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Demon Haven

The Palace


a part of Demon Haven, by Constellations.

The royal palace

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over The Palace, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The royal palace
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The Palace

The royal palace


The Palace is a part of Haven City.

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Kayli [0] A shy, quiet girl who doesn't know how to handle embarrassment. She's a little too strong with her resistances, but it's not purposely.
Alerie [0] WARNING: Uncontrolable, untamable, unbroken.
Marco [0] "Tell the devil I said 'hey' when you go back to where you're from"
Avari Corvinus [0] The bite is far worse than the bark and the blood lust is high

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"What's wrong baby?" asked the Regina, as she lay atop her human on her luxioriously large bed. She was trying to sooth him before she fed. He seemed stressed for some reason. She was concerned. Usually Nicky loved giving feedings, this was strange for him. He was actually trembling beneath her, his eyes closed like he was awaiting something painful.

"Just bite me," he said without opening his eyes. He didn't say it like he was dreading it. He said it like needed her to bite him immediatly. She knew that he liked it when she drank his blood, but she didn't know he was that desperate for it.

"Don't worry Nicky," she purred, carressing his exposed neck. The sight of the bruises and bitemarks there nearly sent her into a frenzy. She was lusting for the blood now. If this was how Nicky felt, then she understood why he wanted the bite so badly.

She pressed her lips to his neck and paused for a second, her fangs pressed against the skin there. She exhaled, her cold breath rushing over his flushed skin. He shuddered.

"There, there," she soothed as she sunk her fangs into his neck. He startled, like he always did. No matter how many times she fed from him, the sudden pain of teeth in his jugular always made him jump.

As the Regina sucked out his blood, relishing the familiar but entrancing taste of it, she could feel him relax underneath her. She was pretty sure she heard him sigh too. It was hard to tell; she was so wrapped up in the feeding. When she decided she was done, she pulled her teeth out of his neck and looked down at him. Blood was trickling out of the fresh bitemark on his bruised neck. His eyes were closed, but he looked more peaceful then before.

"Nicky," she cooed his name softly.
"Mhmmmm Lithia," he mumbled sleepily. He was the only one who still called her by her real name after she'd become the Regina.

"You rest," she told him, kissing him on the forehead before sliding off of him gently.
"Mmmmmmm," he murmered.

She smiled lovingly as she walked over to the door. She paused there, and looked back at him. He was lying peacefully on her bed, his blonde curls ruffled adorably. His head was lolled to the side, exposing more of his bruised neck. His eyes were closed, his long lashes brushing against his pale cheeks.

"Goodnight angel," she whispered before leaving and closing the door behind her.

Because that was exactly what he was. He was a human. A perfect little angel compared to the Demvolas who inhabited Haven City. He was a flawless angel that belonged to the Queen of The Demons.

Of all the things that condemed her to hell, Lithia was sure that corrupting this little angel was probably the worst.