You shall be the instrument of my wrath.

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a character in “Demons Bond”, as played by Wake


Name: The black beast Zimont

Age: 1800

Personality: Zimont is a calculating and judgmental creature. He prefers not to be affiliated with others unless they have something of value to him, stating that most aren't worth his time to deal with. Zimont does not look kindly on those he considers 'greedy cowards'. He views the world as flawed and rotten, seeking to amend that by removing all the 'trash' from the earth.

Demom /Human role: Demon 4

History: A long time ago Zimont had been a member of the roman empires inquisition. He use to believe entirely that what he was doing was in the name of the gods, until he found out that the 'heretics' he was persecuting were actually just political obstacles that were put down in a effort to save time or advance a politician's position. Racked with guilt and shame Zimont turned away from the empire and to dark magic to take vengeance on the corrupt leaders. He slew several of his former masters before being caught and burnt at the stake. His grief and rage fed into the witchcraft he had used during his life and prevented him from passing on. He remained anchored to the world by his guilt as a wraith, believing that the only way for him to atone for his crimes would be to makes sure that others atoned for theirs.

Powers: Zimont has the power to materialize shape shifting 'shadow limbs' during possession. The length and size of these limbs depend on the amount of shadows touching to the host body.



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