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Lily Dawn Evans aka Lizzie Doyle

7 Year Old Detective, at your service!

0 · 299 views · located in Japan

a character in “Detective Conan: Case Still On!”, as played by Lily Evans




Real Name:
Lily Dawn Evans

Real Age:

Fake Name:
Lizzie Doyle, known as Lilz, Liz

How old you look:
7 Years Old


Her father, Gideon - knows the truth

None - Lizzie is a bit zany, so most people tend to stay away from her antics. May change

Relationship with Dectective:
None, will change when it happens

Anyone who knows the Sercret:
Her father Gideon

Sports, particuarly fencing, like Holmes, her hero

Needles! She's terrified of them!

Cracking Mysteries, Speed Reading, Fencing

It is completely unimportant. That is why it is so interesting!

Sundress Picture:


She is rarely seen without her foil fencing sword. She prefers the french over the pistol grip, though has one of each. In both pictures, her fencing sword holds a french grip handle. She's had to chop down the blade due to her dimunative size:

She also carries a hunting crop, being an eternal fan of Conan Doyle's work, her favorite story being the red speckled band.


Lily Dawn Evans, seventeen years old and favorite for the recent tournament in foil fencing, left the gym late that night, wanting to work on the movements, to steady her footwork a bit before the big day. Lily was also a detective - a sort of junior detective at the moment, but as soon as she finished high school, she would be acceptd certainly into one of the departments perhaps before she could go to college. Oh yes, everything seemed to be looking up for the flaming red headed girl. It didn't matter that her zany ways didn't make her many friends, instead making her enemies, but what did she care? She was on top of the world, and she knew it!

Or, it seemed she was at least. But when she turned onto a corner on her way home, she witnessed two men, or at least appeared to be two men, standing over a body that had turned a pinkish hue on his face and neck, and she assumed, though couldn't see it, on his chest from potassium poisoning, she knew she was in trouble. Before she could draw her foil, something slammed into the back of her head, making her world fill with agonizing pain as the green eyed detective slumped to the ground. She could still hear a little, but she couldn't move much, her movements very slow and very sloppy.

The man put down a two by four, throwing it to the ground with a clatter. "Should we use a bit of what we used on him?" asked one crook in black clothing - even had a black broad rimmed hat - and the other one, this one with long silver hair, shook his head. "Na, lets use what our wonderful organization sent us. I've heard this makes your bones feel like their melting or something." he muttered before popping one in the female detective's slacked mouth, forcing her to swallow it down with a vial of what she assumed was water. The two men stood, snickering at the bright haired young woman that lay next to the body on the ground. "Sweet dreams, detective girl." smirked one of them before they left, leaving her in agonizing pain as she could feel her bones begin to burn. . .


A flashlight shone into two emerald eyes, pooled in pain as a hand reached up to rub the back of her head. The first thing she noted with a blink was that the school uniform that she was wearing seemed to be far too large for her - well, the sleeve was easily double the size it had been during practice! And something was paining her in her side - she looked in a start at her foil sword, which was huge in comparison! The rounded metal hand-guard had been digging into her side.

"Hey - hey kid! Are you hurt? You've got a nasty bump on the back of your head, and what happened to your clothes? Do you know anything about this body here? And what are you doing with a sword anyways - you a sword fighter or something?" asked one of the officers who enjoyed a laugh with the other officer there. So many questions. . . and so many without an answer! So she explained everything, but the officers didn't seem to be taking her seriously! And when one of them said that she would have to accompany them to the station, Lily ran, explaining that she had some homework to do. The officers attempted to catch her, but failed miserably, and reported in the body. (She had to hold her skirt tightly to her side so it wouldn't slip down too much.)

Lily arrived at her house, where her father sat outside worried. Lily's mother had given her life in an attempt to save a child, so she and her father lived alone in a nice little house. "Dad! Dad! Something happened!" complained Lily who quickly opened the locked gate the same way she normally did every day. Her father blinked at the small child who reminded him of his daughter. "What? Oh don't be silly child, I only have one little girl, and she's at least ten years older than you are. But you've got a nasty bump on your head, how did you get that?" he asked concerned. And then Lily smiled. There was one way to prove who she was, and her father would recognize her then.

She wagged a finger at him. "It is completely unimportant. That is why it is so interesting!" exclaimed Lily. "Besides, I know for a fact that you've been out to Yoshi's again." she explained. Yoshi and her father toyed around in the robotics science a bit with each other. Before her amazed father could speak, Lily went on, looking down at his feet first. "You have fresh oil stains on your shoes to begin with." she said before moving to his knees.

"Your pants here at the knees show a recent rip, done accidentally and even here some oil residue marks mar the fabric, though you've attempted to wash it. Furthermore, your hiding your hands in your pocket, which have the scent of being washed with an orange automotive cleaner to remove it. Am I getting warm?" she asked her astounded father. And yet again, before her father could speak, she pushed him inside and explained everything, showing him her sword, which she always carried with her. "Further proof." The two worked on a cover story, and decided to say that Lily had went to study abroad, while a relative of hers came to stay over at his house for unfortunate circumstances. She would be known henceforth as Lizzie Doyle, choosing the last name as her favorite detective writer.

So begins...

Lily Dawn Evans aka Lizzie Doyle's Story