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Slaughter. Sacrifice. Deceit. Hallucinations. Will you unveil the truth? [Closed]

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Bodega Bay 2011 Suicide Victims (in ascending order by age):
1. Catori Benett, 12 years old.
2. Axel Zeely, 12 years old.
3. Rocco Jepson, 13 years old.
4. Jasmine Whey, 14 years old.
5. Grey Lozier, 15 years old.
6. Tara Davenport, 15 years old.
7. Enola Kimi, 16 years old.
8. Chayton Monsour, 16 years old.
9. Reese Sparks, 16 years old.
10. David Benett, 17 years old.
11. Carly Rodriguez, 18 years old.
12. Sterling Boyer, 19 years old.
13. Amanda Klopton, 19 years old.

1. Please exhibit originality and creativity with your characters - this of course means you are free to make any character you like, related to whoever you please (this is why the list of victims was given!). I understand there are some characters with names and FC's chosen already, but that's just to offer those who are dealing with mental block some relief. But your characters are subject to approval regardless.
2. When submitting posts, no less than 500 words is acceptable here. I put a lot of work into writing this story and would like to see it reciprocated. Sorry!
3. Be respectful of fellow role-players and their characters. In other words, don't play anyone's role but your own and don't start bitch fights.
4. Not every single parent of Bodega is a religiously driven ancestral psychopath, so please don't play or perceive all of them as such.
5. Inevitably some of these characters will be drawn into somewhat romantic relationships, but take it to PM if it starts to stray away from the plot. No one wants to be reading details that are of no account.
6. As long as our boogeyman 'Gutom' is an NPC, he is to be distinguished as more of a creepy, gangly figure than anything else. He's more creature than human - keep this in mind if he takes up residency in one of your character's nightmares. Please don't recreate him, I'd like everyone to be on the same page.
7. Violence, gore, insanity and more is welcomed. It is to be expected to some degree being that native adolescents were given Pangamba at birth. Please keep in mind that the onset of Pangamba's effects can start anywhere from age three to sixteen. It can come in episodes if you so wish.
8. Termination of characters - I leave this decision in YOUR hands. If you want your character to off themselves or get killed by Gutom or someone else, it is completely up to you. No one else is to make that decision for you nor will they.
9. If you want your character to be a high-content Miwok descendent, that's totally okay!
10. Collaborate with others accordingly.

Taking place in...

Bodega Bay, CA our primary setting

Welcome to Bodega, home of the Bodega Sealions, shell fishing and the best Californian food you'll ever taste! If you happen to stumble upon the darker side of Bodega well - keep your fingers crossed...

Bodega Bay, CA

Bodega Bay, CA by hoodrattt

Welcome to Bodega, home of the Bodega Sealions, shell fishing and the best Californian food you'll ever taste! If you happen to stumble upon the darker side of Bodega well - keep your fingers crossed...

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Character Portrait: Paul Sato
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Oakland, California

Near the edge of the city, a small private detective made both his home and his office out of a small flat on the first floor. The detective's name was Paul Sato, and he had quite the reputation in the area for a humble, shy appearance that was rumored to conceal fiery resolve worthy of the finest medieval samurai. The comparison irritated Sato, however, who did not like to be defined by his heritage, and he adamantly westernized himself, indulging in only a few parts of his cultural heritage, mostly holdovers from his childhood, like his habit of addressing people by last name, or something he found convenient now, such as eating rice, which was easy to cook and more nutritious than the crap he saw other detectives eat while he was at Western PI. Of course, that was mostly when he was busy with work and had to stay in his home-office.

Of course, it would be that at the moment he left his office for food, the work line rang. It rang until it died, since he was not there to pick it up. He therefore did not notice the caller until the caller grew persistent, and drawing on some knowledge not available to public clients, called his cell phone. He felt it vibrate in his pocket while he was on his motorcycle, and groaned as he realized he needed more time to pull over and answer. He let his phone ring out as he made his way to the restaurant. To his surprise, the call came again, insistent. He growled to himself as he pulled the phone out at the restaurant, but composed himself enough to answer the unnamed number. "Yeah?" He abstained from his business greeting, given that he wasn't expecting a business call from a stranger who called his cell, as opposed to his work.

"Hi Paul. You remember me, right?"

Sato froze. Of course he remembered that voice. Nathan Columbus. PI extraordinaire, mysteriously vanished with no trace and no reason. He had perplexed Western PI for years, and as far as Sato knew he had never been found. "Columbus? How did you g-"

"I'm not going to answer that kind of stuff, Paul. Let me just give you my request. Don't ask what happened to me. Don't try to trace this. Just go to Bodega Bay. There's awful stuff happening there, and I think you can get to the bottom of it."

Sato sighed, exasperated. "Look, Columbus, I can't just go and work on this. I'm in private work, you know that. I need money."

"I can arrange that." the voice sounded oddly cryptic. Was there an implication? "How much does Western charge nowadays?"

Sato's eyebrow raised despite the circumstances. Columbus should have known from Sato's area code that the man had left Los Angeles permanently. "I'm not with Western anymore. I'm solo. I charge about $200 per day. I'll bump it up to $300 for the location. Expenses too, that's not includ-"

"Fine. I'll wire six hundred advance to your office right after I get off the phone. I've got the money and goddam do I need you on this case. Get up there as soon as you can." The line closed after that. Paul looked at the phone's screen to confirm that the call had ended, blinked, then walked inside. He ordered a cheeseburger to go, and while he waited dialed again, this time to someone he knew. Who was hopefully not busy right now.

"Hey sweetie!" The feminine voice was surprisingly cheerful, and he smiled despite himself.

"'Lo Maureen," he responded before cutting straight to business. "Listen, about Friday..."

"A case come up? We can do a different time," she responded quickly.

Sato grimaced. "No, it's a bigger problem. I just got all but forced into a case in Bodega Bay. I'm not sure what's going on, but some guy I used to work with wired me double my usual rate in advance, and he won't take no. I'm going to be out of town until I don't know when."

Maureen's voice subdued quickly. "...Oh. Will you be able to call at least?"

"Oh sure, definitely. I shouldn't be occupied all the time there...I hope not anyway. I'll call you when I can to update you. I might even need your help depending on the type of case it is."

"I dunno, hun, I don't think you'd be called out there for insurance fraud. You've probably got something exciting up there."

"If you say so. Anyway, I'll call you later, I need to eat before I head out. Love you!"

"I love you too. Bye."

-Call Ended-

Just then, Sato's cheeseburger came in. He ate it outside the restaurant as quickly as he could, chasing it with several swigs from his water bottle, then put his helmet back on and remounted his motorcycle to power out as quickly as was legal.

He stopped by the office only long enough to grab his pistol from its locked case, along with ammunition and a pack of travel items for an emergency like this. He left and locked his office after that, quickly getting back on his cycle and riding out. Within minutes he was on a highway headed for Bodega Bay.

Within an hour and a half he found the town.


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Character Portrait: Nizhoni Benett Character Portrait: Charlotte King Character Portrait: Jimmy Benett Character Portrait: Paul Sato Character Portrait: Jett Amaron Character Portrait: Adriana Ryker Character Portrait: Oliver Bell Character Portrait: Frieda (Annie) Turner Character Portrait: George Amaron Character Portrait: Naomi Ott Character Portrait: Aiko Ott
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George Amaron

With irritation a large palm slapped against the screen of a vibrating phone. Slowly George towed the piece of technology towards him while his other hand's fingers trained on the bridge of his nose. Ever since the new receptionist bumped into him and spilled his coffee, it had been a bad day. Among stacks and stacks of important orders needing to be processed, now George was receiving a call from Bodega High and that... That was just peachy.

Just short of paying notice to the voicemail inevitably left by a school board official, little Michelle Briedegan flailed into George Amaron's office without so much as knocking. Her particularly tacky (in George's opinion, anyway) wild cherry-colored head bobbed behind a sheaf of orders, her stiletto adorned hobbit feet skillfully and scarily balancing as she braved towards his desk. Lest, the voicemail and phone were forgotten as George scrambled from his seat and halted Michelle, the only thing separating them being the hoard of papers. But he could sense her flushing porcelain cheeks, her perfect top row of teeth grazing her lower lip. Behind the wall of parchment George could just envision the petite curved frame that made her clumsiness forgivable. He could damn near hear the blood swelling inside of her veins when she stammered.

"Let's not have history repeat itself," George sighed reluctantly and took the papers from her spindly hands.
"I'm really sorry Mr. Amaron - - - "
"I can't take another mess today, Michelle." His voice was stern.
"The secretaries were rushing me and..." Her doe-like chestnut eyes glistened.
"Think if you dropped one of these or all of them. Literal hundreds of orders and receipts from mainland production companies - lost. Pieces of paper that amount to thousands - millions of dollars. Just..." He raised a hand, uninterested, "Prioritize - logistically. That means not juggling receipts and orders that breach your line of vision. Think."

Not adducing another word, George turned his back on the barely legal young lady and placed the mound of letterheads atop his polished oak desk. Regarding the lower section of his company with insensibility and a bit of charm proved effective every time. Slightly bent so that his hands could comfortably rest upon the surface, he again exhaled and stared into the distance that stretched beyond the windows of his capacious managerial office. Twelve stories below were the twiddling townsfolk of Bodega, working their hands to the bone to assemble the fair before five o' clock. It brought an earnest smile to George's face to see such sanctity to the town's traditions. Finally, it was time to move on from the tragedy. Finally, it was time for a new testament, a new age. A new beginning. And those arctic blue eyes would have smiled even brighter had the cell phone not reminded George there was a matter to be handled pertaining to his youngest offspring, Jett.

Promptly after listening to the voicemail and reading a few texts from his wife and co-workers, George calmly relinquished the phone and strode towards the looming window. A six foot silhouette was all that could be seen from the doorway of George Amaron's office while the CEO himself strained his eyes. He felt the muscles in his abdominal region instinctively tighten as his sights focused in on a group of teenagers gathering near the corner store. There stood Jett beside the Ryker girl whose mother was one of his hardest working employees. Then four more teenagers he recognized approached, one brandishing a skateboard. And was that Oliver Bell? Mrs. Bell was quite the interesting woman as well. George's lips quirked into a smile. It was perfect. He didn't seem so much affected by the blazing sun, a silver swoop of flawlessly combed hair offered just enough of a shadow to prevent any such annoyance. Although, the sun in California could pierce the toughest of surfaces. That was clearly evident when George felt his front side become tepid, the fine fabric of his navy button-down sticking to his skin. Until he peered past his son and his 'friends', he didn't realize he'd nearly forgotten another important memo he'd received. The clinquant small bridge glittered against the horizon.

George hooked his finger under his suit jacket and strolled out of his office, tipping off a few of his administrative assistants in regards to the pile of papers on his desk. There simply wasn't time for him to complete it himself. And normally, he would. Mr. Amaron wasn't an ideal perceived 'big man'. In fact he'd typically preferred to get things done himself rather than conduct puppets within his vocation. But rumors painted their own image. Took on lives of their own.

By the time he reached his car, even the parking garage was ablaze with the heat from the sun. George carelessly tossed his jacket into the passenger seat and slowly sagged into the driver seat to savor just a moment of sanity. Polished rims turned round and round as a gunmetal Mercedes exited the massive parking garage and neared the corner store. The vehicle quietly slowed, then parked as George aligned his car with the nearest sidewalk which was just adjacent to his youngest son. A muted hum was heard as the window of the immaculate automobile rolled down and Mr. Amaron turned his cold eyes onto Jett and called out, "Sorry to interrupt your little parley there, Jett. Come here a sec." All of the teenagers' heads snapped to attention, their bodies rigid with forced reverence and anticipation, their young flesh clouded with bags beneath their eyes and varied injuries. George smirked. To be young. To be chosen.

When Jett reached the car, George looked through the windshield, away from his kin. His cerulean eyes narrowed, the bones that lie under the skin in his face becoming prominent as he affirmed, "You're going to get your ass home after the festival tonight and get some sleep. Grades are dropping - and your principal told me you've receded from your extracurricular sports... Spare me the details, we'll talk tomorrow when you've gotten some sleep but..." He cast a wayside glance towards Adriana Ryker, then Aiko Ott who had since joined the group along with her younger sister. It's going to be a very interesting summer. A terrifying yet halcyon grin pinned the corners of his mouth, "I expect you to be in at a decent time and enthusiastically determined to fix your academic... issues." Before his son could walk away, George reached his arm from the driver side window an snagged Jett's wrist tightly, "Adriana's mother works for me. Be a gentleman, seems you've got a few young ladies in your company." He tucked a hundred dollar bill into Jett's palm before nodding to the group of teens, "And don't act like a goddamned psycho, you got it?" He hissed through gritted teeth and put both of his hands on the steering wheel. Drawing in a deep breath, George looked to the group of teens once more.

"I think it's a little odd that you're all coincidentally missing school. Do yourselves a favor and disperse before you draw attention and I'm forced to call the principal and schoolground security." George tilted his head, confusion riddling itself throughout his mind as he looked at the tall Bell boy, "Oliver? Don't think your parents would be too thrilled to find you congregating during school hours at the local gas station." With that, George pulled away and rolled up his window.

George strategically found a parking spot just at the mouth of the bridge. The thing truly was the bane of his existence but thankfully local jurisdiction could rule closings and traffic necessities as they saw fit. Local power was key, after all. Unfortunately ferry travel just wasn't convenient like it used to be, not with a thriving town. The thought brought a grimace to Mr. Amaron's face, swimmingly accompanied by the arrival of a nonnative. A parole car found George, behind the wheel sat a proud sheriff. The portly officer grinned, parking and stepping out of the vehicle as they flagged the man down who rode on a motorcycle. Paul Sato. George straightened his tie and declared proudly, "Welcome to Bodega," and nodded towards the sheriff, "Hope you don't mind... The town decided on advanced precautionary measures being taken for the inauguration of festivities continuing for the first time in two years. People want their children safe."

Adriana Ryker
Save for the crestfallen state of Bodega's history, the place was brightly painted with happy festivities and the promise of at least an attempt for change. Adriana watched the people of Bodega stroll back and forth, carting carnival impediments and foods. It would have given Adriana hope if she wasn't so bored and inwardly angry with her surroundings. She felt sheltered like a stupid, clumsy animal who wasn't fit for parks. She couldn't even recall a time where she'd been anywhere but Bodega. But Adriana was a bit lifted in spirits by Oliver's inspiring wit and sarcasm. The young woman was forced to smile even under the direct, painful beam of the sun. Rays from the sky splotched her vision with white spots. Blinking, feeling soreness beneath her eyeballs, she let her hand which wielded the energy drink collection droop as Oliver stopped his anticipated attack on energy beverages mid-sentence. "Yes?" She waved the bag back and forth, a playful feline grin lighting up her tired facial features. Following Oliver's peculiar silence, she raised a brow and jiggled the bag a little bit more, "Zoning out, man?"

Then, as composed as ever, Oliver made a comment about the group of people appreciating Nizhoni's shop, of all places. Truth be told, Adriana knew it was weird as all hell. Especially considering that the majority of the kids she knew were told to stay away from Nizhoni. So, she quietly nodded to agree and looked from the shop in the distance to Oliver. It wasn't like her eyes were too great to begin with, add on the lack of sleep and she couldn't focus on one thing for too long without it disassembling before her very eyes. Again he spoke, once more stinging her internally with that damn nickname.

"Do I sense some sort of doubt in your tone?" She toyed, swatting at the air in front of Oliver. "As if I'd skip. I actually don't mind school that much, Oli." Her tone turned taunting but was cordial nonetheless. "Are you going to be the hookie police? I mean... We can't all be astonishingly well-rounded with a passion for education that surpasses the desire to participate in senior skip day." A laugh escaped her throat which only in turn morphed the chuckling into rasps. Decidedly due to the heat wave, Adriana waved the fabric of her shirt to send some gusts onto the perspiring skin of her half-exposed abdomen. To her distaste the sound of the lapping bay was overshadowed by the bustling going on in the center of town. And then footsteps.

"Hey, Adri!"

Adriana turned on her heel, wincing as if someone had clawed at a chalkboard. Charlotte sauntered towards Adriana in a surprisingly excited fashion which unnerved the Ryker girl a bit. Close in step followed Jimmy and in the distance, a redhead that Adriana couldn't honestly say she knew. But as they neared, the claret hair became more distinguishable and the reason behind Charlotte's approach became clear. Before Adriana could so much as produce a return greeting, the sound of the denomination she loathed so much assaulted her ears once more.

Behind the wheel of a familiar car sat the one calling her 'name'. Aiko. With a soft smile, Adriana accepted the greeting and waved to the older girl. The portrait of the vehicle cauterized into the orange boundary behind it where the sun danced and Jimmy Benett rode his skateboard, idling to an extent. Aiko was always friendly - someone Adriana preferred to talk to if she really had to choose. She supposed it was only Oliver and Aiko that were worth conversing with when it really came down to it. Aiko wasn't boisterous, loud, a typical party kid of Bodega. She was quiet and refined, skilled in music and mind-blowing in acumen. And Oliver - well, he was right up there with her if not even higher on a figurative pedestal. But Oliver was truly the only one the Ryker girl would excuse from the annoying taunt of her nickname. Adri. Adri! Adri. At least Oliver had awe-inspiring sarcasm that kept Adriana's mind alive, even in her sleep-deprived condition.

"Hey Aiko what's - - - " then, what appeared to be an identical, younger twin of Aiko stepped from the car and onto the sidewalk. The girl didn't look a day over twelve or the least bit aware of how many people were before her. Puzzled, Adriana glanced back to Aiko, "Uh?"

"Adri, take care of my baby sister, okay?"
"Uhhh, aaahhmm... Sure."

Adriana guessed she did owe it to Aiko. Aiko hooked her up with tons and tons of medication to help her stay awake. Well, until Adriana developed an immunity. But to say she was excited to be repaying Aiko in the form of babysitting would be a complete and utter lie. "What's your name?" Adriana asked the raven-haired clone of Aiko as Frieda whizzed past on a bicycle, peddling so fast it looked like the bicycle might fall apart. As if three interruptions wasn't enough, a slow group formed consisting of Charlotte, Jimmy, Aiko's sister, Jett, Oliver and herself and then George Amaron, CEO of A&M accounting pulled up to the curb and beckoned to Jett. This is definitely something you don't see every day.

Eyes followed him as he approached his father's car in a sort of, 'Oooooh, you're in trouuubleeee' sort of way, but also in a, 'Shit, we're in trouble too' fashion. George Amaron was like the undeclared mayor of Bodega. It was quite possible that Adriana was the only one smiling, her eyes pivoting but her face unmoving as she scoffed to Oliver, "Parley? Who would have thought George Amaron was a fucking Shakespeare reincarnate. Takes me back to my olde English days." Lowering her head, she quietly chortled shamefully and retrieved a fresh can of Red Bull and popped the tab on it as the brief exchange between one Amaron and another proceeded. When she lifted her head, she was struck with distress as her eyes met Mr. Amaron's, then trailed down to his grinning mouth that looked eerily accustomed to Adriana's nightmares. Time stilled, everything surrounding Adriana slowed and paused in that moment. It felt like something was eating her from the inside out.

At long last she snapped out of it as the tinted window rolled up and eclipsed the expression that was causing her so much grief. As Jett returned, Adriana quirked a brow, "Your dad is suuuuch a dick." She returned to her shameless giggling, took a sip from her drink and started walking towards the fairgrounds, "Guess there's no use in going back to my house now..."


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Jett stood there with that blank, expressionless, look on his face. He couldn't help but to zone out a bit as the conversation continued on. When he finally snapped out of the haze filled world around him and back into reality, he looked around as he heard more and more voices starting to surround him. He was pleased to see that the voices were real people and not some show his sleep deprived brain had conjured up. He gave the new faces a small half-assed grin and a wave.

As he stood their getting increasingly bored, his father's car pulled up and the window started slowly making its was out from between him and his father. He gave a sigh as he looked at his father, then back at his friends. "Well... shit," Jett proclaimed as his father waved him over. He slowly walked over to the car trying to fake a 'happy' face. "And I can help you how... Sir?" The tone in his voice had a bit of sass along with a genuine hint of fear.

He didn't listen to most of the words his father had to say, but did pick up a few keywords. He managed to make out that his father was pissed for some reason and that he was being ordered to "get his ass home" and be a gentleman. He snapped out of his trance as his father thrust a single hundred dollar bill into his hand. "Um... got it. Spend all my money on everyone... you got it commander," He began to walk back towards his friends, or at least who he believed to be his friends.

When he reached the crowd of teens, he was greeted with simple words, "Your dad is suuuuch a dick!" He looked at the Ryker girl with a very shocked look on his face. He thought to himself, "Did she really just have the guts to down on my asshole father?" He stood there for a minute just looking at her. "Yeah... he is. But hey, he gave me money... so lets see if we can spend it all just to piss him of eh?" He smiled at the girl, "Oh, and one more thing. Everyone is calling you Adri, and you seem pretty annoyed by that... what would you like to be called?"

He began walking towards the festival hoping that he hadn't scared everyone off with the visit from his father. The heat of the sun began to decrease as he entered the shade and looked around the crowds of people. "Does the island really have this many people? Since when? Doesn't matter I guess... I probably won't stay awake long enough to actually make it through the night," He chuckled and walked into the crowd, just looking for some useless items to bring home to his father.

Looking through all of the 'booths' and 'stands' that looked more like cheap folding tables and lawn chairs to him, he spotted a small figure. He walked up and examined it. It was a small animal of sorts, carved into what looked like Jade and was adorned with gold and silver detailing. "Excuse me, how much is this... thing?" He stood there holding it in his hands while he waited for the woman to give him a price. Breaking the silence around him he heard the woman speak, "Well that there isn't for sale son. Wait, are you one of the Amaron boys? Tell you what, give me $30 and it's yours!"

"Excuse me? Ok.. here," He handed her the hundred dollars and waited for his change. Inside he felt somewhat angry that he was allowed to buy the statuette because of his name. The woman handed him his change and he walked away. He turned to see if any of his friends were still around him, but saw only blurs as he quickly peeked over his shoulder. "Can you guys believe this? I get treated like fucking royalty around here! I'm sick of the bullshit! I just want to be normal!" Jett was now furious as he looked at the figure in his hands.


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The town's entrance came in the form of a bridge. Sato raised an eyebrow as he noticed the patrol car and the sheriff who flagged him down. He slowed to a stop and lifted the visor of his helmet, a bit skeptical. He supposed any person coming in would be strange in this kind of town, but still, something seemed off.

"Welcome to Bodega," said another man, who stood near the sheriff. "Hope you don't mind... The town decided on advanced precautionary measures being taken for the inauguration of festivities continuing for the first time in two years. People want their children safe." The way he spoke put Sato on edge, if only a little. It seemed as if he was talking down, the idea of which infuriated Sato, but the detective kept himself calm. Losing his temper would do nobody any good. However, first he had to figure out why Columbus wanted him here. What was the issue? What was the secret?

What was he there to find?

"Oh, I understand, of course," he responded with a nod. He decided it might be better to keep his talking to a minimum. He preferred to hide how little he knew, or how much he knew, as that could alienate people. Off the job, he could afford not to talk to people. But here, he had to keep everything open. He realized quickly that he had to say something, though, or he would arouse suspicion. As he dismounted from his cycle and removed his helmet, he decided to ask the most sensible question. "Where's a good hotel? I have to stay here a while." Perhaps cryptic would work, perhaps not, but now it was too late to go back.


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#, as written by Rulke
Having finished my dinner, I check my phone for Jimmy's number, eventually I found it, sometimes the sympathy card worked and early on people had add me to talk to, as I began to type my txt carefully mapping out the message, “Hey, Jimmy, this is Frieda, we meet outside the Orphanage right, thank you again for taking me. I appreciate it.” with that I sent it on, and smiled, certainly things did seem to be improving, maybe this was the cure for my malady, maybe this was the end.

The lights flashed off, and a voice laughed, I collapsed to the ground, as the darkness seem impregnable not able to break through or move through, only able to see an inch in front of me, my own body invisible to this force. All through out this horror, I could hear maniacal laughter, the walls shifting, and ground constantly appearing to quake, my very perception impossible to fathom, as the very reality shrunk and grew, no laws, lawless anarchy as the very fabric tore apart at the seams. My body unable to breath or move, only scream as it appeared I was being remade into some horrific design.

I felt like 'The Man of Both Worlds' by Leonardo Da Vinci, everything being changed, truth and fact, being distorted while the darkness would not cease it's mockeries...

Then I awoke, but in my recesses of my mind, I heard a voice, “You will comply, you will comply Annie, oh yes you will comply.”

Shaking those thoughts from my head, I raised myself from the floor, wondering when and how I had slept, but apparently all was good now. I could hear the chatter in the hallways, as people were discussing the festival, finally I would live this, and witness the spectacle, I could not wait.


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Adriana didn't seem all that enthused with her greeting and Charlotte quickly remembered that she wasn't such a fan of it. "Oh, right. Sorry. Adriana." She corrected herself, smiling at her...sort of kind of friend. Just then a car rolled up, someone Charlotte wasn't sure she knew, but it seemed Adriana did, addressing the person as 'Aiko'. Now that she heard the name she thought she remembered something about an Aiko and music...Not that Charlotte was particularly good at music, she once tried to play the violin with horrifying results. Turns out, that's one of those things you have to be good at it for it to sound nice.

Having been distracted by her memories of the nails on the chalkboard sound of her playing the violin a few years ago, she missed some of the conversation that had been exchanged between Adri and Aiko, which left her looking at the new girl (Aiko's sister?) who only looked to be about twelve or so. Charlotte glanced at Adriana. "Babysitting?" She asked quietly, not wanting to offend the young girl in case she were to take being 'babysat' badly. Adriana didn't seem all that excited about it either and Charlotte didn't blame her.

When George Amaron pulled up, gesturing Jett forward, Charlotte raised a brow. Was he in trouble? Probably, since he was out of school. She didn't think their little group was really frowned upon by the townsfolk. So far they had Adri, a good student as well as Oliver Bell who she wouldn't consider a bad kid at all, Jett himself and the younger girl who Charlotte didn't know. Granted, if you told her the other day she would've been talking to Jimmy Bennett she probably would have laughed because she didn't normally hang out with his type, so she supposed strange things were happening today. She glanced in the direction Jimmy had gone then, still feeling guilty. He was probably mad at her, she figured, grimly. Still, it reminded her she needed to talk to Adriana about that morning.

When Jett came back and Adriana spoke, Charlotte couldn't help giggling along with her. She had never heard someone call George Amaron a dick before. "...At least he's good for money." She agreed with Jett, shrugging and then looking over to Adriana. "So, it looks like it's skip day. What are you guys up to?" She asked the girl while Jett went to go try and spend his all his money and much to his disappointment got what sounded like a good deal on whatever it was he was trying to buy. Must be terrible to be Bodega royalty... She thought, sarcastically.


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Their little group was slowly growing now as the little powwow in front of Nizhoni's shop scattered. There was Frieda racing off on her bike to who knows where, seemingly fueled by the same frenetic energy that made more than a few people in town shake their heads in a mild sort of disgust. Oliver could see Jimmy cast the newest addition, the other girl who'd crowded in front of Nizhoni's shop, to the group a sort of pained almost smile before walking off, a line of graffiti trailing behind him, marring the sidewalk as he went. It was a bizarre collection of people gathered around the gas station, drawn together by a bizarre sense of timing. Or perhaps that was just the type of day it was, an unfamiliar atmosphere or paranoia and strange behavior blanketing the town's young people. Outside of the group, people carried on like all of the festival days that he could remember, people preparing for the real festivities to begin later. Only in this strange little group did the bright atmosphere fizzle out, intent on making the group as awkward as possible. Or maybe that was just a teenager thing.

"Do I sense some sort of doubt in your tone? As if I'd skip. I actually don't mind school that much, Oli. Are you going to be the hookie police? I mean... We can't all be astonishingly well-rounded with a passion for education that surpasses the desire to participate in senior skip day."

Oliver snorted, an honest smile playing on his lips as his attention was brought back to present company, Adriana swatting the air in front of him, but it was quick to disappear with the use of his own nickname. Oli. Ugh. It was a pet name that he allowed his father to use, but he'd let it slip one time, one time, and suddenly Adriana had perfect ammunition for a retaliation when he started calling her Adri.

"Hookie police? You think that I want you plebeians at school with me? I only need my mathematics," He snorted dramatically, a skeptical look crossing his face. It was all in good fun, their little rapport, never too serious, but always laced in sarcasm and poking fun at one another without really meaning anything. In that way, it was a comforting conversation instead of being forced to make awkward small talk.

Speaking of strange behavior, Oliver was jolted from his musings by the screeching of tires followed almost immediately by a string of swears that were put together to vaguely resemble a conversation. He blinked, eyebrows furrowing momentarily in confusion. Was that who he thought it was? Yes. Yes it was. Coree Amaron, the Golden Boy of Bodega Bay, a prince among men, had apparently just stepped out in front of a car and was currently being berated by the driver. Now, Oliver may not have seen the incident in question, but he was more than a little sure that Ben hadn't just come out of nowhere, no matter how much Coree protested or, in this case, how loudly and obscenely he protested.

"You see that shit? Ben must be fuckin' losing it, right?"

Ben must be losing it indeed. Oliver rolled his eyes. It seemed that the school's earlier insanity- the self-harm, the getting sent home, the whispers or long dead classmates- was catching. Either that or Coree didn't want to admit that he hadn't looked both ways as carefully as he thought he did which was just as likely.

His attention was torn once more to a new scene unfolding in front of them- he could hardly keep up at this point- with Adriana being given the task of taking care of Naomi Ott by Aiko, both of whom he only vaguely knew from a shared life in Bodega Bay. He wasn't quite sure what to make of this expect for the smug little grin that wormed its way onto his face with the umpteenth time that someone had made use of Adriana's nickname and Adriana's lackluster response.

And that was exactly when George Amaron rolled up, CEO extraordinaire, object of most of Bodega Bay's housewives' affections, Lord of Bodega Bay. He winced in slight pity as Jett was summoned by his father. Oliver's own interactions with his mother's boss were few and far between, but he'd heard more than enough stories, some more than a little fanciful from his mother and her little group of gossips who swooned at the very idea of working in the same building as Mr. Amaron, and some less than pleasant grumbled however quietly by other Bodega Bay citizens. Hate him or love him, everyone seemed to have some opinion on George Amaron, but you had to respect the man. And Oliver's opinion? The man unnerved him. That was it. He gave the teenager a serious case of the chills.

"Parley? Who would have thought George Amaron was a fucking Shakespeare reincarnate. Takes me back to my olde English days."

The spell cast by Amaron's arrival was quickly broken and Oliver only just repressed a snort of laughter.

"Of course he uses old English; it's how he gets all of the middle-aged ladies," He dead-panned under his breath so that only those closest to him could hear only to snap back into an involuntary attention when Mr. Amaron finished with his son and returned his attention to the group of teens(and one adult in the case of Coree Amaron). There was curiosity flittering across the older man's face until his eyes settled on Oliver who tensed even more, not sure whether to straighten up his posture or slump further over in an attempt to avoid his gaze.

"Oliver? Don't think your parents would be too thrilled to find you congregating during school hours at the local gas station."

Oliver's face colored immediately, a feature clearly visible on his pale skin, so uncharacteristic of those living in Bodega Bay, embarrassment and a need to defend himself wasted as the man drove away.

"Well, shit," He breathed, debating on whether or not to send his mother a preemptive text. It wasn't like he though Mr. Amaron would tell her- okay, he might, but he didn't know for sure- so maybe he shouldn't. But the reminder of school did click in his mind as his eyes shot down to his watch. Oh, thank God. He wasn't late, but he'd just be cutting it close if he left in a few minutes.

He stuck along long enough to hear Jett Amaron complain about being treated so well by the townsfolk while he waved around a one hundred dollar bill, a roll of the eyes mandatory at that kind of ridiculous whining. Sure, it must suck having everyone give you favors, especially when you still took the favors anyways. Oh, the woes of the rich and powerful. His eyes trailed back to his watch.

"Sorry, kids, seems like it's time for me to go do, you know, school things," He said and while it might have been to everyone, it was mostly towards Adriana because, you know, they actually had a friendly relationship. That fact was cemented with a, "See you at the festival" in her direction before he turned around and set off back towards the school, leaving the celebration preparations behind him.

It was as he walked away that he saw something strange. Up ahead, a black figure standing in the middle of the road, too far to distinguish, but too close to be mistaken for anything other than a person, only because it seemed to fit the idea of "person". It was tall, probably bipedal. It couldn't be anything else. But the strange part was, with every step he took, he could hear the crashing of the ocean waves against the rocks, a sound ingrained into his memory from living in the bay area for his entire life. Every movement towards the figure made the sound increase in volume, so much so that he had to stop in the middle of the sidewalk because this wasn't making sense. And, now, now that he wasn't moving, now that he was just listening and looking at the bizarre person clad in black in front of him, he could hear something else. Voices, mixed in with the noise. Quiet now, but just distinguishable as children, teenagers maybe. Creepy.

But, if Oliver was anything besides blunt and more than a little bit critical, it was rational, and he knew quite well that he shouldn't be hearing what he was hearing. But, like all rational minds, he knew that it could be explained away. Maybe it was the weird vibe of the day getting to him or maybe he was studying too hard. The fact remained that what he was hearing was impossible and he had to get to school so that he could have a perfect record and good grades and get out of this Godforsaken town. He squared his soldiers, took a deep breath, and continued on.

When he arrived at the school, settled into his seat as class began, he only vaguely recalled that the black figure had disappeared and with it the noise. Weird, but right now, he had notes on MacBeth to take.


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#, as written by Savader
Coree finally turned back to the group he moved to just as his father decided to roll up seemingly on cue. This made Coree turn his head down and away from George's direction as he held the back of his neck in a reserved manner. If he and Ben's schedules had been just a tad bit late, George Amaron would have witnessed the whole fiasco that went down in the middle of the street. Normally, Coree wouldn't care in the least what his father thought of him -- he still didn't, but it wasn't because of that. Coree and George weren't getting along too well lately, and Coree didn't want to give his hard-ass of a father any more reason to lecture him on things he didn't care about. Things like "keeping up a decent image while in town". Coree gave a light scoff to himself as he thought about that, while Jett was called over to the car window.

George completely ignored Coree's presence as though his eldest son wasn't actually there not more than 15 feet away from his fancy car. Not to say that this fact bothered Coree; it suited him just fine. In fact he was glad his father didn't pay any attention to him at the moment. But he was a bit worried that the old man might be taking out his frustration by chastising the younger of his two children, which irked Coree even more. That said, it wasn't enough irritation to force him into acknowledging his father's presence. If George was pretending Coree wasn't there, then Coree would do the same to him in turn. Jett would be an adult himself soon, so at least he wouldn't have to willingly put up with their parents' crap for much longer. That was what Coree kept telling himself in the face of his practical abandonment of his younger brother whenever he felt even a tad guilty about exiling himself from the family. But that was just it; Jett was the only reason he even stayed in Bodega Bay. If not for having him in his life, Coree would have split town right after graduating. He wanted to as soon as he had to go to that ceremony for all the victims of the mass suicide. It was almost too much for him to handle back then...

George finished his moment with Jett under the tone of someone who was clearly inserting his authority to all those around him, despite only having openly talked with just his son and none other. That was, until he did direct his attention to the others around him. Others such as one Oliver Bell. Coree eyed Oliver from the corner of his eyes out of his current lowered head position, just in time to see the prideful youth's pigment change from a soft pale to a light pink hue. This made Coree reflexively scoff with a smile and turn his eyes away from the man in question once more. Honestly, the gum stuck on the cement a couple of feet beside Coree was so interesting right now, he couldn't help but give all of his attention to it...

Finally George Amaron decided to leave, the sound of the car being kicked forward once again making Coree raise his head back up, craning it back for a second to show his discomfort. He looked to his left and watched his father's car slowly disappear down the road until it could no longer be seen. This prompted Coree to sigh and say "Man, I hate that fucker's attitude..." He gave a little ironic smile and turned back to the others for a final time. Before he could get to his reason for being there, Oliver chose to take his own leave upon looking down at his watch. Coree figured it must be half past "time to be a goody-two-shoes" again. Oliver gave Adriana a quick wave and took off down the sidewalk, heading for school. "And him, well... I just plain hate him." he said once Oliver was out of earshot, giving everyone a smile.

Despite Coree's words of dislike, he truly didn't have any real qualms with Oliver Bell. It wasn't that they didn't get along, they just simply didn't get. With anything. They never took the time to ever try getting to know one another because their initial opinions of each other simply clashed too easily for them to start off a proper conversation; Oliver jumping to the conclusion that Coree was nothing but a shallow rich-boy, and Coree jumping to the conclusion that Oliver was a prejudice asshole. That being said, they didn't really have any personal history that could merit any distaste between them. For all they knew, they could probably even relate to each other on quite a bit. They just never attempted to find out because of their clashing personalities. Perhaps one day they would find out if that was true, but that day didn't seem to be today.

Coree motioned for Jett's attention as he was waving around the hundred their father gave him. This made Coree crack a smile as he outstretched his hand as if to calm his brother down. "Easy there, Mr. Trump." he said, bringing his hand back down to his side again. "Don't you think it would have been better to refuse the money if you're going to act so ungrateful about it?" Coree spoke in his usual tone, but that wasn't enough to hide his disapproving opinion of his brother's contradicting actions. Then again, Jett looked terrible today. Like he hadn't slept in days and was living off of pop tarts or something, so maybe Jett wasn't feeling like himself at the moment. "Anyway..." Coree continued, moving on from the topic of their father's money. "I was wondering if you could do me a favor, little bro." He paused, turning in the direction of Nizhoni's shop, which he was now pointing to. "Would you be so kind as to help Miss Benett set up at the fair tonight?" he paused, turning back to Jett, now placing his hands in his pockets. "I men, what with you being off from school today, I figured you could do something productive with your time." Coree's expression fell after hearing his own words leave his mouth. He sounded just like their father there in a way. He gave his head a quick jolt-like shake. "Shit, uhhh... Scratch that." Clearing his throat, Coree continued in a different way. "Please, bro? I'd do it myself, but I've got work soon, and I'm already hauling a bunch of shit there for her..." Coree finished, giving his brother a raise of an eyebrow, trying to appear in need of his help, which was actually true in this case.


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Adriana Ryker

Jett's smiling write-back about his father gave Adriana hope for the Amaron family. They weren't all up-tight, cash-wielding, saturnine douchebags. And Charlotte's apology came together at the right moment, the blond girl's lips forming Adriana's full first name with potency and grace. Then she laughed in consensus with Adriana's mild indignity, letting a smile crack across her wan, tired face. Adriana's bloodshot eyes batted slowly for a moment, her body still saturated with fatigue in spite of all the new company. Although the girl liked to be convivial and polite, she was feeling less enthused by the minute. But still she smirked, waving a hand to Charlotte, "No big deal."

Beyond the point of turning back, Adriana realized her one-on-one with Jett was dead and buried. Any chance of having a one-on-one with Oliver now, too, had diminished. Then the Bell boy bumped along, nodding his head and ducking out of any further group activity. Adriana muttered, waving a limp hand at him. In the face of wanting to just simply stay awake, unbothered, Adriana was now immersed in group activity. God, I wish Chayton was still here… Her sandy brown hair bounced in the breeze as she tugged at it, once or twice bumping the festering burn near her collar bone. She'd hiss sharply but quietly enough not to draw attention as Jett made witty snaps about his father and spending his money. As the 'congregation' moved towards the festival lights, kiosks and varicolored banners waving in the air, Adriana's stomach shifted.

Adriana stopped short, her 'friends' falling in step for a moment until they simply passed her and proceeded after Jett who was wielding his money. Heat waves crashed over her, misrepresenting everything in her line of vision as she looked over her shoulder and caught sight of Jett's older brother who was yelling and throwing his hands up. And just behind his apoplectic outline were spiking fingers, a grotesque spreading grin. Her ears ceased to make sense of what was going on and she broke into a sprint towards him, to warn him. Again the over-aged vans came untied, causing her short-fallen collision with Coree. Adriana skidded on her elbows, the bag of energy drinks overturned, cans scattering in the wake of uprising dust. When she looked up at Coree, who was still remarkably on his feet, she was embarrassed and ashamed to see the devil-like creature was chimerical - not there at all.

Image"Shit," she growled to herself, realizing the utter display of stupidity she just put on. As she gathered herself she retrieved a crushed cigarette, her hands jittering against the lighter when she tried to light it, Coree stepping over her rather simply and pursuing his brother about Jett's mildly undisciplined behavior.

Against the swamped backdrop of the festival, Naomi's raven hair billowed like pure darkness over a kaleidoscopic view. The sight itself was so marvelous that when Adriana's eyes fastened then to Charlotte's tow-colored tresses also filling the air, she stopped breathing. It was the perfect mélange of opposites attracting - or something like that. Adriana sat just off of the curb, left behind and not the least maimed by it. A cigarette lingered between her fingers, smoke unraveling from the apex in gunmetal fog. Of course it occurred to her that she had better look after Aiko's little sister, but sitting down and relaxing just felt so incredibly good.

George Amaron

He stood at his full height, squinting his eyes briefly at his sidekick, then to the man before him. Unwieldy silence caked the air, as if someone were waiting for him to speak. Which, well, was wonted. Long it had been since people didn't wait for George Amaron's cue. He seized the circumstances with pride, yet didn't offer his hand to shake the newcomer's, "It's preliminary. We're doing I.D. checks and…" Thoughtfully George rubbed his chin, then removed his reading glasses and tucked them into his pocket.

"Just asking that you state your business. This has all been sanctioned, sir. We apologize for any disruption of your visit." The portly sheriff grinned a yellow smile.
"There you have it," George smugly added, a smirk dancing on the corners of his mouth.
"We'll set you on your way, just need to take a look at your license."
"Sounds like you've got it under control, sheriff. I do hope you'll come to the annual festival and get a good look at the culture, it's a lot of fun." George saluted the officer and Paul as well.

However, the CEO was reluctant to turn on his heel or let his back face the outsider. Any new arrivals always tossed the cinch in his way of life. Outsiders would likely frown upon it if they got the smallest glimpse, shatter his reality and everything he worked so hard to achieve. Such sacrilege was inadmissible. He wouldn't stand for it. Still, the tall Amaron man slid into his Mercedes again. For a moment he kept the automobile in park, watching to ensure that the sheriff had followed through with initiatory responsibilities. With a wave, George pulled away. His abdominal muscles tightened, hard against the seatbelt as he returned home fleetingly to make sure his wife was presentable and change out of his suit.

After a few moments of casual conversation and getting ready, Julia approached the double entryway doors, "Jett hasn't been sleeping. The Pangamba is really - - -"
"Let's not be late." George interrupted to his dark-haired siren.
"George, sometimes, I really wonder if this is… Right…"
"Julia, this isn't the time."
"I'm glad we didn't lose Coree." She breathed with defeat, slipping away from George's grasp and disappearing into the driveway.

Impervious to her doubts and vacillation, George just smiled and pressed grayed hair back through this fingers. Biting blue eyes peered out from his eyelids as he locked the doors to their home and set the alarm. By the time he got to the car, Julia had dismissed all prior notions from their previous conversation and was waiting with a patient smile that complimented her aura with precision. Whether she herself or George had trained her to be this way, no one was sure. Despite being in her forties, she fluoresced like a beam in the springtime of life with her sundress on. George patted her thigh politely and made his way to the festival. When he had reached the visual perception of an incandescent ferris wheel, he positioned the car along a curb a block or two from from the fair.

Ever so befitting, Julia Amaron slipped her arm into George's and he escorted her toward the pleasant commotion, the luster and happiness of a world that finally had its opportunity to return to normal. As he rounded a corner, Julia nearly tripped over someone sitting on the ground. "Oh my - I'm sorry," she asked for a pardon, looking down on the young woman. George raised a brow at the long diminished cigarette in Adriana's hand, the bags under her eyes a vicious reminder of what he had done. But there existed no guilt in his gut. Instead, he felt a pinch of irritation about her being left behind by his youngest son who he had specifically instructed to be gentlemanly. George offered a hand to Adriana while Julia steadied the girl to her feet. Though the Ryker girl smiled with gratitude, she brushed her knees of dirt and lucidly replied, "Thanks Mr. Amaron - and Mrs. Amaron. I'm fine, just gonna' head over to the fair."

"But sweetheart it's getting dark, how long have you been - - -" Julia began.
"I'm just tired, was sitting down for a smoke."
"Where's Jett? I'm going to have to talk to him..." George interrupted.
"Hey don't worry about it Mr. Amaron, I'm totally cool with being by myself." A small simper graced her friendly face and she waved, then walked away.

George and Julia stood in her trail, quietly looking at each other. Concern etched itself into Julia's face. She was okay with being alone? She liked being alone. Inwardly George grinned, then continued with his wife to immerse themselves in the town's reintroduced culture. George spotted his sons from a mile away but remained at a safe distance, making small talk with folks and coworkers as he strolled.


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The rest of the day at school was achingly slow, which, while not surprising given how today of all days, no one really wanted to be at school, was nonetheless a great irritation for Oliver. Not even the teachers seemed to be able to keep on task, most assigning independent study or struggling to get even a quarter of a way done with their lesson plans for the day. Not only was there nothing to distract him from the tediously slow ticks of the clock's hands as they slowly made their way around, but his thoughts were a bit more jumbled then he would have liked. Instead of focusing on MacBeth(which was more than he could say for the other students in his class), he found his mind wandering back to the little collection of people outside Nizhoni's shop, of the odd behavior of those that had either been forced to leave school or decided to skip all together. Normally he might just blame that on the anniversary or even the festival calling to them to explore and regain some normality that they'd all been missing for the past two years, but they'd all looked exhausted, clinging to energy drinks with dark circles surrounding their eyes.

When the final bell rang, Oliver was more than happy to pack away his school supplies and allow the crowd of students to stream around him, jostling him out the front door. The sun was shining now, beating down over his head as he started his walk home. The good thing about living in Bodega Bay- the one good thing, Oliver was convinced most days- was that you could walk everywhere. Bicycles and cars were nice, but on days like today when people clogged the streets, finishing setting up stands and already moving to observe the different stalls, it was a blessing. He took the long way around, just to avoid the commotion, lugging his heavy backpack over relatively smooth terrain. That's when he saw it again, that black figure up ahead. Icy blue eyes stayed trained on it for a minute, an irrational anxiety roiling in his stomach just at the sight, but only for that moment as he strode forwards, eyes falling to the ground with a determined glare. He was just fine. There was no need to be afraid of whatever it was because it was nothing. Nothing at all.


Dinner was, unfortunately enough, an awkward affair filled with an argumentative back and forth between Mrs. Bell and her only child while Mr. Bell looked on, occasionally chiming in in his son's defense. These tension filled meals as a family had quickly become commonplace once Oliver became a senior and high school and the college applications started being filled out. But tonight wasn't about who was an ungrateful child breaking a family tradition by leaving the area or who was being irrational and controlling, but, as most things today had been about, the festival.

"I already told you, I've got too much stuff to do," Oliver insisted, spearing a piece of grilled chicken with his fork. Oh, sure he'd told Adriana he'd see her at the festival, but, now that the hour was drawing near, he was having second thoughts. He wasn't the most socially inclined person and he didn't want to be around when everyone started unavoidably lamenting the loss of two years ago, or when the tourists began packing the streets asking inane questions and going on and on about how "quaint" it all was.

"And I've told you that I know for a fact that you don't have any homework," Amelia Bell retorted, eyes the same icy blue as her son's leveled on the boy.

"So? I've still got better things to do then go," he replied, but he could already tell that without his homework trump card, he was quickly losing ground in the argument, especially since his father apparently had already given up and gone back to his own meal.

"Look, Ollie-" He cringed at the nickname because she only ever used it when she wanted something, unlike friends or partial friends using it for teasing or his father out of affection, "-Please, just go. Everyone will be there and if you don't like it, I promise that you can leave after an hour."

It was probably the best offer he was going to get, to be quite honest, but Oliver didn't want to give her the satisfaction of saying so out loud. Besides, if he brought up George Amaron being the only reason she so wanted him to go, it would make her all pissy for the next few days and he didn't need that shit right now. So, instead, he went back to his meal with a single grunt of understanding, hating the almost smug look on his mother's face before she too returned to dinner. He didn't hate her, not really apart from the normal teenage angst, but this past year she'd just been fraying his nerves, almost like she was trying to sell Bodega Bay to him for whatever reason. Ugh, parents. Who really understood them?


In the end, his parents had let him loose by the time they reached the fair, Gregory slipping him some spending money to keep himself amused for the hour minimum time limit. It was just as awful as Oliver remembered it being as he was stepped through the decorated streets, trying to avoid running into someone. The stalls were at least interesting, aromas from different food stands wafting in the air making a delicious aroma. Still, the night was warm, made no better by the people crowding him on all sides, and he bought an icy cool lemonade to make the heat a little more bearable.

It was something like luck that made him spot Adriana in the crowds- or maybe the opposite, he could never tell what he'd get when he interacted with her. She didn't look good, perhaps even worse than before, or maybe that was just the lighting. Regardless, he found himself passing through the bustling crowd towards her because if he was going to spend an hour here, he might as well find some intelligent conversation.

"Enjoying the festival?" His voice was a little louder to be heard over the commotion, but his tone was sardonic, lips quirked into a little half smile.


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#, as written by Savader
Time flew by rather quickly for Coree after he spoke with his younger brother about helping Nizhoni with her work at the fair. After getting Jett's answer, he quickly headed straight for work and brought over the van he had promised her, loaded everything she had beside the door into the back, and dropped her and her haul off at the grounds where the fair was going to be held. Once that was all taken care of, he simply had to put in the rest of his hours at his job and he'd be a free man. That being said, it was a rather slow day, so he really didn't have much to do other than read a boring novel while he waited for his shift to end. However boring it may have been, the next he knew, it was already dark out. The fair had long since started, and he was still contemplating on whether or not he should attend, or simply go home to his lonely trailer. The latter being his usual closing activity at the end of each day. But today was "special", and while his father's wishes had nothing at all to do with it, he felt a sort of...obligation to show up... Like he owed it to the late boys and girls who lost their lives 2 years ago. He had to show them that he was truly getting back to normal, and wasn't going to let their deaths bring him down any longer. The fair was the perfect excuse for that.

It didn't take long for him to ride up into the parking area of the fair on his loud bike, which likely drew plenty of attention from the surrounding area with no effort needed. Not that he wanted any. Turning off his bike's engine, he pocketed his keys and stepped off the seat, finally resting his hands inside his jacket's pockets. He surveyed the lit-up grounds, just taking in the beauty of the fair. It was always pretty. Even after a mass suicide, which seemed to destroy the festivity of the tradition, it was still incredibly wonderful to look at every year it came. This made Coree smile a bit, nostalgia hitting him almost instantly. Looking just to his right, his eyes fell onto a bench. A bench which he remembered with a heart-wrenching tug... Within seconds, his mind took him on a ride to his "better days", where he and Carley shared a romantic moment on that very bench. He was watching the memory as though two very similar people were reenacting the scene in the present. Her hand locked with his, her fingers entwined around his own... A brush of her hair as he whispered loving words into her ear as the fireworks went off overhead... Her beautiful smile as she playfully shoved him back, laughing at his words... Finally topping it off with 4 bittersweet words... "I love you, Coree."

Blinking for the first time since he started reminiscing, Coree was brought back to reality, which showed him no gorgeous girl holding his hand, no beautiful smile or lovely laugh, and no fireworks to light up their outline... It was all gone. She was gone... And Coree was alone once more, like he had been for the past 2 years following the event which took her away from him, as well as the rest of the world... Blinking once more, Coree eyed the pavement before looking up into the sky, talking to himself. "Well... The fireworks will likely still happen... In another hour or so." he said, giving a wry smile to no one in particular as he looked ahead, finally walking further into the fair.

Not long after his small blast to the past, he saw the back of a woman whose face and name he knew well, but was otherwise completely unfamiliar with on a personal level. Adriana Ryker. She was standing a good ways away from any other individual, just watching the festivities with what appeared to be awe. Coree stepped up to her side, unbeknownst to her, and merely looked around with her. Finally taking in a breath of cool, night air, he turned to her a bit and spoke. "Lovely night, huh?" he said, pausing for her reaction to his sudden presence. "You're, uh... Adriana, right? Adriana Ryker? Listen, I'm sorry about earlier... You took a nasty spill right in front of me, and I just kinda...stepped past you..." Coree gave a wry chuckle at his own words, truly feeling ashamed of himself. "I would have given you a hand, but... Well, you seem like the kind of chick who doesn't like to be touched, much less helped in front of so many people, so..." Trailing off, Coree took yet another pause, feeling the air get more tense with every word he spoke. He wasn't sure what the Ryker girl thought of him, but based on the looks she was giving his father earlier that day at least proved that she wasn't too fond of the Amaron family name in general... Not that it bugged Coree any. He wasn't too fond of the name either. "I don't believe we've met. I'm Coree..." he finally continued, now holding out his hand from her left, offering it to her out of greeting while his body still faced towards the center of the fair. Despite her awed expression, Coree could see great exhaustion in her eyes, which made him scowl a bit out of concern. Just what was going on in this town? Adriana was definitely not the first resident to appear so...out of it. Maybe some kind of bug was going around...


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Adriana dismissed her words with a wave of her hand and a smile, however Charlotte kept her eyes on her. The other girl seemed so tired, so off...Something that wasn't completely foreign to Charlotte for she saw it every morning when she woke up. It concerned her. She supposed it could be the reason for what had happened this morning, something perfectly normal - she had been tired and not paying attention and accidentally burned herself. Perhaps it had nothing to do with her conversation with Jimmy Bennett which was something she was still trying to wrap her head around. She had told him what had happened, what had caused the scars on her legs. He had believed her. He had seen what she'd seen, something that seemed so completely and utterly impossible. Perhaps they were both mad...But what if they weren't and the same things had happened to Adriana? The blonde furrowed her brows in thought until the sudden clatter of cans pulled her away from her thoughts, causing her momentarily jump and she caught sight of Adriana who had tripped into Coree Amaron who she remembered from Nizhoni's store earlier.

Charlotte bounded forward and offered her fallen friend a hand which had doubts that she would take. It wasn't really Adriana's style, she knew but she thought she ought to offer it anyways. She glanced at Coree who just kept walking and frowned. "Well, that was rude." She muttered a little more to herself than to Adriana as she watched the Amaron head over to Jett.

At one point Charlotte had left her group of friends and gone home. No one had been home still, both her parents at work. The house had felt cold, empty and oddly sinister as though behind ever corner and in every shadow something lurked, waiting for an unsuspecting victim to walk by and be snatched up like a fly caught in a spider's trap. Therefore, Charlotte had switched out her clothes for the fair rather quickly - it wasn't for excitement but for the desire to be out as quickly as possible. There was an odd, hallow feeling deep in her gut as she slipped a black leather jacket on over her white dress. It was strange to think of going to the fair without Tara, she thought as she laced up her black boots and made her way downstairs, nervously turning the light off as she did.

She made her way outside and was relieved to breathe in the fresh air, still reminiscing about the last time she'd gone to the cheerful, carnival type event. She and Tara had spent nearly an hour picking out outfits and getting ready. Now that she thought about it, it was such a silly thing to do but at the time it had felt so important. Tara had wanted to look nice especially because she had such a crush on Jett Amaron who she had hoped to see there. On the way there the two had talked almost nonstop about him, even though Charlotte didn't share Tara's opinion about how incredibly cute Jett was she had played along. After that they had gotten cotton candy and walked around and looked at all the different booths and tables.

It was so strange to think she wasn't going to have Tara there for they had gone together to every single one of the fairs for almost as long as she remembered. She wanted to smile and show that she was okay, that she wanted to honor Tara's memory rather than continue to mourn it as she had for so long but the memory was bittersweet. She shook her head, unable to manage a smile. That was when she remembered her dreams after Tara's death...A slight girl with skin as pale as chalk, her hazel eyes unseen beneath a veil of dark, wet hair clumped with sand and vegetation. As she neared the shore, she looked up, her lips a pale blue. "He's here..." She choked out, sand and water spilling out of her mouth.

Charlotte shivered, despite the pleasant weather and looked straight ahead where she saw the fair, trying to push the grim thoughts away however they were determined to linger just in the back of her mind. A little ways away, Charlotte could make out several forms but she wasn't entirely sure she recognized them until she got closer and realized it was Adriana, Coree and...Oliver? She struggled to put a smile on her face as she neared them, not sure how convincing it was. "Hey, guys!" She called to them, hoping to sound somewhat enthusiastic.


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The man in the suit left with a confident, almost cocky air, which Sato found odd, but decided not to question. He muttered a response that neither of the men would hear as his hand went into his jacket to fish out his ID. These two men already gave him a negative impression of the town. The sheriff not so much, though: he was just doing his job. "I'm here on vacation," Sato lied as he passed his open wallet to the sheriff. "A colleague of mine mentioned Bodega Bay as a good place to get away from the hubbub of the city." The sheriff nodded, then returned it to Sato. Just doing his job.

But the man in the suit. He was more than cocky; he was downright smug. Sato knew other smug people, and they were always the ones with power. The PI reminded himself of that as he replaced his helmet on his head. He then mounted his bike and edged forward to the sheriff by his car. "Excuse me," he said, "Where's a good cheap hotel? I don't have family here, but I'm going to be a while, I think."

"There's a Days Inn straight down this street," the sheriff replied, his tone flat and bored. Now that Sato wasn't a danger, he was boring? Hmph.

He thanked the sheriff, kicked the motor into action, and put the helmet's visor down, then pushed a safe distance away before hitting the throttle to head down the street. The Days Inn was only a minute down the street, as the sheriff had said. Sato pulled in, putting his bike in a hidden corner of the lot by the dumpsters before taking two bags from the panniers. One held an emergency change of clothes, useful for disappearing as well as unexpected travel. The other held toiletries, ammo, and some food and water.

He got a single room "indefinitely, bill me later," and settled himself in. Right. First thing would be to find out about this fair.


Sato found out about the festival's location and time easily, but didn't find out much else in the time before it came. He chalked it up to his uncertainty with how to proceed, and silently hoped he was in Bodega Bay for a legitimate reason. He went to the festival in his regular attire, what he had worn on the trip but had washed in the sink earlier. He figured no reason to dirty two sets of clothes yet. He might yet need to use to the second pair for something else.

At the festival, he found himself at a loss. He couldn't very well go around asking questions, so he just wandered around, playing a game here, buying a treat there, watching all the time for the man in the suit. He boasted of the festival; surely he would be here.

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Bodega Bay, CA

Bodega Bay, CA by hoodrattt

Welcome to Bodega, home of the Bodega Sealions, shell fishing and the best Californian food you'll ever taste! If you happen to stumble upon the darker side of Bodega well - keep your fingers crossed...

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Nizhoni Benett

"Ask and you may receive..."

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Jimmy Benett

"Frankly, I don't giveafuck."


Character Portrait: Jimmy Benett
Jimmy Benett

"Frankly, I don't giveafuck."

Character Portrait: Nizhoni Benett
Nizhoni Benett

"Ask and you may receive..."

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Character Portrait: Nizhoni Benett
Nizhoni Benett

"Ask and you may receive..."

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Jimmy Benett

"Frankly, I don't giveafuck."

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Bodega Bay, CA

Bodega Bay, CA by hoodrattt

Welcome to Bodega, home of the Bodega Sealions, shell fishing and the best Californian food you'll ever taste! If you happen to stumble upon the darker side of Bodega well - keep your fingers crossed...

Bodega Bay, CA

Welcome to Bodega, home of the Bodega Sealions, shell fishing and the best Californian food you'll ever taste! If you happen to stumble upon the darker side of Bodega well - keep your fingers crossed...

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Soooo... Is this dead? Or what?

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So hopefully everyone will accept my apology where it's due for not being more steadfast. I can assure you without doubt, however, that we WILL be continuing this story. One way or another!!

@usernames: doll, I owe you one. Thank you for getting back to our crew when I was obviously MIA. You and I will have to chat a bit so we can further the plot of this story. Remind me to make you co-GM.

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@Erik: I'm sorry for your lack of direction and please hold me accountable for not being steadfast like I said earlier. Thank you for your post as it was very impressive and taken well. Can't wait to see what cryptic drama unravels once Sato gets further into Bodega's history!

@Armageddon: omg your post was so amazing. The detail you put into the vision of Tara on the beach was downright eerie. xoxo

Will be getting this thing in motion soon enough. If anyone has any questions shoot me a PM.

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Well, like I said, I didn't have much to go on. Though I guess I'll have something to go on now if we timeskip!

I'll post tomorrow or Tuesday.

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@Savader-- Irony, indeed. I hope it picks up soon too!

@Everyone-- Just in case you need to know, we've done a bit of a time skip to the night of the festival. If you're thinking about posting, just put what your character did after the little gas station hangout up until the festival. I hope that clarifies everything!

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@Hoodrattt -- Yeah, no problem. I don't want to see this die, and no one else was posting, so I just threw one up, lol. Personally I don't think it's my best work, but I guess it did the trick.

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I've been at a bit of a loss as to where to have Sato go next...

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@Savade thank the lord someone is still interested. Thanks so much for putting some life back into our story!

I'm probably going to sweep out some characters and open up slots again. We won't be starting over, thankfully we didn't get too far into the story to have to do that. Since we're still in the beginning, it shouldn't be too tough to get some folks interested.


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Saw that there was no activity since Oliver's last update, so I thought I'd just say "screw it" and posted something of my own. Hope this thing isn't dead...

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I'll try and get a post up some time tomorrow. That's the plan anyway. :p

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I'm getting a post done right now. I've also turned Sato's age down some; I realized the "veteran" feel didn't work with the age of his face claim at the time, and his being younger will work better, I think.

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So yeah I hope people are still doing this, I am still interested, just waiting for another post before I go.

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Hiii delusional friends!

The RP has not died and I have not abandoned ship. I'm hoping to have a post up in the next couple of days but I can't really make any promises seeing as I'm swamped with work and company and all this other hassle. Please do not give up hope or halt your interest!

PLEASE PM ME if you have any concerns you wish to discuss. Keep up the wonderful work xoxo


I opened up some character slots. Hopefully we can draw some more interest. If you have any friends that might be interested please invite them to take a look [:

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I think we are all waiting for Hoodratt to post.

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Search me. I hope I didn't cause it.

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What's the hold up with the roleplay?

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Alright, I'm going to be posting a semi-ambiguous post to introduce Sato, that ends with him approaching the town. If anybody wants their character to interact with him, just notice him in your next post, or something along those lines.

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Hey, if you allow I will be posting a flashback between Levi and Frieda in future, it's the scene when they first met and one where he finally revealed he knew she was a lesbian.