The Wilds


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The Wild - The mysterious land behind the electrical fence.

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The Wilds

"The Wilds is beautiful... It`s alive, it`s all alive. The exploring animals, the swaying trees, everything. It`s all different than the other side; the separate world beyond that electric fence. It`s a world filled with love."

The Wilds is actually very beautiful, if you look in the right places. There are many, many things left over from the blitz, even though most of it is all destroyed. There are some houses still standing, some places you`d find in a regular town, but usually there are just ruins of towns that were standing before being bombed down.

The Invalids have what they all call homesteads. There`s millions of them, all over America. These homesteads are places were Invalids stay, store supplies, and really just live. Most of these homesteads are also considered trading places. Most homesteads are closed down in Winter though, and during these times the Invalids go to camps, places that are more secure for the Winter.
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The Wilds

The Wild - The mysterious land behind the electrical fence.


The Wilds is a part of Delirium.

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❝ Paul Makota ❞
Let's make like chameleons, sis.

Paul wove his way through the trees, hearing Alva's footsteps right behind him. He hated the long trek through the woods to reach Portland. He was constantly afraid of missing a turn and getting them both lost. Fortunately, he had the blue marks on the trees to serve as his guide. The paint was wearing off, though. Perhaps he could spare a bit of coin for some paint to refurbish the paint. Or he could carve a symbol into the trees instead; they would understand.

Soon they reached the edge of the woods. Paul held out his hand to keep Alva back out of habit, even though he knew she wouldn't try to run out ahead of him. He had to be absolutely sure that they would be fine. The morning was still dark, and cold, perfect for infiltrating the city. Nobody would notice two roughshod youths in the city if everyone was preoccupied with the cold. Just look down, speak quietly, don't cause a ruckus, and you'd be fine, he reminded himself. Someday you can get them back for what they did to Mother, Father, and everybody else. But for now, you just have to survive, and learn more.

Paul soon decided that the coast was clear of any unknown compromising agents. He turned to Alva, nodded, then took off, knowing she was right behind him. He ran for the fence, slowing only to prevent himself from crashing headlong into the fence. He jumped as quietly as he could manage, and ascended the fence quickly, giving it a minimum of time to shake and make any noise that might betray his highly illegal entrance. He climbed over the top and let himself drop, landing quietly before moving away from the fence quickly to let Alva follow him.

First destination: Labor Bureau. There, he could pick up a small job to work for the day, and get some money for supplies.