and all three had had their ribcages ripped open. The entrails were missing. He, along with the rest of mankind, knew exactly what that meant: a hungry yokai had had a very filling dinner.
Though the murder was within his territory, Hiroto did not mind the intrusion. He allowed lesser yokai to hunt as they please, so long as they did not interfere with his favorite killing grounds, or call too much attention to themselves.
Suddenly, Hiroto's back stiffened. His grin vanished, and his eyes narrowed into slits. He sniffed the air.
A familiar was nearby….
Why would a familiar be here? The familiars had retreated into the shrines after the loss of their gods. Why would they wander the streets? Were they…. trying to find new gods? Impossible.
Rising from his seat, Hiroto folded his newspaper, left a tip on the coffee table, and walked away from the cafe. He would find this intruder.

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Modern day Tokyo

Modern day Tokyo by Cesteel

Where our story will begin. The five shrines of the five gods surround Tokyo.

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Character Portrait: Hiroto
Character Portrait: Jikorin


Character Portrait: Jikorin

"Curiosity never killed this cat!"

Character Portrait: Hiroto

A crow yokai who was the main instigator of the death of the original five gods, Hiroto is a territorial, power-hungry being who enjoys the taste of total control.


Character Portrait: Jikorin

"Curiosity never killed this cat!"

Character Portrait: Hiroto

A crow yokai who was the main instigator of the death of the original five gods, Hiroto is a territorial, power-hungry being who enjoys the taste of total control.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Hiroto

A crow yokai who was the main instigator of the death of the original five gods, Hiroto is a territorial, power-hungry being who enjoys the taste of total control.

Character Portrait: Jikorin

"Curiosity never killed this cat!"

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Modern day Tokyo

Modern day Tokyo by Cesteel

Where our story will begin. The five shrines of the five gods surround Tokyo.

Modern day Tokyo

Where our story will begin. The five shrines of the five gods surround Tokyo.

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Re: Deity, Restored

I'm debating between Summer and Winter Deity.

Re: Deity, Restored

Well, finally finished my bio, quite proud of it too. Can't wait to see my cat's human.

By the way, any chance of you making a response in this thread?

Also, how exactly will everything unfold. Alright, some familiar gets the bright idea of creating new gods. Would that one familiar make an agreement with the others to do so? Would they work together or separately? Also, how would they choose?

Re: Deity, Restored

May I reserve the spring god deity as a female please?

Re: Deity, Restored

By the way, when did the five gods die? I'm almost finished my profile, I just need to finish my Story section. Let's just say my cat is no stranger to death or fire. I just need to develop how my cat came in contact with the Fire Deity and what this cat did for him/her. Also, I think my cat will have a hatred for Crow Yokai, due to a certain nuclear accident (which may or may not have been caused by one of the two). Knowing your character, I could totally imagine your character being the one involved with this event, a rather infamous one really. Interested in hearing me out?

Edit: Okay, I read your post. 12 years? I'm assuming the year is 2014, so I made my character a little over 100 years. I wanted to do 451 or 495, but when I decided to make my cat German instead of Japanese, I felt reducing her age to fit her history better was better. Decided to miss out on one death by fire event in exchange for another, along with an accident.

Re: Deity, Restored

Ah, personally I am fond of both Japanese folklore and the Shinto religion, but I don't know much about Wu Xing. I'd like to reserve the familiar of Fire please. I have a great idea for a character, a devious Bakeneko/Nekomata that is equally lazy and cowardly. Would a cat animal spirit be appropriate for fire?

Re: Deity, Restored

Could I reserve The Late Summer Deity, please?

Deity, Restored

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