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Valeska Fiske

A Priestess of Shdowpine

0 · 464 views · located in Alona

a character in “Descent of the Dragon”, as played by bittersweetsymphonia





Valeska Fiske



Valeska usually wears a blood red yukata-style garb, secured around her waist by a simple white belt bearing her country's insignia, a pair of black trousers, and wear black hiking boots that stand out in stark contrast against the snow. Beneath it, her body is covered in bandages from her chest to her arms and her pair of trusty chokutos are snugly secured to her waist. She wears a choker around her neck that holds a finely cut fire opal. The gem shines as though a fire is lit inside it when light from the sun strikes its surface. Because of the cold weather in her country, a dark scarf is often added to her wardrobe.


125 lbs.

Valeska has a bad habit of talking to herself when she gets nervous.

ยป Swordsmanship - Valeska is a skilled swordsman and is able to wield any type of sword with little discomfort. She usually uses chokutos and katanas.
ยป Blacksmithing - Hours of her time everyday is spent watching the country's blacksmith forge her weapons. She's picked up a little bit here and there.
ยป Musically-inclined - Much like most of the people in the temple, Valeska is musically inclined. She can play most instruments, but have never truly excelled in one.




Valeska is much like most of the people living in the temples: haughty, prideful, and manipulative. She had adopted the holier-than-thou attitude of the people around her, and thinks of herself as better than the others. She firmly believes in the idea that their country, especially those in the temple, is especially blessed by the gods. Determined and stubborn are words usually used to identify her. Ruthless and skilled, as well. Despite being raised to be cold-hearted killer of Shdowpine, Valeska has a certain naive air around her. She's good at manipulating people, but she's susceptible to the same attack. Underneath the mask of an assassin is the child she never had a chance to be.


+ Order
+ Swords
+ Music

- Chaos
- Bugs
- Sea

x Dying x
x The Ocean x
x Insects and bugs x

= Haughty =
= Morally Corrupt =
= Coward =



When Valeska was born in the middle of the biggest snowstorm Shdowpine had ever felt, the never ending fire in her father's forgery rose up like an angry dragon. Thinking that this was a message from the gods above, the country's blacksmith proclaimed that his daughter was a 'child of fire', and immediately sent her to become a priestess at the temple. For her entire childhood, the rigorous and harsh habits of the country were constantly drilled into her. She was trained to follow nothing but the priests' orders and destroy those that defied them. At a young age, she was made to become a killer, under the guise of it being a holy order from the gods above. Valeska first discovered the existence of dragons when she was made to vanquish one as part of her training. It was then that she discovered her true identity as a Listener.

Valeska doesn't know that her father is the blacksmith despite being good friends with him as he creates the swords she uses



So begins...

Valeska Fiske's Story