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a character in “Detached Strings”, as played by Neon.lynxie



Name: Vivian Alexis Diamond
Nickname:Vi, Anna, Alex, Lexie
Role: Tamer
Partner: N/A
Inhuman Abilities:
~ Telekinesis-Ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. Though this can be very troublesome for her because she isn’t very sure of how to use it and it is based on her emotions. The less emotions she had the more control she is able to have, therefore it is unstable most of the time.
~Power Mimicry or Absorption- Ability to copy or absorb another's powers or skills. Vi doesn’t know how to fully understand this power at all, she still is trying to figure out on her own to be able to fully copy. She is only able to copy another’s power within a close range of being able to touch the other persons head or hands- It also lasts for around five or less minuets. This power can be very dangerous. Since the girl dose not know how to control every power she could lose control on someone else’s power and not know how to stop.
Weapons: Vivian likes to use her hands and powers most of the time to get practice in, but she is very skilled with bows and arrows. She is very quick with shooting and loading back up. She also uses daggers when in close range of an opponent
Personality: She often seen as a loner because she is usually by herself. She doesn’t like not having people around, it’s just because she isn’t use to communicating with others very well. Vi’s mind is very artistic and she is able to come up with things people never think of. Vivian can be very shy When around people she isn’t use to, but when she is around friends she is one confident crazy girl. Most people mistake her as being weak, but one of the reasons the scientist chose her for her powers was for people to 'label' her weak--and end up dying because she is very strong. She really hates being seen as weak against the other people
Theme Song: 2ne1-Cant nobody


So begins...

Vivian's Story


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Ren sat on chair Indian style that he had placed up against the window of his room in the wear house allowing him to read a book with light coming from the sun, rather than turning on his light and bugging the rest of the people in the house. The boy faintly reading out lines from his book ’Pride and Prejudice’, that he had rented one day while he wandered around the town. He had barely enough money to buy it at an old book store that was hidden away from the rest of the world. The owner, named Catharine was an old lady who love books and allowed Ren to put a dollar down for the book. Why so cheap? Ren hadn’t the faintest idea of why she was being so generous. When the blonde had asked the lady she replied with a ‘ You look like a sweet boy who would enjoy it very much. Also you remind me of my son.’ Now, whenever he gets the chance he would try to run by the book store and read more books.—That is if he could manage to get away from the others without raising curiosity. He wasn’t able to go out lately, and hoped nothing happened to the little book shop that he enjoyed. Sometimes, Catharine would make him treats when he was there, and the two would chat over tea. She felt like a mother to Ren and he enjoyed getting some peace away from the others. Although, in Ren’s mind, he felt like he was keeping a huge secret from Luka.

With a loud sigh he set his book in his lap and pouted will playing with the hem of his shirt. He was sure that the rest of the group would be waking up pretty soon, there for it was best if he had begun to get ready and get something to eat. He hated when his mind wandered and got side tracked, especially while he was reading. He always found ways to wander back to when he was being tested on and it always made him freak out and seek out attention from Luka. There was a soft giggle as the blonde thought about the older boy, He sure did feel bad for Luka because of how childlike he could be. With a yawn the boy tossed his book on the bed and walked to where his cloths were folded into a tiny drawer. He didn’t have to many, just enough to last him a while, he had cloths for around the house and ones for ’play’. The blonde quickly slipped on a new clean shirt and some jean capris before running his fragile fingers throughout his hair to calm it. His shoulder length blonde hair stuck up in many directions, making Ren growl before putting it up into a bun to keep it out of his way.

He could sense the emotions of a few people around him that were awake and wandering around the warehouse, he wondered if Luka was up. With a smile he skipped out of his door and ran into Vivian who’s room was next to his. “Oh! Noona!~” He cooed pinching the older girls cheeks while she had a tooth brush dangling out of her mouth .“Yah Regan! What are you doing up? Have you ate?” She asked with a stern look, Ren shook his head before walking off with her yelling after him to go eat so he can be strong and healthy. Regan and Vivian had met when they were in the labs being tested on and became very close, and he allowed her to call him by his full name, Regan. Only Luka and Vi had the ability to call him it, and if anyone else tried, Ren would gladly gauge out their eyes. Since the two are and were treated the same they grew a brother and sister like bond-People mistakes the two as weak because of the way they look, but in fact the two are very strong.
Ren walked passed Sebastian Marx with a slight bow and mumbling a ‘good morning.’ Ren continued on his way to the kitchen where he could sense Luka’s presence. The blonde peaked around the corner so he could see whomever was in the kitchen without being seen himself. He could see Luka standing in the kitchen looking for something to eat, and Ember whose back was facing him.
“LUKA!” The childlike boy yelled running into the kitchen and jumping on the boy, but careful enough not to knock him over. He smiled at Ember, “Everyone seems to be up early.” He stated with a simple smile as he walked to some cabinets and began rummaging through them.


Vivian had awoken from her peaceful slumber with a loud yawn, usually the blonde girl slept in, but for some reason she didn’t want to sleep anymore. She was happy to get a good night’s rest without nightmares or memories to wake her up. She had noticed since the whole group left after their last massacre most of the people where having nightmares about something that revolved around the deaths of her fellow assassins and tamers. It worried her slightly and made her protective guard go up even more and she had begun thinking of ways to help protect everyone. For the past few days she has been trying to find big boulders of large things she could move with her powers to make a wall around the warehouse for protection.
The girls mind wandered as she rummaged through her cloths that were thrown into a drawer she had managed to find and fix up. Her cloths were simple outfits, mainly jeans and tee shirts, and nothing fancy. Everyone knew they were on tight budget and no one could afford brand named cloths—not that she minded at all. She quickly pulled out some shorts and a tee shirt before grabbing her come she bought and ran it throughout her blond hair before tying it up and braiding it so it stayed out of her face. She continued to make herself presentable and ventured out of her room with her tooth brush dangling out of her mouth. She was going to go look for Sebastian Marx and see how he was doing and what he was going to do for the rest of the day. Her main priority was to build up the trust and bond between her and Marx. She smiled as she ran into Ren who somewhat had a matching outfit as her. The blonde boy was like a little brother for her and she treated him like one. She managed to nag the younger boy about him getting something to eat before he ran off giggling. With a smile she continued to brush her teeth before she finished and put away her things and made her way down the hall looking for Seb. Within a minuet she spotted the man who looked lost in thought.
“Yah, did you eat something for breakfast? Also did you sleep good?” She asked walking up to him with a smile hoping she wasn’t bugging him with all her questions. She only wanted to make sure he was okay and to let him know that she cared for him and wanted him healthy and absolutely happy.


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Birds. She could always hear the birds in the morning. One quick and well-aimed shot could rid her of the infernal hell demons, but that would involve her getting up. Which, if you think about it, defeats the purpose of killing them to be able to sleep. No doubt there was a fresh little of the things every day, so why bother? She didn’t. However, that didn’t stop her from mentally killing each and every one of them in her mind and she wrestled with the noise and her will to sleep longer. Finally, the birds won out, as they always did.

With a loud groan and some more mental cursing, Sasha finally got up, swinging her feet over the side of the bed and trudging out of it. She rubbed her eyes, ran a quick comb through her hair, and got dressed. Her clothes emitted her personality, lazy and comfortable. With a pair of forest green cargo pants and a black tank top, black boots and her usual lack of accessories, she was quite a sight. Not that her appearance meant particularly much to her, or that anything did, really. Well, other than those damn birds.

“Stressed. Time for a cig.”

Muttering to herself, she looked for her pack and lighter. It was always the first thing she did in the morning, it kept her more able than some to deal with all the people she had to live with here. Not that she disliked anyone in particular, but together they could get a little…
“Found it.”

She triumphantly held the items close to her, slipping on a jacket knowing that she had to go outside to smoke. Well, she really didn’t have to, but she couldn’t take it upon herself to fill the warehouse with smoke. What kind of jerk does that? Not her. With the objects found and the jacket on, she slipped silently out of the door way and closed the door behind her, blinking in the hallway that was more dimly lit than her own room with the large window. The hallway was windowless, having only the overheard lamps to light it, after all, this was a warehouse. But no windows meant no birds. Her room was not blessed with this. She was fixated upon them.

Blinking in the hallway, she saw a figure coming towards her. Well, not so much towards her as towards another figure in the hallway past her. She identified them as Vivian and Marx, partners. That made her think of Arden, was he up already? He had been the light of her life lately, her tamer was. She loved everything he was, and he was everything she loved. But finding him was second; she didn’t want to smoke around him so she always found him second.
With that in mind, she continued down the hallway to find the door to the outside instead of stopping to talk to Marx and Vivian. They seemed busy enough already.


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#, as written by Fallen
Emilia Rae Marlen

The days had grown longer and longer, it was impossible to relax. Emilia's energy was spent, she lay eyes open beside her bed, having passed out before she ever got to it. Next to her were various canned food items, along with boxed food, that were sprawled all over the floor as if having been dropped. She blinked twice and looked at all of the food in front of her. That's right. She thought to herself. She had been out for the night getting food for everyone like she had been. She didn't want to let the others risk doing so, and she was one of the few that could hide during the daytime and the nighttime, being able to manipulate light and darkness to hide herself. While she was determined to do it to keep everyone fed, she also hated leaving Devan, she didn't want anything to happen to him, the only comfort she had in her mind when she was gone was that he was around the others. Emilia would usually always steal from houses - houses with money. She felt bad stealing from the poor, she felt bad stealing from the rich too as they worked so hard, but she had to chose. She often apologized in silence as she left he houses - guilt ridden.

Because she always went out at night, and went so far from their area, there were times she didn't even sleep, and tonight she probably got two hours of sleep before she heard the rustle of the others. Emilia rolled on her side, moaning slightly. She felt bad that he hadn't put the food in it's proper place, just like she felt bad she's been stealing. She looked in front of her to find what was a nice leather journal, with journal in gold letters. There were also pockets, within the journal like a binder. It wasn't written in, and Emilia had actually bought it with spare money she had made. Her money never lasted, it was never much either, especially since she would always buy little things to try and make the others happy. She picked up the journal and pushed herself off of the floor, she looked like she hadn't seen sleep in days. She had bags under her eyes, which stood out on her extremely pale skin. Emilia was still in her clothes from the day before, a white shirt with ruffles, white shorts, and white shoes. She was a tiny ball of whiteness. This especially rang true because of her white hair and I've never been in the daylight before pale skin. The only non white thing were her deep brown eyes.

She rubbed her eyes a bit, and peeked in on Devan, usually she would sneak in there after he slept. She was always worried someone would come after him, so she often just slept there when she could help it, on the floor. This left her sore most mornings. She was never sure whether he knew, she hoped not. He wouldn't be fond of it at all. Devan's nature, while quite petrifying, had been something she had gotten used to over time - to an extent. She was always determined to find the inner Devan, either way she was really protective of him and would always be there for him no matter what happened. Emilia knew there was good in everyone, what person didn't have a good side? She was told sometimes, she sees things that weren't there, that was often something that bothered her. There was something good about everyone.

Emilia passed several rooms and made her way to the kitchen - without the items she got from the night before. She hoped no one would see her room before she got back to it. In the kitchen she saw Luka, Ember, Marx, Ren, and Vivian. "Good morning." she said cheerfully, smiling. Though inside, she wasn't very calm or content. She walked groggily towards Marx, "I got you something, I hope it will be of use to you." she handed him the journal. He wrote a lot - she never read anything or tried to but she knew he did. She hoped the more durable book would be of use. Marx wasn't really easy to understand, she'd wondered about him for a while now, he was quite distant and non sociable. But that was okay. As she lay her eyes upon Ember, she smiled. Ember while never seeming friendly - nor while never seeming to want anything to do with anyone, had this other side to her, that she had seen all but once. It seemed to be a side directed towards her assassin. When she heard the talk of food however her heart sank, Ren was looking for food and Vivian was asking about breakfast. Emilia flushed a bright red, "If you're hungry, I did get some food." she made an awkward face then as she thought about everything all over the floor. Vivian, was someone that she liked a lot, she was different from most of the people here, not that she was biased however, she considered everyone family. However, she was most protective of Devan...that was for sure. But she would never, leave anyone behind, or let anything happen to them. She saw Luka in the kitchen as well, whom she liked a lot, while Ren - was really reserved and shy and acted like a kid sometime and despite what he was capable of she thought him precious and she liked him much like Luka.


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It wasn’t the light that woke him up. It wasn’t the dream either – no, the dream in itself had been unusually pleasant, although Arden could no longer remember what it was about. Why? Well, the steady clomping of shoes in the hallway had invaded the dream and killed it from the inside out. “No… what happens next?” the boy groaned, burying his head into his arms. He closed his eyes tighter as if that would call back the comforting blanket of slumber… it was no good. He was awake. It was one of those times when Arden cursed his light sleeping habits. It was actually a miracle in itself that he’d managed to out-sleep the others that day.

Hesitantly, he pulled his arms away and slowly blinked open his eyes. He was greeted with a blur of drab colors, mostly shades of grey or dull brown. After a few hazy moments, his vision began to clear. He saw the dim light of the outside world weakly brighten his room… and he focused. Control it. Control it.. However, his concentration changed very little. “Gah…” Arden winced as a pang of pain shot through his head, bringing with it an influx of unnecessary information. Concrete used is unusually porous. Can hold 15% of its weight in water. Components used include… … Level of wood decay… … 0.0043 points a year. Glass density is… Sunrise for…

Immediately he shut his eyes and for a moment, all thoughts escaped him. Eventually, the only line that made it through the haze of his mind was, ‘It didn’t work…’ Pressing his hands to his temples, he sat hunched over on the bed, gritting his teeth as he waited for the pain to subside. Every morning was a similar routine. Perhaps one of these days he’d wake up and find that he could control it, that power of his, but it was probably a stupid hope. “Well that woke me up,” he mumbled, shifting to feel blindly for his make-shift end table. Where were his goggles?

A sharp clatter from below told him where.

However, as he reached down to the floor to locate it, his forehead made a rather painful collision. “Ow!” Arden exclaimed, louder than he intended, before stumbling away to nurse his newfound injury. That felt like the corner of the previously mentioned make-shift end table… and it was definitely going to bruise. Miffed, the boy decided to open his eyes just for a moment, just to find the accursed pink item by his feet. Quickly snatching it up, he pressed the shape to his face and stretched the elastic back around and over his head. The thick white band was a contrast to his light-brown hair. Slowly, warily, he opened his eyes.

Those goggles gave ‘rose-tinted glasses’ a new meaning… Everything was shaded in a dark pink and slightly blurred. This was the sight he was used to – sometimes he couldn’t even remember what it felt like to see things clearly. When it came to reading or writing, he usually asked Splinter… or rather, Sasha to help him with it – never anyone else. It was bad enough that he showed them how clumsy he was, which he blamed on the goggles… He didn’t need to prove himself illiterate on top of that, especially when he wasn’t. “I hate this power,” he sighed, palm still pressed over the aching spot on his forehead. Speaking, or rather, thinking of which, was Sasha already up? Most likely. It wasn’t just once or twice that she’d mentioned birds by her window… and birds always had this irrational idea about singing at the crack of dawn, the crazy things. Well, at least there wasn’t an owl – one of those would have kept him up all night with its hooting.

After just a moment longer, he decided to go check who else was up. Judging from the sound of the footsteps, it seemed that more than just one person had wandered to the room they called the kitchen. His room was one of the first in the hallway, so everyone else walked by it when they tried to grab a bite. So his trip to the kitchen was short. Peering in, he saw several of the others – more than he was expecting to be up at sunrise. “Is Sasha here?” Arden asked as he entered. “Oh and also,” he swept his hair out of his face, exposing where he assumed his injury to be, “… is there a bruise?”


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The golden haired and golden eyed girl yawned and stretched. Once again the nightmares kept her awake most of the night. Waking up on the rooftop was becoming almost a habit. One she wasn't exactly happy to keep. She yawned once more and looked out at the sky. The sun was just coming up over the horizon and the world began to heat up. She figured she had spent enough time on the rooftop for the day and decided to head inside. She spotted Ember as she entered the house. The girl thought it was strange that she would be out so early in the morning, but she didn't question it. Everyone had their reasons for doing things. Who was to say Terelle couldn't sleep on the rooftop. Well common sense told her that, but she couldn't help it. Being out on the rooftop in the middle of the night, staring up at the stars, helped her sleep. Or at least to shake the after affects of the nightmares.

They always made her feel either paranoid or sick to her stomach. Sometimes, they were almost like visions. Things that would come true. She dreamed that the hunters would coming for them. She thought she was just paranoid so she didn't share it. She knew better than to do that again. If she got the same feeling as she did, she shared it with the others. Well... only one other really. Alex. Now that thought about it. She got that feeling last night... something about a blonde..

She climbed down off the roof and snuck into the room where she was staying. Alex's door was next door and she contemplated waking him up. After a moment of thought, she jumped onto her bedding and crawled under her covers. She was not about to wake up her partner. She might have her moments of insanity where she did dumb things, like taunt Sebastian, but she didn't have a death wish and her partner was in no way morning person. Well, at least he wasn't in the respect that he didn't like to be woken up by people. She knew she didn't. The wind blew through her window causing her to shiver. Being a being of heat, cold things like wind were definitely uncomfortable to her. Her blankets were too thin to completely shield her from the cold.

The sun was farther up in the sky now and she was wide awake. Her hair was a knotted mess from sleeping on the tiles of the rooftop, but she was too lazy to brush it out. It would look more like she tossed and turned in her bed instead of sleeping on the rooftops. She sighed, climbed off her bed, and headed out towards the kitchen. She wasn't hungry, but she knew some of the others were already awake and out there. Might as well greet them. Or play a few tricks on them. Either one worked for her. Though, like I said before, she doesn't have a death wish. She padded down the hall, making shuffling sounds with her feet to give the illusion of being half-asleep. It didn't take much to give that illusion though. Her eyes were red with lack of sleep, her hair was matted, there were dark circles under her eyes and her skin was pale as snow.

Something sizzled in the back of her mind. It was that same feeling she got whenever her nightmares were more like visions than fictional images. The bigger question was... where was Alex? Last night she had dreamed of a blonde girl, in her birthday suit of all things, asleep on the bed... no not asleep. Dead. Alex was at it again. Things grew dark then. Dark and tinted red. Almost like a decent into insanity. Damnit! she thought as she raced towards the door. She was still in her "sleeping clothes" which was really just a pair of sweat pants and a tank top, but she didn't care at the moment. Alex needed her right now. So bad she could feel it in the pit of her stomach. "Morning!" she called as she ran by everyone in the kitchen. Hopefully they would know what was going on. Or at least come up with an excuse for her. She didn't quite know where she was going so she followed her instincts. She found herself outside a cute little house. She used her ability to click the lock open and and raced inside, not caring who saw her enter or leave as long as they didn't see Alex when they left. She closed and locked the door behind her with her ability while she followed her instincts into the room where she sensed Alex.

He was on the floor, when she arrived, doubled over in laughter. The sound was not a happy joyful one. It was one of madness. "Alex?" she said as she kneeled down beside him. It was too late though, he was gone, unreachable with words. There were claw marks in the floor. Or at least, that's what they looked like. She knew better though. She focused her heat into the palm of her right hand and pressed it to the back of his neck. "You will be calm... or I will kick your ass."


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When the blonde grabbed his attention, Seb's head snapped to one side, towards her. He tucked his marbled into his shirt. The book made a small lump against the interior pocket, one he stitched in himself. Finger exercises always came in handy. He blinked at her and a small smile twitched his lips, lingering for a few seconds. He lied easily. "I slept well, thank you Vi." his smile grew a bit, partly forced. "I haven't eaten yet though." As they spoke Seb found himself strolling back into the kitchen, inexorably drawn to the prospect of food. He hadn't even contemplated eating."How'd you sleep?" He reciprocated the question politely.

Upon re-entering the kitchen, Marx watched the little wraith of a girl enter. Marlen. Emilia. She was pretty, perhaps beautiful, but Seb's eyes flicked away just as soon as they landed on her. No, he didn't want to think about her right now. She irritated him. It wasn't necessarily what she did, but who she was, really. She defied the laws of physics. It was unnatural. She was kind when she should be violent, giving when she should be selfish. It wasn't the way things worked. Perhaps she was just an ever-present reminder that their pasts weren't any excuse for the way they were acting. Or maybe he just didn't like her. That was a valid option. Totally. Uh-huh. Yeah.

When Emilia began walking in his direction, Marx lifted an eyebrow slightly, looking at a point a few degrees above her head. What did she want? His amber eyes flicked down to her grey ones. She spoke, but he didn't hear her. His eyes had already seized upon the journal. A leather one, with gilded words. An honest to groundwater journal. A flash of paranoia jolted him though. How did she know that he was almost finished with his other one? Had she been reading his journals? He'd have to hide them again.

Paranoia and dislike aside, Seb wasn't one to pass up a gift. Not one this good. His delicate looking fingers gently took the book, and he flashed a smile at her, his jaw tilting back a bit. "Thanks, sweetheart." He said in his silk clad voice. The smile flashed out of existence as soon as it had appeared though, and Marx's head dipped as he examined his newest acquisition. He dropped into another world as he began to test his new possession. It was flexible, and it smelled deliciously like book. Glue and paper. Mmm.

Many more entered the kitchen. Marx ignored them all. He was utterly engrossed with his new toy. He was drawn out of his state by Dashkov. Sergio. He beat the others to the bags and began rooting around in them. He managed to procure what he was looking for. A box about the size of his palm. More ink for his pen. Yes. He escaped with his loot without thanking Dashkov, the male seemed to be in a right foul mood, casting a look back at Vi as he stuffed his box into the pocket of his pants.

This was turning out to be a good morning.

Marx settled in one of the extraneous rooms in the front of the building, Curling himself into a box that he'd cleared out, the male opened his old notebook and continued writing, intent on finishing the last page. He began by writing about Marlen. He was working out how grateful he should appear, and how long he should wait before drifting back to avoiding her. Eating could wait.