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Sukura Summers

"Everyone has a burden. What counts is how you carry it."

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a character in “Demonic”, as played by Beffiye


Sakura Summers

I can keep everyone safe…but myself.


Basic Info

Name: Sakura Summers
Demon's Name: Alexander Kudo (Greed).
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Blood Line:
Rina Summers (Mother/active)
Ichigo Summers (Brother/active)
Benjiro Summers (Father/deceased)

It hurts remembering how it felt to shut down.

Height: 5”6
Measurements: C-cup breasts
Personality: Sakura is a quiet girl, usually seen as shy, but she is not hesitant when it comes to getting her own way. She is very friendly, but used to getting what she wants, thus being a little greedy, though this trait mainly comes from her demon. She treats her demon with respect and likes to think that she gets along with him well. She has learnt some trickery off her demon, and will sometimes blackmail people into performing small tasks for her. She enjoys fashion and drawing, and would like to be a fashion designer when she is older.

She is a happy, carefree kind of person, unless she doesn’t get what she wants. Then she can be quite moody, and has a tendency not to rise out of her mood for a while. Despite this, she can be a joy to be around – just don’t speak to her about her father’s death.

Sakura has had a relatively normal life, growing up in the same family house for all her life with her mother and brother. Her father used to live with them too, until she was 12.

One day, Sakura was very sick and could not go to school. Her mom had to go and work at the bakery, and would have taken her daughter with her, had it not been unhygienic. Her brother had an important exam that day and could not stay at home to look after her, so her dad took her into his work.

He worked in an office, and Sakura helped him out here and there when she wasn’t feeling too ill. He had to stay quite late that night, and the car wouldn’t start. He took his daughters hand and began to hurry them along through the dark alley ways, but they were ambushed by gangsters. They tried to kidnap Sakura, but her father saved her life and ended up getting stabbed to death. Sakura escaped physically unscarred, but emotionally she still struggles to deal with her father’s death each day.

Her family are now closer together than ever before, and Sakura is more reliant on her demon to keep her safe than she admits, because she can feel quite easily threatened. She still suffers from bad nightmares about her father’s death, and although her mother and brother struggle too, they are both much stronger than her.

Theme Song: Careful - Paramore

Motto: “Everyone has his burden. What counts is how you carry it.”

♥ Ice cream
♥ Kittens
♥ Getting her own way
♥ People being loyal to her
♥ Spending time with her friends and family
♥ Fashion
♥ Art

✖ Being let down
✖ Not getting her own way
✖ Being disrespected
✖ Talking about her father
✖ Rats

Demonic Contract
You can’t be too careful anymore.

Summoning your demon: Alexander Kudo, with the Greed we share and the goals we hold common I summon you, at the flip of my coin.


Selfish (at times)
Unable to trust many people
Can get sick quite easily

|Tattoo|: N/A


Crush: N/A
A.K.A: None.
Pet: None.

So begins...

Sukura Summers's Story