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Destiny takes A Vacation...

Destiny takes A Vacation...


Two opposite people from Manhattan travel to Puerto Vallarta for vacation and meet. Will the perks of vacation make them do crazy things, and ultimately come together?

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Two completely different people travel to Puerto Vallarta Mexico, the 2nd most popular party destination in the world, fortunately Destiny has also come along for the ride. The two meet while on their wild escapade and find that they are both from Manhattan. Though they come together on vacation will the realities of real life in two different worlds destroy their relationship at home?

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He downed the next shot of tequila and had to follow it up the rest of his beer to quell the fire in his stomach, he felt the effect immediately and it felt good. He still could drink a whole lot more and had to frown when Allyson said that would be her last. He looked down and shook his head and gave her a look that said: shame on you.

"So this is a fake date then eh?" He shot back and pulled her back to him. He liked feeling her close to him for some reason and he was looking forward to being really close to her tonight. "Look at how romantic this is. Or you want me to wine and dine you or something?" He mocked and then turned to order another beer.

"I'll take you on a date after we get out of here. Matter fact..." His beer arrived and he paused to drink from it before speaking. "I'll take you out everyday for the next two weeks. I know you like that." He grinned.

"Deal?" He asked. "Deal." He answered himself. "A deal like that deserves another round I think." With that comment he turned back to the bar and ordered two more tequilas for them. "And I won't take no for an answer. You're already half drunk you got to finish what you started." He added.

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She tried stopping him and correcting herself but by the time she could get a word in edge wise she had agreed that they'd be dating for the next two weeks and had another shot in front of him. She gave him a slight glare as she picked up the shot and said, "Order me another vodka redbull please?" She tapped his shot glass and again tapped it on the bar taking the shot down. It felt like fire in her stomach and she was definitely feeling the third shot.

She shook her head, "Nevermind... Let's get out of here. I want my real date." She teased slightly trying to get him away from the tequila before she was throwing up. Tequila was not her drink and everyone pretty much knew it in her life. She had just neglected to speak up and tell Al. "Let's go swimming in the ocean!" She slurred slightly wrapping her arms around him pouting playfully. "It will be fun. I don't have a bathing suit." She grinned.

Ally was being her cute little self, flirty, drunk, the usual and it seemed to be working in her favor.

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He was about to order her another vodka with redbull when he heard her say she wanted to leave. He didn't have a watch on him but it felt like quite a few hours and despite all the alcohol he was a bit sleepy. However, he wasn't really looking forward to sleeping anyways.

"Good cause we are going skinny dipping." He teased. He stood up from the stool bumping into his neighbor in the process, he was halfway to being drunk but he knew he could take some more. "Alright lets get out of here." He held her hand and led her through the crowd towards the exit. It took them a while to navigate through the party but they eventually made it outside.

He realized how loud it was in there, his ear drums felt relieved to be out of that place. Turning back to Allyson he wrapped his arms around her slim waist and had to lean down to kiss her. He liked the way she felt in his arms. "I just remembered, I got no swimsuit either." He smiled mischievously.

After he broke the kiss he looked around to find a ride out of the place, and didn't take long to find out where the cabs where. "Taxi?" A dark skinned man in his fifties asked in spanish.

"No, I'm not a taxi." Al answered which left the driver with a quizzical look on his face. Albert opened the back door and held it open for Allyson to get in, he climbed in behind her and gave the driver the address to the hotel.

Most of the way there he spent it making out with Allyson, as time went by the kisses got hotter and hotter. His hands started to roam all over her body squeezing her more generous parts while he violated her mouth with his tongue. A hand slipped under the top and it felt nice to feel her bare skin in his hand.

Only then did he realized how long the trip was taking, he looked up and saw they where in a sort of traffic jam. He growled and looked around some more, the hotel wasn't too far away and he decided to leg it the rest of the way.

"Hey dude." He said reaching for his wallet and producing a 20 dollar bill. "Gracias." He threw the money over his shoulder and pretty much pulled Allyson out of the car. "C'mon woman. I think we might end up swimming in the ocean after all."

He started walking towards the hotel alongside the beach, the sound of the street faded and the sounds and smell of the sea got stronger. Until something clicked in his head giving him an Idea. He turned to Allyson with a smile on his face that could not be trusted. Indeed his intentions where not pure. He tackled her down and once they where both rolling in the sand he showered her with the sand making sure it got in those more uncomfortable places.

Only reason he stopped was because he ot sand in his eye somehow. "I got something in..." He paused to spit some sand that got in his mouth. "Something in my eye. Why did you do that?" He joked putting all the blame on her.

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She laid next to him in the sand as he tried to get the sand out of his eye and giggled softly. It was still warm from the day, but felt cool against her warm skin. She kicked her sandals off and rolled, leaning over him. "You are so sexy." She said quietly and brushed some more sand off the side of his face. She looked down at him again and wrapped her arm around his waist just kind of having a relaxing moment. It was getting a little too mushy too soon for her though.

"I'll race you to the water." She giggled grabbing her sandals and standing up quickly. After the initial wooziness from the mixture of alcohol and standing too fast she started towards the water running through the sand, looking over her shoulder as Al got up and ran after her, closing the gap between them quickly. She knew she was going to lose, so she figured she'd try to distract him.

Running a little faster she fumbled with her shorts, letting them fall off and kicked them off quickly, leaving her ass in a tiny thong. She tugged her shirt over her head leaving that on the beach a few feet further, and undid her bra as she started to lose momentum. She finally got her bra off, and pushed her thong off tossing it at him. As she hit the edge of the water she stood on the edge of the water. "Come onnn." She said the breeze giving her goosebumps all over her body.

She ran into the water splashing some and splashed water towards him playfully hoping he wasn't going to steal her clothes and leave her on the beach alone. She would be pissed, but at least she had a hot body to walk back to the hotel if she had to.

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