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Yukari Yakumo


0 · 860 views · located in Forest of Magic

a character in “Denouement of a Fantasy Era”, as played by Asher MstrImmortalis


"The borders between love and hate, light and dark, I control them all, dear."



      Yakumo, Yukari

      The Border of Phantasm

      "17" she says.





      A woman with long, blonde hair and deep purple eyes. She wears a purple dress that reaches all the way down to her ankles. Yukari also wears a white, with a light shade of pink, mob cap. Red ribbons are tied on the front of the cap as well as the ends of her hair. Yukari is also shown to carry around a parasol with the same color as her cap and a fan.


      Yukari is an enigmatic youkai. She has this carefree aura that makes others lower their guard. She plays the occasional pranks on others and makes some jokes in a conversation. Yukari is also usually formal in her speech and behavior, carrying herself with with the elegance of a lady. Despite all of this being done while awake, Yukari's known to be asleep during the Winter, and thus is inactive for a full half of the year. However, there's always a deeper side within Yukari that makes her feared.
      Yukari is actually very manipulating. She's sly and clever, like a kitsune, especially since she has a long history in her life. She strategizes silently in her mind while keeping up a facade of carelessness. She also has access to Shikigami, specifically one kitsune named Ran. Ran herself is intelligent. However, when comparing Ran and Yukari's intelligence, Ran is more book-smart while Yukari is street-smart. Despite this, Yukari can command Ran in a way that highly utilizes a shikigami's natural trait to become stronger under the master's order.
      Yukari is also known to plan ahead and orchestrate events to occur in order to achieve a goal (in reference outside the roleplay plot, she manipulated a series of events to teach Eirin to fear the unknown). Even when it seems like Yukari is not actually involved with an event, there is always a possibility that she had already worked in the background to make an incident occur.
      Despite all of this, Yukari does have a certain caring side to her, which is kept in secret in order for her to be feared. She is capable of doing selfless actions, though only behind the backs of everyone else.

Ran Being rudely awakened
Sleeping Being called anything older than 17.
Pranks Being called a Gap Hag.


      The Ability to Manipulate Borders and Boundaries ~ Yukari's main power is her manipulating of boundaries. Physical or conceptual, she can control them seemingly with ease. This specific ability allows for the manpiulation of reality, which makes her potentially a god-like entity without being one at all. For example, Yukari can create or destroy the border that separates night and day, thus changing the sky into night when its day and vice versa. Another known use of this is to create little holes within a space dubbed a 'gap'. From within this gap you can see eyes staring out into the world. Yukari uses gaps to transport her, anything, or anyone to another place almost instantaneously.

      Onmyoudou ~ Taoism derived arts of Japanese court wizards. Yukari, coincidentally, specialises in spells dealing in barriers.

      Fan and Parasol ~ Yukari always carries with her these two objects. While they are normally decorative items for her attire, the fan and parasol area also sometimes used to block weaker attacks. Surprisingly, they are quite durable.

      Shikigami ~ Shikigami are, if you will, servants. However, they gain this special bond between them and their master within a pact. This bond is evident in how Shikigami gain power whenever they do something within an order from their Master. Yukari's most frequently used Shikigami is Ran Yakumo, a nine-tailed kitsune.

      -Yukari's specialization in Onmyoudou deals in barriers, which are also done by her natural ability to manipulate borders and boundaries. Thus, certain spells may be enhanced by this natural ability.
      -Yukari is able to speak to Ran in a way to fully utilize her as a shikigami. Thus, Ran is given even greater power once under an order.
      -The eyes within the gaps can be used for Yukari to look out from a gap.
      -Due to her manipulation of borders and boundaries, Yukari is able to see through the effects of certain powers. (Outside of the setting of this roleplay, Yukari is able to see through Keine Kamishirasawa's ability to hide history in the events of Imperishable Night, thus allowing Yukari to see the Human Village despite its creation 'hidden'.
      -As a youkai, Yukari has physical abilities that far exceed those of a human's. However, this again may be further enhanced by her boundary manipulation.

      - While her gap manipulation seems god-like, Yukari cannot simply travel everywhere she wants. For example, she has to use multiple gaps in order for her to reach Heavenm, and only through specific certain conditions can Yukari gap to the moon. However, in the latter case, she still must walk most of the way.



      Yukari Yakumo, a mysterious figure with great power and influence. Not much is known about her origins, but there is some to say about her doings with others. She led an army of youkai to the moon in the first Gen. While the youkai army did lose and was forced to retreat, all of this was done in order to teach the youkai a lesson about conquering and expanding. Yukari also made Ran, a nine-tailed kitsune, become her familiar. Yukari is known by the Hakurei clan, somewhat, by her repeated sudden visits. Reika is not an exception to this.



So begins...

Yukari Yakumo's Story


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Within Gensokyo,
The land is painted pink
With cherry blossoms.
The valley folk celebrate
How fleeting life truly is.


With the arrival of spring comes the well-anticipated blooming of the cherry blossoms. Throughout the country and throughout it's history, people have been mesmerized by the sight of cherry trues in bloom, as temporary as they may be. Perhaps it's their fleetingness that draws people to them. Some people look at them and think of death, whereas others just admire they're beauty without thinking too deeply. Indeed, there must be something supernatural about them that draws people to want to do nothing but sit under them and just allow themselves to be mesmerized.

The land between the mountains, almost forgotten by society, was definitely one of such mesmerizing sights. The pink and white treetops stretched out over vast tracks of land, most heavily clustered around the high ground where only a single shrine sat. The shrine was not the only place in bloom. Thousands of flowers bordered the Misty Lake, where fairies sung and danced. The Forest of Magic was somewhat lacking in terms of blossoms, with the exception of some notable clusters, yet rare flowers that only grew in the darkest jungles could be found within these shady woods. The various fields that sat between the forests of Gensokyo were covered in flowers as well. Even the Bamboo Forest of the Lost was in full bloom, an exceedingly uncommon event that only ever occurred once every sixty years.

It seemed as if the flowers were going to take over Gensokyo. Perhaps they were making up for the disappointing blooms of last year, when consecutive heavy rain quickly ruined the cherry blossoms in a period of a few short days, leaving no time for any decent flower viewings. Perhaps it was for this reason that the humans of the village were especially rowdy this year. In times of relative peace, the village people tended to host festivals that lasted as long as the cherry blossoms did, where they'd sing, dance, recite, act, drink and have a great time while viewing the cherry blossoms. There was no real meaning to these celebrations other than to simply forget all the bad things in life and have a good time while being surrounded by a breathtaking environment, and to admire the cherry blossoms, of course.

Still, even amidst all this festivity is that unshakable feeling of suspicion and dread that one gets used to when living in Gensokyo, the feeling that at any moment, a Youkai may appear and attack you. However, thanks to recent triumphs in Youkai extermination, such as a complete clean-sweep of all Tsukumogami within the village, the villagers have been able to enjoy some peace of mind.

The Youkai, however, are in a period of unrest. With the security of the village increased, attacking the village directly seems unthinkable for any lone creature. The Youkai, for the most part, are scattered and unorganized, none of them possibly brave enough to try to cause any real incidents. The organized powers are also in unrest. In secret locations, the Youkai leaders meet to discuss their concerns for the future of Gensokyo, but it seems as if such a future is going to be a grim one.

Among disunified Youkai, festive humans and a suspicious spring does our tale start. Let us all spin the tale that puts a close to all folktales. Let this denouement begin.

The setting changes from Gensokyo to Forest of Magic


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Yukari Yakumo, a youkai with mass amounts of power and wisdom, had spent her days wisely.

All of them were based on sleeping in a futon in her house while ordering her shikigami to do all the work. However, Yukari doesn't simply orders her around before going back to sleep after each task is done. Rather, Ran Yakumo, a kitsune with all nine of her tails, has been taking orders just by looking at Yukari and waiting to see if it would open. Strangely enough, even a snore was able to convey to Ran orders that were incomprehensible to anyone but the shikigami in question.

Ran was ordered to grab the message in the message box. The kitsune walked through an opening within reality, which led into a realm of darkness and eyes that stared straight out into the present reality. Yukari's home's location is completely unknown. In fact, not many may even know that Yukari has a home that would be compared to that of a human's. Any messages that would be sent to Yukari would be put into a wooden box within the Forest of Magic, which would be sensed before the mail would either fall through a gap in the box or be picked up by Ran.

Ran exited a gap near the box, picking up the mail. She walked through the gap, not watching as the exit behind her closed. She walked back into Yukari's room and read the mail. "Hm... Yukari-sama. You have been invited to a youkai meeting in Youkai Mountain.

"Bah... It's most likely that tiny oni....." Yukari groaned, shifting in her sleep.

"It doesn't seem to be like it." Ran said, reading the letter. The gap youkai sighed and took the piece of paper with writing on it. After a few moments of silence, Yukari placed the paper on the floor.

"Fine then. Might as well...." Yukari yawned as she slowly got up from her futon. "Ran, get me my white dress...." She muttered as she wiped her eyes.

Yukari Yakumo, a youkai with mass amounts of power and wisdom, definitely had spent her days wisely.