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Avery Jackson

"Close the goddamn door man can't you see we're gettin into trouble?"

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a character in “Destroy Your Demons”, as played by LookAliveSunshine



Avery Jackson





Face Claim
Frank Iero



125 lb

Neither particularly fit, nor particularly skinny or chubby. Healthy, although not
particularly extraordinary

Hair Color

Eye Color

Nostril ring (right) and lip ring (left lower side)

A few across the crests of his knuckles, knees, and a rather nasty one from his lowest
left rib to his left hip.

Runes (Tattoos)
Many, including the jackolantern on his back to 'HALLOWEEN' and 'BOOKWORM'
acrosshis fingers and his knuckles, he's also got a scorpion on his neck, 'Search
and Destroy' across his hips/stomach, twin guns on his lower back, 'Keep the faith'
on the back of his neck, and full sleeves.

Clothing Style
Punk/Goth/Dark or Painfully Casual


Easygoing and laid back on the surface, AJ has a huge sweet tooth and softspot for
just about everyone. He loves socializing and making new friends and is rarely
the type to take himself or anyone else seriously. Often smiling, more often
laughing, he's prone to trusting too easy and opening himself up to people,
at least on a surface level, and he puts a lot of effort to seeming a lot
more stupid than he actually is. He does his absolute damnedest to make sure
he's underestimated at first glance.
Not particularly stubborn, AJ is easy to get along with and has a lot of
charisma. Terribly social, AJ is also very dependent on those he becomes
attached to and rarely manages to let go of people after he associates with
them. In the same vein, though, he does tend to hold grudges on people
who hurt him or those close to him and inside he does have a lot more of a
self destructive side than shows on his surface.

+Spicy Food+
+Playing Guitar+
+Body Modification+
+Fast Food+

-The Winter-


+Unflappable Optimism+
+Great Fighter+
+Very Charismatic+
+Deceptively Intelligent+

-Holds a Mean Grudge-
-Never Takes Things Seriously-
-Lazy as Hell in Daily Life-
-Very Closed Off at His Core-
-Very Self Destructive at His Core-

Besides smoking cigarettes, he also drinks alcohol and uses various other substances
Fighting and hunting demons is one of the few things he takes seriously
*Although he does do it with a lot of optimism still*
He's the youngest of five brothers
Currently single.
He's psyched to meet all of the other great warriors and is really looking forward to training.


So begins...

Avery Jackson's Story


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AJ's cigarette butt hissed into the gutter, upset with its newfound loss of spark and
cherry. He watched it for a moment to make sure the last smoke had plumed off of it
before he turned to the young man waiting in the car whose tires his cigarette butt
had just floated by, and said to him,
"Hey, thanks for waiting, man. That flight was just a drag."
The man, a friend of AJ's from partying after missions like this here in England before,
but to be honest, AJ felt a tiny bit more serious than usual about this particular
mission. Something about threatening the entire world he knew and loved scared AJ
just a little bit. Or maybe it was the flying overseas and not having a damn cigarette
for seven fucking hours. AJ figured it was actually, in complete honesty, that, and
moved on to thinking about bigger and brighter things, namely turning on his phone
for the first time in, once again, ladies and gentlemen, seven fucking hours. Yeah,
maybe he was just a little tiny bit pissed about that. The whole seven fucking hours
spent in the complete and total misery of watching his mp3 player's battery slowly
run dry and then face the empty spiral notebooks he'd bought trying to fool himself
he'd get around to writing on the plane but he never did because AJ didn't particularly
care to face his immense and crippling lyrical writer's block in any timely fashion.
But no, he shouldn't focus on that. Instead he focused on his smartphone slowly
beeping itself to life in his fingers. Heaving a heavy sigh he ignored a text each from
the three brothers immediately his elders, although none from the eldest son in the
Jackson family, not that AJ was expecting one. Michael never texted anymore. But
that was all fine and good with AJ. He passed his mother's text with every intention
to go back and read it immediately after the one he knew would be the most recent
and important. His father's hung at the top of the fleet of texts he'd received, just
above a line of his friends in Jersey asking either where he was or if he was safely
overseas yet, depending on who he'd gotten around to telling he was even leaving.
His father's text read simply:

AJ scoffed, he'd half expected a slightly more mock-loving response from his father,
but he figured time for pretending they were a nice happy family displeased his stupid
fucking councilman father and things that displeased his stupid fucking councilman
father were immediately off the itinerary. He rolled his eyes, then scrolled down to his
mother's simple
I LOVE YOU, SWEETIE text, and responded with a similar one of his own.
After that the ride was spent with AJ pointedly ignoring the phone while his brothers
texted and then rolling his eyes a lot while thinking about them and looking out the
window at the English countryside going by. And after about twenty minutes of that,
they found themselves pulling into the parkinglot of the house, and AJ was grinning
again because he sucked at brooding and he wasn't gonna let his family get him down
that much. He thanked his friend profusely and grinned as he tumbled his way up
to the door with his huge suitcase and old guitar case. The overweight prices for those
had been a fucking bitch. But ah well, he thought. Things had turned out okay, hadn't
they? He shoved through the door with a grin on his face, and immediately caught sight
of an old friend; One Miss Valentina Bammin' Slammin' Mission-Killin' Bitch. Yes, he
thought to himself, he really did think of her exactly as that, every time he pulled her ID
up in his memory. He was pretty sure she was actually in his phone as that. He,
obviously, beamed a huge fucking grin and waltzed over to her immediately, giving her
a huge hug with little to no warning at all after having dropped his suitcase and guitar
case in the entryway.

Keys clanking into their spot on their meticulously organized rack by Max's door settled
and gave way to the order he'd insisted he was leaving his house in before he left for
some dumb training thing a couple cities over. He set each plant up carefully with its
water dispensers for a month and a half each, and filled the bird feeders on his
apartment's balcony for the migrating birds. He cleaned all of his dishes and rearranged
things for efficiency and cleanliness in his absence. He was precise, and if anyone damn
well said he was neurotic he'd deny it to his dying breaths and then fucking admit it was
true, because even he couldn't deny it in this moment, turning with his car keys and his
suitcases in tow, to his completely tidy apartment, carefully disinfected, swept, scrubbed,
and sparkling. Sighing, he let himself out of the apartment and locked it behind him. His
nose immediately went to work as he dragged his luggage clumsily to his car and loaded
it awkwardly inside the boot with his computer bag and coat in sprawled haphazardly in
the backseat. As he climbed into the '67 Firebird's front seat, he lit himself a watermelon
primetime and started the car.
The drive was quick, but stressful, and when Max managed to wobble himself out of the
driver's seat he was nervous, jittery, and all round just a little bit put off. Sliding his coat
onto his shoulders and his computer bag over them, then crossed to the boot to grab his
suitcases. Carefully locking the car and checking his park job, Max decided it was time to
stop putting this off and he finally counted to three and made himself walk through the
damn door into the house. He sighed in relief as he saw two other wolves before, and
more particularly, one he'd met before. One he'd actually enjoyed quite a bit before, which
was relatively rare for him and other wolves. He put on a tiny smile and crossed the room,
carefully and nervously avoiding the prone shadowhunter, who'd just tripped in front of him
His voice was quiet, gentle as he greeted her with a slight submissive head bob,
"Hey Danielle, it's been forever, hasn't it? How're you doing? Who's this?"

i'm very very sorry for my horrid post length disparity between characters, i got tired
and smoked too many cigarettes after AJ's post. I'll try to work on that.


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Yet another creature walked into the house interrupting the meet and greet. Of course first impressions mean everything so any rude comment she was thinking at the moment was held in and dismissed for now. This new creature was a wolf sorta. Something was off about him, but a wolf was a wolf. She left it alone. He was pretty forward when it came to talking to people. It seemed that attempting to give a good impression wasn't something he planned to do. Again she kept that to herself.

Danielle hasn't seen anyone she knows yet, but then a familiar scent filled the air and she saw the face she knew exactly who it was. Her good friend Max. They had met a while back, but haven't exactly been with each other twenty-four seven. They were both content on their own, but in a time like this it was nice to have him around. She could see that he felt the same. "It has been forever. You need to visit me more, you know I get cranky when i'm lonely," she said with a joking tone. When Max asked about the wolf dude she shrugged.

She turned to examine the dude and sniffed the air. "No one I know. Maybe he is with the hunter," she said referring to him like he wasn't here. That tends to bother people, but she doesn't care. She let the wolf dude get by with being a strange wolf, blunt, and semi-rude. She was going to talk about him however she please. Danielle took note of the other person in the room that was being awfully quiet. It was strange, but Danielle kept that to herself as well. 'If I keep holding stuff in. People are going to get hurt, she thought to herself.

Glancing around the room she looked to everyone within sight. "Is this everyone or are we expecting a fairy to fly in through the door?" Dani asked allowing her sarcastic nature show through. It might be too early, but she is holding enough stuff in already.


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Valentina was about to make a sarcastic comment about how August had gained some tattoos since she had last met him, she found it funny as he was a vampire and she figured some of those he would regret having in the next century he was alive, but when she opened her mouth, her eyes shot over towards to door, as one of the presumed werewolves waked in, a girl. She seemed younger then herself, and Valentina didn't recognize her. Unlike most other species, Shadowhunters where generally okay and comfortable, to some extent, with other kinds. It happened sometimes they would have run ins on missions. But that didn't exactly go for everyone. But soon after the wolf girl had entered into the home, so did someone else. A wolf she believed, but there was something off about him. Yet a little familiar.

Valentina being Valentina didn't hold anything back, so she walked up to the dark haired boy and examined his features up close. "I know you from some where." She mumbled slightly, unsure of what to really think. Shrugging it off as quickly as her inquisitive nature crept in although, she back off a bit, and went to stand beside the slightly chuckling August. "It'll come to me at some point." She smiled a bit. Which is true, she would. It was either that or have in bother her for the entirety of the time she was in the house, and she wasn't exactly going to have that. She took note of the boys slightly rude and abrupt nature as well.

August just stood there, glancing at the two, bordem crossing over his finely smoothed featured face. Running his finger through his short hair a bit, he then went and crossed him arms. His light blue eyes wandered over to the door as yet another person strode in. A little to his delight, to which he would never admit to, a vampire walked in. As much as he (barely) liked Valentinas company, he was glad someone of his own species was in the house. He didn't recognize her, but he knew of her name, Genevieve.

But soon after that, the hopefully last of the people walked through the door. One Shadow Hunter, and yet another wolf. Lovely. He thought sarcastically to himself. He wasn't that much of a people person.

Valentinas heart jumped a bit in shock as she got pulled suddenly into the tight gripped hug, not knowing who it was for a split second as she never saw his face. But then it easily clicked into place. Returning the hug with a happy laugh, She smiled brightly and said as she pulled away "Well if it isn't the Badass killin' tattoo god AJ." Looking down at his luggage, her grin almost seemed to get wider. "You brought your guitar as well? Shit man, it's been too long." She smirked slightly, glancing over a bit to the social awkward August.

"Vampy Baby, do you wanna go put my bags up into a room? I mean you're strong and I'm your favorite little hunter, so." She smiled sweetly to him. He just rolled his eyes, "Valentina, I'm pretty sure you're strong enough to carry your own bags." He ended up doing at anyway, but simply because we wanted out of the crowd of it all.

Entering one of the rooms, he set her bags and leather plastered guitar case down on the bed. The rooms wall seemed to be half glass, half wood. Maybe even more glass then wood. It seemed to have a color pallet of mostly white, and black and was pretty modern and sleek looking. It should do for her, but even if he wouldn't be upset if she didn't like it. Damn, he'd be almost pleased about her freaking out about it. Making his way back down the stair case, he spoke up a bit "So, what now." He said in general to everyone, his face looking almost like stone with the little emotion that was plastered onto it.


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AJ grinned at Valentina, gently shoving off of her and nodding, then looking around. He
leaned over into Valentina.
"Hey, you think it's alright if I smoke in here? I hope so. Frick I hate living in houses I
can't smoke in. Anyway, how're you, how've you been? Who's everyone? We should
have a meeting or play get to know you games or something I dunno man I just wanna
meet everyone, holy shit. Of course I fuckin' brought my guitar, why the hell wouldn't
I bring my baby with me? "

AJ's eyes slid over Valentina's vampire friend as he left to put their bags upstairs and
quickly turned to grab his guitar case and suitcase, dragging them over to his spot next
to Valentina. He grinned at her ear to ear and then glanced around, scoping out everyone
in the room and mapping exits, just in case.
"So, when do we get our rooms and shit? Is this everyone who's coming?"

With the growing small crowd of people, Max felt his heartbeat speed and his breath
begin to catch. He immediately shrunk toward the wall and away from his fellow wolf's
familiar scent. Max was keenly aware of how hard Dani was thinking and more than
wanted to avoid whatever dark things it was she was probably hiding to be thinking
that hard, so he moved his back nervously to the wall while he let his nose and eyes
scope the room and the rest of the inhabitants thereof, watching seemed his best bet
right now, if only for the fact that he wanted to avoid drawing attention of people he
knew were this strong to himself. His thoughts racing, subconsciously he practically
tried to meld with the wall so he wouldn't have to face the wrath of any of these
beasts, let alone their displeasure with his presence. He knew creatures like these,
the shadowhunters and especially the vampires tended to hate his kind, so he stayed
stricken, senses open and his skin prickling with over sensitivity.

sorry for low word count. i've just felt off the past couple of days.


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Valentina snorted at Aj's rapid questions, especially the comment about the get to know each other games. From what she noticed of the bunch, they all seemed to either be by themselves or grouped together with another of their kind, and not entirely to keen on meeting anyone else. "Yeah, they look totally fuckin' up for get to know each other games." She spoke sarcastically, her accent adding a bit of charm to her words."But I've been good, traveling for a bit. Kicking ass, the usual." She said giving a small smirk. In that moment, August stepped beside her as well, saying to her "You're to small to even reach anyones ass, kid." She ignored it, like she did most of his short jokes; she wasn't even too short to begin with.

From the looks of it, everyone was doing there own thing already, and it was obvious this was this was the last of the people who where going to come into the house. August figured that out too, even before Valentina, and went off on his own as well, going into the living room. He got here pretty earlier then everyone else, and had his bags already put in a dark room with no windows. Plopping down on the couch, he went ahead and put his feet up on the coffee table, and clicked on the TV, looking like he was already comfortable with his new home.


Sorry I haven't posted, I worked and had no personal time. I just got off an eight hour shift so sorry for the short post, I'm really bloody tired.


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He trotted over, following Genevieve, intrigued by her attitude. He liked it. She was spunky and quiet and cool, and he thought to himself 'at least maybe I'll be able to relate to SOMEONE. Thank fucking god there are normal people here' Smiling he ran a hand through his hair, though he felt hovering in her doorway was not a very good way to make friends.

'Not FRIENDS Vlady. You can not make friends here. They are all enemies. You just have to make them trust you.' He moved away from her, going farther down the hallway to a extremely inclined stairway. He glided up the carpeted steps, the large hall and carved rails making it comfortable, until he reached a small "foyer" like hallway that was a square seperateing two rooms, one at the end and one adjascent to the stairs. He went through the closest door to reveal a small room, one wall was entirely window that revealed the lush trees and brilliant sky. There was no electic light in this room, only the lights from the world outside. He smiled at this one, before exiting. The room in front of the stairs was large, ceiling 20 feet above with the same, one wall window. But there was another wall that was entirely books, shelf upon shelf of books. Even the above and around the doorway was more book shelves filled with dusty large books, with faded spines. In the dead center of the room was a large grand piano, a luxurious baby blue colour. The pain was chipping off of it and he guessed it was out of tune but he loved it even so. He felt an uncontainable grin. This was a library. He dropped his bag and unrolled a sleeping bad, which he placed against the plain wall and huge window corner, with a pillow leaning against it. From his bag he produced files about each member here, stolen from his race. He sat crosslegged on his makeshift bed and pulled out Genevieves, scanning briefly, and then Valentina's. "Tonight" He thought, as he abandoned the files. He decided to read them later. He barely had any belongings for such a small room, but Vladimir didn't give two shits. This room was his. He left the room, closing the door behind him and started down the stairs, back down to the main floor, though these stairs, he was pretty sure, skipped two floors entirely, they were so long and steep.

He followed the scent of the other wolves to them, and blinked his eyes at Max and Danielle.
"Um hi. I guess you two know eachother already, but I don't really know anyone here..." he thought back to Valentina's reconization of him, but he shrugged it off. "I'm Vladimir. I probably smell different to you because my pack lives up in Alaska, so we often run with real wolves, ones that don't shift, and intermingle..." He shyly looked at the floor. Vlad was intimidated by trying to fit in to be completely honest. He looked back up to the two other wolves.
"Anyways, if you need me, my room is like way over there.." He jerked his thumb in the direction of the stairs and then hurried away, back to Valentina and August and AJ. He knew that wolves weren't big fans of intermingling species, but for him, he wanted to get to know others, and he knew they would have to work together. He breathed in nervously, still worrying excessively about his cover being blown.

"So since you all seem familiar, I'll make myself familiar to you. I'm Vladimir." He smiled cheekily, and almost earnestly at them all. He was still nervous around them too. He wanted to be liked, to be accepted. But most of all, even if it was only temporarily until he destroyed them all, he wanted to fill the aching void inside his heart. He wanted to mend the loneliness.