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Beka Lockhart

0 · 337 views · located in Tokyo

a character in “Demon Cage”, as played by BekaL101


Name: Beka Lockhart

Age: 16




Personality: There's really only one way to describe Beka: Reckless. That's only from an outside look though. While she may seem to only charge into battle without a second thought, in reality her brain works so fast during a fight that she can analyse an enemy and figure out how to kick it's ass within a few seconds. Does have a conscience however, and won't cause uneccessary her opinion...what is 'uneccessary', anyway? Will always stick up for her friends, the few she has, since her unpredictable personality tends to dicourage 'normal' friendships. Tends to stress about simple things, although many of those things are regarding the people she cares about, and so are of the utmost importance to her. Is generally loud and hyper, and always speaks her mind, and that mind can be very cutting and rude at times, but she generally means well, and doesn't take any crap from anyone.


Summoning Device: Cellphone

Abilities: Agi (becomes agidyne)
Dia (becomes Diarama, than Diarahn)
Zio (becomes Ziodyne)




Abilities: Agi(eventually becomes Agidyne)
Force Dance
Dia (eventually becomes Diarahn)
Support: +Poison
Fire Drain
Race D (against same race def up to 50%)
Auto: Hustle (Start:Hit/Evade up 25% )



Abilities:Mute Eyes
Elec Dance
Devotion (race skill, heals, but is unpredictable)
Support:Mana Bonus
Hero Aid (Crit. rate up 25%)
Auto: Fortify (Start: Defense up 25%)


History: New York born, Beka moved to Tokyo when she was 10, due to her parents getting tranfered at work. Initially hated it, but when she met Sora Isobe st school,they initially hated one another(leading to them both getting in trouble for fighting), but soon became fast friends due to the fact that Sora didn't pull any crap with her, and was generally upfront and honest, two qualities that she admires. They stayed friends throughout the next 4 years, but lost contact when she had to move again, because of her parents. Eventually moved back to the capital recently, and had only been back a few weeks when all this crazy stuff happened...

So begins...

Beka Lockhart's Story