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Dani Leiber

"All I want is out."

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a character in “Demon's Girl”, as played by bizarre1


Dani Leiber





Dani stands at 5'5" and weighs around 112 lbs. She is very thin and her skin is really pale. Her eyes are blue (as shown in the pic). Her hair falls down to the middle of her belly and is a light blonde. She is always wearing eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. Sometimes she'll put on eyeshadow to go with what she is wearing, but only sometimes. She usually wears jeans or shorts. For tops, she usually wears a t-shirt or tank top with a light sweater over it. Dani always has a purple hair tie on her wrist that no one can see because of her sweater. Her shoes are always the same black Vans. She also has a small burn mark in the shape of a star on her left wrist.

Dani is usually a shy and quiet person. She doesn't speak to others unless they speak to her first. If someone tries to force her to do something that she doesn't want to do, then she can get very vocal. She will refuse to be pressured into anything that she doesn't want to do unless there is a threat that causes her to give in. Even then, she tries to bear as much pain as possible, but wouldn't be able to stand causing others pain because of selfish reasons. Dani is more likely to put others before herself.

So begins...

Dani Leiber's Story

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Nick stood where he was. He didn't want her to start running again. "No. I've known your roommate for quite a while. I know how he treats you," he said, hoping this was good enough for her. Nick figured it would be easier to get away with saying that he knew the roommate since he had been observing them for close to two weeks.

He took a step toward her. "I know that he hits you, yells at you, abuses you... I want to help you get away from him." Nick thought the words sounded good enough. Maybe they would work or maybe she still wouldn't trust him. He stood there and waited for her to respond.


Dani watched as her mother scooped the macaroni and cheese onto her plate. She gave a grateful smile. "Thanks, mom," she said as the plate was handed to her and sat at the table. Her parents took their seats on the couch in the living room to watch their shows. It was just a typical evening in the Leiber household.

Dani quickly scarfed her dinner down and put her plate in the sink. "Goodnight, mom. Goodnight, dad." Her parents turned their heads so they could see her and told her, "Goodnight." With a nod, Dani head up the stairs and brushed her teeth. Then she crawled into her bed and laid down to fall asleep. She laid there for a while, staring at the ceiling. Something wasn't right. Maybe it's too hot. Dani sighed and got up out of her bed to go open the window. Then she crawled back in bed and stared at the ceiling again until she fell asleep.