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Insidious Deception

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a character in “Demons in Disguise”, originally authored by Norien de Iridius, as played by RolePlayGateway


Real Name: Belial
Fake Name: Donovan
Physical Description: Belial is about 5'8", has shorter dark hair, deep, luminescent green eyes, a black T-shirt usually plastered with the logo of a metal band like Whitechapel or Volumes, accompanied by a black leather jacket, and black combat boots. Has a quick smile, which reveals his teeth, pointed like needles.
Age: Appears 23
Personality: Belial is quick to anger, but also quick to get over it, smoothing things over with a sinister grin and some oily sentiments. His name means "Worthless," and he is extremely adept at insidiously destroying one's self-esteem.
Likes: Pain,
Abilities/Satanic Duties: Wrath, violence, deception and betrayal
Possible Forms: Human, Demonic appears as the image Image
Human: Image
Historical Background: In The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness, one of the Dead Sea scrolls, Belial is the leader of the Sons of Darkness:
"But for corruption thou hast made Belial, an angel of hostility. All his dominions are in darkness, and his purpose is to bring about wickedness and guilt. All the spirits that are associated with him are but angels of destruction." He is also quoted as the angel of lawlessness and is drawn in comparison with unbelievers quite frequently.

So begins...

Belial's Story

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Belial watched all of the goings on from a distance. He was fairly certain the demons knew he was there, but they didn't say anything. He felt the pull of the spells over the last few months and the curtain was certainly thinner here than in other places, all the magick was shredding the barrier between this world and the next. He sighed contentedly to himself, stealing souls or even just watching the humans be pushed beyond their limits was almost an aphrodisiac to him. He smiled, and with a little effort, melted his horrific demon form and out of it came a boy about 15, dark haired, green eyed and with an easy, closed lipped smile. His eyes, however, glinted maliciously as they surveyed the world. He watched as the boy, Matthew, open the door and frowned slightly when the human on the other side of it was so disgustingly Christian. She positively reeked of it. He drifted a little closer to the demons as they hung back and came up behind them, whispering, "So, Nezzera, Depressus, I wondered where you had gotten off to. And here I find you with a couple of sweet morsels. Disappointing. Why wouldn't you share with your old friend, Belial?" He smiled at them with his lips apart this time, showing teeth that came down to needle points.

"See the girl, Kaya, there? Practically glowing with Christ. Let me take her. You two can handle the wizard and the witch. Unless, you like the challenge. But as I see it, three of them for three of us. We win no matter how you split it." He smiled at them again, and as he looked back to the humans, his pink tongue traced along the tips of his teeth. "What do you say, friends?" Belial looked at them, then said, "Oh, Alyce and Tristian, I'm Donovan. I'll be a ghost...sibling with you two."

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Character Portrait: Nezzera / Alyce Character Portrait: Matthew Sun Character Portrait: Depressus/Tristian Character Portrait: Raina Miles Character Portrait: Kaya Ivory Smith Character Portrait: Belial
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"Well aren't you a cocky bast-" The rest of her sentence was lost when she remembered she was meant to seem cute and kind. Alyce gave the other demon a challenging glare and then focused on her prey and.adjusting her attitude and.expression stalked over to Kaya and Matthew.

" meet you Kaya" She smiled brightly her arm brushing past Matthew as.she brought it.up to move her dark chestnut fringe from her tanned face elegantly. Alyce smiled in fake shyness and bright eyed glanced from Matthew to Kay and then Raina. The Raina girl irritated her. and.honest. She was also moral and kind and.Alyce smiled classed that as boring and dull.