Black Cherry

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a character in “Deletion”, as played by CherrySwirl


Ai "Black Cherry" Miwa

Who are you?
Cherry is an eerie yet beautiful lolicon with a twisted sense of humor. Her life goal is to bring an end to the plague.

What's your personality?
Cherry appears impassive and quiet, but she is actually morbid and a little self-concious. She is judgemental and stuck up. She likes making obscene jokes. She finds "happy" people annoying. A bit of a sadist. She is also a little crazy sometimes claiming that her weapon, Death Parfait, speaks to her.

What side are you on?

What's your history?
Cherry was born into a wealthy family of narcissist. Everyone in her family were very beautiful and attractive. They looked down on her because she was plain, pale and a little weird. As a child she would often hear them call her ugly behind her back and was told to stay in her room when there were visitors. After the plague began she was abducted and sold as a slave, tortured and being forced to do things she would never dare utter. After being sold to a weapons trader, she came across an ominous axe that seemed to call out to her. After touching it something in her snapped. She took the axe and killed her master, then returned to her family (who she discovered had actually sold her) and hacked them to pieces. Even though she enjoyed every second of it and felt her weapon begging for more blood, she knew it was wrong. With the intention of ending the plague she joined Exoran vowing to eliminate herself once her goal was reached. Now, she has completely changer her look by dying and perming her natural dark straight hair to wavy and pink.

Kneel down and Lick my Feet by Ali project
Get down and lick my red fingernail
Call me queen with your tangled tongue
With the Sun that blooms in hell
With the fallen darkness in paradise
As for that radiance and despair
Which is more intense?

From the inside of my head, exploded roses
The scattered blossoms are the entrance to nirvana
Secretly, the wound aches
Severly, blood drains

To reach for the bottom of my heart
Even though you worship my beauty
Your pursuit...
Is still love?
How many more men til I'm satisfied?
Aren't I a frivolous child?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjiPXNuS ... re=related

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