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Congratulations! You have been offered a job opportunity on NanoTrasen Orbital Phasma Research Facility DELTA13. Everything will be just fine! (and god help you)

638 readers have visited DELTA13 since EvoPrime created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


Phasma. Some call it “the new oil”; others call it the greatest sin known to man. Either way, it’s undeniable how it has simultaneously aided and harmed humanity in equal and equally immense measure.

The Phasma Revolution started over a hundred years ago, in 2238, with the shocking sudden appearance of a new celestial object 2 million kilometres past Pluto’s orbit. Upon closer investigation, it appeared to fit the size definition of a moon, but it sudden unexplained appearance sent waves through the scientific community. Taking advantage of this, the NanoTrasen corporation, previously a somewhat-powerful multinational responsible for the creation of everything from small consumer products to whole space stations, deployed the first prototype of their Deep Look project: a combined orbital probe and rover system that promised to be able to visit and investigate the moon in approximately 50 years, and return in another 50. With international support (and competition), NanoTrasen finally launched the prototype unto the stars in 2242, and began a long waiting game.

2377 rolled around, and the Deep Look prototype finally returned.

Its results would change NanoTrasen, and the world at large, forever.

The rover had collected samples of an incredibly strange, unknown element from the surface of the moon; an otherwise barren rock that mysteriously had vast fields of this strange, lustrous purple metal that coated it almost like giant stains. Initial testing with the element was inconclusive of anything at at first it was merely regarded as a curious sort of jewelry material, named Phasma for its almost ghostly shine. NanoTrasen’s executives were livid at having wasted time and money on something so useless, and their scientists remained perplexed at how a whole moon had suddenly moved.

And then, one day, a scientist toying about with a bit of Phasma ended up exposing it to Alpha Radiation.

He, and half his laboratory, ended up teleporting a very short distance away into the garden of the research centre he was working at. While en-route, he claimed to, for a split second, see the entirety of the cosmos in a strange blue tint.

Years of intense research work later, he and his colleagues had cracked the secret that had perplexed man for so long: Bluespace. Phasma exposed to intense Alpha Radiation had been the long-hoped for key to interstellar travel, and though man understood very little about it, they knew exactly how to utilize it with a bit of trial and error.

Practically overnight, NanoTrasen was building the first Phasma-fueled spaceship, the NTSC “Breaking Dawn”, an immense research vessel crewed by 80 of the finest scientists on NanoTrasen’s payroll. And though they huffed and puffed, no other force on Earth could stop the inevitable.

NanoTrasen sent out the completed Breaking Dawn in 2379, bearing for the strange “Phasma Moon”. Once there, studies confirmed that the moon had indeed traveled from its original orbit, many many light years away, through the awakening of some Phasma by an unknown external force. Aliens? A freak solar event? Nobody could know. All they knew was that they needed to mine the stuff.

Phasma had soared in price and demand; the stars were in humanity’s reach! And though NanoTrasen held on to the secrets of Bluespace travel for many years, it was in 2391 that double agents finally cracked the secret and revealed it to the world.

However, the original source of Phasma, the Phasma Moon, had been picked clean, and new sources of the precious stuff were required. The Phasma already mined was beginning to lose effectiveness, making Bluespace travel more and more unreliable. And thus began the Bluespace Race, an era of immense competition between governments and corporations to find and extract as much Phasma as they could.

Thirty years later, in 2421, the race is well underway. NanoTrasen has successfully operated twelve Orbital Phasma Research Facilities (OPRFs), and now a thirteenth has been constructed in the Betelguese system. Orbiting some distance from the star, it has been entrusted with mining Phasma from a nearby asteroid belt supposedly rich with the stuff.

Codenamed OPRF-DELTA13, it is in need of crew. You’re in need of a job. And guess what? You’ve been offered to fill one of many open job slots on DELTA13.

Little do you know what a ride you’re in for.

Toggle Rules

Mild WIP, updated as I consider new things

How stuff works!
Dead simple: this RP is character driven. You and the characters under your charge will be ordered to perform their assigned tasks on the station, and though you can of course always scorn orders, the station's security force probably won't take kindly to it. Perform your job to the best extent possible and try to mesh with the competing wills of your self-entitled, obnoxious, and in many cases criminally incompetent crewmates.

Or, perhaps, criminal in another way?

The game is also subject to constant random events. These range from harmless little gimmicks such as a few lights going faulty, to the sudden and violent infiltration of your station at the hands of extremely hostile paramilitary units with orders to kill everything they see. You are expected to react accordingly when these events happen, and though you may die, there are a fair few ways that death can be scorned - from cloning to arcane magic. (Or, of course, you could just make a new character.)

As if that wasn't enough, you can't even trust your fellow players; sometimes, one of the waves of new recruits arriving on the station will include a traitor or two, ordered to accomplish certain secret objectives... including ones that may put YOU in direct danger. And if RNG favours you, you could even play one of the evil scum!

  1. I am the equivalent of god within this RP. I'm benevolent but please understand the hierarchy at all times.
  2. There's no real word minimum for posts as I do hate useless filler content when all you need to do is reply to someone else's remark, but please write at least a decent amount.
  3. Due to the nature of the game, separation of IC and OOC knowledge is critical, especially if you are an antagonist/security member.
  4. For the love of god, read all the supplement threads in the OOC. These will be constantly added and updated, especially in the first few days.
  5. Command Staff is expected to behave like Command Staff. Be reasonable. If I've allowed you to create a Command character, it means I really trust you; don't break it.
  6. Same applies to Security, by the way.
  7. Combat is a major part of this RP (at times); I'm not gonna force any arbitrary rules upon you other than cooperating with whoever you're fighting. I'll let you control a fight against an NPC (but PLEASE, be reasonable; if you go toe-to-toe with a mech while unarmed, you WILL die and I will override your decision), whereas with other players you must cooperate somehow. And remember, don't be scared of dying: death isn't always final (though in some cases it WILL be) and even if your character does die, you can always make a new one.
  8. If the station is screwed up totally beyond repair for some reason, I will wait for that event to finish and then (at my discretion) trigger a "CHRONOLOGICAL OVERRIDE", basically rolling back time to a point before the event. Most things that happened after that point are thus nulled and voided, but PM me if you want to make an exception for something in particular and I'll see what I can do.
  9. Faceclaims can be anime or real life or anything you really want, so long as it provides an accurate representation of your character. If you REALLY can't find a fitting one, just skip it, it's fine.
  10. Please ask me before creating a Silicon character. AI characters will very rarely be permitted, only if they are assembled by the crew or the original AI perishes and a replacement is required.

RP Notes
  1. The player characters are not alone on the station; there are other crewmen aboard who can and will be freely controlled by the players. The only real rule surrounding them is to keep things consistent, not make NPCs appear out of nowhere (an arrivals shuttle will arrive occasionally to drop off new crewmen, just contact me OOCly if you really need a new char to control). Ultimately I have final say over the NPCs and their actions, but I'm trusting the players.
  2. Security aboard the station is effectively just policemen with greater power and much, much fancier toys, ranging from energy guns (only used in dangerous situations) to multi-use advanced stun guns and even stunbatons. Under normal circumstances they are legally restricted by NT-SOP (though critical situations do give them the authority to do pretty much anything); that means, no beating the shit out of someone with a stunbaton just for stealing some drinks from the bar. However, as this is an IC issue it will (typically) be handled ICly by another character, ranging from reprimanding to downright blasting the offending character in the head with an energy gun.
  3. ALL silicon characters are bound to their Silicon Laws (by default for most, the infamous Asimov Laws); however, these can and WILL be changed throughout the span of the game. You must ALWAYS obey these laws, in priority order (lower numbers have higher priority; event-caused laws [the ones with weird characters] have highest priority) and they must ALWAYS be taken literally. Make sure to read very, very carefully the details of each law and make no assumptions. As a silicon, you do not have the benefit of creative decision making quite like a human does; everything is literal.
  4. Also, most groups have certain standard Silicon models that most Silicon characters will fit to. Exceptions will be made if you give me a good reason to make one for your character.


Command: Captain, Head of Personnel, Head of Security, Chief Engineer, Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Communications Officer

Security: Security Officer, Brig Warden, Detective, Lawyer

Engineering: Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, Mechanic

Science: Astrophysicist, Phasma Researcher, Roboticist,

Medical: Medical Doctor, Medical Assistant, Chemist, Geneticist, Microbiologist, Mobile Rescue Officer

Cargo: Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Miner

Civilian: Janitor, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Chaplain, Librarian

Character Sheet Framework! (prepare to use this a LOT)
Code: Select all

[WIP] Silicon Character Sheet Framework! (specialized for Silicon characters)
Code: Select all
[b]Silicon Type (Major AI, Personal AI, Android, Drone):[/b]
[b]Age (years since assembly):[/b]
[b]Equipment (if applicable):[/b]

(Feel free to modify your CS in any way. Just stick to the framework and add as much as you want.)

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Character Portrait: Dr Jeremy Maddock
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Character Portrait: Dr Jeremy Maddock
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