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Soulstice Jackels

Prince of the Succubus&Incubus kingdom.

0 · 234 views · located in earth hell heaven and onder

a character in “Demon's Realm”, as played by ~*NovaleeTehNinja*~


Soulie, a very charming and attractive Incubus, stands at a height of 5'6, and weighs around 100 pounds. He has thin arms and long, toned legs. He is deffinatly not a sight for sore eyes. He has blond hair which is thick and soft to the touch like silk, and travels down to his lower shoulder blades. Upon his head are small though very visable creme colored horns which curl towards the front of his head. His eyes, a alluring and suductive honey, almond color, are large and sentious. He has high cheek bones and plump, full pink lips. He has skin any female would kill for; soft, cremey white, unbelieveably clear. On His back, small, cute black wing protrude from his flawless skin and reach out a few feet. And from his lower back escapes a deep blackish maroon colored tail, falling and not ending till it passes his ankles.

Soulie usually perfers to be scantily clothed. though he does wear cute little outfits such as the one in the picture.


Soulie in one sentence can be discribed as a huge flirt. He enjoys having attention on him at all times. He is very teasing and playful. He loves to entertain people and almost always has a ggod sense of humor and doesnt lose his temper.


Due to his almost deadly pheramones and charming good looks he doesnt need weapons. He can control people and therefore has no need for any physcial strenght.

So begins...

Soulstice Jackels's Story