Finnigan Stone

Son of Hades.

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a character in “Demigod Wars”, as played by HiddenNymph



Name: Finnigan Stone (Finn)
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Demigod
Child of: Hades and an affair with a human woman when his unwilling wife Persephone left to visit her mother on the 21st of March bringing spring with her.

Finn has long jet black hair which he lets down freely, his body is well toned and stands at a height of 6foot 1inches tall. He takes on some of his mothers more delicate feautures within his face such as his feminine cheek bones and small nose however he takes feautures from his father when considering his strong chin and blood red eyes aswell as the jet black hair.
When he gets into a serious battle of life and death Finn sports a set of armour like his father does

With armour: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/ ... 3bwefw.png

Finn has a two faced personality, he likes to keep up with appearences so towards those that instantly expect the worst of him he gives them what thay expected. He is cruel, crude and loves to tease having a sinister smile and playing on the fears of others, because of his father everyone expects the worst of him so he always acts like this becoming an outcast wherever he goes when people know who he is. However, in reality he has a kind human heart, he helps lost souls find their resting place and often does little secret gestures such as leaving lost objects in a persons room if he discovers that they are panicing over it. He isn't bitter enough to hate his father because of this however, his father treats him well considering he is a god and Finn knows that his father only kidnapped Persephone because he was lonely, Finn feels the same loneliness so he understands and tries to be unnderstanding of others despite his poor social skills with his defence mechanisim to act up to people expectations.
Finn also has an unquestionable ability to be late to practically everything, including starting school later than others.

Finn has a hobbie of finding lost dead souls and giving them directions towards the underworld and his father where they can be sent to their destinations. He especially enjoys lying to evil souls telling them that they will find everlasting peace if they go instead of the bottomless pits of Tartarus with the Titans. Otherwise he likes to use the better souls to do his bidding such as spying on others when he can not as he seldom has conversations with people since they avoid him due to his father.
Funnily enough the human side of him also has taken a fancy to clay modeling because of his mother. He uses his control of fire to set the clay so within his room if anyone ever dares enter you would find shelves full of pots and wonderous creations.
He also loves to learn more about mathes and algebra as the calculations keep him busy and distract from the fact he is lonely.


Posseses the ability to control fire at will, any type of fire that happens to be around he can mold into creatures such as fire dragons or Hydras if he feels like it. However his most deadly fire control is the fire that he produces from his own body, a black fire that once starts burning is impossible to put out, using that fire affects his health however unlike his immortal father who is impervious from harm.

Inbetween power:
He can vanish from a person's sight instantly using the gift of invisibility which he walks the halls with when he wants to avoid unnecassary conflicts and perhaps some spying.

Minor power:
He can see the dead and determine whether they are souls that deserve to be trapped with the titans in Tartarus or were good people who should be sent to the Elysian Fields. However he does not have the power to send them there as the staff his father possess has that power. Being able to see the dead does allow him to have the dead become his spys though and he enjoys their conversations sometimes.

  • Apples, he finds it ironic eating them considering his father punishes sinful souls and Adam commited the first sin by eating the forbidden apple according to the catholic religion.
  • Talking to dead souls as they are the only people that seem to talk back to him decently
  • Reading about mathes
  • Making pottery with the help of his fire powers.
  • Living up to the expectations of others (showing off as a cruel person)
  • His hell hound which he recieved from Hades when turning 18
  • Wearing armour like his father when in a full out battle

  • People who talk too much
  • Being Lonely (but he deals with it by talking to spirits)
  • Being underminded
  • People badmouthing his father
  • Getting a scratch on his armour

Finn doesn't have many physical weaknesses like his father, which is probably one of the main reasons Hades was so formiddible. However he does have a weakness against water since it can put out his fire creations, but water has no effect on his black fire.
Unlike his father Finn is half human, which also means his human heart tends to make him weak, he holds back from killing people as knows what fate may await them in the underworld, that is unless he holds an incredible disdain for someone. If anyone were every to become close to him he would most likely protect them with his life also as he has no one close to him so holds anyone who is in very high regard becoming probably over protective of them.

Hades had a fling with a human woman known as Elise when Persephone was visiting her mother. Hades didn't expect much of it neither did the human woman however she ended up unexpectedly pregnant with Finn. The woman raised Finn alone without telling Hades of his existence untill Finn was ten, Hades was surprised, angry that he didn't know but excepted the facts and gave Finn some insight on his powers.
Elise was a pottery artist so Finn picked up the skill as he gradually learned how to control his powers, however Elise passed away from cancer when Finn was sixteen so he had no where to go. Hades took it upon himself to take Finn in and allowed him to stay in the underworld untill he became an adult, he then gave Finn a hell hound for his 18th birthday before Finn had to leave the underworld since he was living and didn't belong there. He was kept in a part of the underworld where he would not be bothered by others so Finn grew very lonely when his father wasn't around and first developed his affection for talking to spirits.
When returning to the living world Hades then directed Finn towards Lord Griffin University, however Finn being Finn he didn't start on time and chose to start his classes later than everyone else. He felt it was better he be out of the way of people's first meetings.

So begins...

Finnigan Stone's Story