Simon Shultz


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a character in “Demons of Typhoon City”, as played by Snakeeyz99


Aged 28, Simon sports casual jeans and a green t-shirt under a thick protective lab coat. A small belt winds around his waist, on which hangs his phone and, usually, a small device he has been tinkering with. From under the coat one can see two black sneakers. In the jacket pocket there is usually a gleaming pair of spectacles, along with a black gel pen. His long neck leads up to a pointed chin, jutting out from his thin mouth. A pointed nose runs down the middle of his two squinted hazel eyes, placed below two thin white eyebrows. His white hair is spiked straight up and short, and does not at all cover his two rounded ears. He has a generally easy-going and kind appearance, but from his looks one can tell that he will be strict and disciplined in time. He is a tall and fit man.


Easy going, but hesitant and nervous. He is nice to most people and cannot bear the sight of death. He rarely fights, but if he has to he tries not to kill his opponent.


Lab Coat
Random devices and inventions


Born in the residential district of Typhoon City in the year 2032, Simon was born and raised in the city. Even in childhood, he showed extreme interest in education and small devices. As he grew, he payed more and more attention to Lab 29, and after graduating college he immediately applied for a position there. As he waited for his reply, over the course of a few years, he suffered through the horrors that began plaguing the city, and when he finally got accepted into the Lab he left his home in a rush.

So begins...

Simon Shultz's Story