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Darius Michael Cartridge-Jones

Don't Mess With Me Or I'll Punch Your Face Out. Got It?

0 · 305 views · located in Babylon

a character in “Deliver Us”, as played by CriminalMinds


Name: Darius
Nickname: D
Gender: Male. Dur.
Age: 33
Hometown: San Francisco
Occupation: Thief.

Appearance: Darius has shaggy mop-like dark brown hair. It sits on top of his head and is nearly always messy. He never bothers to keep up his appearance with a hairstyle or a hair cut. In fact, the last time he got it cut was a year ago and he had his sister get a pair of scissors to it. So it's all jagged - like he's being through a lawn mower of some sort. He has dark blue eyes and stands at around 6'3 which can be intimidating to most people - not all though. He is muscled, but not overly so like a body builder. He works out to keep fit and agile on the streets but that's about it. He has four tattoos on his body:

One on his back.
Two going down his left arm.
Three over his heart. (Without the writing underneath)
And the fourth is the words: 'Unseen I suffer, Unheard I cry, In darkness I linger, In loneliness I die' which is written in black letters over his chest.

Each tattoo has a meaning but Darius rarely talks about it. He has a light stubble that shows that he doesn't shave every other day. In fact, some times he even lets the start of a beard and mustache form.

As for clothing, Darius tends to wear dirty and torn looking jeans that often have holes at the knees that show signs of them being well worn and different coloured button-up shirts with a white sleeveless top underneath.


Personality: Darius is a dick. That is all there is too it. He thinks about himself first and everyone else later. Except for his younger siblings. They are the only people he lets close to him and if you want to hurt him, you go after them. D is argumentative and stubborn and he likes being in charge. He's the top dog in his eyes and no one else can take that place. If anyone tries then he soon gets aggressive to show them who's boss. It's all about violence to show who's the real boss in this place.

He's closed his heart off to feeling sorry for people and sometimes this has caused problems between him and his siblings because he tries to be in charge and controlling with them when he should feel more sympathetic towards them. He often struggles to feel any sort of emotion towards people though this doesn't mean that he can't open his heart later in the future. Anything can happen. Until then though, he's a dick that resorts to anger and violence to solve his problems. His language is colourful to say the least and he has no problem expressing what is on his mind or what he thinks about people. He'll easily insult people. He's also really impatient and can be quite snappy at people if they push the right buttons.

And when it comes to females, his attitude is just as bad. He's used them right from the start. He uses anyone. Females for pleasure mainly and then both genders to further himself and survive if need be. Or that's how he looks at it. It's a dog eat dog world out there - survival of the fittest. And D believes that he's the fittest.

His good side though is that he is fiercely loyal and protective of his family. They include his younger sister who is 17 - Jessica; his brother Donovan who is 15; and his youngest siblings - Jake and Ry who are twins aged six. Deep down he is vulnerable but he hides this with his hardened mask that he's created for himself.


Nightmare Realm: In Darius' nightmare realm he looses control of everything. He can't control anything at all and worst of all he can't protect his family who depend on him. He has to submit to someone else who is top dog and his form of torture is watching his family suffer in pain where all he can do is watch unable to help.

Ability: Empathy - Darius can feel what everyone else is feeling. This is ironic considering that he doesn't let others know/ or avoids his own emotions. He has no idea how to control them or how to stop being bombarded by it all. It's a form of torture itself for him as he suddenly feels everyone else's emotions and feels how he makes others feel. It's very confusing at the start as he can't even tell who is who's emotion if in a large enough crowd.

Fears: Losing his siblings; commitment; becoming soft; and he's horribly claustrophobic.


Recent History: Darius has spent the last four years looking after his siblings. Their parents were killed under dodgy circumstances in the shady part of Babylon. With crime running high in the area it's just been left as an unsolved case. Since then D has had to look after his siblings and he does everything he can to support them. It's hard though. Especially being the sole supporter, Darius ended up losing the roof over their head and had to resort to thieving just to get by.

It started off with food so he could feed everyone but soon it moved to jewellery and clothes. Then it moved to pick-pocketing money. Since then he's grown up to be pretty tough and feared throughout the district that he lives due to the fights that he's started and/or being involved in. Even now, five years on he's not some major 'boss' of his area. He likes to think he is, but he isn't. Darius is trying to work his way up in the chain though to becoming a crime boss. When he's parents died he gave up with going about things in a civil and orderly fashion. Now he does whatever he deems necessary to kill a guy.

It was all good until he say something unusual one day. It was himself. Or someone that looked like him. He can't really tell. All he knows is that the male looked like him and was with another female - happy. Darius followed, curious to see what the hell was going on and soon lost sight of the pair in a crowd of people. He was sure that the person was him though. But how could it be, there is only one of him.


Likes: Darius loves Pasta, Pizza and potatoes. He loves rock music, fighting, sex and women.

Dislikes: He hates wimps, abusers, idiots, small spaces and reading. He hates smart asses and know-it-alls.

So begins...

Darius Michael Cartridge-Jones's Story