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Suika Ibuki

"Hey, somebody pass the drinks!"

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a character in “Denouement of a Fantasy Era”, as played by Lloyd999


"I'd say there's a little Oni in all of us."



      Suika Ibuki

      Tiny Night Parade of a Hundred Demons

      "I 'unno, pretty old."




      Deva of the Mountain (A leader of the Oni)

      Suika is perhaps among one of the most deceiving Youkai. While the Oni are usually known for being huge, muscular beings, Suika takes on the appearance of a little girl. Now, this is entirely her decision alone, although precisely why she chooses this appearance isn't widely known. She's most easily identifiable by the two long horns on her head, marking her as an Oni. Suika wears shackles around her wrists and chain ornaments on her belt, a fashion choice popular among the Oni. While she does have light blue robes which she would only wear on special occasions, she commonly wears a torn white blouse and a blue skirt, as well as several ribbons throughout her body. She is rarely seen without her gourd hanging by her side. Theoretically, Suika could change her appearance at will, but aside from changes in size, she never really cares to make use of this, unless she already is.


      Just as she would appear, Suika is known to be a very jolly person, always willing to stir up some fun, whether that be through parties or through combat. Her restless yet easygoing nature can be seen as annoying in the eyes of her peers, yet downright dangerous in the eyes of her foes.

      Suika is almost always one to uphold the values of the Oni, heavily valuing strength yet also valuing fair play. At the same time, of course, she despises dishonesty and cowardice, and is quite proud about her ability never to lie. Typically, Suika never lets any sorts of problems or hardships bother her. She'd rather drink and clear them from her mind.

      Of course, like most Oni, Suika is a famed alcoholic, loving nothing more than to get absolutely smashed on sake. In fact, the drunker she gets, the more powerful she gets, so it's not uncommon to see her be able to punch through mountains when she can barely even keep her balance.

      Suika might be one to challenge others commonly, but she isn't known to have any true enemies. Others might view her as an enemy, but she doesn't truly hate anybody. That said, she is quite blunt and tends to be very critical of others, expressing nothing toward them but what she truly thinks.

Drinking Dishonesty
Parties Cowardice
Challenges Seriousness


      Manipulation of Density and Sparseness ~ Simply put, she can control the mass and the distribution of mass in anygiven object. She can make a rock absurdly heavy or break it into an infinitesimally small powder. In theory, she could do the same to her enemies, but that just wouldn't be fair. She does make use of this ability in several of her attacks, as well as on her own body. She can manipulate her own mass and spread herself as a thin mist across the entire country or she could gather all her mass together to turn herself into a giant, bigger than mountains. This would suggest that the small form she normally takes up is actually just a small fraction of her whole body, which is probably up in the air somewhere. Of course, she has several other uses for this ability as well, such as concentrating a lot of mass into one spot to pull things toward her using hyper-gravity, as well as sending a bunch of miniature versions of herself at her foes. The list goes on.

      Super-Strength ~ As Oni are famed for being the strongest among the Youkai, Suika is hailed as being the absolute strongest of them all. Almost no Youkai can compare to her raw power, let alone any humans. The drunker she gets, the stronger she can get, and seeing as she has the constitution of an Oni and an endless supply of sake, it's almost not difficult to imagine her splitting the Earth's crust in two under the right circumstances.

      Ibuki Gourd ~ Suika is almost never seen without her carrying this at her side, unless it's at her mouth. Within the gourd is a bug capable turning water into sake, thus providing Suika with a near limitless supply.

      - Being the strongest is a bit of a strength.
      - Her ability is downright powerful.
      - Not much really bothers her, she's usually just too drunk to care.

      - Although she's very powerful, as well as a skilled fighter, her attacks tend to be very reckless. She's drunk after all.
      - She's always honorable, and like most Oni, it could be possible to use that against her. Whether she's clever enough to see it coming or not is a mystery.
      - All Oni are weak to fried beans.


      The details of her origins aren't entirely known. Suika doesn't exactly talk about it, but hardly any Youkai do so anyway. The only hint she's ever revealed about her past is when she slurred something about a "Shuten-Douji". The only people who possibly could know about her past are her closest allies, the Four Devas of the Mountain, otherwise known as the Big Four of the Mountain or simply the Big Four.

      The Big Four are known to be the four commanders of all the Oni in the country, consisting of the four most powerful; Suika Ibuki, Yuugi Hoshiguma, Ibaraki-douji and a fourth unknown member. Suika is often regarded as the head, but whether that is because she formed the group or is simply the most powerful is unknown. Ibaraki-Douji was originally regarded as a lieutenant, known to be level-headed and knowledgeable, but as of recently, he/she had simply left for mysterious reasons. Yuugi is now current lieutenant, and is known to be the most honorable and just of them all and is known to settle even the most heated of disputes between Youkai. The fourth member's name is never mentioned, but supposedly he/she was the deadliest of them all, cutting down all who opposed them. Supposedly, this one was defeated long ago, but his/her fate isn't quite known.

      Long ago, before humans ever settled in Gensokyo, the Big Four had come to Gensokyo. Some tales say they had fled there, while others said they conquered it. Either way, they came to this isolated land and developed a society dominated by Oni, destined to be stronger than any human clan in the country of the time. They settled in Mt. Yatsugatake, where they have been ruling over the Oni ever since. How long they had been here before humans isn't quite clear, but what is clear is that there is a long history behind the growth of this Youkai society. What is known, however, is that the Oni did end up conquering the Tengu and Kappa, who only had primitive clans at the time, and that the two races now serve as their subordinates in a much stronger society, a society that is now known as the Youkai Mountain.

      The Human Village and Youkai Mountain have been at odds with each other for as long as humans had first settled in Gensokyo. Oni would constantly terrorize the village, yet humans always seemed to recover and attempt a futile counterattack. Overtime, however, the humans would find ways to combat the Oni more effectively, and Oni extermination specialists became very prevalent. The Oni were originally overjoyed at first, as they finally had suitable rivals, but it would only get worst from there. It wasn't long before humans learned to take advantage of the sense of honor an Oni had and use it against them. The most common tactic was to challenge an Oni, and once they were led into a false sense of security, use a trap on them to stun them, such as poisoned sake or demon wards. Many Oni fell victim to these traps. One of the big four, the one that wielded a sword, had attempted to do something about it, but their fate was very unfortunate.

      It was at that point that the Oni and the humans created a pact of some sort. They agreed not to attack each other recklessly and left each other in relative peace. That said, the pact dictated that Oni could not invade the village and humans could not invade the mountain unless a member from the other side had broken the pact. That said, Oni and humans could still attack each other outside of territorial bounds without repercussions. This also meant that whenever an Oni invaded human boundaries, a human was allowed safe passage through the mountain. This pact, however, doesn't prevent either from doing so anyway, as long as that rule is upheld. Many Oni take advantage of this and every now and then, an Oni will come down from the mountain to kidnap a human in order to challenge another, who would be sent to the mountain to recover said human by accepting that Oni's challenge.

      Over the decades, however, people who are knowledgeable at effectively combating Youkai have shrunk, what with Oni being less of a threat as they were before. Therefore, less and less people have been able to accept the Oni's challenge, much to their dismay. Ever since, the Oni have begun to lose their strength. Many have relocated off of Earth to work in Hell while others have simply disappeared. Nobody was afraid of Oni, after all. They were merely monsters out of children's storybooks who exist only to be vanquished. Even Ibaraki-douji had mysteriously left the mountain. Now, Suika and Yuugi are the only two of the Big Four left and nearly all the Oni now live at Youkai Mountain. Not a single Oni lives outside of Gensokyo. Times have been getting dark for the Oni, and now, tensions are beginning to rise between them and their subordinates, the Tengu and the Kappa. And what of Suika?

      Well, she's just doing what she always does.


So begins...

Suika Ibuki's Story


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Within Gensokyo,
The land is painted pink
With cherry blossoms.
The valley folk celebrate
How fleeting life truly is.


With the arrival of spring comes the well-anticipated blooming of the cherry blossoms. Throughout the country and throughout it's history, people have been mesmerized by the sight of cherry trues in bloom, as temporary as they may be. Perhaps it's their fleetingness that draws people to them. Some people look at them and think of death, whereas others just admire they're beauty without thinking too deeply. Indeed, there must be something supernatural about them that draws people to want to do nothing but sit under them and just allow themselves to be mesmerized.

The land between the mountains, almost forgotten by society, was definitely one of such mesmerizing sights. The pink and white treetops stretched out over vast tracks of land, most heavily clustered around the high ground where only a single shrine sat. The shrine was not the only place in bloom. Thousands of flowers bordered the Misty Lake, where fairies sung and danced. The Forest of Magic was somewhat lacking in terms of blossoms, with the exception of some notable clusters, yet rare flowers that only grew in the darkest jungles could be found within these shady woods. The various fields that sat between the forests of Gensokyo were covered in flowers as well. Even the Bamboo Forest of the Lost was in full bloom, an exceedingly uncommon event that only ever occurred once every sixty years.

It seemed as if the flowers were going to take over Gensokyo. Perhaps they were making up for the disappointing blooms of last year, when consecutive heavy rain quickly ruined the cherry blossoms in a period of a few short days, leaving no time for any decent flower viewings. Perhaps it was for this reason that the humans of the village were especially rowdy this year. In times of relative peace, the village people tended to host festivals that lasted as long as the cherry blossoms did, where they'd sing, dance, recite, act, drink and have a great time while viewing the cherry blossoms. There was no real meaning to these celebrations other than to simply forget all the bad things in life and have a good time while being surrounded by a breathtaking environment, and to admire the cherry blossoms, of course.

Still, even amidst all this festivity is that unshakable feeling of suspicion and dread that one gets used to when living in Gensokyo, the feeling that at any moment, a Youkai may appear and attack you. However, thanks to recent triumphs in Youkai extermination, such as a complete clean-sweep of all Tsukumogami within the village, the villagers have been able to enjoy some peace of mind.

The Youkai, however, are in a period of unrest. With the security of the village increased, attacking the village directly seems unthinkable for any lone creature. The Youkai, for the most part, are scattered and unorganized, none of them possibly brave enough to try to cause any real incidents. The organized powers are also in unrest. In secret locations, the Youkai leaders meet to discuss their concerns for the future of Gensokyo, but it seems as if such a future is going to be a grim one.

Among disunified Youkai, festive humans and a suspicious spring does our tale start. Let us all spin the tale that puts a close to all folktales. Let this denouement begin.


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The air of the village was thick, but not just with festivity. People of all classes mingled together. The village may have had been slow to wake, but as time went on, things got busier and busier. Performers played frequently on stages throughout the day, but the merchants were slow to set up their stands. Those that were early wanted to appeal to those who were up and about around noon. Flower viewing festivals usually were rather calm throughout the day and only as it got dark did people get much more rowdy. Still, during the noon, there tended to be a rather large influx of people. This was mainly due to the fact that it was around noon that farmers were getting off of their rice fields, but bright skies, cool breezes and the fact that people were pretty much all awake by then were all contributing factors.

With the streets becoming progressively busier, somehow, the atmosphere became progressively thicker. Perhaps it was simply the festive mood of many people getting together, or maybe it was the noise. Or maybe it was the mysterious mist that seemed to have gathered throughout the village. It was thin and pretty much unnoticeable, as well as not an uncommon occurrence in the village, despite how unusual it was. Most believed it was simply the fog that had blown off of the Misty Lake a few kilometers away, or possibly spores that blew in from the Forest of Magic less than a kilometer away, or most simply, dust kicked up by large amount of foot traffic. After all, it was only thicker depending on how many people were gathered in one place at one time.

However, this mist was no mere dust. After all, no dust could possibly have such a suspicious presence. While it was almost always ignored, there were those that could sense it, or otherwise sense a mysterious presence around them. Most waved it off as a sort of paranoia, but this paranoia did tend to keep people on guard. The humans of the village were always used to keeping their guard up, after all. An air of tension like this was always a reminder that there was some external threat that could harm them at any moment.

What many failed to realize, however, that the threat itself was the mist.

Suika watched over the many humans of the village, watching them about as they went through their days. Being able to thinly spread herself throughout the village, she could keep tabs on just about everybody. She watched as a merchant scolded his disciple for the damaging of a tea bowl and it's stand, as well as a servant dancing for his master, hiding the fact that he's been hunting badgers, as well as a hooded figure made his way down the streets, only to get into a collision in a travelling monk, as well as what appeared to be a big commotion.

It appeared that two men were carrying a Norimono, a hand-carried personal transport vehicle, while they were being escorted by several village guards, including a woman sporting a samurai's robes and weapons on her hip who was calling for the crowds to disperse. People around them were shouting out at the men, telling them to go back. Some of Suika was gathered around here, curious at to what was going on. Cries rang out through the streets; "Dispel the demons! Out with the Youkai! Bring that monster away from here!" So, it was more than obvious that a Youkai was being escorted. Suika was going to investigate further, when a bird's cry caught her attention.

A black figure flew high in the sky, giving off a strange cry. It had the appearance of a bird, but closer inspection would reveal that it was much larger than an ordinary bird, and of an unusual form. It circled above the village, crying it's strange, shrill cries, before suddenly diving into the trees outside the village. Suika sighed in her head. There was no doubt that the unusual creature was anything but one of the Tengu messengers, of which took the appearance of anthropomorphic crows. A Tengu's role in mountain society was easily distinguishable by their appearance. For example, the classical red-faced long-nosed ones tended to bureaucratic matters and were rarely seen by outsiders, while Tengu taking on white wolf-like appearances were guards. A Tengu messenger being sent all the way to the village was probably only looking for one person, and there was only one person who would possibly be sending a message.

Outside of the village, Suika found the messenger, dressed in long white robes, as well as a tokin hat with pom-poms that hung from it. All typical clothing articles of nearly all Tengu. A scroll hung at her side. She sat within a cherry tree, waiting for her recipient to arrive, as she wouldn't dare enter the village. Her great big black wings seemed to have disappeared somehow. She did seem to already be aware of Suika's presence, despite how thin it was. Gradually, Suika began to reintegrate herself, what appeared to be black dust quickly gathering itself into one form, until Suika finally materialized from it, lying on another branch within the same tree, taking a great big drink from her gourd. The Tengu was quick to begin speaking, but Suika put up a hand to pause her.

"Ahh~," Suika gasped after a good ten seconds of chugging, "That's good sake." She brought her hand to her chin, as if to consider it. "Sake under the cherry blossoms is definitely the best." Suika took a glance at the rather antsy looking Tengu (although, all crow Tengu were antsy) and wondered what she was doing there. Suika had temporarily forgotten about the Tengu's presence altogether when she was enjoying her sake. "So... What are you doing here?"

"Well," the Tengu responded somewhat impolitely, "I've got a message for Suika Ibuki-" "That's me," Suika interrupted. The Tengu rolled her eyes, another impolite gesture, before continuing, "... I've got a message from Hoshiguma-Douji." "Yuugi, huh?" Suika took another big drink from her gourd. Yuugi had been becoming increasingly strict as of lately, sometimes even refusing Suika's offers to drink. Suika wasn't at all fond of Yuugi's constant badgering and nagging over supposedly important issues and responsibilities. Therefore, Suika's been making it a point to be absent from her place on the mountain. Though, it's not as if Suika has been ignoring Yuugi or anything. Even today, Suika offered Yuugi to join her in flower viewing, but she refused because supposedly Suika had to be the representative of the Oni for the big meeting between the Youkai powers. Usually such meetings were accompanied by great feasts afterward, but as of late, the Youkai powers seem to have all become sticks in the mud.

The Tengu messenger opened up the scroll at her side and began to read at a rushed pace; "Suika where the hell are you you're supposed to be at this damn meeting this shit is too important for you to to be skipping seeing as this concerns the reputation of the Oni you better not be drinking your ass off in the village you better get here right now or else I will beat you so hard you won't be able to reintegrate straight." The Tengu read the entire thing tonelessly and without punctuation, losing the intended voice behind the message. Suika chuckled after taking a swig. "There's Yuugi's famed civility for you," she said without an obvious sarcastic tone.

"Uh, there's more," the Tengu continued, "I feel I should mention the suspicious figure has come here again and-" "Wait!" Suika interrupted, "Slow down a bit, your voice is giving me a headache." The Tengu continued, but at a more controlled pace, suddenly remembering what punctuation was, "...and although she seems awfully strange, I personally think we should give serious consideration toward what she says. Otherwise, we may have to resort to the plan that I suggested before, regardless of your reservations against it. End message." Suika sloshed her drink around in her gourd thoughtfully before taking a huge gulp.

"Ahh~" Suika was grinning, "Alright, messenger, I've got a message for 'ya. Listen close." "I'm listenin'," The Tengu said, reaching for a satchel at her side for a brush and ink. "No, listen really close," Suika gestured over to herself. The Tengu leaned in, close enough that she could smell Suika's alchohol-soaked breath. Suika spoke in a low voice, her pace inconsistent and some words slurred, causing the Tengu to ask her to repeat parts. "You'd make a bad reporter with an attention span like that," Suika mentioned at one point.

"Ayaya~!" The Tengu exclaimed, "All of them?" Suika chuckled and nodded. The Tengu was absolutely ecstatic. "That's, that's downright insane! That's absolutely, positively, ludicrously diabolical! Abso-posi-lutely! This plan, it most certainly sounds... exciting! That's what it is, yeah! It's so horrible, yet so, so amazing! I, I'll go deliver this message immediately! Lord Tenma will be happy to hear this! Except, what will Hoshiguma-doji think? Can we really handle such a task."

"Don't worry about it," Suika assured her, "In fact, don't tell her. This is confidential information between you, I and your boss. Yuugi'll figure it out for herself soon enough. You're the fastest of the Tengu, right? Hurry up then! Gather the Tengu! We shall begin this party when the sun falls under the mountains, when death is upon us."

"Gotcha, we'll be here in a flash!" Suddenly, great big black wings sprouted from the Tengu's back, and she instantly took into the sky, bursting out of the cherry tree with petals flying in her wake. The breeze got stronger as she cried out her strange call. Suika decided to sit for a bit to enjoy her surroundings, before dissipating into a thin mist once more.

As she spread herself thinly across the village, she began to gather them together. By night, all the humans were going to witness a great spectacle. A night parade of a hundred demons!