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"Let's see how much blood's in you, yeah?"

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| Name |
Alister Lexus. Often called 'Lex', though prefers his full name.

| Age |

| Position |

| Specialty |

Surgery - Though specializing in quite a few different fields in medicine, Alister has quite a knack for the more complicated, even though rarely used, surgeries. Of any type, whether it be to stitch a wound, remove a bullet, or anything else. A good helping of his patience, a steady hand, and attention to detail all works together to aid him in using various tools and methods to help others.


| Description |

Alister has a rather gentle appearance about him, which of course is almost necessary for his profession. Of course, that's usually on the first glance towards him. After a bit of time around him you'll notice the blood splatters on his clothing, the various scars all over his body, and of course, his very different personality. Alister has dark brown hair of a very ashen shade, appearing to be almost dark gray when shining in very stark lighting. His eyes are also brown, though hold a very extreme difference in shade between his hair. They're more a chestnut, warm and rather welcoming. His dark eyes and hair set quite a difference between that and his pale skin, which looks even lighter because of it. His skin is littered in scars, due to self-experimentation years ago, and other nicks from careless use of various tools. One particular scar is on his neck, though is usually hidden by his scarf. It had been sewn shut years ago due to how deep it had been, and even those left their mark. His feature are quite angled, though his longer wavy hair hides the sides of his face sometimes, leaving his longer, sharp nose the focus. He has a strong jawline, following the lines of his thin chin all the way through. He stands at a decent height of about 5'10, having a very thin build, concealed by his baggy clothing. He does not fight often, and due to being shut in below deck most of the time. He doesn't seem very intimidating, and definitely isn't while going around his everyday business, but while conducting his work, he's probably one to be feared.

| Personality|

| Patient | Quiet | Laid-back | Avoidant | Protective | Sadistic | Unorganized | Explosive | Possessive | Easily Annoyed |

It may not be regarded at first that he even has much of a personality. Usually pretty quiet while on top deck, and even below, he really doesn't speak unless spoken to first. He's quite indifferent about most things, and tries to avoid arguing with people at any cost, since he finds it to be a waste of time. He's usually quite laid-back and very calm, shrugging off most problems or minimizing them down to nothing. Alister is definitely not intimidating while going about his daily business, and doesn't show much of his emotions. When he's happy, he'll smile briefly, when angry, he'll only show mild irritation. He does tend to get annoyed easily by louder, more obnoxious people, but rather than starting up a conflict, will just attempt to leave the area or ignore them. Of course, all of this isn't taking into consideration what he's like with his work and anything he really cares about.

The most important thing to him, by far, is his work. If at any point, anyone touched his things, moved them around, or even stepped into his room without permission, he'd probably explode on them. Though he doesn't yell often, he protects everything that's his like they were children, and won't be afraid to shout and threaten people all he can if they go anywhere near them. Alister is actually quite a bit unpredictable, and only while he's doing his work will you notice how excited he can get over the simplest of things. A little bit of a sadist, (though he'll never admit it), he finds himself laughing or feeling amused when he sees people get hurt. In fact, it gives him a sort of satisfaction or gratification. He will help people very willingly, but it's not always to ease their pain, more for his own fulfillment and gruesome curiosity. A patient will not only wake up with a stitch in their old wound, but also some in another part that was completely fine beforehand. His environment in the lower part of the ship is filled with various 'blood samples', notes, and books all over the place. He's not very organized, in fact, quite scatterbrained.

Alister has trouble reading other people's emotions, and because of this, often goes too far in his actions and makes people uncomfortable, or in some cases, even afraid. He is a very skilled medic, knowing many techniques and different substances for various ailments, but when it comes to anything mental/emotional, he can't seem to figure it out. Though, with some of the crew members, he is a bit more familiar with how they are. It just takes time, which is something very important to him. He's very patient, and with that, has a great memory and generally, a bright mind. In general, Alister has two sides to him that vary pretty extremely, and though his reasons for helping people may be quite different, no one can deny that he can't help people. Some might call him a little bit insane, but when they see his calm and quiet self, they may doubt themselves.

Image| Likes |

Conducting Surgery - It's not really a secret after awhile, most people on the crew know that Alister is more than eager to help people if they've been injured in any way. Not exactly for the joy of helping them, but mostly for his own personal gain. More than once in awhile, he's taken a few blood samples from his 'patients'. Or conducted various experiments without them knowing. Some more of his regular patients have sometimes looked up while under anesthesia to see him cutting up another section of their body.

Learning - Whether about a new medicine technique, or a constellation in the sky, Alister enjoys learning about almost everything he can, absorbing all the knowledge he can find.

Sunsets - They're seen almost every day, but can vary so much from eachother. They hold the warm colours that he enjoys seeing, reds, oranges and yellows...he's definitely a night owl, and before the cold air of the night begins, he's the first one up on the deck to stare out into the horizon. Before he goes back down to shut himself in again.

Small Spaces - They offer him comfort and security. Down in the darkness of his work areas, he has learned to not feel confined or shut in from the walls, but rather has come to accept them, and feel protected by them.

Being Alone - If he's researching new techniques or working on a patient, the worst think you can do is disturb him. Though often mellow and calm, he can turn into a storm of rage in seconds. In general as well, he enjoys being alone, or at least in moderate silence. Anyone loud tends to bother him...because of this, relationships with some of the crew members isn't always the best.

| Dislikes |

Extreme Weather - Alister does not go outside much, due to the fact that it's either bitterly cold, or suffocatingly hot. His favourite days are those when the clouds block out the sun, but the air is warm enough to make up for a bit of the chill. He can't seem to stand quick or drastic changes in weather, as the sudden changes in air pressure make his nose bleed for some reason. He much prefers the constant temperature supplied below deck.

Crowded Areas - Loud noises, lots of people of all different personality types, all talking and moving and bumping into him and breathing and...he just can't really take it. He's not claustrophobic, in fact, quite the opposite, enjoying small spaces, but large amounts of people set him a bit on edge.

Lack of Privacy - He likes his space to be his, and no one else's. Except injured patients. They can be there. As long as they don't touch anything. He's quite possessive, and extremely protective, and doesn't like people asking him too many questions about him, or going near what he considers to be his.

Birds - There's not really much explanation for it. He's claimed that he's always hated them, and will not state why except for a few cryptic words every now and then. His most used excuse is, "they'll peck your eyes out".

Image| Skills |

Walking Encyclopedia- Due to how much he reads, and how varied the subjects often are, he has a lot of random knowledge in that head of his. Though he only knows really a few subjects in depth, he knows a lot of things about tons of different ones, and can fit in a random fact in almost any conversation.

Small Weapons- Not exactly one for strength, as anyone can see by his build, but because he figured that he can't just hide away whenever everyone else is being attacked, he has learned to hold up his own in battle. While not exactly a great fighter, he is able to use smaller weapons such as his own scalpels, and even some smaller bone saws, to cut enemies up.

Focus- He's seen a lot of stuff. From hanging limbs, intestines spilling out, pools of blood and other organs...his training at Drek was definitely not the usual stuff, but because he's used to seeing the worst, he has been trained to control his instincts and focus on what needs to be done. Of course, with this comes over-analyzing...and following that comes sometimes paranoia.

| Weaknesses |

Over-Analyzing- With his focus comes the unwanted over-analyzing of anything he puts his mind to. This can be good sometimes, but is more often than not just bad for him. A need for perfection comes with this, as he can see the tiny details of everything, and to him, it all must be perfect. He is most definitely a perfectionist when it comes to his sort of work, and though he does not mind blood being spilled, he does definitely mind if a single stitch is out of place. Paranoia sometimes even sets in, especially if there's any sort of danger around.


| History |

Born on the island of Drek to two very prestigious doctors, Alister had a very bright future ahead of him. Guaranteed almost anything from just the status of his parents, at a young age, he was quite spoiled and was always well looked after by his protective parents. He was an only child, and was already starting to be brought up to be what the perfect son and future doctor would be. In fact, his very name meant "protector and guardian of man". From an early age, the thought was constantly drilled into his head, day after day...help people, no matter what. Even if it means hurting others in the process. Of course, this did not make much sense to him at all. How, if your only goal was to heal people, could you then go ahead and hurt others? Alister was young and unable to comprehend the idea of test subjects and other people being held captive to test new theories on, which was all probably good for his parents anyways. Couldn't have a youngster blabbing around all that information, now could they? While watching his parents conduct surgeries, he always found himself quite disgusted by the sight of all that red. It certainly made him uncomfortable, and Alister was sure that he would never grow up to find any sort of work in the field he was deemed to be a part of.

Of course, most of that changed a few years later. His parents introduced him to one of their lovely patients, who was currently helping them research something about tumor growth. Determined to make him into the fine worker that he was supposed to be, they asked him to aid them in their current 'research'. More like dissection, but Alister did not want to let down his parents. As soon as the tip of the scalpel pierced skin, he suddenly realised, that he enjoyed it. He was rushed away before he could screw anything else up, but his curiousity continued in other places. He was taking frogs from the lakes to cut them open, even keeping an eye on the neighbour's small dog. He didn't like watching these sort of acts, but found a rush in committing them. Now, the feeling is hard to describe, even though he's tried to speak about it multiple times. Seeing the creature freeze suddenly when he jabbed his scalpel into its back gave him a sort of empty feeling in his heart, but that feeling soon turned to warmth, and near happiness. Images often reeled through his mind of this happening to humans instead, and that gave him a huge amount of satisfaction.

As years went by, he learned about all the small things to help people. How to clean a wound and put on a bandage, how to stop bleeding, what different medicines did what, even what certain plants did. Of course, his favourite thing to do was cut people open and saw through bones. His parents noticed this fascination, and of course, all so familiar with the multitude of mental and physical sicknesses, deemed him to be some sort of sadist after seeing the pleasure drawn from wounding others. They knew he wasn't in it to help people. No, he was in it for himself . Always more loyal to the upper government, they were planning on turning in their own son, perhaps even for others to "study" to see what the mind of someone like him looked like. He heard their conversations late at night, and found himself understanding the things they had taught him long ago. Yes, helping people was good, but only the people that deserved to be helped. Everyone was equal on this fine little island, but some people were more equal than others.

He knew he had to leave. He was one of these people who's only use was to help others that deserved it more than he did. He was definitely not insane, (or so he believed), and though he had no idea where to go, left towards the borders of the island as soon as he could. Amongst the docks he heard conversation, people speaking about pirate ships and their strange practices. Intrigued, of course due to his natural curiousity, Alister asked around, speaking with the more 'normal' people to find out what was really going on in the world and not just Drek. Having been confined to the one space for so long had given him a thirst to see more. Before he knew it, he was on one of these ships, out on the water getting seasick. But more importantly, actually seeing things. As more people came onto the ship, the commander had the courage to raid Drek. Alister proceeded in helping, doing it with such joy that it felt like he was tearing right through his parent's hearts. And that made him happy.


-Isn't very fond of animals (has more than once tried to target Robin's dog for little tests)

So begins...

Alister Lexus's Story


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Nothing was better then morning on a boat, but of course, that was only Chris's opinion. The sky was a facade full of reds, pinks, and yellows, swirling across the open air in a beautiful motif of fiery beauty. The ocean was calm and the smell of salt was strong in the air today; Chris climbed down from the crows nest and checked his watch (he had stolen it off of a noblemen in Tsugitachi a while back), it was nearly 5:30 which meant that soon the crew would be bustling about, preparing for the day. There was at least another day or two until they reached the shores of the Pirate Island where they would be able to vacation and recuperate for a bit before setting out once more to collect treasure and terrorize islands.

Lately they had been going on a lot of raids and Chris thought that the crew deserved some time off in a place where no one would harass them. Besides, the island was practically empty this time of year aside from the workers that kept everything in order.

He walked across the deck, trying to be as quiet as he could for the crew below. The Captain's quarters were on the main floor, right under where the wheel was.

Chris opened the door to his room to find someone sleeping in his bed. She had been doing that a lot lately, leaving her bed to go sleep in his. That's when Chris noticed the grate to the vent on the floor was open and that there was blood trailing from the open hole to where she was hiding. With a sigh Chris pulled up the blanket to find her hugging her bleeding knees. "What did you do?" He asked, picking the little girl up to survey the damage. She had done quiet a number on herself and her skin was beginning to crack as well. "I guess I'll have to take you to Alister." The child went ridged in his hands, her face contorting into an expression that would have been amusing had she not been so scared. "Don't give me that look Little Sister, you're the one who banged yourself up."

He carried the squirming girl downstairs and knocked twice on the Medic's door before opening it. "Alister are you up?" There was blood slowly running down the child's legs. Thankfully none had dripped on the floor, otherwise Chris would have to have Edward clean it up. His watch began to beep and he placed the girl on the floor, "I have to go, I'll come back to get her soon." Chris promised and closed the door to Alister's room.

He had to go wake up Camelia to start on breakfast and then had to go discuss something with Robin and Cellia. Chris walked down the corridor until he reached the Cook's door and rapped hard on the wood, "Camelia, it's time to get up!"


Reyna had been crawling through the metal air vents, watching people sleep. She had stopped over Ki-Yo because of a noise that had come from the Woman's room and in the process Reyna scraped her knees on a nail. It had been a quick scramble back up to the Captain's room, where she proceeded to hide under his blanket and lick off the blood that had gotten on her fingers (how it had gotten on her hands Reyna wasn't so sure).

A few minutes later the Captain had come in to find Reyna hiding in his bed under the large quilt that covered the mattress. She knew what he was going to say, that she needed to go see the medic to patch up her knees, but frankly Reyna hated Alister. Not because he was a bad guy, he wasn't at all, she just hated doctors in general.

As soon as Chris put her down on the floor below she darted under the desk in the corner in a shimmery blur, her skin continuing to flake as it dried up. If Reyna didn't wet it soon, it would feel as though she were drowning on dry land. Maybe Reyna could run away to Cellia's quarters and use the second in command's bathroom to re-hydrate? Does Cellia keep salt in her bathroom? Reyna wondered.

Reyna silently begged for Chris to come back, it's not like calling out to him would do her any good, she didn't have a voice, plus it would have most likely only angered Alister and alerted the others that there was a stowaway on board; which was not something Reyna wanted.

Reyna watched the Medic move with keen golden eyes, she had seen what he had done to some of his other patients and wasn't going to let him poke her with any needles or get too close with anything that wasn't a band aid.

The bleeding was getting significantly worse, she didn't care though, even though it was staining Reyna's favorite dress. The child looked around the small space for an escape route, but the metal duct in here was in the ceiling; the only way to get inside of the crawl space was on a really tall chair or a ladder. Who might be able to help her get out of here? Only three people on the ship knew of her existence; one was in the room and the other had left her here. Everyone else was most likely asleep due to the early hour.

Reyna herself had been asleep only thirty minutes before but had, had a nightmare about her past and couldn't find Chris so she had gotten through the vents to look for Cellia, but had stopped over Ki-Yo because of a noise (which had turned out to just be the sound of breathing).


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Many of the crew members were early risers. That seemed logical, due to the fact, of course, that they were on a ship and there was always a rush to get up early and start the daily routine. Routine was a necessary thing here. Of course, though he would have loved to be a morning person like almost everyone else, that was not possible for Alister. He was not sleeping, no, the Captain would have been quite unhappy with that. Rather, he was awake. Just...hardly, though. His vision was still quite blurred, and his whole body ached. His own mind seemed to be unhappy with the fact that he was rising at what seemed like such an early hour to him, and his head ached for something that would keep him up. He was desperate for any sort of caffeine or food.

Of course, just after grabbing his books chocked full of notes, and stepping towards the door, it was yanked open right in front of him. Alister couldn't even tell who was in front of him at the moment, and only by the sound of his voice could he tell. Before he could even question the man however, he was gone, off to go check on the others probably, and start the new day. The Medic raised his free hand, rubbing his eyes for a good few seconds before he stared in front of him at the small blonde haired girl, who was now cowering underneath his desk. He chuckled quietly to himself, not annoyed by her antics, but rather understanding. At first, he hadn't understood the girl, and definitely did not understand why the Captain seemed to take such a liking to her. Now, he was pretty used to her, and could anticipate most things.

He placed his book of research gently back down on the desk she was underneath, his chestnut eyes flickering towards the wounds on her knees. Immediately, he turned towards the table where he kept his patients on, crouching down to open up the drawers filled with medical supplies. As he began to pull out disinfectant, bandages, and some small cloths, he spoke quietly.

"What did you do now to get that, hm?" Alister was quite aware that she wouldn't be able to answer. His question was more of a teasing one, though he was actually a bit curious. He probably would never figure out though anyways, and grabbed the few things, hugging them close to his body in his the crook of his elbow. As he turned to her again, he focused more on her. There was definitely fear evident in her eyes, he could tell by the way her gaze moved around the room, the slight shaking of her body.

"Don't worry, no needles for you today." He spoke almost unenthusiastically, as if disappointed by this fact. "But perhaps some other crew member will get in a little predicament today. I need to test a few things." He tilted his head slightly towards the book filled with loose papers. He had a feeling that she probably did not care about what he was looking to do today, but he figured he'd at least try to lighten the mood a bit with some conversation.

He lowered himself down in front of her, but even crouched, he was still in a bit of an uncomfortable position to do anything. Alister plopped himself down on the floor with a quiet grunt, sitting cross-legged. Unscrewing the cap of the disinfectant, he pressed the small piece of fabric against the opening, tilting it upside down. He leaned forward, dabbing the wet cloth on her wounded knees, wiping away bits of the blood with each movement. His attention moved to her dress, which he noticed was also stained with blood.

"Better get that out with cold water before it dries. Trust me, I know how to rid of blood." He said quite confidently with a tiny smile, using the dry side of the cloth to wipe at the rest of the blood running down her legs. Then, taking the few bandages he had, peeled off the thin paper on the adhesive side and pressed them gently against her wounded knees. With a quiet sigh, he forced a smile, looking up into her golden eyes.

"Good, yeah? You can go now. I'm sure your friend will bring you some breakfast." 'Her friend' being, of course, the Captain. Alister raised himself to stand, unaware he was still partially under the desk, bashing his head against the top in the process. He let out a quiet curse at the sudden shock of pain that ran throughout his already aching head, then leaned backwards and properly stood up. What a great start to the day. He swiped up his book in irritation at the weak pulses of pain that now rang in his head, and stepped through the open door, waiting for The Stowaway to exit before shutting the door behind him.

He started for the top deck, book in arm, the usual military green scarf round his neck, and loose-fitting grey and brown clothing upon him. There were a few dark brown stains on his sleeves that had once been fresh blood, though he had been too late to wash them out, and now dried, reminding him and everyone who looked at him the sort of work he conducted.


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Chris was quite surprised that Camelia opened the door wearing nothing but a shirt. He didn't mind, it wasn't a bad view or anything, he just hadn't thought of her as the type to sleep in just a button down shirt. "I'm so sorry I didn't wake up earlier! I guess I uh... stayed up to late! I hope you can forgive me sir!" This wasn't as much of a shock because frankly, it wasn't Chris's business as to what his crew did after hours. After Chris turned in for the night, he assumed the other stayed up for a few more hours before going to bed as well; you know what they say when you assume.

"Oh sir! Shall I start breakfast? Do you have any requests for today?" Chris leaned against the wall, an easy smile slipping onto his lips. He hoped he didn't look pervy, "There isn't really anything specific I would prefer. Although I did like those rice omelettes you made the other week." Chris normally hated eggs, they made him extremely nauseous, but rice omelettes had done nothing other than satisfy his taste buds and belly. "Would you mind making some more donuts as well? A little bird on board told me she greatly enjoys your pastries." Chris loved a good pastry and if Camelia didn't want to make omelettes than donuts and coffee were the next best thing.

"I'll see you in the kitchen," next he had to check in with his second in command and then find Robin. He heard stirring coming from another room and figured Edward was just rising as well; good there was some cleaning on the top deck that needed to be done. He knocked on Cellia's door and heard voices coming from within. Not one for the privacy of others, Chris opened the door to see Ki-Yo and Cellia sitting on the bed. Did all the girls on this ship sleep in just shirts? How had he not found this out until now?

"Morning," he nodded to the two. "Sorry to interrupt," Chris stepped into the doorway, opening the door up a bit more. "Cellia do you think we could meet after breakfast today?" He asked, seeing as how she was busy with Ki-Yo who looked as though she had seen a ghost. Maybe she had? This ship was quite old after all.


Reyna relaxed a bit when Alister said that there would be no needles for her today. It was a relief, the girl hated needles almost as much as she hated doctors. Reyna winced when he put the disinfectant on the wounds, the stuff coming from the bottle smelled bad and it stung and in Reyna's mind that meant it was bad.

She sat still long enough for the Medic to apply the bandages, then Reyna began squirming once more. Once he was done the child followed Alister to the door and ran as soon as it was opened. She had to be careful as she made her way back to Chris's room. Reyna had to be sure not to run into anyone or to let anyone see her and it was hard work hiding on a ship at the hour when everyone was just getting out of their rooms.

Reyna stood in front of the Captain's corridors on the main deck. For a second she unsure if she should enter. The answer was obvious, but this was Reyna's first time outside in a very long time and she didn't really want to go back to the isolation of the room. It was the flaking of her scales that reminded Reyna if she didn't go inside, she would probably dry out. So Reyna turned the gold knob and went inside the large space, walking towards the closet. Inside the part the room the Captain had deemed her's, Reyna poured a cup of salt into the tub of water that sat in front of the small bed behind a second door. The girl doused herself in the metal basin, breathing a sigh of relief as her skin absorbed the salt water. Her lungs no longer felt as though they were going to burst and her knees felt significantly better as well.

Who should I spy on next? Reyna wondered as she ran her wet fingers along her neck. Suddenly the girl remembered Alister's advice and pulled off the dress she was wearing, balling it up throwing it in a wet heap into the corner. Robin and Edward are always interesting to watch, Reyna thought. Of course, at this time of the morning Camelia would be making breakfast and the smells would no doubt lure her to the space above the stove top. Darren scarred Reyna, he reminded her a lot of someone she once knew, although she couldn't remember who it was. So no, she definitely wouldn't watch him.

Reyna had already risked watching Ki-Yo and that hadn't turned out so well. The girl stood up and stepped out of the basin, the left over water absorbing itself into her skin. Reyna went through the small pile of dresses that she owned and slipped into a pink one with white ruffles on the front and a black ribbon.

Next she slid into the vents to explore the ship and spy on a life Reyna knew would never be her's.


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"Perfect," Chris clapped his hands together and walked down the hall towards the kitchen, he could smell the food all the way down the hall and wondered what kind of vegetables would be in the omelettes today. Speaking of vegetables, Chris had to get a list from everyone of what they needed when they landed on Pirate's Cove. He was going to restock the ship while they all rested. Something suddenly occurred to him and Chris realized this was an urgent question he was going to need to ask Cellia, but he didn't want to bug her.

He would have to ask her later then... When Chris entered the kitchen he noticed that Edward had a handcuff on his wrist and was following Cellia out of the room. Immediately, Chris's head turned towards Robin and the Captain rolled his eyes. Normally Robin's jokes were funny, but Chris was beginning to feel bad for Edward who seemed to always be on the receiving end of one of Robin's pranks. Chris was glad that Robin had not attempted to prank him yet, but then again, no one was allowed into the Captain's Corridors without permission. That didn't stop a few crew members though, sometimes he would walk into his room to find one of them sitting on his bed.

Suddenly, the ship began to tilt and Chris cursed. He bolted from the kitchen and past Alister in the hallway, up the stairs and bursting through the door before he finally reached the wheel and turned it sharply the other way. The ship began to even out and Chris sighed in relief, with all the future technology that Tsugitachi produced, their stabilizers weren't all the good. They might have to raid the island again to see what new machines they came out with that could help the crew in their endeavors. Chris was beginning to go back down the kitchen when he tripped and caught his foot on the handrail and ended up tumbling down the stairs. God, Chris could be such a clutz sometimes. He stood up and stretched, cracking his back and moaning at his sore bottom. Chris looked at his palm to see a piece of wood stuck in it. He bit down on his lip and pulled the splinter out, trying not to yelp at the sudden pain. Thankfully, no one else was on deck, otherwise his image as their fearless Captain could have been tarnished.


Reyna crawled through the vents, avoiding the nail that had cut her knees up. The child was halfway to the kitchen when something caught her attention, a puppy! She watched as it followed the orange haired boy who was trailing behind Edward. Her golden eyes followed the two curiously, but only for a minute before Reyna remembered her previous task of getting to the kitchen. Reyna crawled carefully until she was positioned over the vents that looked down over the stove, the girl took in a whiff of the delicious food and sighed in contentment, her tummy grumbling at the sight of the perfect omelettes.

Then Camelia took something out of the fridge; could it be? Was that doughnut dough? Suddenly Reyna found herself salivating and wiped her mouth on her forearm. The Captain had better bring her donuts and not just eat them all himself. Could she bite him if he did that? No, last time she bit him he punished her and made her sit in Cellia's room while the woman was working on something, that had been a very boring hour.

Maybe Cellia would bring her donuts? Reyna turned and began crawling the other way to find Cellia. She reached the girl's room, but found that there was no one inside of it. Great, now who was she supposed to ask? Chris didn't always remember to bring her breakfast and she had a feeling that with all the preparations for their vacation, Chris would forget about her. She wasn't about to ask Alister... Which left no one. Unless she broke Chris's rules and asked Ki-Yo or Camelia? Maybe she could convince them that she was a ghost that needed doughnut sacrifices? This obsession with fried dough probably wasn't good for her, but doughnuts were Reyna's salvation. It was one of the first things she ate when the Captain rescued her out of a basement in Drek.


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Her stomach growled, her knees trembled; she was rarely hungry but when the rumbles began, they did not stop until satisfied by something sweet. Reyna would be breaking the rules, Chris would be terribly mad, but what else was there to do? She positioned herself over the vents in the kitchen, the metal creaking under her weight as she shifted and knelt above the grate. Reyna kicked it, watching as it tumbled to the ground. She followed it a few seconds later and hit the wooden floor with a soft thump! Ignoring the stares of the crew members and walking right up to the fridge.

Reyna took out the milk and went to one of the place settings at the mahogany table, pouring herself a glass and sitting down, chugging the cold liquid and giving a silent sigh when finished.

The pink choker with the silver pendant that dangled around her neck marked Reyna as property of the ship, in case she ever got off and needed to find her way back; there were only a handful of ways to get such a necklace. Even though she was technically a stowaway, Reyna was also property of the King of the Pirates. Her thoughts straying from the milk, Reyna her head full of blond hair to look at the chef, Camelia, hoping that there was an omelette for her as well because her stomach was growling quite loudly now and the milk hadn't satisfied the hunger pangs.

What was she to do while she waited for food? Reyna glanced around the room, she couldn't exactly introduce herself as the child had no voice and she knew that even if she did say anything they probably wouldn't know how to respond; so Reyna did the only thing she could think of, she picked up the grate and held it out to Edward.


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Ki-Yo was again, pissed off, not really seem to calm herself down after watching the act of the Navigator. “You got me. I swapped your shampoo with hair dye, sorry. I'm joking! I wouldn't do that. Hehe... Heh. Anyway, how may little Robin be of service to you, ma'am?” Sus.. pi.. cous... Ki-You watched the little guy with a threatening glare, no, she was definitely not up for jokes. "The blood! In my room! It was your doing right?" She accused him, pointing her finger with sprouting confidence. A confidence without any evidence. Yet a delation anyone in the crew would think as possible.

Meanwhile, Darren entered the kitchen. Actually Ki-Yo didn't really know how to deal with this one. He makes it difficult for her to figure him out, or at least trying to communicate with him as fellow crew members. It's not only Ki-Yo who had difficulties to get through him though, which isn't such a big surprise as to how quiet and unapproachable he was. Frightening. Intimidating. Creepy. Ki-Yo thought at the first encounter that he was a professional killer. That's why her attention averted to him as he entered and took a seat, apparently waiting for the food to be served. Which shouldn't take long... for her stomache sake, too.

Then, there was that really awkward silence.

Of course, Ki-Yo didn't really realise that; she was again, in her own world where she tried to calm down and accomplish a smile as well as a greeting, as it would be weird not to show such gestures to fellow crew members, even if we're talking about Derren who wasn't likely to have bothered with such triviality. At least, Ki-Yo believed it to be that way. Suddenly, a strange sound interrupting the silence. Metal against metal, a crash upon the wooden flor as well as a sound of a falling subject, roughly kissed the ground. Someone... or something, is trying to get through... At the time Ki-Yo grabbed the knife on the table, that little girl popped out. Made her way to the kitchen without a care for anyone's opinion and took milk out of the fridge. Immidiately, she gulped the white liquid down as of great thirst.

"Eh- uhm. Eeeeeeh??! Who-- no-- WHAT is this child? Huh, Huuuh, how did she get on the ship?" Ki-Yo was so confused she took a seat, while her eyes still fixed on the blonde girl, watching her obviously taken aback. Blind passenger perhaps? A LOST KID? While she thought of various possibilities as of how and why she was aboard, her attention shifted to the necklace she wore. The pink choker with the silver pendant. No outsider could own.

When the girl glanced around the room, Ki-Yo's confusion changed to curiosity. "Hey cute girl, what's your name? Where did you come from? How did you get that necklace? How old are you?" She however, approached Edward and held out the grate. A bit irritated she got ignored and all the attention was meant for Edward, Ki-Yo decided to tease that big guy a bit. "Uhm... I guess it's her present to you, Edward? She finds you attractive perhaps? Love at first sight? Or, or wait, she thinks you can break that cuff with that right? Or or..." While she tried to figure out the reason of why (which she eventually did very eagerly and not for teasing purposes), she heard sounds other than usual. It wasn't the reassuring ocean waves, nor the exciting sound and smell of Camelia's cooking.

Ki-Yo ran outside. Her hair flew widely in the wind, but her sight only fixed on one thing ahead: "LAAAAND, HOOOOO!!!"