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"Really? Really? Really? Reallyreallyreallyreally?"

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a character in “Deus Ex Divines”, as played by Arthurna



- Name:

- Age: She looks like a twelve years old kid but her real age is unknown.

- Gender: Female

- Race: Pixie

- Description:
Her hair is pure white which somehow looks like silver under a strong sunlight. She used to just let her hair down but ever since the ‘dragon incident’ she starts wearing twin ponytail to keep her long hair from touching the ground. She tied her hair with high twin tails and let the fringes which just barely cover her eyes freely.

Her crimson eyes are always looking empty like marble. This make people think she has a glassy stare on a daily basis but the truth is if an observant person looks into her eyes long enough they'll find various emotions reflected at her eyes. Especially the mischief in it

Since the ‘dragon incident’, she gets horns which located just above her ears. The horns are short and curved to the front.

- Favorites:
She likes reading and practicing her magic. Reading calms her mind and learning about new things always makes a strange satisfaction in her hearts. Sometimes she even experiments on her magic to create a whole new spell. Unfortunately, it usually ends with an explosion of failure (literally).

She also like rose and the color of red since it reminds her of her eyes. Her mother once told her that her eyes are beautiful, like a full bloomed rose. Since then she loves anything red and every roses which exist.

- Least Favorites:
She hates darkness or more specifically she despises it so much. The vast blackness which holds unknown things frightened her ever since she was a kid.

- Hobbies:
Reading and experimenting with anything new. Discovering new magic is the passion if her life. The thrill of having performs a magic which no one ever perform before. And tricking people, especially tricking people.

- Weaknesses:
Since pixie have a small stature; she’s bad at a physical combat.

- Strengths:
She's a magic expert specialized in red element. She's also (very) proud of her heritage and thus makes her think before act in the battlefield because her family members are required to always give the 'best result'.

- Weapon:
A white ancient quill which functioned as her magic conductor.
Raizel don't spell her magic like most of people, instead she writes the spell with her quill in the air while channeling her magic toward it. The words will materialized and form a magic circle then turn into the spell. It takes a lot of time to use a high grade magic.

- Tatoo:
A weird tattoo located on the center of her front neck.

- Personality:
Because of her heritage, she's usually just a quiet girl and only talk when needed but once she opens her mouth it's either a snide remark or an insult or a trap (and frequently ended with other people get a very bad day). Her arrogance is one of her flaw and often put her in trouble. She's cold toward people in general and only showing her soft side to her siblings or people who important to her. Because she always looks so serious, people often just believe her when she tricked them.

- History:
She was cursed by a ranging dragon which attacked a village when she was visiting the place for inspection. The curse suppressed her magic to minimal amount. She also got a pair of dragon horn in either side of her head which curved to the front and can makes dragon wings appear on her back but she can't use it to fly. Occasionally, the curse disappear and her power come back, temporally, and for a short amount of time, but the reason of what is triggering it still a mystery to her. It happens almost randomly and at the strangest time ever.

Her parent is a high rank pixie. When she visited a town, a robber bumped into her and passed her. The pursuers asked her where the man went and she told them the very opposite direction and said to them that the robber was planning to hide in the snowy mountain. Because she used a very serious tone they believe her and ran to the mountain direction, muttering some expletive words and swore that they’ll catch the bastard no matter what. A few days after that a few ‘very pissed’ and ‘very freezing’ men approached her when she was eating at the inn.

Without further explanation, she found herself woke up the next morning inside a cell, with strange tattoo and burning feeling at her throat.

- Quote:
Creativity and depth comes from inner chaos.

- Theme song:

- Character design:

So begins...

Raizel's Story


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#, as written by Billard
Tiffany felt like death warmed up. Her pink usually pristine hair was dishevelled and knotted. One side was in a pigtail but she had lost one of her hairties and the other side was hanging down over he face. She blew the loose hair out of her face and grimaced. Tiffany had a pretty face but right now it looked pretty awful. One eye was swollen and bruised with a nice purple sheen and she had a small sut on her lip with a trail of dried blood leading to her chin. Her simple, white blouse had a huge tear that exposed a small portion of her pink polka dot bra. Her cute, pink skirt seemed to be in reasonable condition if a bit crumpled. Her black, leather ankle-boots had vomit on them. She glanced down and sighed in relief when she noticed that her little, golden locket still hung around her neck. The previous night had been spent drinking at the local taven and now she had the biggest of hangovers. She groaned and tried to stand but two chains shackled around her wrists prevented her from getting up. Her stomach churned, her head pounded and her mouth tasted of vomit. I bet I look so attractive right now she thought sarcastically. Her eye was throbbing violently and she had a vague recollection of being punched. Suddenly it all came rushing back, the man who had tried grabbing her ass and how she had hit him over the head with a bottle. The whole pub had erupted into brutal pandemonium. At first it was fun, but then the guards had come, taken her stuff, clapped her in cuffs and sent her packing to prison where she had promptly passed out.
Hopefully I won't have to stay too long... A movement in the darkness opposite her caught Tiffany's attention. As her eyes adjusted to the light it revealed a cute, little girl about the age of twelve. Her vision was still fuzzy and she failed to make out the horns jutting out of the sides of her head.
"What the hell is a kid like you doing here?" she grumbled. She usually started a conversation politely and sweetly and then when the other person's guard was lowered she'd turn into a rude, little bitch. Today however, she wasn't in any mood to be polite.


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Deeper, deeper, you come into the forest, pulled by a voice so sweet.
Come on, come on, you want to go deeper in to meet.
Quickly, quickly, come as fast as your small legs can run in the dark.

It was dark, the kind of darkness which engulf everything. She was afraid, afraid with things she even didn’t understand. The darkness was starting to swallow her. She can’t breathe, her chest felt constricted. It was scary. Scary scary scary scary scaryscaryscaryscary.

“(Giggles). Little children of llaiadains, what are you afraid of?”

She let out a loud gasp and then opened her eyes, checking her surrounding anxiously. Fear and panic clothed her mind. But only her dingy cell greeted her with its smelly scent and pungent odor.

“A-a dream.” She exhaled loudly. A dream. Just a dream. Calm down.

It was already three weeks since she was thrown to the jail and yet she still didn’t get use to the badly lit place. Occasionally, she would get a nasty dream because of the dark cell.

Raizel got up from her sitting position in the corner of the cell while write a spell in the air with her finger. ‘Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, bow down under my command, eternal blaze of dusk.’ The words materialized and turn into a circle with strange marking, a magic circle. From the center of the circle a very dim and weak flame appeared while the circle slowly vanished. She had looking down the moment the fire appeared. Of course the chains on her ankles would limit her magic and the lack of her prized magic quill also degraded her magic power. She only sighed, hoping the blasted chains would just disappear.

With new light accompanying the faint light from the outside, she finally could adjust her vision. It wasn’t that bright but it was enough. At least enough to realize that there was another person inside her cell. A woman and a pretty one at that, A new cellmate maybe, she mussed while carefully approached her. The unconscious person stirred then opening her eyes, showing her a pair of eyes with the color of the sky.

“What the hell is a kid like you doing here?” said the woman.

Raizel just blinked. She tilted her head to the left a little. Confuse was written all over her mind but her sentence was uttered with a straight face. “Bubble-gum woman, who are you calling a kid?”


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#, as written by Billard
"I've been called a lot of things over the years but bubble-gum woman has to be one of the best," she laughed. The kid looked like a kid but as Tiffany's vision adjusted she noticed the horns and the magical flame.
"Aw crap, you're some magical creature aren't you," she sighed. "Let me guess you're like a thousand years old or something..." Tiffany loathed magic, in a battle it should be a contest of brains, brawn and cunning. Throwing magic into the mix gave an unfair advantage. The girl seemed pretty serious, her face giving away nothing. As Tiffany gazed into her eyes she saw that they were far older than the rest of her face. It was clear the little girl's ife experiences outweighed Tiffany's few years upon the earth.