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When a Great Evil Rips through the country and a race of Reptilian warriors threatens the world, all the races across the land must come together to stop the wave of Demonic spawn.

1,322 readers have visited Demonstone since Genesis2 created it.


This is a repost of Nem: Eye of the World. :/ Agro can't seem to get his version working.

Long ago, three ancient peoples ruled the earth. The Illuminus, the Omerta, and the Oquasus. Each race as strong as the other, even so, they lived in peace. The world was split into three different kingdoms, The desserts of golden sand, and the Frozen wastes belonged to the Illuminus. The Oquasus held the Oceans and lakes as theirs. Lastly the Grasslands, fields, forests, and mountains to the Omerta. Illuminus be the angels of light. To complete their spiritual task to one day touch the sun, they built colossal spires in their barren lands, forever reaching to the sky. The Oquasus built cryptic underwater cities. All believed that beyond the darkness of the deepest waters, was an alternate world. Though their bodies were crushed by the pressure of trying to reach this world, the belief still lived in all of them. Omerta were the people of time. Their goal was to live the longest. They wanted to see new civilizations come and go. To see the oceans rise and fall. To see if their civilization will pass the test of time.


For many years, a storm shrouded a line of Northern Mountains. Lightning struck nonstop from the red skies. Five Omertian warriors knew that this storm would never subside. The five traveled through the plains, and scaled to mountains to reach the storm. Once they reached their destination, they found the source of the Chaos; A massive rift lay in thou mountains, Hellfire spewed from its mouth, Lightning shot from every direction, and a massive swirling vortex was the heart. The Vortex saw the Warriors and reached out its flames to them.


The men returned safely, and told about the Rift to their people. They were offered many spouses for their bravery, thus they bore many children. Unfortunately all of their children suffered the same fate. Born with horns on their heads and forearms, claws and mutations unimaginable. The warriors had no other choice to kill the cursed young. None did they know that death by their hands caused the demon within themselves to gain power. More children they gave, hoping that one may be normal, but none, Eventually the five brave men changed more and more with every kill. Until they became beasts themselves. Shunned by all others because of their looks, they hid away up in the mountains, close to the rift...The origin of their curse.

Monstrous creatures occasionally made their way out of the rift, causing legends of creatures like the Colossi and Dragons and, while the 5 warriors maintained the battle for their humanity against the demons that constantly haunted their nightmares, fought against these creatures in order to keep safe the people that shunned them. But the fights to protect the people they loved cost them their sanity. For every creature they felled, they slowly lost their minds. Soon, the once great men were nothing more than slavering beasts, hungering for blood and battle. One still retained the memories and feelings he once had, and in one, final attempt to rid the land of him and his brothers, he tried to kill his brothers and then himself. He didn't stand a chance.

His brothers, devoid of their past lives and hell bent on finding some fighting to do...They descended from the mountains, leaving the crushed skull of their fallen brother behind in the cave. They began raiding villages, stealing woman, one for each and brutally raping them to continue their bloodline. Strangely instead of live children, the woman gave birth to eggs which in turn...The torn body of their fallen brother served well to incubate their offspring. The captured woman died after giving birth...

Easily their numbers grew, infighting was common as more of them competed to become the biggest and the strongest. But none could stand against the original four, they are called the Belatoriuss by their underlings and “Fire Lords” to outsiders (though most outsiders were killed on sight).

Soon their numbers were enough to overwhelm anyone who stood in their way. With the manpower of millions they took the mountains from the native creatures, killing them and more than likely eating them. Within months...the mountains innards were hollowed out into mighty fortresses where great forges bellowed their deathly black fumes and prisoner's screams echoed through the stone walled catacombs, chilling the souls of any who heard of their languishment.

There was no warning of their attack, and almost no time to prepare. Pouring out from the inside of the mountains, as far as the eye could see and more the dragon-like humanoids marched. The sound of their boots could be heard for leagues in all directions as the first army slammed into the villages and cities of the Illuminus. Smoke, fire, and the stench of death was all that remained in the coming summer...The mighty empire had fallen in mere months.

The Omerta had received word of recent events and took it upon themselves to prepare for the coming war. Records show that Omertan soldiers that survived the initial attack called this fierce race the Draconym. After their tyrannical ruler that had reigned centuries ago. Their defenses were paid no mind as the Draconym simply overran their cities and crushed any opposition. Their troops were expendable and were vital to their reproduction. One scroll gives a description about one of the "Fire Lords". It was easily twice as tall as the townhouses in the villages that were conquered and razed, but unlike its underlings its expression was much more collected and it strode through the ranks with importance. When the Fire Lord was present, the entire army was still until it gave the command...and from there all hell broke loose. Despite Omerta's desperate searching...the Oquasisins were no where to be found...and without their help, Omerta was crushed and ground into dust, only small pockets of survivors held out in remote places hidden away from the world, the most notable of these groups were the Druids, who also eventually died out, and in the ashes of their death, birthed the graceful and mighty race of Viera.


Feeling that their task had been accomplished and they had conquered all living things within’ reach, they retreated into the western side of the Mountains, into their forges and fortresses. Four years later, no one knows for sure why, but it’s rumored the Fire Lords got into some kind of argument followed by a mountain toppling fight which raged on for days. When this fight ended, two of the Brothers stood at a draw, the other two, slain, eggs already filling the crevices of their bodies as such is the brutal nature of the Draconym. After this, nobody knows what happened, we guess either one of the brothers was slain, or one of them walked away. But from here, is where the race later named Gria appeared, leaving a single Fire Lord in command of the Draconym armies.

The next hundred years go without records other than the leave drawings of the Viera, showing the planting of trees and forests across the lands as they had been instructed by their creators and soon the world would go over a transformation.
After a few hundred years, the few surviving Omertan families of Xalin, people of the desert, and Broncanin, people of the hills, made their homes changing the name of their virtually extinct race to “Humans”, thus began the growth of three new nations, brimming with potential.

But a creature does not hide its self without a cause. The Demon army must be gaining power. Many have foretold that the Fields of the Aligned lands will burn, and everyone with it...



Being the youngest race to the country, humans hold little power in the "Fellowship of the Elders". Humans Typically live in small settlements (Villages and Towns) Humans excel in hand to hand struggles, Broad Swords, Falchions, Claymores and Zweihänder. Humans have a strong Bone structure compared to the Gria And Viera, thus are able to bear heavy armor such a plate mail and may wield heavy and/or offensive shields. Humans are capable of performing magics, but usually do not want to spend their time studying; they rather be farming, cooking, or blacksmithing. This race has a special connection with the earth on which their feet step. They thank it for food, homes, resources and armors. Humans tend to be fairly friendly to the Gria, Viera, and other Humans. Governmental Relations with the other two races are in good condition also. Unfortunately, Viera are not to fond of humans (Viera think that they are somewhat stupid and "impure".)
Before any human ventures out on any quest/journey, or into the flames of war, they wear a mask carved of light stone or clay. Each individual is given a mask at birth, but must not wear it until they are called to duty. The stone masks show others that they are protectors of the land.



The Gria are a human sized Draconian race, complete with dragon like wings horns, and sudden bursts of rage. The Gria are more proficient in light-physical combat, rather than magic. They have durable, but light-weight skeletal structure which ables them high alility and short periods of flight. An equal amount of Male and Female keeps them in a stable population, but the count is kept under a small number, for they are confined to the Western side of the country. Their homeland is the Island "Occura". Gria are mostly vegetarian, majority diet of fruits and vegetables. They favorite is the Basco and the poisonous Damson fruit. Native fish and eggs are also part of their diet. Gria garb is usually fairly light and cull colored (browns, dark Greens).


Viera have animal-like features, including rabbit/cat/lynx ears and supple limbs. Due to their long feet, Viera wear stilettos most of the time. the Viera also have heightened sense of smell, which can put the mat a disadvantage against the lands more disgusting scenes. Viera are divided into two sub-branches; the light-skinned Veena Viera and the Dark Skinned Rava Viera. Veena usually live in large cities and fields, there personality is much like that of a Humans. Rava reside deep within the forests and ancient cities. The Rava keep the Males and Females separated, this prevents unwanted sexual happenings and keeps the Forrest "pure" Adults who wish to start a family may register a form, and see if they may have children.


The Draconym are a furious dark races who are bent on causing chaos, terror, and destruction upon the fellowship. Draconym eggs are created from the mutilated skull of a fallen foe, and Draconym blood, unfortunately for them the eggs can only be created, and incubated in their ancient tombs. After a Draconym egg hatches, it is just a small winged lizard. After it kills several mice and insects, its body will begin to grow. It will them move on to kill small opossums, cats, chickens. Then Sheep, goats, and youth. And eventually people. Some Draconym will advance to the “Fire Lord” rank. Fire Lords are roughly the size of a three story building, they are the most battle experienced, most intelligent, and fearsome. In battle, this race finds their power in numbers. Swarms upon swarms of fiery human sized reptilian horrors. Though the younger ones are fairly bad at armed combat, they are fully resistant to any fire, and can even absorb its power. Draconym stature becomes more “Demon like as it grows; first lizard like, then Raptor-like, and eventually Full armor clad, winged demon. Smaller of the Draconym are usually abused by the larger, through threats and beaten regularly. The only thing honorable about there fighting, is a battle within; If one soldier challenges another, the other must accept. Fight usually break out due to one wanting to become larger, thus he must kill a stronger creature.


The Abyss
Not much is known about these creatures. They will appear in the mist of shadows, and abduct individuals or villages without warning. Their figure is like that of a human, but born completely of darkness. They cannot be killed, but a fire created by a Viera may hinder their movement. Reports show that they tend to attach small villages and
individual people

Children of the Right
Often called traitors by those of the Fellowship, this army is composed of corrupted humans, Gria, Viera, (Feral Race)’s. those who believe the Elders were wrong, Banished from their home town, criminals, assassins, or even those who believe that the Draconym are a force that cannot be stopped and might as well join their forces now.



Map of Nem:

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Nem by Genesis2


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