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a character in “Delsin's OCs”, as played by delsin



Why yes, I am fluent in sarcasm.

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Name: Athena Markov

Codename: Illinois

Aliases: Illy, Speedy, Nois, Thena

Age: 28

Birthday: June 18th

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Appearance: wip

Personality: Athena is a very sarcastic and stubborn girl who prefers to talk her way out of situations over fighting her way past them — however that doesn’t mean she won’t stand around and take anything thrown at her. She has a habit of commenting sarcastically to most situations, but once you befriend her, she will become friendlier and much more joking, if not a bit arrogant at times. She is also quite intelligent, using her wits to pull herself out of a bad situation and she’s incredibly headstrong, her determination keeping her walking with her head high no matter the situation. She also has a very kind side to her and will instinctively do anything to help those in need — a trait which could land her down a path of manipulation if she isn’t careful. She does not take kindly to betrayal, however, so if you take advantage of her, you will have to go down quite the adventure in order to win her trust and respect back. She has a tendency to bottle her emotions often and will act as if nothing is bothering her when in reality, she’s anything but okay. She will not respond well to prying and may snap, but she will never mean anything cruel that she might end up saying. She is also a very reckless girl and quite the daredevil, often taking on dangerous tasks or dares that no one else usually would — a result of her stubbornness and need to prove herself. She is overall, a strong girl who will always try to keep her head up, despite all of the choices — good or bad — that she may make.

History: Athena was raised in a poor family, her mother constantly working to support her and her father never being there, as he had left when she was still a baby. She moved from school to school throughout most of her life before she finally settled in Chicago, Illinois, where she remained. That was where her mother met a businessman who had just recently moved due to work and a couple years later they married, giving Athena a sister named Lucy. They then had a relatively normal life from then on, up until she was seventeen.

It had been a normal day, she had been babysitting her now seven year old sister when she noticed her mother hadn’t come back home from her morning jog. She grew increasingly concerned when her stepfather returned home later in the night and told her that he hadn’t spoken to her mother since he left for work. Knowing her mother would never be gone for so long, she and her father rushed to the police station, where they began a search for her. Days turned into weeks, then months with no sign of her mother. Eventually, people stopped looking for her mother and she was the only one still searching, hoping for any sign of her. It was then that she began to fully dive into her skills at hacking, looking into the company her mother worked for after their suspicious statements about the disappearance. After some digging, she realized how shady they were and became convinced that they had something to do with her mother going missing — something that she would carry for years.

Now, years later, she works as a bartender while doing her own personal investigation on her mother’s case, hacking into any systems she can in search of information regarding what happened to her mother.

FC: Nina Dobrev

  • Athena is excellent at cooking and baking.
  • Due to her bartender job, Athena is very good at juggling and learned to flair.
  • During her childhood, Athena learned rock climbing and parkour, skills that would help her later in case she needs to make a quick getaway.
  • Athena loves anything sweet, but especially chocolates and caramel treats.
  • Athena speaks two languages fluently, Spanish, due to her mother, and Italian, something she picked up out of her own interest.
  • Athena adores cats and even has one of her own, a fluffy tabby colored cat named Lancelot.
  • Athena grew up loving superheroes and has several boxes in her closet filled to the brim with all sorts of comics, ranging from the Justice League to the X-Men to the Avengers.

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So begins...

Illinois's Story