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Bluebell O'Connell

"Freedom is amazing; it shouldn't be taken for granted."

0 · 880 views · located in Devalin Academy

a character in “Devalin Academy for the Mythical”, as played by Imagine That!



Name: Bluebell Louise O'Connell
Nicknames: Most people think to just call me Belle. But I prefer Blue.
Age: Seventeen
Species: Veela.
Birthdate: Nineteenth of August
Sexuality: I'm bisexual. I don't like to parade the fact around though, like other people.

Likes: ♦ People who smile & like making people smile ♦ small puppies and kittens ♦ coca-cola ♦ chocolate covered strawberries ♦ dancing, especially ballet and latin ♦ laying in the grass, making shapes out of the clouds ♦ anything vanilla scented ♦ log fires ♦ wearing contact lenses instead of her glasses ♦ sex.
Dislikes: ♦ Cinnamon ♦ guys who wear too much cologne ♦ the arranged marriages her parents keep trying to force ♦ being either really hot, or really cold ♦ coffee ♦ men who are shorter than her ♦ people who interrupt a good day dream ♦ screamo or rap music ♦ goats ♦ spearmint.
Fears: She's deathly afraid, of death. She's met so many immortals in her life time, that she's come to fear the idea of leaving this world, whilst others get to explore forever. She's also terrified and has an irrational fear of frogs and toads.

Personality: Blue is a wild child at heart. She strives to achieve the best that she can, and does it with confidence. Her confidence is something that cannot be ignored - she's the girl in the room that will be the first to say "hey, let's do something crazy tonight," or suggest that they go skydiving for their next charity day. Sometimes her confidence can be mistaken for cockiness, and she will admit that sometimes, she can be cocky - but she doesn't like to be, and tries her hardest to stop when she feels she acting this way. Bluebell is the sort of girl that you want on your contact list, if you want to talk, or laugh, or have a drink with someone. She's one of those girls that will randomly start dancing in the middle of an exam, because she had a song in her head, or will walk around pretending to be a cat for a day, to make her best friend laugh. She's clumsy, silly, and loves to laugh. Underneath all of her crazy, she's a sweet and caring girl who just wants the best for everyone around her, and will pull out all of the stops to protect those that she cares about.

Blue's not your typical Veela. She hates using her gifts to gain affection, and she doesn't plaster herself in make-up, or put her hair up in a specific way to attract more attention. She also doesn't like her Veela side, the fangs and claws that come out when she's angry. Having such a short temper, and being easily offended, Blue sees her anger more than she would like to.

History: The young Veela was born Bluebell Louise O'Connell to Elizabeth and Charles O'Connell, their fifth child, and their only girl - before her, had come Edward, Matthias, Franklin, Markus and Zachariah. The O'Connell family live in Cork, Ireland, an upper-class family with money literally pouring out of them; her father, the owner of his own company, selling various things that the girl wasn't really interested in, and her mother, a beautiful wedding dress designer and wedding planner, celebrated throughout the world for some of her successes. Her older brothers were extremely protective over her, being their only younger sister, not allowing her to be alone at any minute throughout out the day. She always had someone with her, one of her brother's was always hanging around - from watching her down the park, when she played with her school friends, to walking her from class to class, making sure she wasn't harassed as she went. Why did they protect her so? What was so special about her? The girl asked and asked her parents, her brothers, why they were always so protective of her, watching her every move, but she never got a full answer. She was brought up a typical Veela girl - her mother showing her how to apply make-up and fix her hair properly from such a young age, and she wasn't allowed to cut her hair either, allowing it to grow long and free flowing.

Due to her heritage, Bluebell felt a little stuck in her childhood, not being allowed to do anything. She wanted to go down to the woods with her friends, and climb the trees, but she was told no. "You'll get too dirty." She wanted to visit the local mall with her mother, to buy some new clothes, but she was told no. "If you want new clothes, we'll take you out to the designer boutiques." She wanted to date a boy from school, a guy who was getting the best grades, and came from an upper class family, but she was told no. "No, sweetie. He's not good enough for you - no-one is." She wanted to cut her hair, to style it in the new bob that she had seen around school, but she was told no. "You have to keep your hair long - if you cut it, it won't frame your face perfectly any more." So, the girl felt trapped. She had to go to the family parties, dressed up in a beautiful dress, with her long hair brushed to perfection, flowers weaved throughout it. She wasn't allowed to visit places like McDonalds, or KFC, and instead always ate meals where a large variety of foods were available - although, her weight was always kept account of. Her mother hated over-weight people, and kept her eye on her daughter's weight, noting down everything that she ate, keeping tabs of her calorie intake.

At the age of sixteen, Bluebell was finally told why she had been protected all of the time, why she had to maintain her beauty to perfection, and why she wasn't allowed to eat over 2,000 calories per day. Christopher Dillane, of the Dillane Family, (who, if you didn't know, were decended from Irish Royalty) was also a pure-blood Veela, coming of age. The Dillane's and the O'Connell's have been in talks about an arranged marriage between their children ever since their births, and neither had been allowed to date anyone else, due to this arrangement. The two had never met, and Blue was horrified. She didn't want to get married to a guy that she had never met. She wanted to marry someone that she loved, and saw all of the time, someone she felt that she couldn't live without. She couldn't believe that her brothers, her mother, and her father hadn't told her this before, that they had kept the biggest thing in her life a secret from her. So, she started to rebel. She started staying out late, ignoring the calls from her mother and father to come home early, ignoring the watchful eyes of her brother's always trying to drag her home. She started to drink, to start sleeping around with men. And, to be honest, she loved it. The girl felt free, free for the first time in her life, and there was no way that she wanted to stop. She didn't want a committment at the age of sixteen, and when the Dillane family found out about her antics, they soon cut off the arranged marriage, much to Blue's delight, but her family's horror.

They were disgusted by her; their name had been disgraced, and they couldn't have her around any more. Veela's never disown their own kin, but they can pretend they don'y exist, and send her off to the furthest school away - which just happened to be Devalin Academy for the Mythical.
Other: Bluebell has her belly button pierced, and she has this tattoo on her shoulder blade, the birds representing her freedom from her parents, and from her arranged marriage. She's allergic to peanuts, bee stings and brussel sprouts, and her favourite subject has to be Psychology. She hates drugs, and has never tried them, but she does smoke occasionally, is an avid drinker, and she loves a good sex session. Finally, her Irish accent has almost vanished completely, and only come on thick when she's extremely angry or upset.

So begins...

Bluebell O'Connell's Story